The Best Gaming Chairs – Most Comfortable Gaming Computer Chairs (2021 Picks)

If you are looking for the best gaming chairs with top-of-the-line features, materials, and amazing reviews that also fit your budget, there are so many things that you have to consider. 

Today, there are a lot of best gaming chairs on the market. Below, we review some of these best gaming chairs so you could narrow down your choices and ultimately select the ideal gaming seat for you.

Best Choice

Homall Gaming Chair

Homall gaming chair

Top rated gaming seat

Comfortable and high-quality design.


Best of the Best gamer chairs

Taller backrest and wider gaming seat base supports all

Best Value

Extra Large gaming seat

Premium NAPA Leather with perfect craftsmanship

Since 2015, we have noticed that there are a lot of chairs that people claim are the best gaming chairs on the market. We made a thorough study of these gamer chairs and found out the REAL best ones to buy.

Top 10 Things To Consider When Choosing the Best Chairs for Gamers

  • Your budget – make sure you don’t go overboard or, conversely, buy a cheap, low-quality chair.
  • Customer reviews of people who have bought the best PC chairs for gaming and what they have to say.
  • The customer support and the warranty you will get from the company you buy from.
  • The material used in the chair’s construction, which contributes to the weight capacity.
  • The foam material used for the cushion, which will be what you will be sitting on for hours at a time.
  • The floor you have, because some gamer chairs will scratch your floor while others won’t, so we try to be very detailed in determining which ones are best for which floor type.
  • Recline position and whether or not it allows you to recline at all because not everyone enjoys sitting 90 degrees all day.
  • Chairs for gaming with lumbar and headrest support for people with a bad back or those who spend an excessive amount of time sitting in the best gaming chairs.
  • Functioning armrests you can either remove or bring down or those that at least have padding on them for added comfort in most of the top chairs for gaming.
  • Location of the manufacturing company and where you order will be coming from to help determine shipping costs.

Best Computer Gaming Chairs (2021 Picks)

Homall High Back Gaming Chair
  • Price Guide: Low $$$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Class-3 gas lift verified by SGS,durable,reliable and supports up to 300lbs
  • Read review here
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Ficmax Gaming ChairFicmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  • Price Guide: Low $$$
  • Material: High-quality PU leather
  • Extra feature: Sturdy metal frame, level 4 gas cylinder of international standards
  • Read review here
Check Price on
DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/N Newedge Edition Racing Chair
  • Price Guide: Low $$$
  • Material: Faux Leather/Strong Mesh
  • Extra feature: Special soft armrests with adjustment protect shoulders and wrists
  • Read review here
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N Seat Pro 600 Series Executive Racing Design Computer Gaming Office Swivel Chair
  • Price Guide: Low Mid $$$
  • Material: PVC Leather with carbon fiber accent
  • Extra feature: 360 degrees of rotation
  • Read review here
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E-BLUE USA Cobra Gaming Chair
  • Price Guide: Low $$$
  • Material: Advanced polyurethane leather
  • Extra feature: Durable steel five-point base that can hold up to 1500kg of static loading weight
  • Read review here
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Considering factors like leg fatigue, circulation, posture, and reducing pressure while encouraging the natural movement of your body, a good PC gaming chair should have these features:

  • The chair fits your posture and body size.
  • The best PC chairs for gaming allow you to sit both ergonomically and comfortably.
  • It boosts blood flow to the lower body.
  • Great computer chairs relieve your joints and muscles, especially in the lower back and neck region.
  • The best chairs for gaming ship with two cushions that offer additional posture support.

The most important role of gamer chairs is to keep you healthy in the long run. Such chairs enable you to sit comfortably while maintaining good posture, which leads to improved well-being and better focus and motivation while playing your favorite games.

Top Priorities in a Comfortable PC Gaming Chair:

A rule of thumb is to buy according to your preference of gaming chairs and work or gaming habits.

Gaming chairs and PC gaming chairs are NOT the same things! So, when you look for the best ones to use for gaming, keep a few things in mind:

  • The best gaming chairs have better lumbar support, a headrest, and a comfortable armrest.
  • Some of the best computer chairs even tilt back a full 180 degrees without tipping over and planting you on the floor. The average person spends approximately 6.3 hours per week playing video games; just imagine of the time professional gamers put in!

Console gaming chairs and PC gaming chairs aren’t the same. Console gaming chairs sit lower while chairs for computer gaming sit at a computer desk height. Again, make sure you pick among the best chairs for gaming.

Potential to reduce back pain

While it’s true that bean bags do nothing to support the back and neck, they encourage you to sit evenly because they conform to your body, and to be honest, most gamers sit forward in their computer chairs, even if a back or neck rest is available.

So, there is no additional support from a regular chair when you lean forward to focus. A bean bag chair is one of the best PC chairs for gaming. It encourages you to improve your posture when you sit forward because there is no chair back to slump your lower back against.

Easier to relax when picking the best PC chairs for gaming

Some gaming chairs have comfortable foam gaming seats, but one thing they all have in common is a solid frame of some sort under the foam. The longer you sit, the more you notice the frame beneath the cushion. This is not so for a beanbag chair, which has no frame at all. You simply sink into the supportive beans.

These chairs provide unique support because the individual beans are firm, yet their small size allows them to move around. This creates a comfortable space for sitting that conforms to your body and doesn’t feel hard beneath you.

​Time-tested technology

The use of bean-shaped items as gaming seat fillers has been practiced for centuries. Traditional meditation cushions were filled with buckwheat hulls and other small plant parts that are similar to beans. Today’s cheap bean bags feature artificial beans that last longer than plant-derived fillers, but they still work the same. 

​Good for your health

Sitting in low computer chairs like a bean bag has been proven to be good for your body. With beanbags, you use more of your muscles to lower yourself into and get up from the seat. It’s a small difference that adds up in time, and it helps to prevent you from getting stiff joints and tight muscles.


These best gaming chairs have not traditionally been marketed as having an ergonomic design, but the truth is that they provide many health benefits. Moreover, you cannot get some of those benefits, such as keeping your muscles in better condition, from traditional foam gaming seat computer chairs.

There are two basic types of console gaming chairs: the Rocker and the Pedestal.

  • Rocker-style chairs for gaming sit directly on the floor, are L-shaped, and are designed specifically for comfort rather than posture.
  • Pedestal chairs sit a little way off the ground and look like the captain’s seat on Star Trek!

Selecting PC Gaming Chairs

  • When typing and working at a computer, you need more upright support so you can maintain a neutral spine posture while letting the chair support you, but sometimes, you want to recline to relax your lower back while still having adequate support in that position. So, a locking backrest and some tension control are important.
  • With an adjustable sliding gaming seat, tall people can get more support behind their legs, and for shorter individuals, they can set the gaming seats shallower so they can sit back in the chair.
  • For those willing to stretch even farther out of their comfort zone to get the best computer chairs, beanbags are an ideal buy. Admittedly, they don’t have speakers, RCA inputs, headrests, or lumbar support, but there are an increasing number of gamers who swear by them.

Top 26 Most Comfortable Chairs for Gamers

Without further ado, let’s get into it and look at some of the best gaming chairs in the market.


DXRacer PC gaming seat

DXRacer gaming chair

DXRacer is the king of cool-looking computer chairs. They have cool console chairs, too, but these guys kill the PC gaming chair market. The one we’ll be looking at is popular among Twitch players’ lists of best chairs for gaming. 


These chairs for gaming have a ton of padding on them, making them very comfortable. This one, in particular, has a tall back, so your spine and head have a lot of support.


The armrests have wide pads on them so you can position your elbows however you like, and they adjust up and down depending on how you like it. It comes with a lumbar pillow and one for head support. Almost everything on this chair is adjustable so you can find the perfect custom fit.




DXRacer computer chairs are available in cloth, vinyl, and race car upholstery style.


The backrest is adjustable up to 180 degrees, giving you the flexibility to set your posture as is standard with the best chairs for gaming.


The Racing Series’ high-density cold cure foam filling makes these computer chairs comfortable for extended use, especially for durations over eight hours.


Homall Office gamer chair

Homall Office Chair Executive

While this chair isn’t as stylish as the previous chair, the Homall office chair makes up for this in comfort and price. It is great not only as a  gamer chair but also for the office. If your office is laid-back and modern, this chair is great for spicing up those boring business meetings.


It looks good and is so comfortable you could fall asleep in it. This chair is a sleek red on black and has a decent load capacity that should be able to fit most consumers. One thing that stands out about Homall is their excellence in customer service and their top-notch warranties and replacement plans.


The chair comes with high seating armrests that allow you to relax better at the chair and type with ease. In case you experience any problems with this best gaming chair, it has a lifetime warranty that gets you free replacements, repairs, or refunds as the warranty stipulates.


There is a swivel and multi-direction base frame on the chair that makes it relatively easy to move around from room to room and that allows for unique movements, such as slow rocking. For a quick nap, the chair doubles up as a nice chair if you’d like to get a little shut-eye after a rigorous session of gaming or even a long day at work.


With the rubber PU wheels, the chair will move on all hard floor surfaces with ease, leaving no marks or scratches, and rolling quietly. It has a 280-pound weight load capacity, so you won’t have to worry about destroying or bending the frame after prolonged use like with other computer chairs


Although it is one of our best chairs for gaming, some people have had a little trouble with the assembly and the top/bottom not lining up perfectly.


X Comfort Air gamer chair (New Tech)

Thermaltake has done something innovative in the gaming chair industry. The Thermaltake X Comfort Air PC gaming seat comes with active cooling. This system helps players stay cool in their computer chairs, whether they have an intense gaming session or they live in a naturally hot environment.


The best part of these best chairs for gaming is that they don’t produce much noise, or none you’ll notice at least. So, how does the Thermaltake X Comfort Air work, and exactly how cool does it keep you?


According to Thermaltake, the computer chairs can cool the entire gaming seat up to 1.5° Celsius, making it one of the best PC chairs for gaming. W

hile that may not sound like much on paper, for those who want a cooler chair, this one is worth the whole shebang. 


The chair comes with three built-in fans that keep it cool and that you can adjust whenever you want.



TOPSKY High Back Racing Style gamer chair

TOPSKY Gaming chair

Ergonomic racing computer chairs offer a range of exciting features, including a 90° to 175° recline and footrest to provide you with vast comfort throughout your gaming sessions. 


You can recline the back area using the lever on the back of the chair, which you could push down to lock it at the desired position. TOPSKY designed the chair with gaming, work, study and relaxation in mind, and the chair comes with a plush headrest and lumbar cushion.


The headrest is larger than many market computer chair alternatives. The lumbar support cushion also gives you the ability to adjust it for optimum comfort. By pushing the button on the armrest, you can adjust it to a suitable height with ease. The armrest can also move with the chair back, making it one of the best chairs for gaming.


The chair has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds and has undergone a series of improvements since it first hit the market. These improvements include the enhancement of its construction and the addition of better sponges to offer superior quality.


There is a new, more ergonomic footrest, and the gaming seat is now substantially thicker than that of other best gaming chairs. The chair also has a slide-out footrest and meets all standards laid out by BIFMA.


If you are seeking “more time to enjoy life,” then you should consider this chair. TOPSKY is a fast-growing brand that specializes in providing comfortable and practical products for the home and office. Their prices are affordable, and they target discerning customers seeking ergonomic computer furniture around the world. 


Corsair T1 Race

Corsair T1 Race, Gaming Chair

Available in stylish black and red, this chair offers various features designed for the benefit of discerning gamers. The chair features 4D-movement armrests that provide angled, front-to-back, horizontal and vertical adjustability and nylon caster wheels designed to remain still and provide the stability you need when gaming.


Also, part of the package are the PU leather-wrapped neck and lumbar pillows for additional comfort. The pillows feature automotive stitching for additional longevityperfect for best gaming chairs.


The reclining gaming seat back offers adjustability between 90° and 180°. You can adjust the tilt function up to an additional 10°. There is also a tilt-lock functionality built into the gaming seat. The chair takes its inspiration from the world of motoring and has a steel gaming seat and back frame.


A steel construction gas lift makes height adjustment a breeze. Like the best chairs for gaming, the design of this chair offers your body the ideal level of support throughout your gaming endeavors. It weighs 53 pounds, and its rollerblade wheels ensure smooth movement on tough surfaces, not to mention protecting floors from marks and scratches.


Corsair PC gaming chairs were first introduced in 1994, and the company is now one of the most well-known and highly regarded manufacturers of computer peripherals and furniture in the world.


It launched its Corsair Gaming brand in 2014, and it has become a leading source of items like computer chairs, mice, keyboards, mouse mats, and headsets. Their best PC chairs for gaming are now available in over 60 different countries around the world.




Gamdias Multi-color RGB Gaming Chair

Here’s something you don’t see every day. The GAMDIAS gaming seat Achilles M1 RGB comes with a unique feature you won’t find on a lot of great gaming seats on the market. This chair comes with customizable RGB lighting. Now, you might ask, why? However, the real question is, why not?


It’s something different, and it lets you proudly display the logo of your new chair from behindshow off, and have the best out of all the best gaming chairs. That feature alone adds no comfort, but it sure makes your gamer chair stand out from the crowd. That may be great and dandy, but how does the rest of the chair hold up, and what does this chair offer that other great gaming seats on the market may not have?


Not much really, but it gets the job done without a fuss. This PC gaming chair features high-resilience foam that prevents distortion, and it comes with breathable and heat-resistant vinyl. Its armrests are 3D-direction adjustable, which offers support and protection for your elbows and shoulders.


For more comfort, you have the option to adjust the seat height, backrest angle, and tilt.


Aeron Task chair by Herman Miller

Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller

You’re the CEO of your room, so why not look like it with the best gaming chair? The Aeron Task chair is one of the high-end computer chairs you can get, and the price tag matches the comfort and features it affords you. It may not look as cool as most other computer chairs, but that’s because every dollar that has gone into the design of this chair has gone to comfort.


You might never sit in computer chairs that feature wonderful ergonomic design like this one. Herman Miller prides itself in using innovative technology to enhance your experience: “Herman Miller’s patented Kinemat® tilt mechanism lets your neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles pivot naturally.”


The back and gaming seat of this gamer chair feature a special breathable material that helps you stay cool, regardless of how long you sit on it. The design of the gaming seat incorporates high edges on the sides for support and what Herman Miller calls a “waterfall” edge on the front, which follows the natural curvature of your legs for maximum comfort.



Ergohuman Me7Erg-W09-01W09-01

Ergohuman chair

If you’re not ready to blow $1000 on computer chairs, then this might be a nice alternative. Ergohuman makes excellent computer chairs, and this one is no different. It’s made of a similar breathable material as Herman Miller’s chair, and it has a ton of adjustable options.


Another cool feature you don’t see as much with console computer chairs is that this model comes in a variety of colors: black, blue, green, gray, orange, and even red. The chair comes with pneumatic cylinders for swift lowering and raising, and it offers contoured lumbar support with height that you can adjust. Overall, this best gaming chair offers you adequate support for extensive gaming.


GM Seating Ergolux, genuine leather

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair

When you first lay your eyes on this chair, you’ll immediately notice the uniquely modern style. There’s a high headrest for your head, and there’s a unique cut out padded area for the lumbar region.


Then you have the base design of the seating position. It’s curved up but comes with heavy padding to support your rear end while sitting down. Even the wheelbase is sturdy and comes with a nice nylon resting area for your feet, and the wheels are solid. Compared to other best gaming chairs, this is a high-end one.




  • These computer chairs come with genuine leather seating and padding.
  • The backrest of the chair is completely adjustable to your needs.
  • The slide of the gaming seat is adjustable.
  • The angle of the chair’s headrest is also adjustable to help you relax better.
  • The chair has a nice sleek black on black design that stands out from the competition and has a unique look to it compared to other computer chairs


  • This line of computer chairs allows you to adjust and customize just about everything on the chairs, including the headrest, the tilt of the chair, the back position, and the seating position.
  • It leans back without any squeaking noise or tension on the base of the chair.
  • It has an extra high neck rise on the back of the chair if you want to lean back or if you’re a tall user.
  • The chair has uniquely padded armrests that are adjustable or can be completely removed if they get in your way.
  • A gas spring-powered base adjuster allows you to adjust the height of the base and where it sits.

Given that it’s an executive office style chair with premium comfort features, the GM Ergolux is pricier than other best gaming chairs on the market. It’s highly customizable, and in our opinion, this chair is definitely worth the price tag. GM Seating makes a lot of high-quality products and some of the best chairs for gaming. We recommend you try it out for yourself.


Mid-Back black mesh chair with triple paddle control

Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair

Not every PC gamer has a ton of money, right? So, we need some mid- to lower-end computer chairs to accommodate everyone. This chair, made by Flash Furniture, is a nice choice. The first thing we noticed is that it comes in a zillion color options, so you’ll easily be able to find one you like.


It doesn’t have as many features as the more expensive computer chairs, but it has multiple adjustment options. It’s made of good material, and it has great back support. Those are the most important things in a desk chair anyway, and this one is more than affordable.



Ewin High-back ergonomic computer chair

This ultra-comfortable chair from Ewin comes complete with a host of desirable features, including 2D adjustable armrests, a 155° adjustable backrest and a 360° swivel. The chair has been verified by organizations like BIFMA for quality and also has a high backrest support to support the neck through long periods of use. Great best computer chairs for gaming, watching TV and more, the product has an ultra-stable steel frame and features integrated foam to deliver the utmost comfort and safety.

You can expect to derive years of use from the chair thanks to its highly durable environmental PU leather, which means it beats many of its competitors when it comes to longevity when it comes to Ewin computer chairs. Ewin uses high-density foam to deliver a chair that can offer ample support and optimal comfort, unlike some competitors who opt for the low-density foam to reduce production costs. The chair has a 16mm diameter steel tube, which has a thickness of 1.5mm. The steel frame is coated in a way designed to protect the chair from rust, whereas steel tubes from other brands often have less than 1.2mm thickness. An 8mm steel plate sits at the bottom of the armrest. This is one of the best chairs for gaming that chair has received vast praise from people who suffer from back pain.

Ewin computer chairs is one of the fastest-growing brands on the market when it comes to gaming furniture and more and more customers around the world are experiencing the benefits of their designs all the time. The company also promise to respond to all e-mail queries within 24 hours.


​Arozzi Enzo Series ​chair

Arozzi Enzo series gaming chair


  • Ergonomic Swedish design of computer chairs matched with championship motorsports inspired styles
  • ​Perfect design and material comfort you need while you slog for long hours amidst intense gaming mood.
  • ​Backrest, armrests, and seating of the chair are made from high-quality thick padding designed to give you exceptional comfort
  • Built-in class-4 gas lift spring allows height adjustment and gaming seat supports 360 degrees rotation with back tilt and lock functionality.


Kinsal computer chair

Kinsal Gaming Computer Chair Photo

This seat features a modern and ergonomic design, and for additional comfort, Kinsal has thrown in some lumbar and head support cushions. Unlike some high-end gaming seats that have leather material or mesh material as standard, this Kinsal computer chair spots high-quality PU leather. It’s easy to clean, and it makes the chair less costly while giving you the same comfort synonymous with leather.


If you are the kind of person who wants to recline and lie back as you relax or take a break from your work or gaming session, this is a good choice. It is not great, but you can get away with it, mostly.


It doesn’t perform as well as some pricier gaming seats, but then again, it doesn’t cost nearly as much. The back reclines to 180°, and thanks to its steel frame and the metallic base, even in a reclined position, the chair has good stability.


The Kinsal ergonomic chair comes with adjustable armrests, and you get one of the best warranties in the PC gaming chair industry. With a weight capacity of approximately 280 pounds, the seat is sturdy.


The only con is that the chair is a pain to assemble, although there is a manual. Also, compared to other chairs on the market, this one is a few pounds heavier at 55 pounds.


Secretlab Omega gaming seat

omega 2018

Popular with Twitch and YouTube streamers, this Secretlab Omega chair is one of the best chairs for gaming. The Secretlab Omega has mid-level pricing and boasts hundreds of 4.5 to 5-star reviews.


The reason?


First, there’s the price of this best gaming chair. Some of those other computer chairs are pricier for similar features. Secretlab has been aiming to provide better support and comfort than rivals but for a more modest price. 

The armrest is comfortable to lay your arms on as it has extra padding for extra comfort. The upholstery of the chair is nice to look at, and the leather means you don’t have to worry about unsightly spills and stains. They’ve added a nice complementary feature to the chair, the velour head pillow, which is softer than a lot of bed pillows you use.


Tilting is relatively easy in the chair as we’ve found out, which means finding a nice, comfortable position to lean back in is a breeze. The memory foam cushion doesn’t cave in and is durable. Overall, it’s one of the best chairs for gaming for the money.


BestOffice High-back ergonomic racing chair

bestoffice New Gaming Chair

BestOffice isn’t one of the most known players in the gamer chair industry, but if there’s one thing they do, its produce high-quality best gaming chairs for a relatively reasonable price.


This chair has a lot of distinct features that remind you of a DXRacer for about a third of the cost of an actual DXRacer. The chair sports a contrasting black and white design and comes with a lot of different functions, such as tilting and leaning back. It’s a great chair for not only gaming but any kind of office environment as well due to its smooth rolling capability and mobility.




  • This line of computer chairs features a high capacity of about 250 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about weight.
  • It has a very large backrest area for people of all varying heights compared to other gamer chairs.
  • A very clean and squeak-free swivel motion allows you to turn with ease.
  • Also, it has a very easy-to-use recline function that allows it to double up as a bed.



  • The sitting height of the chair can be adjusted up to 20.5 inches.
  • The backrest of the chair is almost 3 feet for those extra tall consumers.
  • With 180° backward tilt, you can lay down and even take a nap in the chair.
  • The aluminum and plastic combination of the frame allows you to roll around and grants a lot of mobility.


  • The only con we found is that the armrest isn’t adjustable, unlike other best gaming chairs.


Giantex executive racing reclining chair

Giantex Executive Racing PC Chair

When it comes to the best gaming chairs in general, it seems that red and black is one of the most common themes on the market today. Giantex is known for not only producing a wide variety of different themes, but they’re also not much more expensive than other brands. They also provide a different kind of exterior comfort than other gamer chairs. 

Their gamer chairs are often light, mobile, and with the budget-conscious consumer in mind. This is an office and  gamer chair combined that provides a lot of different support functionalities.




  • The gaming seat height is completely adjustable according to your needs.
  • The product weight comes in at only 42 pounds, making it easily movable.
  • It comes equipped with an extra high back that provides extra lumbar and neck support.
  • The comfortable concave armrests are installed on the chair upon assembly.


  • The height of the back is adjustable for people who are either tall or short.
  • The highly durable wheels and sturdy base frame of the chair allow easy mobility and ensure durability.
  • The chair is silent when swiveling from left to right in a 360° motion.
  •  It reclines back as far as you like to double as a resting bed.


  • It will take some time to adjust and get used to where you want the neck pillow to be placed, depending on your height, especially if you’re tall.


DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CS120/NC/FT

DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CS120/NC/FT

DXRacer is, hands down, one of the best providers of gaming computer chairs on the planet. They provide not only the best quality in terms of comfort but durability, too. The only real downside to DXRacer is that they’re a bit more expensive, but this is one of those things where you get your money’s worth.


This chair has a box-like design, which isn’t normal for the standard DXRacer chair, but it’s more of a racing bucket than a contemporary chair. It’s the most expensive item on our list, and it’s worth every penny.




  • It comes with a highly unique design that is rare when compared to a lot of other best gaming chairs.
  • The seat comes in a very wide frame that allows people to have extra wiggle room.
  • The upholstery is high-quality leather vinyl and is breathable.
  • The arms are highly adjustable depending on your needs.
  • The chair with a very sturdy base that’s part of a modern new design pattern that gamer chair companies are following.


  • You can adjust the arms to your shoulder height and your wrists for comfort.
  • There’s an included backrest for your upper neck and your head to provide spine support.
  • A leg rest is included right below the torso section so your legs won’t feel cramped.
  • The base isn’t plastic and comes with strong aluminum for support and durability.


  • The price is considerably higher than other items on the list, but it’s because of the quality and functionality that DXRacer computer chairs provide.


KILLABEE gamer chair

KILLABEE Big and Tall Massage Gaming Chair

For the big and tall gamers, finding the right computer chair for you can be a bit of a struggle. That’s especially true if you’re not looking to dish out a lot of money from your wallet. Thankfully, KILLABEE offers high-quality premium gaming and executive office chairs that can fulfill all your needs.


This chair comes with extremely soft cushion and highly durable frame material that allows up to 400 pounds. It’s got the unique look of a top-tier gamer chair that would normally cost you three times the price. It’s fully adjustable, stylish and comes at a great price (for now).


  • For the ultimate relaxation experience, there’s a massager included that lets you lay back, enjoy the vibrations, and feel the soothing energy come right into your lumbar region from the chair via USB port.
  • The foam used in this chair is high-quality PU leather, and it’s made with extra thick foam, which means you won’t lose density or comfort even with a prolonged period of use of the chair.
  • The metal frame of this chair is made with extra care, and the overall base of the chair is composed of heavy-duty materials to allow people up to 400 pounds to use the chair.
  • The dimensions of the chair allow for bigger and taller gamers to use it, with dimensions up to 52 inches high and 27 inches wide for allotted room.
  • If you have any reason to return this product, KILLABEE allows you to return it up for to 30 days after purchase with no questions asked, which is why it made it to our list of the best chairs for gaming. The good thing is that most people never have to use their warranty.


  • Some customers have complained that they did not receive any instructions with the chair. This causes the assembly to take longer, but most people have an easy time getting the chair together quickly.


​GTRACING Gaming Office Chair

The GT RACING Gaming Office Chair seems like your standard gamer chair when you take a look at it; it is simply one of the best chairs for gaming. It has all of the basic design principles and features that a normal gamer chair has, but a lot of users feel that there’s something special about this chair. It’s one of Amazon’s Choice products. So, what’s the deal with this chair, and why do so many people love it?


The price has to play a part in some of that. The price point is soft on the budget, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It is a very affordable chair, and we have to give props to GT RACING for that because some of these computer chairs can burn a hole in your pocket. The design of the chair is efficient, and the natural backrest curve for your back is great, making this a very comfortable chair. Sitting down should feel comfortable, and you should remain comfortable no matter how long you’re sitting on the chair.


The design is multi-functional and is made to fit as many body shapes as possible. So, no matter how tiny or how large you are, this chair was made to be a custom fit to your shape. Everything from the increased bottom cushioning to the hugging shoulder design embraces you in comfort.


The overall weight capacity of this chair is 330 pounds, and people who are over 6 feet tall have no issues finding a comfortable resting position in this chair, as we’ve been asking people who are taller than average to describe their experience with this chair. The experience overall has been positive, so far making this one of the best chairs for gaming on our list.



The SONGMICS gamer chair with a high back is a budget-friendly product. It provides relief, has an ergonomic design, and is highly configurable depending on your needs.


This chair features an extra high backrest with enough back support for all gamers, and for those with sensitive skin or a bad back, the fabric PU material used in this chair is very soft. The PU-grade material of this chair is made with high-grade fabric, and the cushion features molded foam with extremely high density.


This is one of the softest computer chairs we’ve seen, and you can feel it when you’re sitting down because it honestly feels like a cloud. The best part is, thanks to the high-density molding foam, the chair hardly deforms, no matter how long it’s been in use.


If you’re looking to recline to a nice relaxing position, all you have to do is press a simple button, and you can recline up to 135°. It’s great for taking a nap or watching a movie, as sitting upright all day can get a little bit tiring on the back.


Tilting and adaptability are dependent on your specific preferences, and if those armrests are getting in your way, all you have to do is flip them up or remove them. The armrests, however, are comfortable and not hardened plastic like those on a lot of other computer chairs. So, you can rest your arms comfortably on them without pinching any nerves or becoming uncomfortable.


You’re able to swivel a full 360°, which is standard with most computer chairs today. One of the biggest selling points though has to be the low price because this chair provides a lot of the same features that other computer chairs do, and they would normally cost hundreds of dollars.


WENSIX Ergonomic chair

The WENSIX Ergonomic Chair is one of the thickest padded computer chairs we’ve ever seen. Everything about it is designed for comfort from the ground up, which is why it made it to our list of the best chairs for gaming. The thick seat sports extra foam cushioning up to the top headrest, with the headrest pillow made with thick cushioning foam.


This chair is made completely ergonomic and was built to be comfortable above everything else. Also, we’re pleasantly surprised by the price, because you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get it.


The framework is great and allows the chair to support a pretty hefty maximum capacity weight. The frame is made up of a metallic material that’s industrial grade and doesn’t succumb to pressure easily. The stability is more than optimal, and we give this chair a 10/10 on the superb longevity that it has.


A lot of users have had this chair for months and haven’t had any issues or noticed any decline in quality. That’s a pretty huge deal, considering that the best gaming chairs that cost this much usually start to wear down in a month or so.


The gas lift is class 4 for a smooth and easy ride. The maximum weight capacity, according to the manufacturer, is up to 300 pounds, but we think they’re playing it safe and it can hold more. The overall size of the seat is 21.6 inches by 22 inches in depth.


The seat cushion has bounce back technology, which means that no matter how long you’ve been sitting in the chair, it’s not going to wear down the fabric, and the material will always be soft like you’re sitting on it for the first time. WENSIX has delivered some optimal quality with this chair and for a great price out of all computer chairs.


AutoFull breathable gaming seat

AutoFull didn’t go all out on the name of their video game chair now, did they? This is one of the coolest designs for a video gamer chair that we’ve ever seen. We initially had some concerns when we saw the chair because it looks very thin, and it appeared like it doesn’t offer much in terms of padding, so we were concerned about the comfort level.

The design of this chair is very fierce and almost futuristic in a way, so we’re pleasantly surprised to see a different design come through once in a while.


Instead of using extra thick padding like some of the best gaming chairs, AutoFull has decided to make a risky move and use breathable mesh reclining material. We honestly didn’t notice much of a difference between the foam padding and the breathable mesh material in terms of comfort.


We know it’s a lot smaller than foam padding, but it felt just as relaxing to sit on. One of the benefits of mesh padding over PU is that the chair is smaller, so it’s more lightweight, easier to put together, and takes up less room.


The curvature of the backrest is made for optimal back health and sitting. The armrests aren’t that comfortable, but most armrests aren’t, so you can flip them up or down and remove them from the equation, if necessary. If you have any problems, questions, or concerns about their best chairs for gaming, then you can easily return this chair up to 30 days after purchase.


You also get a 24-month warranty on parts, which guarantees this chair will last you for up to at least two years. So, while the design may look different from what we’re used to seeing, we think this chair holds up just fine.

Big and tall PC gaming chairs

The base and frame construction material is important to look at when considering the best chairs for gaming. Steel frames are what we consider high quality, and it’s the only type of material we recommend. Steel frame construction on these computer chairs allows for a lot more weight carrying capacity, with a large number of computer chairs supporting up to 300 pounds.


​Carbon Line Charcoal Grey Sleek Design Gaming & Lifestyle Chair for Big and Tall by RapidX

Carbon Line Charcoal Grey Sleek Design Gaming & Lifestyle Chair for Big and Tall by RapidX

RapidX is a company that builds its computer chairs based on inspiration and wants to make sure that the everyday gamer can get high-quality best gaming chairs at an affordable price. The Big and Tall by RapidX was built for taller people in mind, as you can see in the unique design, which gives it an extra high neck.


The neck support on this chair is unparalleled in the gamer chair marketplace. The base is also extremely wide and has some extra padding that comes up over the sides.


  • In terms of assembly, it was a bit difficult to get the wheelbase on, but it was smooth sailing after that.


​DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NB Big and Tall Chair

DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NB

From the one and the only, the DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NB is a hot new commodity in the market right now. Before you gasp at the price tag, take a minute to breathe in, and rest assured that when the name DXRacer is stamped on the product, you know the price tag is going to be worth it. This chair comes in a square-like design with a flat-looking supportive back.


  • The lumbar support pillow tends to slip down towards the base of the chair if you have a habit of leaning forward.


Vertagear P-Line PL6000 Racing Series 

If you like the look and design of a black on black gamer chair, you’ll love the Vertagear P-Line PL6000 Racing Series gamer chair - Carbon/Black (Rev. 2). This is a high-end gaming seat built for the serious gamer or office executive, as it can be used just about anywhere.


While most black on black computer chairs look boring, this one manages to do it with style. Also, the base of the chair is extra thick and foamy when you sit on it, giving you that extra level of comfort from one of the best chairs for gaming. 4GamerGear is an excellent company, and from our experience, they have always been great with support.




  • Thanks to the wheelbase and the backrest of the chair, you won’t hear any loud squeaking noise associated with some of the best gaming chairs.
  • The entire seat’s width reaches 20 inches, which leaves a lot of room for larger gamers to enjoy the chair.
  • It has a comfortable lumbar support pillow and neck support pillow that come with the packaging.
  • It comes backed by 4GamerGear, an amazing company with excellent support that quickly responds to all questions or concerns.


  • The chair won’t get hot after prolonged use, and you can sit on it as long as you like without discomfort.
  • It promotes positive health with healthy neck posture and back posture with the free supportive pillows included in the package.
  • The strong base wheels work on any floor without leaving any marks behind when it rolls around. 
  • The neck is extra tall, which is great for anyone up to 6’5 or even taller, as most users over 6’ tall have reported no problems at all.


  • Some customers report that the wrong color got shipped, but it has always been taken care of rather quickly


Secretlab Titan gaming seat

The Secretlab Titan gamer chair features a code name, Stealth Black Titan Chair. Even more impressive is that Secretlab is only two years old. You’ve probably seen them on multiple Twitch or YouTube Gaming streams. The computer chairs come with a unique and solid design approach that most gaming seat production companies don’t adapt today.


Let’s get right to the nitty-gritty. The pricing point of the Secretlab Titan is around $399. We can tell you from previous Secretlab products that the pricing point is already well worth it.

What’s Ergonomic Sitting?

Sitting is something almost all of us do every single day. When we wake up from our beds, one of the first things a lot of us do is sit in front of a computer, check our emails, and do our daily routine where we’re off to work, and some of us will again sit down in a chair for eight hours or more at work.

This is why it’s so important to be aware of comfort and health awareness when you’re going to be seated for prolonged periods.

Ergonomics is a fancy word for both efficiency and comfort combined. It combines those two words in an environment, such as the office or your home gaming room, to make sure you’re getting the best seating experience possible while having a positive impact on your health.

Ergonomic PC gaming chairs

The reason that ergonomic gamer chairs are so popular right now is that they promote healthy sitting. However, it’s simply not enough to have an ergonomic chair, because this alone won’t prevent spinal or neck damage from occurring if you sit for long periods.

​Why Is Ergonomic Sitting Healthy?

Reduces Back Pain/Pressure – A lot of people have found long-term comfort and relief from ergonomic computer chairs, and it’s also great for people with pinched nerves. Working with back pain can be a drag sometimes, which is why we’re so in love with ergonomic gaming and office chairs.


Improves Blood Flow – Those cheaply made fabric and leather computer chairs put a huge strain on the lower part of your body, especially your legs. They cut off blood supply, and over time, this can lead to clots, which could be serious or even fatal. Ergonomic computer chairs are made with comfort and your circulation in mind.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a gamer, someone who works from home, or someone who’s stuck in an office work environment for eight or more hours a day. If you are in a seated position for a prolonged period, you need an ergonomic chair to keep you healthy, eliminate and alleviate pain, and promote a healthy lifestyle while being seated.


The ergonomic design stands as a prime factor while selecting the right PC gaming chair. When gaming for long hours, your body tends to switch between different seating postures, and your chair must also respond in tandem with your body movements. Such synchronization is only possible with ergonomic designs and a range of adjustments.


Sitting down for long periods can do a damaging number on your spine, back, and overall health. When you sit in an uncomfortable seat for a long period, the most common response for people is to either slouch down or frequently change positions. Over time, this can damage the ligaments and the discs in your back. Over a long period, the spinal structure can suffer overall damage, and you may end up with back pain.


How to Properly Sit & Care for Back Pain

If you currently suffer from back pain or neck pain, here’s a few proper guidelines to follow while sitting.

  • First, make sure that you’re sitting as close as to the desk as you can, provided that your elbows are parallel to your spine when they’re rested on the armrests. When your hands are resting on your keyboard or in a comfortable typing position, your elbows should be in a perfect 90-degree angle with your shoulders.
  • There should also be some wiggle room between your thighs and the bottom of the seat. It shouldn’t feel too tight and you shouldn’t feel too much pressure. If there is, you need to adjust your desk/seat to the point where your feet are on the ground and giving your thighs some leverage.
  • Your back should be comfortably rested against the back of the chair or a lumbar pillow is provided. You shouldn’t be slouched or curved to where your back isn’t touching the back of the chair at all.
  • Your vision should be directly centered on the center of your monitor without having to tilt your head up or down. If you have to adjust your neck to stare at your monitor, you need to adjust your chair or desk.

Customer FAQ, Questions and Answers Relating to PC gaming chairs 

Q. What is the best PC gaming chair under $100?

While you might be hard-pressed to find a gamer chair that’s under $100, there are plenty of quality options out there for the budget gamer.


The Homall Executive Swivel Leather gaming seat is a prime example of a chair that comes with the comfort of a high-quality gaming seat without the high price.

Another highly reviewed chair is the BestOffice high-back gamer chair.


Finally, there’s the budget-friendly Merax High-Back Ergonomic Pu Leather Office Chair Racing Style, which employs a unique style and design, along with quality, for a very low price.

Q. What is the best PC gaming chair under $200?

We would recommend the Devoko Ergonomic Racing Style computer Chair. It’s soft and comes with a free lumbar and headrest pillow.


Another Homall product we’d recommend within this bracket is the Homall Executive Swivel Leather gamer chair. It has a 300-pound weight capacity and an incredibly sturdy frame.


Finally, we highly recommend that you check out Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair Swivel Black PC gamer chair, which comes with free rest pillows and a soft retractable footrest as well for added comfort.

Q. What is a gamer chair under $400?

At this price bracket, you’re able to pitch in a bit more money for more luxurious options and better material used in the construction of the best gaming chairs.


We recommend the Ewin gaming seat with Adjustable Armrest and Backrest High-back Ergonomic Computer Chair. This is an executive chair that’s both a best chair for gaming and the office. It’s a highly reviewed chair for not much more than $200.


At this price range, you can also get a DXRacer, such as the DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NW Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat. It’s one of the most comfortable computer chairs for this price on the market, and it comes with a lifetime warranty on parts.

Finally, we have the OPSEAT Master Series PC gaming chair Racing Seat Computer Gaming Desk Office Chair, which is one of the most stylish and standout computer chairs we’ve seen. It has high-end quality materials used on the seating, and it supports up to 300 pounds.

Q. What are the best chairs for gaming for console players?

There’s a wide selection of console computer chairs out there, and it depends on what you plan on doing. It also depends on the gaming area as well. You’ll most benefit from the rocker computer chairs that we’ve reviewed. We recommend the X Rocker series, and here are a few for your consideration:

    #1 - X Rocker Surge Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair 5172601

    #2 - X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair

    #3 - X Rocker 51396 Wireless Pro Series

Q. Do you recommend the dxracer gamer chair brand?

Yes. DXRacer is company that produces top-notch products that have won numerous awards for the best chairs for gaming, but because of the high-quality products they produce, they’re not cheap. They’re more than worth it though, and they’ll last a long time if you save up to get one. There’s a reason so many of the top livestreaming users have DXRacer gaming seats. Take a look at our DXRacer PC gamer chairs section to learn more.

Q. What is the most comfortable pc computer chair?

The most comfortable PC chair is entirely a matter of opinion. Almost every gaming chair reviewed on our site is the best quality and better than the competition. Some people don’t like soft padding, and some people don’t like tough padding, so it’s hard to say what will be best for you. Find a chair within your budget, and look at the reviews we’ve provided accordingly for comfort.

Q. What is the best PC gaming chair with speakers?

For built-in speakers, your best bet is to look at the X Rocker lineup of computer chairs, as they specialize in gamer chairs with built-in audio functionality like speakers, a radio, wireless, etc. Here are some of our most recommended computer chairs with speakers. The best chairs for gaming will also have nice adjustable 4D armrests.

#1 – X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 151396, Wireless

#2 - Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio

#3 - X Rocker Pulse 2.1 51498 Sound Gaming Chair



If you’re looking for a chair that’s the ultimate fit for you, then you would really want to look for something that you’re comfortable in, something that fits well within your budget, and something that will last because no gaming chair is made the same.


If you’re overweight or tall, then you’ll want to take note of manufacturers’ specifications and look at product reviews to see if anyone with approximately your height or weight has reviewed the chair, or you can check our big and tall gaming chair article here.


All of the great gaming chairs reviewed here come highly rated and highly reviewed, and they are some of the most sought-after computer chairs in the market for that reason. Will they be the absolute best for you?


One thing we can’t determine is your individual needs, but on average, the best gaming chairs reviewed here are currently perfect for everyone. When you’re paying a hefty price for a chair, we want to make sure that the chair takes your comfort seriously.


Also, we look for the best gaming chairs that help promote positive health with the use of a lumbar pillow and a neck cushion pillow. This aids blood flow and promotes healthy sitting, which most gamers don’t think about while they’re gaming, but these are important factors to consider overall when selecting a gaming chair.


Don’t go outside of your budget just because you saw some features that looked cool on a chair either. You’ll be better off saving up or finding another chair because while your gaming chair is important, it’s not important enough to spend outside of your budget.


Take all of the reviews above into consideration, and make sure you’re picking a chair that is tailored to your individual needs to ensure you’ll have the best quality chair that you can get.