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The Best PS4 Stand

Your PS4 is more than just another gaming system. It's an entertainment powerhouse and one in which you've invested your hard earned cash. It’s your gaming haven. You can completely immerse yourself in it, either going solo, bringing in friends or meet new people across the world. You spend a lot of time with your PS4, most likely hours at a time.

When it comes to this level of investment, you want to give your PS4 an appropriate showcase on your entertainment shelving.  You should also make sure you're providing some form of protection as well.

If you’re like most hard-core gamers, the PS4 isn’t your only console. While it may be a top choice, you probably enjoy Xbox and maybe PC gaming as well. Even if the PS4 is your only console, you’re still going to want to optimize your entertainment zone.

Having a tidy and organized space is useful for quick and smooth shifts from one console to the other. Not to mention keeping your consoles cooler with better airflow.

Best Choice

Kootek Vertical Stand

All in one product

One of the best-selling PS4 stands of all time. It is not just a PS4 stand, it's an all-in-one product, it comes with a vertical stand, cooling fan, two dual shock charging station, PS4 USB and HUB ports


Zacro Vertical Stand


Only fit for the normal size not for PS4 slim or Pro. The dual cooler fans keep your Playstation 4 cool and calm with the ps4 vertical cooling stand. No need to worry about your PS4 overheating and burning your table from long hours of game play.

Best Value

Pecham Vertical Stand

Space saving design

This PS4 stand comes in one piece with versatile functions, it saves much room to keep PS4 / Slim console and controllers organized and it is super easy to set up and use.

Keeping an organized entertainment space is easy when you have a PS4 stand. This is where PS4 vertical stands come in to play, and there are plenty of options for you.

In this article, we are going to review the pros and cons of keeping your PS4  placed horizontally, versus the space-saving vertical placement. Once we go through these, we will dive straight into the review of our favorite PS4 vertical stands that are currently available on the market.

Using a PS4 horizontal stand

Naturally, the horizontal position is the default for the PS4 and many people prefer a PS4 horizontal stand. It’s not like the box ships with a PS4 stand after all. With vents on both sides and the built-in fans, the horizontal method allows the PS4 to do its thing in keeping your system thermal-regulated and cool.

Even so, if played for too long you may see your system getting hotter than you'd like. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of keeping this default horizontal setup.


  • Quiet disc driveWhen you settle down for a weekend of gaming, you like to get into the zone and focus on what you're doing without distraction. That includes a nice quiet disc drive in the console. The last thing any hardcore gamer wants to deal with is an annoying buzz or loud humming sound coming from the disk.

    This the first pro for keeping the PS4 horizontal, it can undoubtedly be quieter since there's less stress placed on the entire system, due to gravity holding everything where it should be.
  • Decent cooling - Every gamer knows that heat is the sworn enemy of every electronic device. This is especially true for gaming consoles. For game-time, the last thing you want to worry about is heat management. There is nothing worse than being mid-game when your system suddenly shuts off from overheating or begins making an obnoxiously loud humming noise as it struggles to keep up with you.

Sony thought ahead in this case, so the PS4 was built for both horizontal and vertical placement, meaning there are vents on two sides. Sony even has its own PS4 stand, which we will review further down. When you leave your PS4 horizontal, you are allowing both vents to do their thing and keep the system nice and cool during game time.


As with everything there are going to be some disadvantages to keeping your console on a PS4 horizontal stand. So now it’s off to the cons.


  • Off balance - While there are some excellent benefits to using a PS4 horizontal stand, there are some minor cons as well. The first is that it’s a bit off balance. Lots of players have commented about this: if you gently push down on your PS4 just above the logo on the top of the PS4, it'll wobble.

    The cause is the lack of rubber footing on that side of the system. It's not a big problem, but it can be annoying. You're definitely not gonna like your console wobbling when you're swapping out game discs. It’s an easy enough fix, though. You can just slide some paper or cardboard under that side of the console to even things out.
  • Takes up space - Depending on your entertainment setup, space could be an issue. For some, having a console as wide as the PS4 on a PS4 horizontal stand can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’ve got additional electronics in your entertainment section.

    It’s even worse if you’re in a dorm room, with limited desk space. Having a PS4 vertical stand definitely saves space and helps to keep things organized.
  • Not very attractive - A PS4 horizontal stand isn’t beautiful. Plus, the wide surface area collects a lot of dust, which shows up pretty clearly on its black surface. And, inevitably, that flat surface is going to get buried under assorted papers and other junk. We’ve reviewed the pros and cons of keeping your PS4 horizontal. There're pros and cons, but the default setup is a little ho-hum. So let’s look at giving your PS4 a vertical setup.
  • The risk of falling is real - Despite the wobble factor with resting your machine on a PS4 horizontal stand, at least there is no risk of it tipping and falling to the floor. When stored vertically, there is a genuine tipping concern for your PS4. If you do go vertical, we recommend placing your vertical PS4 in a safe area away from clumsy friends, unruly kids, and ornery pets. Try setting your vertical PS4 against a wall or other equally vertical surface such as a shelving unit or bookcase.
  • Less thermal regulation - As we pointed out earlier, you're going to have some issues keeping your PS4 cool when it's on a PS4 horizontal stand. Just a bit noisy

    When placed in a vertical position, your PS4’s noise level may bump up a little. While Sony promised a near silent system, the expectations fell short of reality. With one vent covered the other intake fan has to run more to make up for the lack of assistance. Both fans will be running, it's just that only one will actually be accomplishing anything.

    If you use a gaming headset, then this won’t be an issue for you at all. That's due not just to gravity (everything is made to work while being pulled down, and not to one side) but to airflow. The PS4 has two vents, on either side. Slotting it into a PS4 vertical stand blocks one of those vents. Thankfully, there are some vertical PS4 cooling stands on the market that have additional ventilation to offset that problem.

A fair assessment

We promised to be fair in our review. So now we’ll take a look at some of the pros that come with storing and running your PS4 vertically.


  • Space saving - If you’re limited by space, then having a vertical console for gaming will be the way to go. With the right PS4 stand, you can not only save space but also keep your PS4 console system cool. Some PS4 stands even have additional storage that doubles as a charge port for your Dualshock controllers, along with slots for your games.

    Overall, PS4 vertical stands can really delivery a neat and compact area for your gaming area.
  • It looks awesome - Having a vertical PS4 looks great and stylish. It's different enough to be noticeable and gives your entertainment center a modern look.

Finding the best stand for you

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you plan to set up your PS4. If you’re still sold on going vertical, then finding the best PS4 stand for your needs is easier than you may think.

The PS4 model you own will determine which PS4 stand type you need for your vertical positioning, as some stands are for the PS4 slim, PS4 pro, or PS4 regular. Be sure to review each PS4 stand's metrics carefully to ensure you’re looking at the right one for you. The last thing you want is to order a PS4 stand that doesn't fit!

With a variety of PS4 stands on the market, it may seem difficult to choose the right one for you. Don’t worry, to help make your decision easier, we’ve put together a list of our favorites for you to review.


Sony PlayStation 4 Vertical Stand

If you’re looking to seamlessly integrate your PS4 slim or PS4 pro into your entertainment setup, then consider the vertical stand from Sony itself.

With its sleek gray design and non-slip base, this vertical stand from the PS4 manufacturer is an excellent option for keeping your system stored vertically.


Pecham Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim

This PS4 stand comes in one piece with versatile functions, it saves much room to keep PS4 / Slim console and controllers organized and it is super easy to set up and use. What makes this stand great is the sleek, space-saving design that readily showcases your PS4 while keeping it securely locked in place with a custom interlocking mechanism.

Two dials under the PS4 stand will release the console. The four non-slip feet ensure secure placement while providing scratch protection for all surfaces.  


Younik PS4 Slim Vertical Stand

Simple yet effective, the Younik PS4 Slim vertical stand is built specifically for the PS4 slim. It doesn’t require any power as there are no built-in fans. Instead, this vertical PS4 stand features open vents along the bottom to allow a natural airflow for optimal thermal regulation.

Both fans will function without any hindrance and let your PS4 Slim console handle its own cooling. Add in the non-slip feet, and you have a PS4 vertical stand worth having. 


Zacro PS4 Cooling Stand

If you’re looking for an all-in-one PS4 cooling stand for your regular PS4, then be sure to consider this PS4 stand from Zacro. Unlike the Younik Slim vertical stand, the Zacro PS4 stand fits the normal sized PS4.

With dual cooling fans that you can choose to turn off at any point and a broad, sturdy base to prevent accidental tipping, this PS4 cooling stand is an upgrade from the typical horizontal setup.


With this PS4 cooling stand, you won't need to worry about your PS4’s thermal regulation during long hours of gameplay. Fans built into the base will take care of that for a quiet system that won’t be a distraction.


Additional features of the PS4 cooling stand include the multifunctional 2 HUB and 1 USB port for powerful data transferring. The final feature is the built-in charging ports that provide two sockets so you can simultaneously charge your two PS4 shock controllers while the PS4 stand is either on or in rest mode.


OIVO Regular PS4/ PS4 Slim/ PS4 Pro Cooler

A genuinely fantastic all-in-one option is the OIVO brand PS4 vertical stand with charging ports. Choose your PS4 stand based on your PS4 system from regular, slim or pro and enjoy the same features as the Zacro PS4 vertical stand and then some.

This OIVO PS4 cooling stand provides a safe and sturdy metal base to prevent accidental tipping, with the inclusion of anti-slip EVA pads to safely store your PS4. The metal material allows improved cooling to take place without the typical smell that comes from ABS material.

The enhanced cooling system on this PS4 cooling stand contains larger fans for additional thermal regulation, you have the option of turning the fan down to a near silent 50dB, along with an on/off switch for ease of use.

The two DualShock charging station has two controller sockets and has been updated to include a charging indicator light of red and green. This will let you know when your controllers are ready to go. The advantages to this charging port is a protector chip that prevents damage from over-charging, extending the lifetime of your DualShock controllers.

Additional features include USB HUBs, USB Adapter, wireless USB adapter, and full 12 game storage slots for your top played game titles.


Kootek PS4 Vertical Cooling Stand

The Kootek PS4 vertical cooling stand is one of the best-selling PS4 stands of all time. However, it is not just a stand. It is an All-in-one product: a PS4 vertical cooling stand, cooling fan, two dual shock charging station, PS4 USB and HUB ports and uniquely controller thumb grips for better control in certain games. The Kootek stand stays very put in place and promises a great quality product.

The hold itself is also durable and provides tidiness to the room. 

The fans in this PS4 vertical cooling stand are excellent quality, however, we recommend that you only leave it turned on once your PS4 is going through a lot of stress. Leaving the fan on for a long time while staying at the main menu can damage the PS4.

Closing Thoughts

So while none of the PS4 console options include a vertical stand, it’s safe to say that the space-saving benefits and savvy style make this an additional investment worth looking into.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one PS4 vertical stand option that provides you with additional thermal regulation, cooling fans, charging ports for your DualShock controllers, and a place to store your top favorite game titles, then we strongly recommend the OVIO PS4 stand for all of your PS4 consoles.

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