DXRACER DOH/RE0 Gaming Chair Review

For people who live the lifestyle of a hardcore gamer, having the Dxracer best gaming chair could also mean victory in every game they play. You don’t want to lose a game just because your chair is not comfortable enough. With this said, the general recommendation is that you must choose a Dxracer gaming chair that can really improve your performance. The question to ask is how to find a Dxracer gaming chair that has all these good qualities. Well, it’s probably best if we set an example with this Dxracer chair reviews.

The DX Racer Racing Series Chair is one of the leading Dxracer gaming chairs in the market today. From the design of a sports car alone, you could immediately tell that this is a well-crafted piece of furniture engineered for real gamers. The DXRacer gaming chair Racing Series is the larger version of the best-selling Formula Series chairs. If you still don’t get the point, it’s probably the best if we’ll just inspect every detail of this badass chair in our Dxracer chairs review. This Dxracer chair reviews will give you insight into the pros and cons of the series, and in particular, we will look at dxracer gaming  chair doh/reo.

Installation and Materials in the Box

The Dxracer gaming chair box has significant weight because of the metal materials. At the top of the Dxracer gaming chair box is a precaution about avoiding the use of sharp tools to cut the tape. This prevents you from damaging the pieces inside. You need to be careful about that. Expect that each piece has a protective Styrofoam wrap and plastics. There are some noted complaints about the generous wrapping, but for us, that is a good thing because it ensures that your Dxracer gaming chair will arrive at your place without damage or any missing parts. You need to be patient in separating those from each piece before you proceed to the assembling the Dxracer gaming chair. Next, you must find the instructions and toolkit at the bottom of the box. Also, the plastic parts should not confuse you. As we found in our Dxracer chairs review, these protective coverings prevent the metals from being exposed.

As for installation, you can find the bolts in the preassembled parts. Unscrew them first before attaching the parts together. Attach the headrest and the seat first. At the bottom of the seat, you must put the control unit. You should install the wheels in the base part first before you put the cylinder at the middle. Don’t forget the plastic covering of the cylinder when you finally join the cylinder and the seat, and then place the protective plastics at the side of the headrest.

Features and Technical Details of the DX Racer gaming chair

First thing’s first. We have to talk about the ergonomic design of the DX Racer Racing Series Chair in this Dxracer chairs review. The Dxracer has a unique quality because of its size and style. Because of its size, the Dxracer is compatible with a range of users varying in weight and height. In our DX Racer gaming chairs review, we found that this Dxracer has a tall backrest so you don’t have to worry if it will support your head or not. The seat offers a large space so you can cross your legs when you want. Also, it can support your legs to prevent them from going numb when you sit for a long period. Aside from the space of this chair, the style is also incredible. You can choose from a variety of colors. Just like the seat of a race car, this seat is also leather but very comfortable because of the soft and smooth cushions and padding. As you can see from our Dxracer chair reviews, a lot of things that influence the design language of today’s gaming chairs are the proven effectiveness and style of its predecessors. This is why most of the gaming chairs today may look slightly different from each other, but the fundamentals are the same. However, just like any race, some gaming chairs offer a little bit more than others in the competition in terms of features, build quality, and aesthetics as many Dxracer chair reviews show.

It has inside stitches so you won’t have to worry about the leather being ripped off. The curves of this chair provide body support and help maintain good posture. In our Dxracer chairs review, the seat and backrest have these special curves that imitate the shape of a variety of body types. The curve of the seat at the middle helps you to stay in place for better positioning. The chair also comes with pillows to aid with ergonomics and support and using them regularly and appropriately will save you from discomfort. They are adjustable, so it depends on your preference on how you will place them at your back.

The next thing we look at in our Dxracer chair reviews are the adjustable features. The armrest of this chair has an individually adjustable height. This is very helpful when you are doing something that requires your hands to rest in different positions. Then, we have the seat height adjustment. The control lever of the seat height is very accessible, found just at the bottom of the seat. Also, you will find the very flexible tilt control at the bottom of the seat. You can angle the backrest to almost a horizontal angle or an approximate of 170 degrees, which would be very helpful if you want to relax or just lay down on your seat.

Pros of the Product

Made off solid and durable metals and plastics

High flexibility

Ergonomic design helps support posture

The classy look of a sports car

Cons of the product

A bit pricier than other office chairs

Armrest adjustable could be faulty sometimes

The racing series DX Racer DOH/RE0 gaming chair review

Other Dxracer chair reviews show that the series price range is pricey for a racing chair of this caliber. However, the fact that it’s from dxracer puts its price point at a fair range. The range features seven varying color schemes to match your setting. Still, the crew at dxracer has not foregone the classic black for the subtle gamer. Compared to its rivals, in this Dxracer chairs review, we will look at what sets the series apart.

For starters, this series of chairs boasts a longer backrest. The long backrest makes the chair ideal for use over extended periods as it offers better spine support and weight distribution. As a result, you enjoy your gaming sessions with less back and spine pressure and reduced chances of back injury.

Durability is another area where our dxracer chairs review gives the company kudos. This series of the gaming chair, in particular, features PU leather covers and a tear-resistant mesh. While you cannot rule out the chances of an accident, if you don’t spill your dose of nighttime coffee on your new unit, the chances of it disappointing soon are limited. But if you are the clumsy type, you have the choice of a black unit, which hides stains and marks remarkably well as we found out on our Dxracer chairs review.

And that is barely everything we found with the dxracer chairs review when looking into the racing series gaming chairs. We are just scratching the surface here. There are three-way adjustable armrests with movements up or down, in or out, or either right, left. If we are talking about comfort, although the range of movement doesn’t come close to that of some high-end gaming chairs, the revelation from our Dxracer chairs review is that the series respectably holds its own.


The Racing series of dxracer gaming chairs does not compromise on comfort either, and it caters to a large market. Many gamers would be happy with the series. As many other Dxracer chair reviews have also found, chairs in the racing series can hold weights of up to 220 pounds, which is more than enough for the average person. Height wise, dxracer recommends that as long as you are not taller than 6’2”, there is nothing to worry about (remember the extended headrest we mentioned earlier?)

If you have used a variety of gaming chairs or have read Dxracer chair reviews, you will find it hard to come across as many complaints as with some other brands. This series is no different, as finding faults is highly unlikely. However, this does not mean that there isn’t one or two things that dxracer could improve on as they work on further releases.

While this gaming chair has well-built casters that are at home on either hard or soft surfaces, lumbar support is on the disappointing side. Although there is a slight bulge at the lower back, it is not enough to do the work effectively. 

One of the most impressive bundles of the whole package from dxracer is the warranty that covers the gaming chair. The frame, for instance, gets lifetime coverage, while other parts like the arms and casters get covered for two years. Accessories, such as the headrest cushion, get 12 months of coverage. Considering the industry average and going by the findings of other Dxracer chair reviews, that’s one of the best warranties for any gaming chair available.

How to choose a gaming chair

There is no doubt that the dxracer doh/reo gaming chair is one of the best mid-priced gaming chairs. However, does it have all the bells and whistles offered by only tthe best gaming chairs? Even better, how do you choose a gaming chair?

What features should you look for when investing in a gaming chair? Let’s get right to it.


Regardless of how much you are willing to spend, having a budget in mind helps you know where to look. The last thing anyone wants is to waste their time sifting through unnecessary offerings that won’t provide the comfort or practicality they need. The most important thing to keep in mind is that by purchasing the right chair, you won’t only enjoy your gaming sessions, but you will also be protecting your body from posture problems and back pains.

Buying a decent gaming chair will save you from potentially spending huge sums on medical bills in the future due to bad posture. Cheap generic chairs might seem affordable, but in the long run, they don’t offer the ergonomic support hardcore gamers need. The more time you spend perched in front of a computer, the better the chair you need.


For hardcore desktop gamers or for those who spend a lot of time on a desk, this is arguably the most important factor to consider when buying a gaming chair. Ergonomic chairs have critical features including lumbar support and adjustable armrests. On top of that, some chairs even allow you to configure them to fit your proportions for optimum body support. Adjustable armrests reduce shoulder and arm strain while tilt tuners allow you to recline more easily. Some seats even have an angle latch for the backrest so you can lock it at your preferred angle. Additional tweaks worth considering are elevation adjustment and seat rails.

Build quality

Buying a new chair a few months after you bought the last one does not make any sense. Build quality is thus an important factor. However, it also depends on your taste and your budget. Do you want synthetic webbing or microfiber cloth? If your budget allows it, you might even prefer leather on your gaming chair. Then again, for the choice of materials, you should also consider the local climate.

If you are in a hot climate, or if you sweat or heat up easily, you are better off with airy materials or mesh for better breathability. Leather and its synthetic counterparts are best left for colder climates as they retain heat better so you can remain warm. As for cleaning, leather is easier to clean than fabrics and mesh materials.


Gaming chairs come in many designs and form factors, each optimized for certain activities. Pedestal themed chairs are good for comfort and easy viewing. Rocker gaming chairs, on the other hand, are best suited for prolonged periods spent in front of a TV or gaming console. If you want a chair that you can integrate with your setup by connecting certain components, you should be looking for either a PC or racer chair.

Some are on the market for a decent pedestal chair that will work with a variety of setups. For this purpose, a racer gaming chair is your best bet.


Remember we mentioned setup integration above? Some gaming chair models enable you to integrate them into your setup for a professional and comfortable look. Some features that can connect to your PC or gaming console include audio to improve sound playback. However, you should first ensure that the sources you wish to connect to can support your chosen design.


Your armrest position makes a huge difference in terms of the posture you adopt as you go about your business. If the minimum elevation of your armrests is too high, you strain your shoulders as you try to counteract the rise in search of a comfortable position. That is where shoulder pain begins, which beats the purpose of getting a gaming chair in the first place.

On the other hand, if your armrests are too low, to compensate, you will find yourself hunching forward. To counteract both of the above scenarios, invest in a gaming chair that allows you to adjust the armrests to the best position. This will not only afford you comfort but will also avert the chances of developing posture disorders.


Unlike office chairs, many gaming chairs are bigger and bulkier and thus take up more floor space. Depending on your room or apartment, trying to maneuver a big chair in a small space or set it up comfortably can be a headache. When shopping for a gaming chair, consider how much space you have and if your choice of a chair will fit properly. However, that should not be reason enough to choose a less comfortable one. Instead, you can shop for a gaming chair that has collapsible frames integrated throughout the design.



So now you know how to choose a gaming chair. With that in mind, it is safe to say that the dxracer doh/reo gaming chair is a worthy investment for your work, especially when it involves a lot of time in front of the computer. Considering all the above, the dxracer doh/reo gaming chair ticks most boxes. The chair is comfortable, and more than that, it reduces the pressure and impact on your body when you sit for extended periods.

While the price may be a little steep for this range, it’s a steal considering what you would have to pay a chiropractor for a bad back. To sum up, the DXRacer Racing Series Chair is classy, comfy, and most importantly, it is durable because of the solid components and compact materials used. It did not compromise in the factors that matter, and you are guaranteed to have a relatively comfortable and well-supported sitting experience to help you bring up your a-game.

Now, do we recommend it? Definitely! Of course, there are better chairs out there, but if you are looking for a practical gaming chair without burning a hole in your wallet yet getting the most reasonable deal, then the at dxracer doh/reo gaming chair should be somewhere near the top of your list. 

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