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5 Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest: 2023 Recommendations

Not many gaming chairs come with proper leg rests. In fact, it's somewhat of an add-on option even for leading brands.

The issue with footrests is they add another factor to nailing durability and ergonomics. Not every company wants to focus on yet another intricate detail.

Some do, though. We'll be looking at a few options of gaming chairs with proper footrests built in.

The UGC team believes that the GTRacing Executive chair is the most optimal pick for the best computer gaming chair with footrest.

It's the only budget model featuring adjustable 3D armrests. Furthermore, the chair nails down the coolest looking design out of all 5 contenders, with commendable ergonomics to top it off.

Still, it's just one of the chairs with leg support we've prepared for you. Read more and see which option fits your preferences the most.

Cool Look

GTRacing Executive High Back Chair

Fantastic, vibrant designs.

350 lbs capacity makes it a versatile option for gamers of all heights & sizes.

3D armrests for flexible & convenient adjusting.

Big & Tall

FantasyLab Big and Tall Massage Chair

Up to 400lbs capacity.

High back design & extra padded armrests for more comfort.

Lumbar support cushion also comes with a massager.

Budget Pick

BestOffice High-back Recliner Office Chair

Office Chair High-back Recliner Office Chair Computer

Great comfort for its price.

Supports up to 250 lbs, which is great for a cheap chair.

Comes with 4 reclining positions for flexibility.

We know how it feels after long gaming sessions. You just want to lay down in your chair and take a nap, or spread your body and enter full relaxation mode.

Many chairs come with a reclining function, but only a few come with leg rests.

The result?

Only the upper half of your body gets the proper rest it deserves.

To address this problem, we have listed 5 top contestants for the best gaming chair with footrest on the current market.

Many models come with a weak footrest that feels like it'll snap any moment. The leg support gamer chairs we picked are not only comfortable, but also durable.

The 5 Best Gaming Chairs With Footrest


Coolest looking PC gaming chair with leg support:
GTRacing Executive High Back

GTRacing's executive chair is the best recliner chair with leg support that also has adjustable armrests.

The UGC team has praised this particular executive-style chair from GTRacing in other best of lists. It's pretty hard to find a gamer chair with such premium-feel designs at this price range. The fact it also comes with a leg rest is a testament to how GTRacing has evolved as a brand.

It's all in the PU leather. While it's still the same material as other models on this list, there's a smoother, more matte feel to its texture. Aside from that, GTRacing has gone beyond the conventional colors. You have water blue, light gray and other exciting designs you wouldn't normally see in cheaper chairs.

So, cool look factor and a 1-year warranty aside, what's the deal here?

Well, as we stated earlier, the capacity here goes up to 350 lbs. While not as exciting as FantasyLab's heavy duty chair, this chair still goes some 50-70 lbs above standard chairs with footrest. The high back supplements the capacity and makes this model a great pick for bigger adult gamers.

The GTRacing Executive PC gaming chair with leg support reclines from 90° to 160°.

There is one very important and unique feature of this particular chair: the adjustable 3D armrests.

You'll see us complaining about fixed armrests on the other contenders on this list. Some of them are padded, others aren't. No other cheaper chair, however, features the ease of adjustability and comfort of GTRacing Executive's armrests.

For some of you this might be the biggest benefit in a chair that already looks and feels amazing.

Construction-wise, this is a chair firmly rooted in its price category. It's sturdier than cheaper competitors, but it isn't as heavy-duty as FantasyLab, for example. With 50 lbs less of a capacity, though, it doesn't need to either.

We'd like to give a kudos to GTRacing for designing the chair base and casters too. The wheels themselves are a notch above budget chairs with their ease of gliding even across thicker carpets.

Our rating: 4.8/5

In our other review we gave it a 4.4 rating. However, in this list all of the chairs come in PU leather (thus losing some breathability) - so we won't deduct points for that. We firmly believe that the GTRacing Executive chair is the optimal middle ground price-and-feature-wise. The 3D armrests alone make this chair with leg support worth it; with a 350 lbs capacity and exciting design it's looking even better!


Best cheap gamer chair with leg rest:
BestOffice Recliner

Office Chair High-back Recliner Office Chair Computer

BestOffice has a very rudimentary, yet comfortable offering for the most budget-oriented of you. This reclining gaming chair with a footrest covers all the bases on a price unmatched by any other brand.

So what do we actually have here?

As we pointed out earlier, the max weight capacity is 250 lbs. It's a bit less than the usual ~300 lbs limitations you see in PC chairs with leg rests.

The reclining function supports 4 fixed positions from 90° to 155°. Again, this is slightly less flexible than higher-priced models, but nothing too shocking.

We assume you place more value on a few dozen bucks saved than a ~10° increase in the reclining angle here, though.

BestOffice's gamer chair with footrest comes with something that most budget consumers would appreciate: easy installation.

Being pretty basic comes with its perks: you'll be able to assembly the recliner in no more than 15 minutes. This is great, considering with some other chairs you'd spend 40+ minutes sweating over the parts!

Onwards to construction quality. While BestOffice isn't the chair you'd end up using for 10 years, it still features more than decent manufacture.

The heavy-duty metal base is BIFMA approved, the casters are tough plastic you'll see in many low-to-mid range office chairs.

The faux leather this computer gaming chair with leg rest comes with is soft and generally doesn't peel that quickly. This, however, brings us to the main drawback:

Let's be real: usually, this kind of chairs last 2-4 years depending on the intensity of usage. It doesn't help that BestOffice mentions you need to contact them directly to speak about the warranty.

So we'd definitely recommend you adjust your expectations. Budget products come at a price, and while this is generally a comfortable gaming chair with footrest, it's

Our rating: 4/5

As far as cheap chairs with leg support go, the BestOffice Recliner is the cream of the crop. Gamers looking for better warranty, better flexibility (like adjustable armrests unlike the fixed ones here), and more breathable material should look elsewhere. If you want only the basics, though, this is a top pick on a budget.


Best gaming chair with footrest for larger gamers:
FantasyLab Big & Tall Massage Chair

FantasyLab is our choice for the best gaming chair with footrest for big and tall gamers.

FantasyLab were featured in our list of the most comfortable gaming chairs (here). There's reason: while it's an obvious Secretlabs knock-off, this brand delivers surprising quality of both ergonomics and construction.

With its tremendous capacity of 400 lbs, this PC chair with leg rest does what many others are not:

It provides sturdy, comfortable and long-lasting leg support for the crowd of larger gamers.

The leg rest tray here is a level above cheaper recliners. It's made of tougher steel and the mechanism slides more smoothly. This is a pretty big point of frustration for models that support heavier weights.

The reclining tilt is also slightly more flexible at 90° to 165°.

As a whole, the FantasyLab recliner with footrest makes up for its slightly higher price tag with several improvements:

  • Thicker memory foam padding on the seat
  • Extra-padded armrests
  • Improved gas lift for smoother height adjustment

Let's not forget the bonus feature: a delicate massaging function within the lumbar support. Now, don't expect something ultra powerful. It's rather weak and gentle, but still a nice add-on to have.

Last but not least: extra attention has been to the wheels. They glide properly on all kinds of surfaces, including hardwood floors, laminate, or light to medium density carpets.

Our rating: 4.5/5

All in all, this is a well-rounded, comfortable computer gaming chair with footrest. The FantasyLab Big & Tall chair is a bit more expensive, but not shockingly so. Its construction is significantly more heavy-duty, the features more intricate and cozy, and it also looks pretty great. We deduct some points for the fixed armrests. Padded or not, it would've been nice to adjust them.


Most popular computer gaming chair with leg support:
Respawn 110 Racing Style

For many gamers, this is probably the most famous brand name on the list. Respawn has been a very active brand (in terms of Twitch streamers too). The 110 Racing Style chair is a pretty decent choice, though it has some shortcomings.

First of all, the weight capacity here is 275 lbs. We wouldn't complain about it much, but in this price category we'd expect at least a 300-320 lbs capacity.

Some of the other features packed in this chair with footrest are pretty standard. The tilt reclines to 155°. The armrests are nothing that exciting either, being completely fixed. They are padded, though, which makes them quite comfortable.

You might think we're too harsh on this chair, and you might be right. Let's mention two things that make the Respawn 100 Racer very special.

First, you have a fantastic 5-year limited warranty here. You won't find such a long commitment to quality in any of the other 4 chairs with leg rest we've listed here.

Second, the chair has a very elaborate backrest design. There's a more enveloping feel to the back, and the two holes help a bit with the PU leather breathability. It pretty much nails the ergonomics part.

Everything else doesn't stand out too much. You have some proper cushioning on the seat, and the standard neck and lumbar support included. A metal-based frame goes all the way back to the sturdy chair base and smooth-rolling casters.

Our rating: 4/5

Popular with a reason, the Respawn 110 Racing Style chair features a peace-of-mind 5-year warranty. It's definitely a safe pick for those of you who want a guaranteed long-term investment. That said, this computer gaming chair with footrest doesn't really excel anywhere except the better back design. It's as well-rounded as it gets - and we're sure some of you would appreciate that.


Best DXRacer chair with footrest:
Classic Series OH/CA120/NC

DXRacer's OH/CA120 is our pick for the best premium PC gaming chair with footrest. We do dislike a few shortcomings it has, though.

If you want to go the full premium route, DXRacer's chairs are always a good option. The Classic Series DOH/CA120/NC (yeah, what a serial) fits the bill for an expensive gamer chair with leg support.

The weight capacity here is 300 lbs, which makes it just right for the majority of gamers.

One very big drawback to some of you might be the tilt angle. This chair with footrest only reclines back to 135°. If you're keen on lying flatter, you're out of luck here - better stick to any of the other models.

This drawback gets outshined by the single most unique thing about the DXRacer:

Yep, we're talking about the 4D armrests. While GTRacing had 3D flexibility, here you have a completely free reigns over how you customize your arms while gaming. Try as you might, you won't find another gaming chair with a built-in leg rest which also has 4D tech present.

Something you'd also appreciate is the lifetime warranty on the frame. The accessories have a separate warranty clocking at 2 years.

Premium also means better manufacture quality. The DXRacer chair base is made of aluminum instead of steel. What this means effectively is first, a more lightweight chair, and second - increased sturdiness and less wobbling worries.

The casters here are also somewhat larger at 3'', which helps them deal with pretty much any surface you'd put them on.

The Classic Series features vinyl as seat material. It looks cool and everything, but considering the price tag we really expected to see something more breathable. Even some mesh sections or perforated design along the backrest would have worked.

Our rating: 4/5

Without any doubt, there are quite a few premium things that justify the higher price tag here. DXRacer's Classic Series OH/CA120 is a high-class chair with improved comfort and ultra flexible 4D armrests. The lifetime frame warranty is huge, too. We deduct points for the lack of extra breathability and the lower reclining angle, though.


If you’re going to buy the best PC Gaming chair exclusively for the footrests, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money. There is a wide range of options to choose from, with the UGC team handpicking only the top of the top 5 models.

Overall, there is a variety of chairs available at different price points. Make a decision based on your specific needs - money-wise or comfort-wise. Sometimes a cheaper purchase turns out to be more expensive in the long run. Conversely, you don't always need to go for the most premium option available either.

For some people, a 4D armrest doesn't mean much as they're used to keeping their arms fixed when playing. For others, a fixed armrest means uncomfortable gaming sessions and ultimately, a chair with leg support that falls short on expectations.

We'll be keeping this list of the best computer chairs with footrest as updated as possible. You can rely on the UGC team to recommend you modern, comfortable chairs with leg support from leading brands.

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