Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

Being on a tight budget is such a pickle. However, you must not sacrifice on the features and design. We think that the Imperial Ergonomic Video Rocker from is the top choice for the best gaming chairs under 100. Its ergonomic design lessens the discomfort and fatigue you may experience.

Best Choice

​Imperial Ergonomic Video Rocker

​Comfortable. ​​Smooth.

​​Ideal for watching movies and reading.

Minimizes discomfort and fatigue.


​Ace Bayou V Rocker 5130301 SE

5130301 v rocker

​Stylish. ​Ergonomic.

​​Covered with durable vinyl.

​Using V Rocker Interactive Audio for the ultimate gaming experience.

Best Value

X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair

​Comfy. ​​Lightweight.

Perfect chair for any room in ​your house.

A comfortable bag chair ​that's good for relaxing​. ​

We have been looking for budget gaming chairs for almost two months now. Putting together the list of best gaming chairs under 100 together was no easy task. The main reason is that most gaming chairs cost well over $100. However, with determination, we lined up some of the best affordable gaming chairs for those looking for an entry-level piece.

Sometimes you don’t need all that and a bag of potato chips. You need something simple; you need something cheap; you need something that’s “good enough.”

Simplicity goes a long way when you’re on a tight budget. When more of that price tag goes towards comfort and quality than it does on extra features like speakers or wireless audio bridges, you get some great value for your money while still being able to keep yourself from spending more than what your budget allows.

Honestly, the best thing about the best gaming chairs under 100 dollars is that they’re cheap, built to last, and simple to repair. If something happens to go wrong, and you find yourself stuck with a broken chair, you can throw down a couple of tenners and get yourself a new one with minimal sweat off your brow.

X Rocker makes incredible chairs, but most of them fall into a high price range. Of course, the old saying is true (you get what you pay for); if you don’t need a lot, why pay a lot? Cohesion is another company that makes decent quality gaming chairs for a much lower price than most of X Rocker’s products.

You will see an X Rocker that found its way into this list though, proving that X Rocker might be able to do it after all. You shouldn’t expect too much here, but we’ve taken the time to identify three of the best PC gaming chairs under 100.

Best PC gaming chairs under 100


X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 gaming rocker chair

Simple and affordable. This gaming chair will only cost you around $70, but it gives you just enough of a taste of what gaming chairs are supposed to do. After trying this chair, you’ll be excited to save up for a more expensive one in the future. There’s no doubt as to why it is one of the best gaming chairs under 100.

The gaming chair comes with two built-in speakers. A volume control panel is on the side, and it also has a headphone input. You can use this chair anywhere. You aren’t tied down to a spot where there is an outlet.​

Imagine going to a friend’s LAN party, and there aren’t enough outlets for everybody’s chair. Alternatively, think of when you want to rearrange your furnishings in your room, but you can’t because there is only one outlet. With batteries, you have a lot more freedom.

The obvious downside to using batteries is that they run out and can get expensive. Even if you use rechargeable ones, you need to have a set of them so when one set runs out, you don’t have to pause your game and wait for them to charge. How long the batteries last depends highly on the quality of the ones you buy.

We should also note that some people have said the speaker quality isn’t stellar. Again, this isn’t the best product on the market, but for its incredibly low price, it’s the best out there.

If you manage your expectations, then you will be happy with the audio output. The sound quality is good enough, even great when you consider what you paid for the chair. It won’t blow you away with its realistic sounds, but it is a full, rich sound that you would think might have come from a much more expensive system than what you paid for it.

It sits low towards the ground in traditional gaming chair style, and it is made of durable material. The material is soft to the touch, and it also won’t make you sweat.

With a wood frame, it is pretty solid yet surprisingly lightweight. Not only is it lightweight enough to move around easily, but it can also fold up, making it easy to store or carry in a car for use whenever you need it.

If you want to know what it’s like to have a gaming chair but don’t want to drop your whole week’s paycheck at once, this might be the best option for you.


​Imperial Ergonomic Video Rocker Gaming Chair

This plain-looking Imperial gaming chair is designed for smaller children, and when it’s not in use, it can be folded up into just 15” tall. The fabric itself is made from a mesh fabric and is very soft to the touch, which is why this product made it to our list of best gaming chairs under 100.

Great comfort aside, the great thing about this chair that gets me going is the visual design. Like, look at it! Imperial seems to understand exactly what I like. The subtle sci-fi and militaristic profile don’t outweigh the fact that this gaming chair would look pretty dope when it’s parked in front of a desktop battle station or a console den. Throw it on a carpet or pop it on to a pedestal; you’ll still have a snazzy seat that shows us why it’s one of the best gaming chairs under 100 dollars.


  • Microfiber fabric is very comfortable to the touch, and the chair is relaxing to sit in
  • Folds to a small 15 inches and is stored easily anywhere
  • Rocking motion is relatively smooth and stable
  • Highly affordable and great for prolonged gaming


  • People who have ordered the forest green theme have complained that the green doesn't exactly look as advertised, but that’s it
  • It doesn’t provide any audio or sound like other chairs on this list

This is a nice budget ergonomic gaming chair for gamers of all sizes. Even heavier kids will derive enjoyment from this chair and would not mind prolonged use as the chair supports a lot of weight.

The solid, one-piece build can take a decent beating without looking like it‘s going to bite the dust. The firm yet comfortable padding also shows just how rugged this chair is. Although we wouldn’t encourage you to pick up a hockey stick and take a go at it, we’d expect the chair to be still standing with only a few bruises to show for it. Imperial’s got the goods to back up the fact that they may have just produced the best PC gaming chair under 100 right here.


Ace Bayou V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair

5130301 v rocker

Ace Bayou is a well-established company that is known for its budget-friendly and high-quality gaming chairs. If you need a chair that not only feels comfortable but also leaves your wallet feeling comfortable, Ace Bayou provides some of the best products on the market for their price.

Let‘s to take a look at the V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair today. This chair has wireless capability and comes in a sleek black with a hint of gray style. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the chair has a bit of a plain look to it, and there’s not a lot of style points, but this is okay because what it lacks in style, it makes up for in functionality.


  • Comes packed with interactive audio.

  • Includes speakers near the head for maximum sound enjoyment and comes equipped with a highly powerful subwoofer that you can adjust

  • Has a headphone jack for anyone looking for that extra immersive entertainment with earphones or headphones

  • Has an audio transmitter that’s completely wireless

  • Comes with an easy-to-access side panel that has all the necessary buttons and functions right at your fingertips


  • Chair design is completely ergonomic
  • Provides excellent back support while you’re gaming for long periods
  • Caters to people with different specifications, so if you’re looking to play games using headphones, you can do so, or if you’re looking to game with nearby head level speakers, you can do that as well
  • Volume levels of the chair are well adjusted, and the chair doesn’t allow you to raise the volume to ear-blistering levels
  • The subwoofer provides a nice boost and bass sound when the volume is adjusted accordingly


  • Some people have had trouble hooking up the audio to their consoles, but there are clear instructions that come with the chair


Devoko Ergonomic 

 best pc gaming chair under 100

Not all of us can allot hundreds of dollars to buy a gaming chair. However, you don’t have to go for broke as there are many best gaming chairs under 100. The Devoko chair features a contrasting color scheme similar to what you’ll find on some high-end gaming chairs, including those from DXRacer. The race car design makes it nice to look at, and it doesn’t look cheap at all.

The chair sports polyurethane leather upholstery with a high, curved back and a bucket seat. The headrest is removable, and it even comes with lumbar and head-support cushions – a standard feature on most high-end gaming chairs. While the chair might not offer you as much support as some of the more expensive gaming chairs, it earns some points for trying.

The chair features a lockable tilt to toggle between the different modes, including work, reading, or napping position. It reclines to 180-degrees, allowing you to take a quick nap when you need some revitalization. You can adjust its height using the gas spring, and although this chairs’ armrests don’t adjust, you can opt not to install them.

Its frame is sturdy and holds weights of up to 300 pounds, while the wide seat and back allow gamers of all sizes to fit.


  • Premium looking racing style design.
  • Full recline to 180 degrees
  • Headrest and lumbar support cushions


  • Armrests are not adjustable

The Devoko is a worthy buy given its features.


Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair High Back

Like the Devoko, this Homall makes it on our list of the best PC gaming chair under $100 despite all the nifty features it comes with. You can be forgiven for thinking that it costs more than it does. The Homall features a two-tone design with a choice of black and either red, blue, orange, or white.

The Homall also spots some features that you only see on high-end gaming chairs. Right off the box, you realize that this seat will afford you premium comfort levels at a bargain. It comes with lumbar and headrest support pillows that are adjustable and that you can remove if you want. The seat also features a figure-hugging design that holds you well in place to avoid multiple movements.

As if that’s not enough, Homall adds a long backrest to support users well over 6 feet long. With 1.8 mm steel frame under the foam and upholstery, this gaming chair is steady and can hold up to 300 pounds. Its casters are rubber to promote smooth rolling and durability, while the premium PU leather upholstery is easy to clean and stain resistant.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable enough for the price (includes lumbar and head support)
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic design with a body-hugging high back that reclines up to 180 degrees


  • Small base and big top makes it top heavy, which might cause it to tip over if you lean too much
  • Non-adjustable armrests

For the price you pay, the Homall offers enough to make it one of the best gaming chairs under 100. It might not be the best gaming or computer chair, and that’s okay, as the best would also command a steeper price.


Vitesse Zero Series Carbon Fiber Leather Rocking High-Back Gaming Chair

Most of the best PC gaming chairs under 100, or even the premium ones, scream “all games and play.” However, it is surprising what you can get if you dare look, especially if you are the type who appreciates subtlety and simplicity. That is what you get with this Vitesse gaming chair.

Although the Vitesse has different dual color options to choose from, the all-black version is ideal for both gaming and office use. If you like a little flair, you can get one with white, blue, or red accents. The only other thing that stands out is the company’s name on the base of the seat, and a V emblem over the name Vitesse on the lumbar support cushion.

The Vitesse stands out with its deep bucket seat, which adds to its comfort while the huge back makes it ideal for users of varying body sizes. The seat swivels a complete 360 degrees and reclines to an ideal 180 degrees. The headrest and lumbar pillows are removable, and as usual, the Vitesse also boasts a load capacity of 300 pounds.

The back of this Zero series Vitesse best PC gaming chair under 100 comes with high-density foam to boost comfort. The materials in use here are resilient to elasticity, which promotes durability while the chairs support system keeps your head, and spine in the right position to avoid injury. The carbon fiber PU leather upholstery is both stylish and premium-looking. while its gas lift is class-3, ensuring reliability as it is also explosion proof.

If reliability concerns you because the chair does not command a premium price, worry not. The Vitesse boasts SGS, BIFMA, and European E1 certification.


  • Carbon fiber PU leather is easy to clean, maintain, and looks premium.
  • Wide bucket seats are immensely comfortable.
  • Has an ergonomic three-point support system.


  • Low and non-adjustable armrests are a letdown.
  • Not as good as pricier chairs, but then again, that is expected.

Vitesse might not be the best gaming chair manufacturer, but at this price point, its gaming chair seems to do what it promises. However, do not expect too much from a chair under $100.


BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair

While most gamers prefer the best PC gaming chairs that feature racing style seats, some want something subtle that they can use in the office as well. This best office chair gives you the best of both worlds, with features synonymous to both office and gaming chairs. However, the design leans more towards the opposite side of things in gaming.

For starters, rather than leather, this best gaming chair under 100 comes with breathable mesh. It might not be as easy to clean as PU leather, but it is comfortable and ideal for you if you sweat a lot. It’s also great for warmer temperatures as the mesh feels comfortable in any weather.

The chair sports adjustable head support and has lumbar support for good posture and to prevent back injuries. Where it stands out the most is when you want to just lay back and relax after a long day or to take a brief nap. The seat reclines, and as it does, a leg support at its bottom extends out to hold your legs up for even better comfort.


  • Has an adjustable head support, making it ideal for short or tall users
  • Subtle design with mesh back makes it ideal for gaming or office use
  • Armrests are completely adjustable.


  • While the breathable mesh is great if you sweat or work in a hot environment, it is harder to clean.
  • It does not recline as far back as other best PC gaming chairs under 100 dollars.
  • Has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, unlike other best gaming chairs under 100 that have a weight capacity of 300 pounds


These days, you can get a lot of quality for a low price when it comes to rocker or desk gaming chairs. There is a product for just about every budget.

The higher priced rockers on this list come with some nifty features packed on, but even the lower budget chairs we’ve reviewed and included offer similar or the same level of quality. While the lower budget chairs will see you missing out on things like warranty and access to spares or replacements, they’re still cheap enough that these issues are not that big of a deal. We’ve found that several of the more expensive budget chairs that provide extended warranties, along with accessibility features, aren’t available.

If you don’t have the money to go all out, or your needs are simple so you don’t want to spend a lot for the bells and whistles that you don’t need or want, then any one of these cheap best PC gaming chairs under 100 should be the right pick for you.

I always like to say that you should buy the best product that your budget allows, so if you feel like any of these chairs we reviewed here to suit your needs, then you know that you are getting the best that your budget can buy.

Are there better chairs out there than these? Not at these prices. You really would need to spend a lot more to get the same level of performance as you will get from any one of these.

These chairs feature some of the best quality ratings seen in the $500 budget range. Quite a lot of people are happy with their purchases, especially with the lower-priced chairs. Many of them will even attest that their choices would even be able to contend for a spot on the list of best PC gaming chair under 100 dollars. While it does come down to personal choice, it does say a lot about the chairs that they’d gather such a large following based on nothing but their standard features.

If you have any questions about any of these best gaming chairs under 100 or think we missed a good one for the same price, then let us know by dropping a comment in the box below.

If you don’t mind spending more for unrivaled comfort, make sure to check out our review of the best racing gaming chairs or the sofa sack bean bag chair if you are a console gamer.

Also, we would like to recommend you a computer desk to accompany your gaming chair.

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