Ultimate Game Chair FAQ

Q: How much do gaming chairs cost?

A: There’s a broad answer to this question because there’s some chairs on the market that only cost low $xx - $xx and some that can cost hundreds of dollars. The reason this price varies so much is the different functionality and features offered in gaming chairs. Some chairs come with audio, some come with a massage unit, some come with console connectivity, etc.

When you’re picking out a chair, it’s important to determine your budget before hand and what kind of features you’d like to see in a chair.

Q: What ages are gaming chairs for?

A: There are gaming chairs that are specifically designed and catered to for kids and there are some chairs that are made for people of all ages. The only limiting factors of an adult gaming chair would be the height and the weight of the user. Please look at the specific numbers provided by the individual chair’s manufacturer to determine if weight or height would be a problem.

Q: What benefits do gaming chairs have over other chairs if any?

A: First and foremost is comfort. Gaming chairs are designed in a way to be used for prolonged sitting. A lot of Office chairs are usually designed to blend in with the office environment and aren’t very friendly on your spine if you sit in them for too long. Gaming chairs are usually made with softer material that doesn’t cave in as easily so you can spend hours a day in the seated position.

Gaming chairs (some of them), also come with other unique features that set them apart from other chairs such as audio speakers in the headrest or the ability to control certain features of your TV. While the main benefit of the gaming chair is comfort and rest, there’s a lot of different benefits and features that different chairs have depending on price and brand.

Q: What brand is the best to buy?

A: This will really depend on your budget and the features of a chair you desire, as different people will have different preferences. DXRacer is currently the most popular gaming chair manufacturer and commonly seen used by gamers on sites like Twitch or YouTube Gaming. Another popular lineup is the X Rocker Gaming chairs most notably known for their built in audio speakers. They also make cheap simple floor level rockers for the budget gamer as well.

Q: How many different kinds of gaming chairs are there?

A: There’s the video rocker, the racing seat, the bean bag seat, the racing chair and the pedestal chair. Each of them have their unique advantages and disadvantages over other chairs. Here’s an overview of what general purpose each one serves.

Video Rocker – These are the cheapest types of gaming chairs on the market. They sit on the floor and are great for console gamers. Some of them come foldable and are great for any budget gaming room. They’re fun, well designed, comfortable and some of them come with audio input ports as well.

Racing Seat – Most notably what the DXRacer lineup likes to manufacturer. These are chairs that are specialized for PC gaming and have an unusually tall neck to help support the head and back. They’re also one of the most expensive next to the racing simulator chairs.

Bean Bag Chairs – While these don’t provide any kind of advantage or disadvantage to your experience, you will have to make sure that your desk has a slide out keyboard and that your desk level height can be adjusted to work with this chair. It goes great in any room and is mostly used for console gaming.

Racing Simulator – For those who love playing racing games, these expensive chairs are specialized to simulate the feeling of being in a cock pit. They come with an attached stand where a racing wheel can go.

Pedestal Chair – Arguably the most expensive due to all the features on them, pedestal chairs are similar to reclining chairs. They have a base that allows them to swivel and rock. Most people use them for console gaming but they could also be used for desks with a slide out keyboard and mouse.

Q: Can gaming chairs improve your gameplay?

A: Yes but only on certain factors. For example, a gaming chair with immersive sound will increase how alert you are. This also may be determined by the quality of your headphones as not all speaker systems are created equal. You’ll also be more relaxed which will allow you to focus better on dominating the enemy team. However, you won’t see substantial improvements aside from practicing and focusing on what could make you a better player.

Q: Why should I buy a gaming chair?

A: This is a common question that can be answered in several parts.

Comfort – They’re far more comfortable than sitting on the floor or in a desk chair. After a while, you feel sore as these types of chairs weren’t particularly designed with gaming in mind. Desk chairs were designed for people eating dinner or writing a letter back when they were designed, they didn’t know that in time, gaming would explode to the level it has.

Health – It’s highly important to support the health of your neck, spine and lower back when you game. Over time, you could actually feel the long term effects of poor back support if you don’t have a chair that allows you to sit comfortably. Gaming chairs do just that with lumbar support.

Unique Design – One of the great things about gaming chairs is the style they come out with. The DXRacer lineup for example has a fierce and ergonomic design while other gaming chairs have their own unique fierce designs based on your personal preference.

Q: Am I too tall for a gaming chair?

A: Gaming chairs are designed for not only the average height but some are adjustable for short people as well. If you think you’re too tall, you should consult the manufacturer’s website to find out what height the chair is ideal for.

Updated on 4th May 2019.