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The Best Gaming Chairs – 9 Most Comfortable Picks (2024 Update)

2024 is here, and once again our team has been in the process of updating our list of the best gaming chairs. The criteria is the same as always: top-of-the-line features, comfortable ergonomics and a reasonable price.

Over the past several years, the market has been flooded by subpar gaming chair options. Sometimes it's a chore to sift through all of the cheap stuff that breaks in just a few months.

On top of our updated list of 9 chairs comes the Corsair WW T2. It's a mid-range priced chair with carefully thought out ergonomics, a wider seat, and all the features a casual gamer would love to have.

We have additionally considered a lot of both cheaper and more premium options. After all, the difference in price between our staff's favorite Secretlab Titan and an acceptable quality knock-off is huge:

What's the most comfortable chair for computer gaming? We've prepared a list with 9 chairs for PC and console gamers alike.

Alright, enough with the intros.

Let's take a look at the best gaming chairs available at this point of time. In this specific list, we will be focusing on comfort and ergonomics as a leading factor.

Best Value

Fantastic mix of quality and features for casual gamers.

Wider seat & elongated back rest for maximum comfort.

Budget Winner

Homall Gaming Chair

Cheap in price, but not cheap in construction.

Comfortable, decently designed and easy to assemble.

Premium Feel

Secretlab Titan 2020

Remains better than the new Titan EVO 2022.

Outstanding cushioning, premium materials & built for taller gamers.

In this list, we've employed a 7 + 2 review system. We first take a look at the 7 most comfortable gaming chairs across a wide variety of gamer preferences. 

Then, we continue with 2 extra choices for those of you who are exceptionally big and tall. We know finding a chair that fits is quite painful for this gamer demographic.

Here are the direct runner-ups to our top 3, each featuring a unique take on the gaming chair experience.

Best Computer Gaming Chairs - 4 More Options

X Rocker Vibe 2.1
  • Price Guide: Low $
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Best feature: Bluetooth connectivity and 2.1 surround sound system with powerful subwoofer.
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Herman Miller Aeron
  • Price Guide: High $$$
  • Material: Mixed eco-sustainable resources
  • Best feature: Scientific levels of ergonomics, unmatched breathability, and eco-friendly construction.
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GTRacing Executive
  • Price Guide: Low $
  • Material: Soft PU Leather
  • Best feature: Thicker cushioning, exotic design colors and smooth footrest - all on a great price.
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Respawn RSP-900
  • Price Guide:Mid $$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Best feature: Cupholder and removable side pouch (for controller storage) allow for comfy gaming.
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Top 9 Most Comfortable Chairs for Gamers


Our pick for the best mid-range game chair for long hours of playtime is the Corsair WW T2. Here's why.

Weight capacity: Up to 300 lbs (136kg).
*The chair itself weighs 57 lbs (26 kg).

We've praised the Corsair WW T1 before, and we still consider it a fantastic chair. When talking about the most comfortable gaming chair in the mid-range budget, though?

It's all about the WW T2 Road Warrior. There's a very simple, yet game-changing reason for that:

The 'perforated' design on the chair's back and cushioning sectors. Those little holes spread over the premium PU leather seat allow for proper breathability even when gaming for long hours. It's a major step up from the T1 design, especially paired with the softer neck and lumbar support pillows.

Otherwise, T2 retains most of what we love about Corsair's gaming chair lineup. You have a very flexible reclining angle, with the chair going back to a whopping 170°. Of course, you also have a tilt mechanism (0-17° tilt angle). There is a tilt lock, but not a tilt angle lock, unfortunately.

This customization extends to the 4D armrests which you'd usually find on many higher priced models. Even when more budget gaming chairs have 4D armrests, they balance it out with reduced sturdiness to cut costs. Namely, they have a lesser quality frame or base.

Corsair doesn't compromise on overall durability. The chair is built on a 'skeleton' frame made of high-grade steel. The base itself is extra reinforced and made of aluminum, with the rollerblade wheels manufactured to glide on any surface.

From hardwood floors, to carpets or laminate, Corsair has got you covered.

Compared to the T1, the magnificent T2 also comes in more customization options. Sure, you can get it in the 'standard' red on black racing design. However, you can have your chair colored in blue, yellow, white, or black.

Our rating: 5/5

For its price range, the Corsair WW T2 is a beast without compromise. The extra wide seat & high back make it one of the best gaming chairs for long hours of gameplay.

Aluminum base, a premium 'skeleton' frame of hardened steel and the soft, breathable cushioning give it a premium feel comparable to chairs $100-150 more expensive. Comes with a 2-year warranty.


The Homall gaming chair is one of our picks for the most comfortable gaming chairs on a tight budget.

Weight capacity: Up to 300 lbs (136kg).

Homall isn't a stranger to the more budget-oriented gamer. At the time of writing this review, this particular model has more than 64000 reviews. Yes, you read that correctly.

So, what's the deal?

Well, Homall just managed to do a sleek gaming chair that is miles ahead of other cheap knock-offs. First of all, it effortlessly reclines back to 170°. No squeaking, no 'stuck' recliner settings that make you feel as if you'd fall of a cliff.

Above all, though, the brand manages to get all the much needed bases covered for those of you who are more price-conscious. 

First of all, this little guy is sturdy. No, you won't have premium aluminum construction or whatever. However, the five-star base keeps the chair firm and stable at any time. The steel frame also doesn't break down a year after.

The leather is proper PU leather too. It's not one of those peeling monstrosities you'd expect from a hundred buck chair. No 'plank' level cushioning here either - in fact, this model has a rather comfortable seat compared to other similar-priced racer chairs.

One drawback would be the fact that you have a class 3 gas lift here. This means adjusting the seat wouldn't be as smooth as class 4 chairs like Secretlabs, Corsair etc.

However, there aren't really any low budget chairs with a c4 lift either. Homall is hardly an exception in this regard.

The same applies to the wheels. While they will glide properly on all surfaces, there's some plastic and rubber used as materials. If you have a very thick carpet, you might encounter some difficulties in moving the chair around.

The diversity of designs is also pretty decent. You have 9 color schemes to pick from - many cheaper gaming chairs only come in red on black or white on black.

Our rating: 4.5/5

For the more penny-pinching gamers, Homall's high back swivel chair is the best desk chair for gaming on the current market. I'm sure you'd even swallow the shorter 1-year warranty it comes with. The truth is, cheap as it is, this racer fellow is a rather sturdy piece of furniture. There's a pretty good reason why it's been a popular bestseller for a while.


Weight capacity: Up to 287 lbs (130 kg).

The Titan is a classic, and will remain such for quite a while. We know that Secretlab released the new Evo 2022 gaming chair. It combines the Titan and Omega lines in one.

However, we prefer the old-but-gold 2020 edition for two very important reasons:

  • Now that there's the Evo, the 2020 Titan is much cheaper.
  • The PU leather cushioning on the older model still feels better than the newer one.

The UGC team all prefer thicker cushioning, so point #2 is very, very important to us.

Secretlabs is a very hyped brand and you're probably a bit bored of the praise. We believe they deserve the reputation, though - and have pointed it out in our full Titan chair review.

In any case, the Titan 2020 spawned numerous knock-offs because it simply works. The recline here is slightly lower than other high-priced gaming chairs (165°). Are 5° that much of a difference, though?

We're also quite sure you'd be ok with slightly less flexibility here as it's counter-balanced by something far more important. Yes, we're talking about the fact that unlike other gamer chairs, the Titan has an adjustable lumbar support.

4D armrests, lumbar and neck supports, a tilt mechanism and all the usual gaming chair jazz - you might be wondering why is the Titan that expensive. It's lift is still a class 4 one too, much like the Corsair T2 we talked about before.

Here are two very big factors contributing to the chair's premium feel:

  • Advanced quality of materials: For example, the pillow here isn't a random microfiber one. It's memory foam-based and even has a cooling agent.

  • Extended warranty: I haven't seen other brands give customers up to 5 years (!). Even the 'base' warranty of the Titan 2020 is 3 years which is longer than many other brands.

Secretlabs have infused some small, intricate upgrades on features that otherwise look similar to what other higher-priced models do. It's exactly these upgrades that, in our opinion, make Secretlab the best gaming chair brand right now.

Our rating: 5/5

It would be 4.8/5 were it not for the fact that now you can get the Titan 2020 series at a more affordable price. We know you're tired of this model and brand being overhyped, but both of them are just this good. Our Titan has been alive and kicking with zero issues for 3 years already.

The leveled seat base it has, and its wider design also allow for playing cross-legged, which some of our team loves doing.

The only cons are the price and lack of design customizations. Sure, you can get the SoftWeave version too, but that's far from enough to most gamers.


Best chair for console gaming:
X Rocker Vibe 2.1

Weight capacity: Up to 275 lbs (125 kg).

PC gaming is different from console gaming, and this extends to chairs too. Comfortable chairs for console players come with a lower pedestal seat. Some of them are even flat, thus people calling them floor gaming chairs.

We really had to think about which X Rocker model to feature here. In the end, we decided to recommend you the Vibe 2.1 for two reasons:

  • Better connectivity: Being a Bluetooth-ready model, the Vibe offers you way more options to stay connected while console gaming. It's a modern take on the X Rocker classics.

  • Sleeker armrest design: That might be debatable to some, but the sleeker armrests here are more comfortable than other console gaming chairs, including some X Rockers.

For those not acquainted with the brand, here's a quick rundown. X Rocker chairs come with 2 speakers located next to the headrest. There's also one subwoofer which amplifies the immersive audio experience.

Essentially, this means you're getting a full-blown multimedia experience when console gaming. The Vibe 2.1 comes with some extra vibration motors (hence the name), taking this immersion to the next level.

Normally, other X Rocker models have wireless capabilities at most. With Bluetooth here, though, you can extend this multimedia experience to smart devices and make a whole party hub while console playing.

Ergonomics-wise, the Vibe 2.1 won't be as comfortable as a proper PC gaming chair. However, it fares miles above any console gaming competitors. As we mentioned, the priorities are different. You can't expect ultra thick cushioning or 4D armrests from any top gaming chair for console players.

Especially at this price range and with a chair that you can easily pick up and store in a compact place when not playing.

If you're wondering about other options, we have an article on the 7 best X Rockers. However, connectivity-and-comfiness-wise, we believe the Vibe is the right vibe for the current top gaming chair list.

Our rating: 4.2/5

PC gamers need not apply here, but the Vibe 2.1 is a joyful media entertainment hub for any proud console gamer. The chair is compatible with PS and Xbox alike, and at a very lucrative price offers both decent ergonomics and impeccable sound. Definitely the best option for modern console gaming out of X Rocker's lineup.


Top office chair for gaming:
Herman Miller Aeron

Hands down, the Aeron makes a top choice in our list of the top PC gaming chairs and brands.

Weight capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg) for Aeron Size A. 350 lbs (159 kg) for Aeron Size B or C.

Note: For most people, Size B would be the best fit. See the brand's Aeron size guide here.

The UGC team had a lengthy discussion whether to include the Aeron or go for another fantastic option from Herman Miller - the Embody chair. In the end, we chose Aeron because it has more customization options. Namely, it comes in three sizes depending on your preferences. It also has mesh construction which makes it way more breathable than the Embody.

So, the Aeron, huh? Expensive as it is, it follows simple logic: If you're the CEO of your room, why not get a luxurious, next-generation office chair for your gaming sessions?

To some, the Aeron Task chair might look dull compared to the daring designs of racer-style gaming chairs. Yet beneath this meek appearance lies a truly scientific approach to high-end ergonomics.

The backbone of ergonomics is the combination of the PostureFit SL and 8Z Pellicle chair components. PostureFit allows the chair to trace the natural S-shape of your spine, engulfing it and providing maximum support for healthy posture. The Pellicle is strategically focused on alleviating pressure points through eight specific zones of support at key parts of the human body.

When we talked about science, that's what we meant. Even premium gaming chairs haven't done as extensive of a research on the human body. Hermann Miller has got our anatomy down to a T, and Aeron follows every crook and every curve for supreme comfort.

Another keyword with Aeron is control. Sure, there is no reclining function, but aside from that you have full tilt or tension control, as well as customization options on both elevation or forward/backward positioning. The Kinemat® tilt Herman Miller designed lets anything from your neck to hips or knees pivot in a natural, strain-reducing way.

As we mentioned, we chose the Aeron over the Embody due to its better breathability. The high-quality mesh fabric used here outshines any other chair for gamers on our list. Not only does it keep cooler, but it's also resistant to damage and more elastic than your usual brand counterparts.

To top it off, material-wise the Aeron is as sustainable as it gets. The updated model of this chair is made of more than 50% recycled material. Lately, Herman Miller have also started using ocean-bound plastic in the mix to tackle the severe state of global ocean pollution.

Our rating: 5/5

It doesn't really get more premium and ergonomic than this. While it sounds contradictory at first - after all, the Aeron is an office chair, it also is the most comfortable gaming chair you can ever buy. The price tag is hard to swallow, sure. Then again, the Aeron Task chair comes with a staggering 12-year warranty behind its parts. It pays off in the long run.


Best cheap gaming chair with footrest:
GTRacing Executive Chair

The best cheap gaming chair with footrest we want to mention is the GTRacing Executive Recliner. Very comfortable chair, too.

Weight capacity: Up to 350 pounds (159 kg).

We thought it'd be a shame if we didn't include GTRacing in this list of the most comfortable gaming chairs. Much like Homall, the brand has earned the reputation of one of the most high quality knock-offs on the current market.

This particular model wins our stamp of approval for the best cheap chair for gamers with a footrest pad included. The footrest is fully retractable and slides with ease due to a well-made mechanism built onto the chair's sturdy steel frame.

GTRacing has included a lot of perks on a model that's otherwise a pretty budget chair for computer gaming. The cushioning here is thicker than Homall or similarly-priced alternatives. We're not talking only about the seat padding, but the softer backrest too.

Of course, you get the usual lumbar and head pillows which can be removed if you don't need them.

The armrests can be adjusted, but they're still only 3D. So you have a little bit of less maneuvering than chairs like the Corsair or Secretlabs.

A small con: While this is a reclining chair, it only goes 165° back. However, the added footrest makes up for that - you can still comfortably rest your body during long-hour gaming sessions.

While the material is standard quality PU leather, it looks absolutely marvelous. The GTRacing model comes in several designs you won't see other chairs for PC gaming feature. We're showing you the Wine Red color, but the Ivory (check it here) and Water Blue variations also add an exotic flair to the usual gamer chair design.

Our rating: 4.4/5

GTRacing has a fantastic offering for more price-conscious gamers who need a chair featuring proper footrest ergonomics. The GTRacing Executive chair is perfect for gaming, office work or studying with its additional cushioning, as well as high and tall design. The only reason we substract some points is the PU leather. It looks fantastic and feels smooth, but this model's fabric isn't the most breathable option.


Best PC gaming recliner:
Respawn RSP-900

The best gaming recliner for computer gamers is Respawn RSP-900. Here's why we chose it.

Weight capacity: Up to 275 lb (125 kg).

Respawn is brand that's gotten quite famous recently due to their collabs with leading streamers. We thought we'd include the RSP-900 model for those of you who like gaming out of a recliner chair. To be more specific - console gaming while nested in a comfy recliner. In a way, this could be a competitor to the X Rocker we discussed earlier.

Right off the bat, the Respawn recliner features something no other chair on this list has: a cupholder, and a removable side pouch to keep your game controllers close.

It might seem like a small thing to you...but having your drink or gamepad ready does make lengthier video game sessions cozier, right?

Unlike many other recliners, the footrest mechanism and reclining function operate separately here. This allows for more intricate adjusting per your taste. Keep in mind the reclining angle here is only 135°. The Respawn model differs in design from other racer-style chairs - were it adjustable to more than that, you'd risk falling down.

Construction-wise, this is a rather durable build for its price range. The steel frame guarantees stability so you don't wobble around. The lower weight limit might be a concern to some, but for the standard gamer it should be enough.

The biggest downside of the RSP-900 are the fixed armrests. Unfortunately, they're completely stationary so you can't adjust them at all. This is a huge step back from the 3D or 4D armrests we discussed earlier.

Comfort-wise, the Respawn does the job well. The padding could have been better (read: thicker). If you intend on playing for very long hours and you're skinnier, you might need to stretch/walk around at one point.

Our rating: 4/5

This is a more than decent alternative to any X Rocker chair. Sans the audio/multimedia feature the other brand has, of course. The Respawn RSP-900 recliner is great overall, but we can't say it's the most comfortable chair for longer console gaming sessions. The biggest culprit are the fixed armrests. Were they configurable, and were there just a little bit more padding, it'd be a 5/5 chair.

2 top big and tall PC gaming chairs

If you're a larger gamer, some of the options we mentioned above won't be quite enough. Fret not: we have included two great options for big and tall gaming enthusiasts. 

One of them comes from a well-known established brand. It's one of the top higher-tier options on the current market. The other comes from a knock-off brand that has shown itself to be a reliable budget take on extra large gaming chairs.


Weight capacity: Up to 400 lbs (182 kg).

Meet the premium take on big and tall chairs. Masters Series Max is AKRacing's dedicated line to ultra tough, ultra wide, and ultra large PC gaming chairs.

The 400 lbs capacity is just the starting point here. A heavier gamer warrants a heavier chair too; and both of these call for some extra measures to ensure stability and durability.

In light of this, the Masters Series Max chair comes with a custom gas lift system. It's definitely tougher than the class 4 gas lifts you usually see. This is reinforced by a chair base manufactured from aluminum to withstand higher weights.

Here's something insane about this chair: despite its size, it reclines to a full 180°! Not only this, but the adjustable tilt angle is also quite generous at 3° to 18°. For added convenience, the mechanism controlling your desired tilt also helps adjusting the chair's height.

Just any material won't quite cut it in terms of padding. With a jumbo chair like this, you need something beyond the usual cushioning. AKRacing Masters Series Max comes with cold-cured foam as padding - something you also see in Secretlabs' Titan.

However, the foam density has been amped up to 55 kg/m³ for the seat here. On the back, the cushioning is slightly less heavyweight - 50kg/m³, but still dense enough to provide decent softness to big and tall gamers.

AKRacing have complete faith in their product and the easiest way to see that is the warranty.  You have a 10 year warranty on the steel frame (hand-welded and reinforced, by the way). The chair itself has a 5 year warranty, shooting it to the top of gaming chair brand warranties.

Our rating: 4.3/5

Nothing less than a total beast, the AKRacing Masters Series Max is a must for any big and tall gamer who needs something fitting. Flawless approach to durable manufacture, outstanding reclining and tilt flexibility, and custom gas lifts make this chair a treat. We substract some points for the fact that the seat still leans on the firmer side, and there are no extra measures to achieve better breathability on the PU leather.


Fantasylab 400lbs big and tall chair is our budget pick for the best gaming chairs for larger gamers.

Weight capacity: Up to 400 lbs (182 kg).

With a name like this, it's pretty clear where Fantasylab got their branding inspiration from. Don't underestimate this knock-off chair, though. For half the price of more premium options it gets the job done surprisingly well.

There's a very unique little feature this large gaming chair has: a small built-in massager, nested within the lumbar pillow. Sure, it's somewhat weak and you have to be careful not to overstep the 5V limit. However, it's a neat little way to make gaming an even more comfortable experience.

Not everyone cares about massaging functions, though. So let's focus on the core features of Fantasylab's chair for bigger gamers.

The armrests are 3D and are obviously designed after Secretlab's Titan. They're wide, flexible and feel comfy to rest your hands on. Bonus points for that, as you can expect much worse at this price point.

There's a reclining function too - it doesn't get as far away as other brands, though. Fantasylabs hasn't specified it anywhere, but we believe it can go back to ~130° or so. The reclining isn't as smooth and frankly can feel a bit risky with how unstable it can get.

Comfort-wise, the brand has done a good job. The cushioning is memory foam-based, and the padding is thick enough even for larger gamers. The neck support is miles better than other knock-off brands, it feels soft and looks easy to clean.

The overall durability is good. The steel frame is nowhere close to AKRacing custom-welded components, but it's sturdy enough to not cause wobbling. The casters roll smoothly on most surfaces.

One big drawback is the 1-year warranty. We're used to seeing that with budget chairs like the Homall, but this is not a hundred buck chair.

Our rating: 4/5

If you're extra large and taller, but also don't want to shell out a lot of cash, this is a very good alternative to the more costly options. Fantasylab's Big & Tall chair isn't outstanding in any way, but covers all the much needed bases. We substract points for the short warranty period and uninspiring PU materials. This still remains a top high back computer gaming chair for its price category.

Quick tip: 10 things to consider when choosing the best chair for gamers

  1.  Your budget.  Make sure you don’t go overboard or, conversely, buy a cheap, low-quality chair. Sometimes more ends up being less in terms of $$ spent.

  2. Customer reviews of people who have bought the best PC chairs for gaming and what they have to say.

  3. The warranty you will get from the company you buy from.

  4. The material used in the chair’s construction, which contributes to the weight capacity.

  5. The foam material used for the cushion, which will be what you will be sitting on for hours at a time.

  6. The floor you have, because some gamer chairs will scratch your floor while others won’t. We'll try to be very detailed in determining which ones are best for which floor type.

  7. Recline position and whether or not it allows you to recline at all because not everyone enjoys sitting at 90 degrees all day.

  8. Chairs for gaming with lumbar and headrest support for people with a bad back or those who spend an excessive amount of time sitting in the best gaming chairs.

  9. Functioning armrests you can either remove or bring down or those that at least have padding on them for added comfort in most of the top chairs for gaming.

  10. Location of the manufacturing company and where you order will be coming from to help determine shipping costs.

Top priorities in a comfortable PC gaming chair

A rule of thumb is to buy according to your preference of gaming chairs and work or gaming habits.

Gaming chairs and PC gaming chairs are NOT the same things! So, when you look for the best ones to use for gaming, keep a few things in mind:

  • The best gaming chairs have better lumbar support, a headrest, and a comfortable armrest.
  • Some of the best computer chairs even tilt back a full 180 degrees without tipping over and planting you on the floor. The average person spends approximately 6.3 hours per week playing video games; just imagine of the time professional gamers put in!

Considering factors like leg fatigue, circulation, posture, and reducing pressure while encouraging the natural movement of your body, a good PC gaming chair should have these features:

  • The chair fits your posture and body size.
  • The best PC chairs for gaming allow you to sit both ergonomically and comfortably.
  • It boosts blood flow to the lower body.
  • Great computer chairs relieve your joints and muscles, especially in the lower back and neck region.
  • The best chairs for gaming ship with two cushions that offer additional posture support.

The most important role of gamer chairs is to keep you healthy in the long run. Such chairs enable you to sit comfortably while maintaining good posture, which leads to improved well-being and better focus and motivation while playing your favorite games.

Important note: Console gaming chairs and PC gaming chairs aren’t the same. Console gaming chairs sit lower while chairs for computer gaming sit at a computer desk height. Again, make sure you pick among the best chairs for gaming.

What is Ergonomic Sitting?

Sitting is something almost all of us do every single day. When we wake up from our beds, one of the first things a lot of us do is sit in front of a computer, check our emails, and do our daily routine where we’re off to work, and some of us will again sit down in a chair for eight hours or more at work.

This is why it’s so important to be aware of comfort and health awareness when you’re going to be seated for prolonged periods.

Ergonomics is a fancy word for both efficiency and comfort combined. It combines those two words in an environment, such as the office or your home gaming room, to make sure you’re getting the best seating experience possible while having a positive impact on your health.

Ergonomic PC gaming chairs

The reason that ergonomic gamer chairs are so popular right now is that they promote healthy sitting. However, it’s simply not enough to have an ergonomic chair, because this alone won’t prevent spinal or neck damage from occurring if you sit for long periods.

Why Is Ergonomic Sitting Healthy?

Reduces Back Pain/Pressure – A lot of people have found long-term comfort and relief from ergonomic computer chairs, and it’s also great for people with pinched nerves. Working with back pain can be a drag sometimes, which is why we’re so in love with ergonomic gaming and office chairs.


Improves Blood Flow – Those cheaply made fabric and leather computer chairs put a huge strain on the lower part of your body, especially your legs. They cut off blood supply, and over time, this can lead to clots, which could be serious or even fatal. Ergonomic computer chairs are made with comfort and your circulation in mind.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a gamer, someone who works from home, or someone who’s stuck in an office work environment for eight or more hours a day. If you are in a seated position for a prolonged period, you need an ergonomic chair to keep you healthy, eliminate and alleviate pain, and promote a healthy lifestyle while being seated.


The ergonomic design stands as a prime factor while selecting the right PC gaming chair. When gaming for long hours, your body tends to switch between different seating postures, and your chair must also respond in tandem with your body movements. Such synchronization is only possible with ergonomic designs and a range of adjustments.


Sitting down for long periods can do a damaging number on your spine, back, and overall health. When you sit in an uncomfortable seat for a long period, the most common response for people is to either slouch down or frequently change positions. Over time, this can damage the ligaments and the discs in your back. Over a long period, the spinal structure can suffer overall damage, and you may end up with back pain.


How to Properly Sit & Care for Back Pain

If you currently suffer from back pain or neck pain, here’s a few proper guidelines to follow while sitting.

  • First, make sure that you’re sitting as close as to the desk as you can, provided that your elbows are parallel to your spine when they’re rested on the armrests. When your hands are resting on your keyboard or in a comfortable typing position, your elbows should be in a perfect 90-degree angle with your shoulders.
  • There should also be some wiggle room between your thighs and the bottom of the seat. It shouldn’t feel too tight and you shouldn’t feel too much pressure. If there is, you need to adjust your desk/seat to the point where your feet are on the ground and giving your thighs some leverage.
  • Your back should be comfortably rested against the back of the chair or a lumbar pillow is provided. You shouldn’t be slouched or curved to where your back isn’t touching the back of the chair at all.
  • Your vision should be directly centered on the center of your monitor without having to tilt your head up or down. If you have to adjust your neck to stare at your monitor, you need to adjust your chair or desk.

Customer FAQ / Q&A related to PC gaming chairs 

Q. What is the best PC gaming chair under $100?

While you might be hard-pressed to find a gamer chair that’s under $100, there are plenty of quality options out there for the budget gamer.


The Homall gaming seat is a prime example of a chair that comes with the comfort of a high-quality gaming seat without the high price.

Q. What is the best PC gaming chair under $200?

We talked about GTRacing; if you want something somewhat similar, we would recommend the Devoko Ergonomic Racing Style chair. It’s soft and comes with a free lumbar and headrest pillow. The lumbar support is slightly larger than similar products.

Q. What does a gamer chair under $400 look like?

At this price bracket, you’re able to pitch in a bit more money for more luxurious options and better material used in the construction of the best gaming chairs.

We talked about the Corsair WW T2. At this price range, you can also get a DXRacer, such as the DXRacer Formula Series FD01 or go for Noblechairs' models too.

Razer Iskur X and other leading brand options also become available. In fact, we find that design-wise, the WW T2 and Iskur share some similarities.

Q. What are the best chairs for gaming for console players?

There are two basic types of console gaming chairs: the Rocker and the Pedestal.

  • Rocker-style chairs for gaming sit directly on the floor, are L-shaped, and are designed specifically for comfort rather than posture.
  • Pedestal chairs sit a little way off the ground and look like the captain’s seat on Star Trek!

There’s a wide selection of console computer chairs out there, and it depends on what you plan on doing. It also depends on the gaming area as well. You’ll most benefit from the X Rocker brand computer chairs that we’ve reviewed.

Q. What is the most comfortable PC computer chair?

The most comfortable PC chair is entirely a matter of opinion. Almost every gaming chair reviewed on our site is the best quality and better than the competition.

Some people don’t like soft padding, and some people don’t like tough padding, so it’s hard to say what will be best for you. Others prefer to have footrests to spread their legs during longer PC gaming sessions (we have a list of the best chairs with footrests).

Find a chair within your budget, and look at the reviews we’ve provided accordingly for comfort.

Q. What is the best PC gaming chair with speakers?

For built-in speakers, your best bet is to look at the X Rocker lineup of computer chairs we mentioned above, as they specialize in gamer chairs with built-in audio functionality like speakers, a radio, wireless, etc. 


If you’re looking for a chair that’s the ultimate fit for you, then you would really want to look for something that you’re comfortable in, something that fits well within your budget, and something that will last because no gaming chair is made the same.


If you’re overweight or tall, then you’ll want to take note of manufacturers’ specifications and look at product reviews to see if anyone with approximately your height or weight has reviewed the chair, or you can check our big and tall gaming chair article here.


All of the great gaming chairs reviewed here come highly rated and highly reviewed, and they are some of the most sought-after computer chairs in the market for that reason.

Will they be the absolute best for you?


One thing we can’t determine is your individual needs. However, on average, the best PC or console gaming chairs reviewed here are perfect for a wide range of gamer demographics. When you’re paying a hefty price for a chair, we want to make sure that the chair takes your comfort seriously.


Also, we look for models that help promote positive health with the use of a lumbar pillow and a neck cushion pillow. This aids blood flow and promotes healthy sitting, which most gamers don’t think about while they’re gaming.


Don’t go outside of your budget just because you saw some features that looked cool on a chair either. You’ll be better off saving up or finding another chair because while your gaming chair is important, it’s not important enough to spend outside of your budget.


Take all of the reviews above into consideration, and make sure you’re picking a chair that is tailored to your individual needs to ensure you’ll have the best quality chair that you can get.