Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair Review

This is a pretty plain bean bag chair when you first look at it. There doesn’t appear to be anything special about it, so why are there so many raving reviews for it? With hundreds of 5-star customer reviews online on google and a low price, what exactly is the appeal to this bean bag chair? Could this chair be the answer for people looking for a personal sitting space on a budget? Sure, there’s plenty of cheap chairs at your local convenience outlet like Walmart for less but those are always barely hovering above the ground in terms of bean thickness. 

This is a basic looking chair but its quality and comfort level are way above basic. Being only $60 (at the time of writing this review (30th may 2018)), it’s kind of an absolute steal and it’s more than roomy enough to fit the average person in it. It’s great for the TV room, gaming room or just a general study area.

  • Has great dimensions and fits just as well as any kind of regular chair would as it hugs your shoulders laying back

  • Goes perfectly in any room whether it’s a basement, a home theater room, a gaming room or whatever kind of room you have

  • If this isn’t the right size for you, then Sofa Sack offers their products in a wide variety of different sizes and colors

  • The fabric is extremely soft to the touch and is very durable which can also be machine washed for easy cleaning

Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair, 3', Charcoal


  • If you ever need to rinse or clean the fabric on the outside, you can simply toss it in the washer and it’ll come out brand new

  • It’s a small size at approximately 24 inches in height and 36 inches in width to fit in just about any room

  • The foam material inside is extremely soft to the touch and it also helps shape the chair by reacting to where you sit down

  • It’s easy to move and incredibly lightweight, for when you want to move it from room to room in a hurry


  • When you first open it, it may look flat or seem like there’s not a lot of foam in it but it can take a couple of days to fully inflate

What You’ll Get from This Chair

This chair offers a relaxation experience that a lot of other far more expensive bean bag chairs offer but this one does it for a fraction of the cost. You won’t be disappointed as no one that we currently know of is from ordering this chair. It’s a simple to use and simple to inflate chair that the whole family can love from the adult to the kid and it’s also kid friendly with some protective safety features in place. This isn’t just a relaxing experience, it’s the convenience of relaxation on the go, no matter where you are or how small the room is that you need this chair in.


This was an absolute steal for me. I’m currently in school and I needed something for my dorm room because let’s face it, the chairs they gave us are really hard and aren’t comfortable to sit in at all. So, I got one of these chairs, tried it out and I really hope I never have to get rid of it because it’s extremely comfortable. It almost feels like I’m sinking into a cloud. It was a move-in gift for me and one of the best gifts I’d ever gotten.

Bean bag chairs weren’t always something I was into and I tried to stay away from them because from my experience, they always sink into the floor but this one was different. This bean bag chair was actually more comfortable than most other actual computer chairs I’d sat in. I won’t be using anything else anytime soon, no matter how ridiculous I look on the floor.

What to Watch Out For

While the company name Sofa Sack Bean Bags isn’t exactly that creative, their chairs usually are. Their products are always soft to the touch and are made with a special kind of fabric that makes them not only durable but resilient and soft. Sofa Sack always offers their chairs in a wide variety of colors, so make sure that you have some ordering options before you order if you’re not a fan of the charcoal color scheme because some people aren’t. They have a wide variety of different colors for you to choose from.

Buying Advice

We’d recommend going straight through and not through some other website that we can’t personally validate and vouch for. We can’t help with any information on those websites or recommend them because we only have direct experience when working through We have had nothing but shining reviews and they can actually ship your product within a day. Not only is the shipping amazingly fast but these highly reviewed chairs are only sold for $60 (at the time of writing this review dated 30th may 2018), prices are always subject to change). Shipping is always free on this chair as well, so don’t let any other site charge you for shipping.


Sofa Sack isn’t well known in the industry for bean bag chairs yet but looking at all of the reviews we’ve seen of their products, it appears that they’re on the right track for greatness. They get nothing but promising and rave reviews for their products which are quite affordable. We can’t recommend this particular chair enough because it’s so comfortable and so easy to get inflated from the get go. You’ll love this chair just like we did, guaranteed.

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