Secretlab Chair Throne 2019 Gaming Chair Review

SecretLab has been kind of an industry revolutionizer when it comes to gaming chairs and you see them everywhere. They’ve recently revitalized one of their first original releases, the Throne. The Secret Lab Chair Throne is a new version of one of the first chairs they ever did.

This was one of the first models ever released and even the first model was made with high ergonomic standards and comfort in mind. They’ve done a lot of revamping and made sure that the newer model is up to current standards today.

    Secret Lab Chair Throne 2018

    From SecretLab, a company that’s no stranger to gaming chairs, comes the Throne 2018. This iteration of the chair keeps all the original elements in tact but improves on a lot of different features and functions. The quality remains the same and unvarnished but there’s a lot of new and improved features to go around as well.

  1. The Secret Lab Chair Throne build has undergone some slight changes as they strive to improve on the ergonomic function of the chair, the racing seat design has received some more comfortable fabric and has undergone some quality of life adjustments

  2. The armrests included with this chair are completely adjustable depending on your preferences and you can do anything you want with them

  3. The velour pillows included with this chair are extremely durable and very soft, almost as soft and as comfortable as actual pillows that you’d use in a bed but obviously not as big

  4. The durability and longevity of this chair has been increased tenfold by the class 4 hydraulics and the framework used in this chair, so you don’t have to worry about quality deterioration and this chair improves the blood flow all over as well, thanks to the material used

Secretlab Chair Throne 2018 Gaming Chair


    • The wheels and casters used in this Secret Lab throne chair are very high-quality and coated with strong paint to reduce chipping and to reduce any kind of scuff marks that would otherwise be left on floor like wood or laminate
    • The base of the Secret Lab Chair Throne is made with a high-quality aluminum base, so you can rest assured that no matter the weight put into this chair (check the manufacturer’s specifications) or how long this chair is in use, it shouldn’t crumble to pressure
    • The Secret Lab throne Chair tilting mechanism included in the base of the chair is extremely smooth and it’s almost like you don’t even feel the chair tilting, so you won’t have to hear an annoying squeak or rocking noise when you’re tilting to the side or back and forth
    • The foam of the chair is made with cold cure foam, so it’s highly durable, it bounces back to its original shape when you stand up and the leather is made with a high-quality prime PU leather material
    • The chair was made to fully recline so that if you want to take a nap, you want to adjust your position or get more comfortable for either gaming or watching a movie, all you have to do is tilt back


  • This iteration of the SecretLab Throne is a little hard to put together and you’ll have to set aside about an hour to get this chair together but other than that, no real complaints


Thanks for helping me find my love of Secretlab again. This is one of the best chairs I’ve ever used and I’ve bought some expensive chairs before. I’ll never use another company’s gaming chair again so long as this chair holds up. It’s extremely comfortable, far more than any other Secretlab chair I’ve ever used and I’m really glad I got this when I did.

I fell for the hype and I’m pretty glad that I did because this chair has surpassed my expectations for what it can do as a gaming chair. I use this chair for pretty much anything now, even movie nights where I will roll my chair out to the living room and sit in this rather than the couch.

The Results You’ll Get from This Product

Much like the first iteration of the Secret Lab throne Chair, this chair was built specifically for comfort by people who wanted you to be comfortable. The company was founded by gamers and they make chair specifically for gamers. Also, this version of the chair focuses a lot on improving blood flow throughout the body because healthy circulation reduces the chance of blood clots which can be very dangerous and the risk of getting them is increased when you’re in a seated position for prolonged periods of time.

The lumbar support pillow and headrest are both contoured specifically to put your lower back and neck in the best position to align your spine. Not only will this keep your back healthy, but it reduces body fatigue so you can sit for longer and be more productive when working or gaming.

The armrests are padded and comfortable reducing the risk of fatigue in your hands and wrists. They are also 4 dimensional and can be adjusted up or down, tilted at any angle, folded up and out of the way or extended away from your body in case you need more room in the seat.

What to Watch Out For

If you’re looking to get the Throne 2018, then you need to make sure that’s exactly what you’re getting because there’s a lot of imitators out there trying to sell scuffed versions of the Throne 2018 but under a different name. SecretLab is the only company who has authorization to sell these chairs, no one else. 

​Buying Advice

When you buy this chair, on the day that it arrives, you want to make sure you have about 45 minutes to an hour set aside to put this chair together because it’s not the easiest chair to put together. Thankfully, the instructions included are crystal clear and will help you immensely. Also, you want to keep an eye out on the SecretLab’s website for deals because they always do a lot of limited time deals like free shipping, money off with a code, etc. Keep an eye out for those because they’re never around long. If you want to check the other model review you check here for the secret lab omega 2018 and here for the secret lab Titan 2018



The Secret Lab Throne 2018 is a smaller design than some of their other products they’ve made but how does this chair hold up overall. Does this chair stand up to their other iterations and product line? How does it hold up to other gaming chairs on the market? With a solid 10 out of 10 from our experience. This chair is smooth, it’s extremely comfortable, it doesn’t make any noise, it’s made with solid construction and we can definitely recommend this chair. We’d recommend acting fast because they currently have a same-day delivery deal going on but we don’t know how long that’ll be around.

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Secretlab Chair Throne 2018 Gaming Chair Review
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