Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair Series 2021 Review

This Secretlab Omega gaming chair series isn’t for the faint of heart or the casual gamer. If there’s something Secretlab is great at doing, it’s inventing, iterating and producing high-quality gaming products like the Omega gaming chair series. Check Price on This chair caught our attention early on, even though we knew that the price point may be enough to scare a majority of gamer chair fans. However, we couldn’t let price serve as … Read more

The Merax Gaming Chair Review

Merax has hit the market with its own version of the popular racing style gaming chair. They understand the gamer crowd’s demand for comfort that can last through long hours of working, studying, and gaming.The ergonomic design of the Merax chair will keep you in good posture for your neck, back, and shoulder alignment. That reduces the chance of pain or injury from long periods of sitting. The chair even comes equipped with comfortable lumbar … Read more

Secretlab Chair Throne 2020 Gaming Chair Review

Important update:As of early 2022, the Throne chair has been out of stock. You can still continue reading our review if you want to search for a second-hand one. If you want a new Secretlab chair, you can check our Titan review instead.Secretlab has kind of revolutionized the industry when it comes to gaming chairs, and the many chairs you see everywhere are a testament to their design success.They made the effort to revitalize one … Read more

Secretlab Titan NAPA 2020 Gaming Chair Review – Worth the Price?

Whether you are sitting in an office all day or kicking some butt in video games, ergonomics is important.Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in a working environment. Gaming is work too, right?It’s no secret (heh) that our team has loved all editions of the Titan gaming chair so far. We’ve sat comfortably in both the classic PU version, as well as the SoftWeave one:Much like its brothers, the Secretlab Titan NAPA edition from 2020 … Read more

Quersus Chair for Gaming V501/XR Review

While Quersus isn’t exactly a common house hold name in America, it does have somewhat of a name in Europe, but it’s not someone that’s known for making gaming chairs. So, we wanted to give the a Quersus Chair, the Quersus V501XR a shot and see if it was worth the really high pricing tag.  Check Price on The Quersus Chair is not the most expensive chair we’ve ever seen but it’s definitely not … Read more

Secretlab Titan 2020 Softweave ™ Review: Comfort Ascends

Secretlab is a company that manufactures best-in-class gaming chairs based on the fundamentals and ergonomics of how a proper gamer chair should be. We have reviewed their recliner lineup in the past, including the standard Titan and the NAPA limited edition of the chair.All variations come with professional-grade structure and design that covers even the tiniest details. All of them ensure that the look and feel of the product nail what a modern gamer needs to sit … Read more

X Rocker 51092 Chair Review

As an avid gamer, you probably know that uncomfortable chairs can ruin your gaming experience. An uncomfortable chair makes it impossible for you to immerse yourself into your game’s story and action. Consequently, you end up missing the important action on your screen as you shift about trying to readjust your chair to a comfortable position. Check Price on Amazon In this post, we will share tips on why you need a gaming chair, what to … Read more

GT RACING Chair Review

Finding a premium quality gaming chair for a low price is difficult. A lot of chairs on the market cost several hundred dollars, and it seems almost impossible to find one at a price that you might expect to see at Walmart. We know how much of a struggle it can be to sit in a non-gaming tailored chair because you can’t afford an actual gaming chair. This is why we’re constantly searching for chairs … Read more

Homall Chair Review – Best Cheap But Solid Chair

What do you do in your computer chair? Work? Study? Pay bills? Game? For a chair that you will be using so often and for so many hours, you want something comfortable that will not leave your body stiff and aching.We’ve been impressed by Homall chairs in the past and we’ve seen how well those models perform under stress tests. But how does this new line of Homall chairs (check them here) hold up now? We’re … Read more