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Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair Review

We won't lie - this is a pretty plain bean bag chair when you first look at it.

There doesn’t appear to be anything special about the Sofa Sack. Why are there so many raving reviews for it?

The answer is simple, really:

Sofa Sacks are an affordable (check latest prices), yet very comfortable take on the fluffy bean bag experience. Well, more like memory foam bag.

Is this the only cheap option? Of course not. However, this particular brand excels others in terms of stuffing thickness, plush fabric smoothness, and color variety.

Let's take a deeper look - and also compare the Sofa Sack to its most popular competitor, the Chill Sack.

Sofa Sack review and Sofa Sack vs Chill Sack comparison.

As we mentioned, the Sofa Sack bean bag looks pretty basic. Behind the mundane appearance, though, lies outstanding comfort considering the price.

First, let's talk sizing. Sofa Sacks range from a 2-foot bean bag to a 6-foot sack. The brand doesn't have larger bean bag options; the biggest you can go is their 7.5' lounger sack.

Second, let's talk beans. Because in fact, Sofa Sacks aren't filled with beans - they're filled with memory foam. This is good news, as the sacks can now respond to your body contours better, and retain their form for longer.

Considering the cheaper price tag, what Sofa Sack excels at is the smooth, velvety feeling of the micro-suede used. This plush feeling is typically reserved for higher-grade bags.

In order to keep the sack intact, the brand has introduced double stitching to all its products. Single-stitched bean bags have always been fine for light use. If you sat or lied on them for too long, though, they'd lose form quickly.

Here's how the stitching looks in the most popular 5-foot Sofa Sack:

Sofa Sack Review: The double stitching is kid-safe.

The double-stitching helps out if you want to buy a Sofa Sack for your kids. In most cases, this enhanced durability will withstand pulling, throwing, or anything else kids can do to a bean bag chair.

Speaking of kids: the optimal size for children is the 2' to 4-foot Sofa Sacks.

Sofa Sacks also expand quicker than comparable cheaper options. In most cases, they'll take shape in ~2 days after you bought them.

The warranty is 1-year, which leads us to a comparison between Sofa Sack and Chill Sack...

Sofa Sack vs Chill Sack: 
3 crucial differences

At first glance, these two different bean bags are very similar. You might ask yourself if there are actually any differences between Sofa Sack and Chill Sack bags.

Well, there are - starting with the fact that Chill Sacks are ~1.5x the price of any Sofa Sack.

Why the more expensive price tag?

The secret lies in the foam filling and the warranty you get with Chill Sack.

Sofa Sack bags are filled with 'furniture grade' memory foam. In contrast, Chill Sack features US-made shredded foam. This is a foam type found in automotive seats; it consists of polyurethane and it's main benefit is extreme durability.

The foam Chill Sacks use doesn't sag as easily. It doesn't need to be refilled either and it fully conforms to your body. The latter is present with Sofa Sacks, of course. However, in general a Chill Sack will keep its form intact for longer.

It's a small detail, but the polyurethane foam also expands quicker. After buying a bean bag, you have to wait anywhere from 1-4 days on average until it takes proper shape. With Chill Sack, this process takes less than 24 hours.

By the way, Chill Sack also has a few more color options compared to Sofa Sack in their 5-foot chairs:

Chill Sack vs Sofa Sack: 3 differences in warranty, memory foam, and sizes.

The superior foam material is supplemented by Chill Sack's longer warranty period. You get a 3-year warranty compared to the 1-year warranty of Sofa Sack.

Last but not least, there's a difference in the sizes these two brands offer.

Both of them offer small or medium-sized bean bags, as well as loungers. The small bean bags are 2' or 3' in terms of size; the medium ones are 4, 5 or 6 foot big. Chill Sack extends this lineup with large sacks - this 7-foot bean bag, or an 8-foot one.

Are these three differences enough to justify the higher price tag?

It's up for you to decide. For heavy usage, a Chill Sack seems to be the better choice. If you'll be relaxing occasionally, though, I don't see the point of going for a premium option.

or alternatively...

Quick post-purchase tip

There are a few things to remember when you receive your bean bag, however. It comes in a compression bag, so the memory foam will have to be picked apart when you fill the bag.

It takes roughly 30 minutes to do this to make sure that all the small pieces are not stuck together. Taking the time to properly do this will mean a fuller and more comfortable bean bag.

Then, you need to wait a few days for the foam to expand. How long it takes to properly expand to its limit depends on how long it was compressed and sitting in the warehouse.

It could take up to 5 days to get to its fullest.
 Usually, it's around 2 days with Sofa Sacks, though, due to the improved foam used in them.

Patience is key here, so don't assume there is something wrong with the bag if the next day it still feels flat. Give it time.

If after using it for a while it feels like it isn't full enough for your comfort level, you can always order more filler and add to it.

Also, you will need to fluff up the foam after sitting on it for a while by picking it up and shaking it before sitting on it again.

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