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We’ve all considered Corsair parts when building a PC, but did you know that they’ve got their very own gaming chair? In this article, we are going to present the Corsair T1 review. The T1 Race Seat is the hardware giant’s entrance into the gaming chair market, and it’s already making waves. It’s very similar in style to a DXRacer, but it comes with a few touches that add some extra flair and luxury to an otherwise standard gaming seat.

At $300, the T1 puts itself in direct competition with the Formula series from DXRacer. This chair doesn’t feature much beyond the inline skate-like wheels and race-style bucket seat, but for a gamer looking for the race experience on a budget, the T1 offers a comfortable and budget-friendly option.


  • Adjustability: For a budget PC gaming chair, this Corsair T1 review will tell you how it offers quite a bit of adjustment options as compared to most budget office chairs. There’s regular height adjustment, and that’s paired with a full 180-degree recline and a tilt lock mechanism. The armrests on the T1 are 4d adjustable.
  • Comfort: The Corsair chair features an ergonomic seat but a standard backrest. The backrest is very comfortable, and the soft upholstery pattern makes for a breathable seat. The reclining angle allows for full flat lounging, and the included strap pillows make it a comfortable option for a quick nap
  • Build: The Corsair chair shines in this regard. The upholstery is synthetic leather on cold foam, but it’s designed to look like the carbon fiber shell on an actual race seat. The spacers around the neck support are beaded with tough plastic, and the seat and backrest feature a quilted stitching pattern that offers a comfortable amount of grip and breathability. The base of the T1 features inline skate-like wheels and is steel. The frame of the actual seat is entirely steel as well.
  • Accessories: The Corsair best gaming chair comes with two quilted pillows that have a nice firmness to them. The lower back pillow is flat and sits higher than most throw-cushion lumbar pillows that we see with many other gamer chairs.


  • Comfort: The fins or “flaps” on the seat can get rather invasive at times and often force you to play in a position in which your arms straight out and your shoulders hunched forward, and unless you’re a bit on the tall side and use the neck pillow, you’ll be forced to use only one position (which will be a little unhealthy for your spine)

What’s in the box?


While assembling the majority of gaming chairs is especially easy, with the Corsair T1 Race, it is more demanding. For faster and more stress-free assembly, you are better off using the manual rather than struggling to put the chair together without it. The Corsair T1 gaming chair’s wheelbase is plastic, which makes it a little lighter than metallic ones.


The base comes with roller blade wheels made of polyurethane, which makes them that much gentler on hard floors. However, they are not the best on carpets. In the box, you will find two additional screws, along with two sets of side covers (with one being a spare), as well as an Allen wrench. The package also comes with a gas lift that’s categorized as a class 4 one, a set of roller castors, and the lift’s telescoping dust skirt.


One of the biggest snags with the seat would be the side plastics that cover the screws once the chair comes together. The side covers are so hard to put on that the majority of buyers had to leave them hanging. The pressure needed to put them on is just too much. However, as mentioned previously, the manual comes in handy when assembling the Corsair T1 gaming chair.

The Features of the Corsair Chair

The chair comes in an all-black variant and four others with a combination of black and either yellow, red, blue, or white. The color highlights are on the top, just across the racing-seat style three-point harness holes. The sides of the seat and the base also have a similar color scheme.


Corsair has made the seating surface from PU leather with soft but firm padding, so you are better off being dressed while sitting on it. Overall, the seat has a good balance of comfort and posture. To add on to the style, the Corsair T1 features a diamond stitching pattern on the lower back and the seating surface material.


Although the shape of the seat won’t wow you, it beats that of the regular office chair you might be used to. It also seems to offer more support, which is a no-brainer because Corsair built it for gaming. The Corsair T1 Race has four-way adjustable armrests that can also add a little to boost your comfort. The armrests have soft padding to cushion your arm, although the padding is a little thin. On the bright side, it is better than plastic.


The Corsair chair for gamers comes with two pillows for neck and lumbar support, both featuring a diamond stitching pattern. Still, to avoid back injury, leave your seat now and then, even with the support. Besides, although the chair comes with pillows, these little additions are nowhere close to the likes of the support you get with the Vertagear range of gaming chairs. Also, because of the racing seat inspired the design, the chair’s side sections sit at a sharp angle. This makes the seat uncomfortably tight around the shoulders for bulkier people.


If you want to nap for a few hours, the chair reclines all the way back to 180° via a lever on the right. As for tilt, the chair offers 10°, and underneath it is a tilt tension knob for that purpose. The only missing adjustments, given the price of the Corsair T1 Race gaming chair, are backrest height and seat base depth.



After doing this Corsair T1 review, this gaming chair is, without a doubt, among the best affordable gaming chairs out there. With time, we are bound to see gamers and techies alike replace their chairs with Corsairs, especially for those who use other products from the company. Understandably, this was the company’s first foray into gaming chairs, and to be fair, they have outdone themselves.


So, the question is, “is the chair worth it?” The simple answer is yes. Given the price and considering what you get, this would be a decent buy for any gamer. With the Recaro seat design and textured back and armrests with a carbon fiber look, the seat fits right in with gamers. If you are more into racing games, then this will be even better for you as it looks the part.

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