Big and Tall Gaming Chairs – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Durability. That’s the keyword you’re looking for when searching for a fitting gaming chair as a big and tall gamer.Without a durable base and sturdy design, even good ergonomics will fly out of the window in an year or so.The UGC team is pretty keen on the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 as a premium pick for bigger guys. Just make sure you get the XL size which supports up to 395 lbs (180 kg) and … Read more

How Many Fans Do I Need for My Gaming PC

“How many fans do I need for my gaming PC?” is a question that all dedicated gamers ponder when in the process of building or upgrading a gaming computer. After all, discharging the heat generated by your PC’s hardware—CPU, GPU, and the like—is integral to a smooth, hitch-free gaming experience. In this post, we shed light on the importance of case fans as well as point out the number of case fans your gaming PC needs … Read more

How Many Amps Does a Gaming PC Use: Accurate Explanation

Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2, even older titles like the Witcher 3 are all graphics gems. You can enjoy just their graphics for hours on end. Your joy may be interrupted by an existential question, though: How much power is this beast actually using? And you’d be asking the right question. Modern gaming PCs draw a ton of amperage to run these lifelike games and other intensive processes you might be using. Combine that with fancy peripherals, and … Read more

How Long Does a Gaming PC Last

Gaming computers can be a long-term investment for the serious gamers out there. It’s your best (and only) alternative to getting a dedicated gaming console.  One of the perks of high-end gaming PCs is that they can produce much better graphics than consoles, but how long does a gaming PC last? Let’s find out! How to Determine a Gaming PC’s Lifespan There’s no clear-cut way to determine how long a gaming PC will last. The … Read more

How To Clean A Gaming Chair

Gaming is a highly enjoyable and immersive experience that can have you sitting in your gaming chair for hours on end. That being the case, gaming chairs tend to get dirty and grimy quite quickly, requiring thorough and frequent cleaning. However, gaming chairs don’t come cheap, and so the process of keeping them in tip-top condition needs to be followed closely. Otherwise, you may end up damaging your investment. Lucky for you, we’re here to … Read more

How To Connect XBox One To Bluetooth Gaming Chair

Connecting your Bluetooth gaming chair to your Xbox One can be a bit tricky: especially if it’s not made specifically for the Xbox One console. If your chair uses HDMI like the Xbox One, there won’t be a problem, but what if it has an RCA connector? Luckily, there are multiple ways to connect Bluetooth gaming chair to Xbox One, and we’re going to explore each one of them in this guide, so stick around. You could also … Read more

Adult Console Gaming Chair – Best of 2023

What’s in a dedicated gaming chair for adults?Ergonomics? Sure. But the chair also needs to cover a list of essentials, including design, durability and proper adjustability. Adult gaming chairs need to be even more flexible than those for kids.If you’re on a budget, the UGC team recommends you to take a look at the Homall gaming chair. Despite it being inexpensive, it has all the essential features – and even a footrest. There’s a reason … Read more

X Rocker 51092 Chair Review

As an avid gamer, you probably know that uncomfortable chairs can ruin your gaming experience. An uncomfortable chair makes it impossible for you to immerse yourself into your game’s story and action. Consequently, you end up missing the important action on your screen as you shift about trying to readjust your chair to a comfortable position. Check Price on Amazon In this post, we will share tips on why you need a gaming chair, what to … Read more

OpenWheeler Racing Seat Review: The Real Thing

If you’ve ever wanted a DIY frame and seat for your race focused gaming set up, OpenWheeler has you covered. The base of this seat isn’t the seat itself, rather the frame that holds the entire setup together.Unlike most other gaming chairs that are designed after race seats, this one features an actual race seat of an open-wheel car: Check Price on Amazon Whether you are a console racer or an actual driver, you know that … Read more

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 – The Best Gaming Chair Under $200

The comfortable seating, sound immersion, and plug n’ play features are just a few options that have drawn gamers of all ages to a proper seating arrangement.  Regular old desk chairs just aren’t cutting it. It’s time for an upgrade. If you’ve been in the market for the ultimate X Rocker Pro gaming chair, we can guess that you’re searching for the top-rated, best of the best.  Go big or go home right? Check Price on Amazon … Read more