X Rocker 51092 Chair Review

As an avid gamer, you probably know that uncomfortable chairs can ruin your gaming experience. An uncomfortable chair makes it impossible for you to immerse yourself into your game’s story and action. Consequently, you end up missing the important action on your screen as you shift about trying to readjust your chair to a comfortable position. Check Price on Amazon In this post, we will share tips on why you need a gaming chair, what to … Read more

GT RACING Chair Review

Finding a premium quality gaming chair for a low price is difficult. A lot of chairs on the market cost several hundred dollars, and it seems almost impossible to find one at a price that you might expect to see at Walmart. We know how much of a struggle it can be to sit in a non-gaming tailored chair because you can’t afford an actual gaming chair. This is why we’re constantly searching for chairs … Read more

Homall Chair Review – Best Cheap But Solid Chair

What do you do in your computer chair? Work? Study? Pay bills? Game? For a chair that you will be using so often and for so many hours, you want something comfortable that will not leave your body stiff and aching.We’ve been impressed by Homall chairs in the past and we’ve seen how well those models perform under stress tests. But how does this new line of Homall chairs (check them here) hold up now? We’re … Read more

Herman Miller Aeron Review

When we say old-school or old-fashioned, we rarely see office chairs in our heads. In most cases, the new generation of chairs are modern and current in terms of style and functionality. Companies always update their manufactured chairs with the latest technology and features often linked to professional gaming or the demands of the corporate world.But what if we will tell you that old-school is actually cool, and there is one office chair that we … Read more

DXRACER DOH/RE0 Gaming Chair Review

For people who live the lifestyle of a hardcore gamer, having a good DXRacer model could also mean victory in every game they play. You don’t want to lose a game just because your chair is not comfortable enough. Well, that’s a bit of a hyperbole, but you get me.An ergonomic chair pick allows for more focused gaming sessions. Is the DOH/RE0 offer from DXRacer one such product?Let’s see. Check Price on Amazon Quick NavigationInstallation and … Read more

DOH/RV001/NO DXracer Review

When you spend most of your time sitting in front of your computer gaming or working for hours together, comfort becomes your number one priority. When it comes to comfort and quality DXRacer racing series DOH/RV001/NO is pretty good.Let’s see why. Check Price on Amazon For those of you who aren’t sure DXRacer is arguably one of the most famous gaming chair makers and are known for their high-quality, very comfortable and healthy seats. Although … Read more

Corsair T1 Review – A Great Gaming Chair

We’ve all considered Corsair parts when building a PC, but did you know that they’ve got their very own gaming chair? In this article, we are going to present the Corsair T1 review. The T1 Race Seat is the hardware giant’s entrance into the gaming chair market, and it’s already making waves. It’s very similar in style to a DXRacer, but it comes with a few touches that add some extra flair and luxury to … Read more

Raynor Ergohuman Chair Review – Your Complete Guide

When I’d first laid eyes on the Ergohuman chair, it stirred my imagination and called up images of many fine gentlemen wearing top hats, with their monocled eyes focused on the typewriters found in grand stations. It has that kind of style. Of course, the reality is not nearly as dramatic, but the Ergohuman chair sets itself apart based on both its looks and functionality, which are agreeably two important considerations when it comes to purchasing … Read more

Vertagear Triigger 275 Review: The Heart of a Racer

To impress an F1 race car’s properties upon a gaming chair is an almost impossible task alone. Vertagear was acutely aware of this and the limitations when researching the Vertagear Triigger. They’d intended on creating a vessel that held on to the spirit of a good racer but provided the comfort and technicality of an ergonomic office chair. The fruit of that endeavor is firmly encased in the Vertagear Triigger 275 and the Vertagear Triigger … Read more

Steelcase Leap Gaming Chair: A Great Gaming Computer Chair

You know sitting too much is bad for your health. Ask any doctor. We should all be running around outside, chasing down our dinner and whatnot. That’s what nature designed us to do. The human body is predominantly made to walk, run, and jump around.But try telling that to gamers or office workers who need to be available from 9 to 5. So, what happens if you are chained to your chair because of your … Read more