Herman Miller Aeron Review

When we say old-school or old-fashioned, we rarely see office chairs in our heads. In most cases, the new generation of chairs are modern and current in terms of style and functionality. Companies always update their manufactured chairs with the latest technology and features often linked to professional gaming or the demands of the corporate world, but what if we will tell you that old-school is actually cool, and there is one office chair that we can classify as ancient based on today’s standards and yet is still revered as one of the most popular office chairs on the market today? Take a look at the best Herman Miller chair in our Aeron chair review!

Currently popular? Old-fashioned? You may notice the disconnect, but you will feel amazed about how this product will win you over. With a firm company foundation, passion for excellence, great engineering, and other important factors that make a product great prepare yourself for one amazing office chair that has been around for almost three decades and is living testimony that the old-school best Herman Miller chair is still cool! So, are you ready for the Herman Miller Aeron review?

Let's start this Aeron chair review with talking about the company that made it. The Herman Miller Company is perhaps one of the oldest furniture manufacturing facilities in the United States. The company focuses on office and home furnishings. Founded in 1905, this Michigan-based company has been around for more than a hundred years, and that is a testament to its resilience and adaptability in an industry that constantly changes as the years go by. It is quite a feat that Herman Miller evolved from traditional furniture made of wood to modern and highly ergonomic chairs that help create the ideal home or office setup. Imagine how long the journey was and how this company managed to thrive in the cutthroat industry of office and home furniture – in fact, the survival in itself speaks a lot.

Through their resilience, Herman Miller sustained a constant climb to make sure that its chairs are on trend, functional, and durable. Considering that Herman Miller is not an entry-level company, its products and price points are geared towards the mid-tier to high-end, and that isn’t a bad thing at all. The price you pay for this chair is the fruit of century-old resilience, great engineering, and exceptional quality. There are a lot of products in the Herman Miller lineup, but this time, we will focus on one of the company’s bestsellers – The Herman Miller Aeron. This chair is usually considered the best Herman Miller chair on the market today, and we are here to do an extensive Herman Miller Aeron review of why this chair rocks, especially if you have the budget for it.

The company first introduced the original, first-edition Aeron in 1994. That’s already a quarter of a century ago. This groundbreaking introduction gave birth to the most iconic, most sought after office chairs in the market that resiliently satisfied the discerning taste of today’s consumers. The original designers, Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, visualized a particular chair based on the principle that what your body needs is first, and what your eyes need is second. Then, the best Herman Miller chair came to life.

As most product reviews have mentioned and so this Herman Miller Aeron review will do so, the original Aeron chair looks like it came out of an engineering project without much consultation about creatives and style. It does not look bad, but it is not that appealing to the eyes as some might have mentioned after getting one. From this initial render, it has tastefully combined the right amount of cushioning with a sturdy mesh material for a sleek and elegant look.

During its launch, it was not an instant hit. However, as more and more offices equipped their meeting rooms and floors with the Herman Miller Aeron and proved that the health claims and no-nonsense functionality were indeed true, a star was born, and it continued to soar to where it is now – as the best office chair in the market. Despite being around for almost three decades, the  Aeron chair was only remastered once with updates on its mechanism. Since then, the company updated all manufactured Aeron chairs from their casters to the topmost portion of the backrest.

The Aeron chair is living proof that well-thought-of items can withstand the strong winds of change. Thanks to the benefits it can provide just by sitting on it, this chair is perhaps the first and last gaming or office chair you will ever buy.

Some of you may ask why we are doing an Aeron chair review instead of looking at other chairs in the lineup. Well, it’s because Aeron chair is perhaps the most sought-after chair in the bunch, and how consumers rave about the product makes it a definite choice for an honest Herman Miller Aeron review.

From other Herman Miller Aeron reviews, a lot of owners claim that this is probably the best Herman Miller chair in the market, and we definitely have to do our own Aeron chair review because of that. Primarily considered as the best office chair in the world for several years now, let’s see how the Aeron chair stack up in the fierce chair market, with it being touted as the best Herman Miller chair and being the most sought-after chair for the office and corporate setting.

The go-to chair for many celebrities and businessmen, the best Herman Miller chair, the Herman Miller Aeron is the perfect pairing of class, design, and comfort. A chair that’s dominated high-end offices since the ‘90s, the Aeron was one of the first ergonomically designed office chairs or PC gaming chairs. The unique design remains exclusively one of a kind, and the amount of comfort and fine-tuning it offers keeps its sales alive to this day.

This product costs $780 for the basic version. That price can go up to $1,588 with all the best upgrades. Even with the pedigree and luxurious finishes, the decked-out version of the Aeron still costs a good $600 less than its most expensive competitor. The Aeron features an ergonomic design that can be fitted with adjustable options and improves your posture in an almost therapeutic manner.

The Herman Miller Fundamentals

Herman Miller is a company that not only focuses on producing drop-dead gorgeous office and home furniture pieces. The company takes pride in the fact that foundation of their products is rooted in several very important yet often overlooked features.


In the fierce gaming and office chair manufacturing industry, the primary focus of most manufacturing companies is comfortability. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, when it comes to health, comfortability does not automatically mean healthy. Now, why is this big deal?

Many consumers complain that the posture-correcting feature of this chair is sometimes painful for their backs. However, studies have proven that the prolonged use of the Aeron chair provides health benefits. You will notice that the best Herman Miller chair boasts simple adjustment controls, but the engineering marvel behind these controls will blow your mind with the great advantages it offers in the long run.

Corrective posture is sometimes tiring and straining during the first few instances, but once your body gets accustomed to this practice, you will notice the reduced tension around the upper and lower back, and even the neck and the sacral area. Who would have thought that such a feature will go a long way?

Now, for consumers who have existing or recurring back pain, the Herman Miller Aeron has the magical power of eliminating back pain in the long run. We mentioned magical power because really, what kind of sorcery does this chair possess that it can completely prevent the development or progression of back pain? That alone is a very powerful selling point.

In the continental United States, more than thirty million Americans experience back pain at least once a week. As office employees tend to stay in a stationary sitting position for eight hours, give or take, the strain and tension that accumulate at the back eventually become painful.

The internal researchers of Herman Miller conducted a study, together with orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors, and they proved through numerous tests that there was noteworthy relief among employees who used the Aeron chair for at least a week, and they preferred the ample support in the spine and lower back area. It allowed them to work longer without feeling any tension or pain, which usually gets carried over the next day, especially when they didn’t get enough rest during the night.

The ugly truth about a lot of workplace settings is that companies never, or at least not most of the time, invest on a good chair. Honestly, when you use a particular piece of equipment on an 8-to-5 shift daily, might as well invest in a good one because your body will thank you for it in the long run. A similar misconception applies to beds, and a lot of people are not investing well on good beds with the retort that “we just sleep on them.” However, isn’t that the point? Our body regenerates and recovers in sleep. Talk about some terrible buying decisions.


Without a doubt, in this Herman Miller Aeron review you need to know that the aesthetics of the Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most universally praised. It is sleek and classic with a touch of modernity, without those flashy bright-colored accents that sometimes overpower and spoil the overall design. Herman Miller really took its time to come up with an amazing chair with a fantastic silhouette and functionality. This is a chair that is not all about beauty because the company engineered this chair to have all the right features that catapulted this chair to the top of the ranks.


Ergonomics refers to the study of how people work in a particular environment. This refers to how individuals fit in a particular workplace setting, and how they thrive to maximize productivity and achieve the best workplace results. For the “casual” employee, or let’s say, gamer, ergonomics is one of the little details that have a massive impact on the outcome of a game or productivity at work. It is a beautiful waltz of science and art because how an individual will function well depends on how ergonomically a room is configured.

There are a lot of nice rooms, office equipment, and other accessories that are aesthetically pleasing but not ergonomic. They only look nice, but in the purpose department, they don’t offer much. This is also applicable to gaming and office chairs. We have reviewed a great range of chairs in the past, but not all of them can be considered as ergonomic. You see, the intricacy of ergonomics is one of the aspects of chair manufacturing that Herman Miller managed to hone and master.

In our Aeron chair review, we are confident to mention that the Herman Miller Aeron will help you work better and be productive in whatever purpose you have for it – whether as a highly capable office chair, or even a sleek gaming chair. It may also surprise you that even in the top-tier price points, there are various chairs that are not classified to be ergonomic.


This might be the last consideration you’ll be looking for an office or gaming chair, but we are pleased to let you know that the Herman Miller Aeron is 94% recyclable. This move from Herman Miller to produce eco-friendly chairs is their response to the worsening waste disposal problem on the planet. This is a pretty impressive initiative and a definite standout among the rest in a market filled with non-recyclable chairs and office accessories. This is absolutely noteworthy to mention because there is no high-end chair available in the market with a recyclable rate that can match that of the Herman Miller Aeron, not even close.

In fact, we think the Aeron chair review is the only review we have that mentioned a specific point about the product being eco-friendly. Thus, this chair from Herman Miller continues to present itself as a complete standout among the rest.


  • Adjustability

Moving to the next aspect of this Herman Miller Aeron review, The Herman Miller Aeron prides itself in its ability to be fine-tuned by the user, a phenomenal feature you cannot find in regular chairs in the market because most chairs nowadays only have a particular range of adjustability. The chair offers a seat forward/backward adjustment, elevation control, tilt control and tension control, 4d armrests, and adjustable lumbar support.

  • Comfortability

There is something about the best Herman Miller chair's mesh that covers almost the entirety of the Aeron that has an exceptional and luxurious feel to it. The feel is something we would call soft yet firm. We know it sounds weird, but that’s really how it felt when we tried sitting on this chair. The material is soft, yet there is a springy give to it, giving you a well-balanced sitting experience. The breathable mesh makes working in this chair a fantastic experience. Most of the comfort offered by the Aeron comes from fine-tuning it to fit your needs.

  • Build Quality

The Aeron features a simple yet modern build that makes it look like an art piece. The frame is made out of modular parts that are easy to replace or repair, all on your own. The mesh upholstery is also durable and is resistant to scratches and scrapes. Despite being around for quite some time now, the build quality is quite commendable, and the chair is definitely built to last.

  • Features

One of the cool things about this chair is that Herman Miller infused it with the patented PostureFitSL system, which allows it to automatically adjust your posture to keep your spine stress-free. That is such a neat feature because a lot of chairs in the market, while they offer adjustability within a certain range, do not correct wrong posture. The Aeron manages to come with this feature to keep your posture as correct as possible, which is something your body will benefit from for a very long time. Correct posture not only improves your health, but it also relieves tension in the back muscles, the lower back, and even breathing patterns. It’s not just a simple correction of appearance. Proper posture goes a very long way; that’s why we can’t stress this feature enough in our Aeron chair review.

  • Accessories

The Aeron is available in three distinct sizes; small, medium and large. Herman Miller also offers optional extras, such as lumbar support, a tilt limiter, leather arm pads, and QuietRoll wheels for an extra cost. These high-quality accessories underwent the same set of quality checks as the actual chair, so you’re guaranteed to receive durable accessories on your purchase.


  • Comfort

In this Herman Miller Aeron review,  Aeron chair is not all about flowers in the field. There are also some quirks about this product, and we will begin with comfort. Physically testing a model before you buy is a must, as picking the wrong size of a chair will leave you feeling uncomfortable, regardless of what adjustments can be made. While we understand the fundamentals of Herman Miller offering more precise sizing by offering three distinct sizes, problems will definitely emerge when a buyer gets the wrong size, and usually, this happens when the purchased chair is smaller than expected. We really encourage potential buyers to determine their actual size and compare it with the chair size they are planning to buy. That is the most important consideration for this chair if you want to get the most out of its comfortability.

  • Build Quality

The Aeron is a modern chair with a classic touch, and when we say classic, it is something that works but tends to have consistent maintenance requirements. The Aeron tends to squeak at the joints after a few months of use and requires occasional lubrication to quiet the noise. Moreover, if you carry keys in your back pocket, it’s been often reported that they might catch on the mesh and rip your pants. The mesh, while durable, has its own weak points where the ridges and sharp points of your keys or even the rivets of your jeans can get caught and cause tears and rips, leaving some terrible damage.

Buying Considerations

Let's add some buying tips to the Aeron chair review. Like most office and gaming chairs, Herman Miller has numerous official and legit stockists or authorized retailers. However, also like most products, Herman Miller is prone to a lot of knockoffs trying extra hard to sell you what appears to be a second-rate product when compared to the real thing. We strongly recommend that if you will not order directly from Herman Miller, always look for the official or authorized Herman Miller retailer logo on the supplier’s website. This will save you from all the trouble while giving you peace of mind that what you’ll get is the real thing.

Should I Buy a Brand-new Aeron?

If you’ll ask the author of this Aeron chair review, the answer is a booming YES. There are so many things that push the envelope for this chair, and honestly, the only factor that will hold you back is that this chair will cost more than a laptop with amazing specifications. However, like what we emphasized in our earlier discussion if you are an office employee or a homeowner establishing a great home office or game room, investing in a great chair will always be a fantastic idea. The chair will pay for itself in the long run, and your body will thank you for taking good care of it, even if you’re working or doing movie or game marathons.

There is also nothing more satisfying than taking the unit out of the box. That amazing feeling of unboxing a really elegant chair for the first time and being the first person to use it comprise an already noteworthy experience. That is something you will never get from secondhand or refurbished chairs, for which the maximum warranty will be utilized and the wear and tear will start the moment you start using it.

Now, if you are scrimping or on a budget...

How About Buying a Secondhand or Refurbished Chair?

The misconception about secondhand or refurbished chairs is that they are grimy, worn out, and ugly, plus all the negative stuff you can hear about. While there is a hint of truth in them, you are getting the same product, only this time, it needs a little TLC.

If you’re on the lookout for a secondhand or refurbished office or gaming chair, we believe getting your own Aeron is a good move. Yes, it will still be a little more expensive than other chairs, but you are paying for a chair that can last for several years. This means that, even though you will most likely get a refurbished unit that is more expensive than a brand-new entry-level to mid-tier gaming chair, chances are that the Aeron will outlast and even outperform that chair. So, if you can’t afford a brand-new unit but want a Herman Miller of your own, you can get a used one.

Things to Consider about Secondhand or Refurbished Chairs

Assuming you proceed with the secondhand route, as much as possible, you should see the unit first before getting it. Why? This is because, if you will get it online, you can’t see the “fine print” about the used unit you are getting. In most online stores, they only show you the good stuff and hide the particular angle where the product gets ugly.

Always check the product for deep creases, rips, and punctures that are beyond repair. If they are not too big or not something you would consider an eyesore, then the chair should be all right. However, always ask the supplier to check for repair options and disinfection. Most stores offer these basic services before selling the used chair, but you can always check beforehand.

What to Do with My Secondhand Chair?

Whether you will get a cleaned, used unit, we still recommend cleaning it with disinfecting spray or disinfectant wipes to remove microorganisms that may have been living in the chair, especially when the chair has been sitting for a while (no pun intended). If there are some nips or tears, you can go DIY and patch them up to avoid further runs in the mesh or the leather. If you’re feeling a little extra, you can also DIY a chair cover, being that the Aeron chair’s silhouette is standard, and the layout of the chair cover is not complicated.

The Warranty Differential: Brand New Vs. Used/Refurbished

If there is one thing that we can mention about Aeron chair in this Herman Miller Aeron review being a little “extra,” that will be its insane out-of-the-box warranty. How insane you might ask? While a lot of gaming and office chairs in the market offer up to a five- year warranty on their merchandise, and we consider that length as generous, Herman Miller makes its competition eat the dust by whipping out a massive twelve-year warranty. That is more than a decade, guys. Let that sink in. This is also one of the outstanding features you will not find in other chair reviews – only in our Aeron chair review.

Once you decide on getting your own Herman Miller Aeron from an authorized retailer, you can get a 12 year warranty. This means that if your chair needs repair within the next twelve years, any authorized repair facility will service the chair at zero cost. How amazing is that?

Now, the situation changes when you purchase a used one. There is still warranty included, but the warranty duration will now completely depend on the reseller, which can be from few months to years. That’s actually not a bad thing because, in general, used merchandise are only tagged with a few weeks or months’ worth of warranty.

Now, to maximize the warranty on both scenarios, we highly recommend that you only deal with legit retailers and resellers. This would save you on money and trouble, which you might experience in case you accidentally purchase an item from fly-by-night shops.


The Best Herman Miller Chair:
Is the Aeron Really for Me?

In our Aeron chair review, we have managed to identify the advantages and disadvantages of this chair in our Aeron chair review, and now comes the most important question – is the Herman Miller Aeron chair really for you?

One of the biggest considerations is the price; at $780 for the basic version up to $1,588 for the decked-out variant, this is definitely not a cheap buy. However, it is one of the best-justified purchases you could make if you’re really in the market for a well-balanced, highly functional chair that will last for generations. We believe the Aeron chair is here to stay for at least another decade, thanks to its features that place it on the pedestal of the office and gaming chair league.

What is the closest competitor of the Aeron?

Oddly enough, the author of this Aeron chair review can only think of one nemesis for the Herman Miller Aeron. What’s also surprising is that its closest competitor hails from the same state where Herman Miller was founded – Michigan. Got enough clues about what company we are talking about?

Meet Steelcase, another home and office chair manufacturing company that was founded in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Steelcase also has some notable products, including the most coveted in the market from their lineup – the Steelcase Leap. Featuring nearly identical features (including the commendable LiveBack support and being an office chair made from recycled materials and having a high recyclability rate), the Steelcase Leap is definitely a worthy competitor. Make sure to check out their website as well!

So, the only way to contend with a chair manufacturing nemesis is to fight it with another one in its league. Other than that, we think nothing else comes close to the Herman Miller Aeron and the Steelcase Leap in terms of functionality, ergonomics, and price point.


BUT We have a Little Issue

The Steelcase Leap is approximately $300 more expensive than the Herman Miller Aeron. So, if you are quite tight on the budget, then this will not be an option.

So, there you have it! We hope you like our Herman Miller Aeron chair review. Now, if you want to take a look at other options, read this separate article about the best gaming chairs under $200 on the market today!

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