Secret Lab Titan 2019 Gaming Chair Review

The Secretlab Titan chair comes with a few unique features and comes with all-in-one adjustable lumbar support right off the bat. You’ve probably seen the name Secretlab around the block of the gaming world recently, and you’re probably wondering, where did this company come from?

If you are new to the gaming chair market, you are in for a treat. Secretlab is one of the most award-winning gaming chair manufacturers that is in constant pursuit of excellence. Showcasing an amazing lineup of highly capable gaming chairs, Secretlab is definitely pushing barriers to get ahead in this fierce competition.

You can see the company featured in eSports events, and you can find popular Twitch streamers showcasing the chairs. The founders of the company, Ian and Alaric, were experienced StarCraft 2 players who wanted to help gamers feel relief after spending long periods of time in a Titan gaming chair.

As the eSports and home gaming dynamics have evolved over the years, with gameplay becoming more and more engaging and competitive, it is really an important aspect for you to invest in a very good gaming chair. As gaming chairs are as frequently used for a duration equal to the amount of time the gamer plays, you should have a gaming chair that is sturdy, provides fantastic support, and will be with you from start to finish. Think of gaming chairs as your own portable cockpit, and you are the captain of the ship.


Bold, daring, and without fluff or crazy gimmicks are just some key descriptions we can say about the Secret Lab Titan chair. One thing we recognize Secretlab for is their logo and how commanding it is. When they developed the Titan gaming chair, the company opted to place their logo on it to showcase their work.

With a company that has rapidly expanded their operations to places like Malaysia, Australia, and Southeast Asia, it’s easy to see why it wants people to know who built their chair. One thing we appreciate about this lineup of gaming chairs is that it doesn’t try to overdo it with a bunch of bright colors or an exaggerated design. Secretlab gaming chairs are simple, to the point, and yet in their own way, elegant.

In fact, a Secret Lab Titan gaming chair could easily fit in an office setting where there aren’t too many strict rules about the kind of office chair you can use. The ergonomics will keep you focused and more productive, helping you work better and longer. We have seen various reviews using Secretlab chairs in the past, particularly because their ergonomics promote a very healthy sitting position, which prevents fatigue due to long hours of sitting in the office.

The chairs are a step up, from generic-looking and basic-functioning office chairs to a highly regarded chair that will help you accomplish more tasks at work.


The upholstery of the Secret Lab Titan chair is made of 1.5 mm PU, which is of relatively high quality, and it’s built pretty solid. The gas lift in the chair is a class 4 lift, which means it’s extremely strong and has a smooth motion. All of these features, combined with the base of the chair, allow consumers up to 130 kg (or 280 pounds) to use the chair comfortably.

We haven’t heard or seen any complaints from people who are 6’ tall or taller. There’s a two-year warranty included in the purchase should the durability fail you, but we really don’t think it will. If you’ve been comparing the materials of the gaming chairs in this price range, you will notice that not every chair uses PU leather of this quality. While PU leather will not give you the organic sensation that genuine leather can give, the material of the Titan chair is exceptional and complements the overall structure of the chair.

Other cheap gaming chairs sometimes use a hydraulic system that can’t handle the weight and starts to lose its strength after a while which means you are always having to raise your chair up.

Secretlab Titan



  • There’s an assembly video from Secretlab on the company’s YouTube channel to help guide you through the Titan chair’s easy installation process, step by step. Now, that is a nice touch, especially if the manual included in the package overwhelms you.
  • The PU leather material is easy to clean, and even if you have a little accident or you get some dirt on the chair, just wipe it off, and it’ll look as good as new. What is also good about PU leather with this level of quality is that the stain (and smell) seems to be repelled for a brief period before it seeps into the material, giving you enough time to wipe it clean. However, when compared to cloth-based gaming chairs, the PU leather definitely has the upper hand when it comes to remaining fresh and clean.
  • The wheels on the Secret Lab Titan gaming chair are rubber coated, so when it’s scooting across your hardwood floor, it’s silent and doesn’t leave a mark. This is one of the little things that we didn’t know we needed but that we deserve because scruff and wheel marks are such an eyesore, not to mention very tough to remove most of the time. Thanks to the ample rubber coating, you will not have that annoying feeling of (and hearing) the hard friction of uncoated wheels against the floor.
  • The chair has an aluminum framework that makes it lighter than its predecessors, and it does this without compromising on quality. There was some skepticism about the light material being less stable and even less durable, but that’s the opposite for the Secret Lab Titan chair as the reinforced material, along with great research, produced a very tough material that is lighter than the previous editions.
  • The overall package dimensions of this chair only come in at 33.5 inches by 14.5 inches, so the package is small and easy to unbox.
  • 4D armrests can be positioned higher, lower, tilted, and positioned away from your body to the side for even more customization. Secretlab really thought about the armrest functions pretty well because a lot of gaming chair manufacturers miss the importance of a highly adjustable armrest. It allows greater functionality and a higher level of comfort because when you only have a stationary or fixed armrest, you would have to adjust your position to the level of the armrest. It is the other way around with the Secret Lab Titan gaming chair, as it adjusts to your armrest height and tilt requirements.


  • The only realistic drawback we can think of is the price point because we do realize some people have a strict budget to adhere to when it comes to gaming chairs, but we’d also advise to at least give the chair a chance because it’s well worth it. While not really a disadvantage, especially when you have the budget, we believe that the price is well-justified and makes owning one a sound purchasing decision.

  • A general concern when a gaming chair utilizes PU leather is the fact that how it repels stains as an advantage can turn into a disadvantage when the day becomes too intense and humid, and the sweat will just trickle down. However, this can easily be addressed by having a well-ventilated or air-conditioned room.

Features of the Secretlab Titan

Incredibly Easy Assembly  If you want something that’s easy to assemble, then look no further than the Secret Lab Titan gaming chair. Secretlab has even published its own assembly video on its YouTube channel, but the video is unlisted. There is a funny first impression that packages arriving at a customer’s address unassembled will be a pain in the neck. Well, the good thing is that Secretlab made it simple and very easy for everyone to assemble the Titan chair.

All the steps, procedures, and parts are laid out in a very clear and precise manner for the installation and assembly of the Secret Lab Titan chair. The overall assembly time shouldn’t be more than 20 minutes, which is perfectly acceptable for one person. The overall gross weight of this chair is approximately 35 kg or 77 lbs, so it’s not too heavy either.

Here is the video:

Adjustable Lumbar Area — Do you like the lumbar pillows that usually come with other gaming chairs? Well, not everyone does. Some of these pillows are difficult to keep on the chair; they slide around, and some of them are just uncomfortable. The Titan 2019 lineup of chairs come with a knob on the side that can be turned to adjust the lumbar area. This is one of our favorite aspects of the chair because while some pillows can be too soft or hard, a knob to adjust the lumbar section to how you want it is perfect.

In the past, an adjustable lumbar area is not regarded as a standard feature. However, as the gaming dynamics were enhanced and overall duration and frequency of game time increased over the years, along with proven research about lumbar strain and its correlated effects on back tension, it became one of the most sought-after features in the market today. In fact, adjustable lumbar can be found in everything from the cheapest to the most expensive gaming chairs. It just varies in terms of the adequacy of support and what the material is used for the adjustable lumbar.

Cold Cured Foam — The foam inside this Secret Lab Titan chair is highly absorbable and comes as highly compressible. It’s far more comfortable and more durable than the average gaming chair, that’s for sure. You’ll find yourself slouched over in this chair far longer than you would on in most other gaming chairs. The comfort lasts for a lot longer than normal, and you won’t get that after burn feeling when you stand up on your tailbone, back, or neck. This feature is not commonly available because cold cured foam is more expensive to mass produce, and this will definitely affect the suggested retail price of the product.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

What does the warranty cover?

For comprehensive information about the coverage of your warranty, feel free to contact Secretlab to determine what exactly the coverage is, as most warranties are subject to change without prior notice. However, bear in mind that the general information about Secretlab gaming chairs is that wear and tear are not covered in the warranty.

What’s the width of the seat?

From side to side, the width of the seat is 54 cm overall. The overall diameter of the wheelbase is 70 cm. The backrest is a nice 86 cm tall for the larger gamer. What we love about Secretlab gaming chairs in general is that they can accommodate a large bracket of customer dimensions and builds. There are a lot of chairs available in the market that promise spaciousness, but the majority of them fail to deliver, especially when the user is taller and bigger than average. This is a well-thought-of move from Secretlab. 

Does this chair come with a multi-tilt mechanism?

Yes, it does. This chair includes multi-tilt and allows you to lock the chair into place once you’ve found a nice, comfortable leaning position. Not only that, but while almost every gaming chair in this price point offers a multi-tilt mechanism, Secret Lab Titan gaming chair manages to integrate a very stable and sturdy mechanism without a “squeak” that tends to give off an uneasy feeling that the chair might break.



The Secret Lab Titan is well equipped and suited for the larger-than-average gamer while at the same time being great for the average sized gamer. The comfort level of the chair is highly adjustable with things such as lumbar adjustment, and the overall construction of the chair can’t possibly be matched. Secretlab puts a lot of effort and quality into its products because the company was founded by actual gamers. That means you are getting not just exceptional research and development but also genuine passion from founders who play games like you. We can confidently say that the Secret Lab Titan will be a worthy investment if you want to step up your gaming room setup, as well as overall gaming experience.

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