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Secretlab Footrest: What You Can Actually Do

Update (Spring 2023): OK, so it seems we have a huge update. Secretlab has started a footrest line-up. Check our review on the Professional one or just continue reading this post for more budget-friendly versions!I’ve been using the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 as my main daily use chair for a

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How Many Fans Do I Need for My Gaming PC

“How many fans do I need for my gaming PC?” is a question that all dedicated gamers ponder when in the process of building or upgrading a gaming computer. After all, discharging the heat generated by your PC’s hardware—CPU, GPU, and the like—is integral to a smooth, hitch-free gaming experience.

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How Many Amps Does a Gaming PC Use: Accurate Explanation

Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2, even older titles like the Witcher 3 are all graphics gems. You can enjoy just their graphics for hours on end. Your joy may be interrupted by an existential question, though: How much power is this beast actually using? And you’d be asking the right

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How to Turn a Laptop into a Gaming Laptop?

Did you know that you can turn your laptop into a gaming laptop? Yup, it’s possible. Sure, you won’t get the same performance as a high-end gaming PC, but it should have enough power to handle most of your gaming needs.In this guide, we’ll help transform your laptop into a

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How To Clean A Gaming Chair

Gaming is a highly enjoyable and immersive experience that can have you sitting in your gaming chair for hours on end. That being the case, gaming chairs tend to get dirty and grimy quite quickly, requiring thorough and frequent cleaning. However, gaming chairs don’t come cheap, and so the process

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Connect XBox One To Bluetooth Gaming Chair

How To Connect XBox One To Bluetooth Gaming Chair

Connecting your Bluetooth gaming chair to your Xbox One can be a bit tricky: especially if it’s not made specifically for the Xbox One console. If your chair uses HDMI like the Xbox One, there won’t be a problem, but what if it has an RCA connector? Luckily, there are

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