RapidX Chair: Ferrino Line Gaming Chair Review

With the look of a high-end executive office chair but the comfort, sophistication and the uniqueness of a gaming chair, the Ferrino Line diamond patterned gaming and lifestyle RapidX chair is said to be a real head-turner in the gaming community.

What we really want to know though is whether the hefty price tag matches the quality and comfort expected when dropping nearly $300 for a gaming chair. Truth be told, the price isn’t much higher than other quality gaming chairs on the market, but our initial impression is that the RapidX Ferrino Line gaming chair is a pretty ordinary gaming chair from the outside. Let’s unwrap the package fully in this review to see if it has all the typical features we’ve come to expect from RapidX gaming chairs and would warrant the competitive price it lists for.

The PU synthetic leather texture feels pretty good to the touch, and we love leather textures over fabric because they resist stains and are far easier to clean than silk or cotton, for example. The design and embroidery aren’t really that impressive overall, but it serves its primary purpose as a functional chair, and we also really like the groovy edges along the sides of the back of this RapidX gaming chair. The edges stood out and are pretty unique. It doesn’t add much in terms of comfort, but it’s a nice touch to the overall design flow of the RapidX Ferrino Line gaming chair. 

RapidX Chair Design

The overall design of this RapidX chair Ferrino Line has a lot of the simple things that are essential for gamers. Although the black on black color scheme is a bit bland, RapidX does offer this chair in pink, blue, brown, white and red accent color options for those who want to spice it up. The chair also has the RapidX logo located on the headrest, and the overall stitching of the design on the backrest is pretty nicely done. It even goes all the way across, and it feels nice to the touch.

The base of the RapidX gaming chair is quite large, so this design aspect allows the arms of the chair to extend out to accommodate big and tall gamers.


The base looks relatively tall in the pictures, but it’s not that tall and can be easily adjusted up or down to fit people of different heights. Supported by a solid steel frame and a wide five-star chair leg base with wheel casters, this chair was built for years of smooth rolling and lasting use.


We were a little concerned about this chair's comfort level when we first saw it because the cushioning doesn’t look as thick as some of the gaming chairs we’re used to seeing on the market. However, we were a quite surprised though because when we sat down in the chair, we immediately noticed how soft the chair was and how the high-quality polyurethane foam appears to be resistant to the negative effects of long-term use and has very good bounce back to it.

So, after prolonged use, you won’t have to worry about the RapidX chair going soft on you or losing that cushioning feel it had on day one. The back of the chair is adjustable to meet your own comfort level, and it’s comfortable enough to sleep in (more so than my bed at least). 


Putting the RapidX chair Ferrino Line together is extremely simple since the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The only aspect of assembly with this chair that might prove difficult for some is the fact that the backrest can be a bit awkward for certain people to lift it up so it can be placed precisely over its posts. Just to be clear, it isn't that the seat back itself is too heavy to lift, but that you have to be able to see where you are placing it, which could be tough to negotiate on your own. It isn’t an insurmountable task, but if you have a friend to help with that part, then set up is a breeze.

RapidX Gaming Chair Ferrino Line

Ferrino Line Black gaming chair


  • One of the top-selling gaming chairs on Amazon with a great deal of glowing 5-star reviews from real, verified customers who have used this RapidX chair.
  • This chair has a very wide base and a sturdy steel frame that supports up to 265 pounds, so it’s very durable and will work for some of the big gamers.
  • Comes with a tilt reclining mechanism that can be locked in place up to 165 degrees (nearly parallel to the ground) once you’ve found the perfect resting position.
  • A budget-friendly chair that won’t cost you nearly as much as one of the premier gaming chairs such as the DXRacer chair or other top brand chairs, but yet still provide you with just about the same level of quality.
  • High-quality, dense foam core is soft enough to be comfortable but responsive enough not to get compacted over time, always returning to its original starting position.
  • The adjustable lumbar pillow will give you the support that your lower back needs exactly where you need it.
  • A tension knob can regulate how easily the RapidX gaming chair rock back and forth and the tilt lock will keep the angle fixed when you choose to stop rocking. 
  • Comes with a market leading 2-year warranty against defects. Just call customer service if you experience any problems with the chair during this time.


  • The back of the RapidX chair may feel a bit stiff when you first sit in it, as it takes a few sessions of sitting to really break it in and realize the maximum comfort this chair can provide.

Features of the RapidX Ferrino Line Gaming Chair

Unique Design – From the stitched patterns on the back of this RapidX chair to the curved and modern bucket seat design, this chair may not be as flashy as some of the other space-aged gaming chairs, but it does have its own subtle flair and style to go along with its functional design qualities.  

Not only is the material of the backrest and seat functional, but it also does a good job of directing heat away from your body, keeping you from overheating and sweating. The PU leather also won't absorb any sweat or other liquids like some of the fabric chairs do, so it is easy to keep the seating surfaces clean and with a fresh smell.

Completely Adjustable – People like to game in all kinds of different positions. Some people are more relaxed while leaning back, and some people even like to use their chairs to sleep in. This RapidX chair Ferrino line can tilt back to 165 degrees to achieve the ever so perfect and comfortable resting position.

Also, there’s a lot more on the chair that can be adjusted such as the armrests, the seat height, and the lumbar and headrest support pillows. There is even a reclining tilt lock mechanism on the chair that will prevent it from moving from your preferred reclining position.

High-Quality Materials – The materials used in the construction of the RapidX chair are of superb quality. From the smooth polyurethane leather to the dense foam core, this chair was built from the ground up using top-notch quality materials for your comfort and to preserve the longevity of the chair. 

You may never have to replace this chair, and if you do, it won’t be for quite a while. The materials used in this RapidX chair are guaranteed to last, but if you do have any problems, RapidX has amazing customer service support channels available to address any of your concerns or questions. 

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why does one of the pictures of this product show it inside of a skate park?

A: It’s a highly versatile gaming chair that can be used in a wide variety of locations. Why the manufacturers took a picture of the chair inside of a skate park, we don’t know. However, we don’t recommend that you try doing any kind of activity other than sitting in this RapidX chair as it could be dangerous.

Q: What quality material is the frame made of?

A: As with most gaming chairs, high-quality steel is used in the production of the base of the chair. The frame of this chair is just the same, made from pure, high-quality steel to stand up to many years of abuse. 

Q: How long can I sit in this chair and remain seated comfortably?

A: While we recommend you get up and stretch your legs every once in a while to prevent blood clots from forming, every user experiences a different level of comfort, but this chair was designed as a gaming chair that can withstand hours of repeated usage without wearing out. Most people will find that they can sit in this chair and remain comfortable for just about as long as they like. 

Q: Is there a weight limit on the RapidX Chair?

A: While the chair is relatively versatile and built with a solid steel base, the weight limit is a little above 265 pounds, but we recommend you be under 265 pounds to use this chair comfortably and ensure it lasts a good long time. 



There’s no specific target market of gamers for this RapidX chair as it can be used by beginners or novices who will enjoy the same level of comfort with playing the Xbox or any other console or pc game. As previously mentioned, the design of the chair isn’t overly unique, and the overall color scheme on the model we tested was a bit bland, which may not bother too many people. The cushion and base seating support structure of the chair is really solid and also very comfortable to sit on – and that is what really matters. It has a great tilting mechanism that allows you to lean back to a comfortable resting position as well, and it can be locked in.

The price of the chair is fairly high when you consider you can buy similar looking racing style chairs for close to $100. However, typically once you get past their looks, those more inexpensive chairs are usually far inferior in quality and don’t deliver the rich feature set of this RapidX chair. The designer for this RapidX gaming chair seems very passionate about the RapidX chair brand and about creating a chair to match most consumers needs while delivering quality at the same time. The best gaming chairs are built by gamers themselves, and you won’t be disappointed with the performance of this RapidX gaming chair.

Editor's Rating
  • 7.5/10
    Design - 7.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Comfort - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Durability - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Strength - 9/10

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