X Rocker Surge Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair 5172601

The one thing we do not want to trade off when looking for the perfect gaming chair is comfort over quality. The X Rocker Surge Bluetooth 2.1 Gaming Chair – Black with Red Piping is the perfect piece of equipment that couples comfort, quality construction, contemporary styling and wireless audio capabilities. The rocker style chair promotes hours of gameplay without discomfort and land well within the reasonably priced market with a sticker of around $150.

X Rocker 5172601 Surge Bluetooth 2.1

Top 3 Features of X Rocker 5172601

There is a lot to like about this chair, but we’ll focus just on the top three features.

  • It’s Built for the Modern Gamer: We have a preference, like most gamers, for chairs that also have audio capabilities. The X Rocker Surge has audio capabilities and much more. Stocked with two speakers and a subwoofer that utilizes AFT Technology, the player is quickly immersed in an amazing audio experience that rivals even the most expensive counterparts.

  • It’s Wireless if You Want It To Be: Wires are so twentieth century, the modern gamer wants and needs to be connected without being tethered and this product delivers on that need. It’s built-in Bluetooth technology receives signals from any Bluetooth capable device. If one of those is not available then its accessories package includes RCA cables for a wireless option.
  • The Price Point: Cost and budget is always going to be a factor when scoping out potential buys and gaming chairs are no different. The X Rocker Surge Bluetooth 2.1 Gaming Chair isn’t the cheapest chair on the market, but it’s also far from the most expensive. Considering it’s features, the price is extremely affordable.

What We Like about X Rocker 5172601

  • Wireless capabilities are a big plus with this product. It not only syncs up with your gaming console but also is a great product for watching television, listening to music and just relaxing. We’re considering this a unique selling point because we just don’t see this type of feature often enough and surely not in this price range.

  • Another positive with the X Rocker is its sound system. The audio quality is unparalleled by even the most expensive top of the line chairs. Not only does it deliver on gaming console sound but also works well with television and movies. Users can expect a very capable subwoofer able to deliver ample bass and a speaker system that provides high-quality sound.
  • The rocker style construction offers supreme comfort and relaxation. The ergonomically designed backrest provides countless hours of comfort for those that indulge in marathon gaming sessions. We consider comfort the be a top priority and the X Rocker Surge doesn’t skimp on it in the least.
  • We really like the contemporary styling of this chair. The gray on black pattern with the red racing stripe convey style and class – even in a gaming chair.
  • Another notable feature on the X Rocker Surge is its control panel. Always within arm’s reach, these controls allow the user to set volume and bass levels for the ultimate sound experience. We consider these user-friendly controls to be a big plus, especially during online play when you may not have the luxury of fumbling with sound controls.

What Needs to be Worked on X Rocker 5172601

  • While there is a lot to like with this product it does have some drawbacks. The most notable of these is that it is not compatible with the Xbox system. If you’re allegiance lies with Microsoft, you’ll probably want to look in another direction when selecting a gaming chair.

  • Another area of improvement we found with the X Rocker Surge is its weight. If you plan on moving this piece of equipment from room to room, you may want to consider a gym membership first as it is quite heavy and may pose problems if it needs to be moved from place to place.

By far, the X Rocker Surge Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair 5172601, Black With Red Piping’s most unique selling point is its Bluetooth capability. It’s versatility with gaming consoles, music and television makes it stand out from a crowded field of game chairs and the fact that it can connect to just about any device via wireless connection makes it worth a very long look. If you value excellent audio, wireless technology and comfort, you should consider this product.

The conclusion on the X Rocker Surge is that it’s Bluetooth capabilities cannot be overlooked. It’s a comfortable chair that looks nice and boasts an excellent sound system. In shopping around all the various different gaming chairs, you’d expect a product built with this much quality to command a much higher price tag – but that’s simply not the case with this chair. It’s cost effective and loaded with very useful and quality features.

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