Quersus Chair for Gaming V501/XR Review ( Early 2018)

While Quersus isn’t exactly a common house hold name in America, it does have somewhat of a name in Europe, but it’s not someone that’s known for making gaming chairs. So, we wanted to give the a Quersus Chair, the Quersus V501XR a shot and see if it was worth the really high pricing tag. 

The Quersus Chair is not the most expensive chair we’ve ever seen but it’s definitely not one of the cheapest chairs we’ve ever seen. It’s really appealing to us that it markets itself to not only large people but small people as well.


The Quersus Chair for gaming has an impressive design and Quersus really hits the nail on the head with this selling point. The design is very modern, it’s sleek and it’s something that’s really impressive to us. It looks aggressive and if you get a color like a light blue on it, it really stands out from the crowd. The stitch job done on the center of the backrest on the chair is excellent and we have no complaints in that regard. Also, the armrests are sharply designed as well and don’t even look uncomfortable like most armrests.


The base of the Quersus Chair is highly durable and stable. You’ll never have to worry about the chair buckling under pressure and this chair is more than just a pretty face. The overall durability of the chair can’t be contested and the base but it does all of this without sacrificing any comfort quality in the chair. This is a huge plus for us and this is one of those chairs that could take a beating over and over, without sacrificing quality. 

Quersus Chair V501/XR

Quersus Chair V501/XR


  • The Quersus Chair comes equipped with a multi-directional plate on the base of the chair that allows the consumer to tilt both to the left and the right in addition to being tilted backwards
  • Has a very strong and durable class 4 piston installed in the chair, meaning that it’s far superior to the class 2 and class 3 piston chairs that are out there on the market right now
  • The foam material used in the chair isn’t crushable and it’s not something that will be stuck once pressure is applied to the chair, so it will spring back to its original form over and over again
  • There’s a free headrest cushion that’s given with every chair for added extra comfort, so you won’t have to grab an extra pillow or spend any money on extra added comfort 
  • Supports all kinds of different sizes, anything from medium sized to extra large as the chair supports a maximum weight of up to 120kg


  • The only real problem or con we could find with this Quersus gaming chairr is that the pricing for the chair may be slightly higher than what we’re used to seeing on chairs with slightly similar features

Features of the Quersus Gaming Chair V501/XR

Your Own Logo Customization – While it does come with a price, this chair allows you to imprint your own logo onto the chair, so when you receive it, you’ll have your own logo at the top of the chair. This is something that’s kind of impressive to us and it’s not something that a lot of chairs offer today. Most chairs are just straight out of the box and plaster their logo all over the chair. They do this because streamers are usually the owners of these types of chairs and the more people that see their logo, the better.

Excellent Warranty Coverage – When it comes to PC gaming chairs, there’s usually little if any issues but sometimes, things do happen or things do break from time to time. The good news is, this chair is covered under a massive 24 month warranty, so if anything goes wrong, or anything breaks, you can have it repaired or replaced without any questions asked. 

Adjustability – The Quersus Chair is smooth in motion and allows you to adjust almost anything on the chair. The height is one key adjustment feature that we like and the motion is smooth. You can rock back and forth and lock the chair back in a comfortable position once you find one. The lumbar region can even be adjusted to be smaller or larger depending on your preference. Some people find that an extended lumbar region can be painful, so they might want a smaller one.

Multi-Tilt – More and more chairs over the recent years are starting to adapt something called a multi-tilt function. This allows you to not only tilt backwards but also side to side a little to offset some discomfort and it’s surprisingly effective. Chairs used to be limited by the plates installed on the base but more and more companies are starting to realize how effective these multi-tilt base plates can be.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weight limit of this chair?

This chair can hold up to 120 kg. It’s simple, to the point and while it’s made for tall people, make sure you’re within the weight limit.

What makes the chair so durable?

The class 4 pistons used in the production of the chair give it an extra edge and add even more durability.



This is one of those high end high class gaming chairs that you don’t get to review a lot. The V501XR is a high class chair and it’s meant for the serious gamer, not the casual. If you have a low budget or aren’t serious about your gaming equipment, this chair probably won’t be for you. If you’re looking for something a little more lightweight, Quersus has made other chairs, the V501XR is just the newest model and version.

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