Best Choice Gaming Chair Review – What You Need To Know

Best Choice is known for making small products like this one that are very budget friendly and are accessible by all kinds of gamers. The one thing we have to mention right away is that this Best Choice gaming chair might not be suitable for larger adults or people who are really tall. 

Best choice gaming chair is aimed at a much smaller demographic of gamers since the build is kind of small. This particular gaming chair might not be able to withstand the stresses that it would be subjected to if someone who wasn’t ideal for its size were to spend any amount of time in it. If you are, in fact, suitable for this chair then it is a rather impressive piece of gaming furniture that fits into the lower end of the budget chair spectrum. Perfect for those extra seats in the console room or living room and at the end of the day is actually a pretty decent rocker!

The size is one of the drawbacks to the chair but it’s expected once you see the design of this Best choice products gaming chair. Initially, we thought this might be something for kids only but once we delved into the details of this Best Choice products gaming chair, the weight capacity and other details of the chair, we’ve concluded that young adults can enjoy the chair as well.

Best Choice has designed the chair with a wide base to accommodate bodies and weight profiles that are greater than those of a child, but only by a reasonable amount. At 5'9, the chair felt acceptable as far as comfort was concerned and is even balanced enough to get a good stretch in and kick your legs back. Best Choice has created what is easily a very relaxing console gaming chair that can be used by both adults and children. Its low retail price is just the icing on the top.

Design & Style

The design of this Best Choice gaming chair is pretty straightforward and to the point but there’s not much you can do differently with these low sitting chairs. It has a conclave arch to allow gentle rocking and relaxation but the functionality and theme of the design were kept a minimum on purpose.

Best Choice has been rather Spartan with the design choices concerning the shape of their gaming chair, but they’ve definitely gone the extra mile as far as the functionality is concerned. Best Choice has thrown a good amount of functionality in to an otherwise basic piece of furniture by including an RCA bridge and extension for audio that outputs to a pair of 2.1 audio jacks on a control panel that sits on the side of the chair, letting you hook your gaming chair up to your TV or sound system so that you can plug headphones in to the chair directly.

  • A nice padded headrest is part of the style to allow you to lean back
  • Is arched perfectly so that your back won’t feel any kind of stress from sitting down too long
  • The control panel of the chair is designed to be within arm’s reach of you at all times
  • A red seam glides up and down the chair to give it a distinguished and theme like the look


The durability of this chair is going to vary greatly depending on how tall you are because if you’re over 6’2, you might not enjoy this chair. Also, if you’re heavier set, you might not enjoy this chair because the frame is very short and narrow. The item net weight is only 15.6 pounds and an extra 3 pounds with shipping materials. The dimensions of the chair aren’t exactly fitting for larger people either as its only 36 x 16 x 30 inches. The dimensions from the floor to the seating is only 7 inches so take that into account when buying this as a gift for someone.

The frame is made out of wood to provide sturdy support that won't end up getting compressed or misshaped over time. Polyester filling is soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to be durable and retain its shape.​​​

Best Choice Products Ergonomic High Back Executive Office Computer Racing Gaming Chair

Best Choice Products Ergonomic High Back Chair

So what’s all the hype about surrounding this Best Choice gaming chair? Aside from the cheap price, it comes with a quite a bit of decent functionality for the price of the chair. Most people would be worried about a chair like this coming in at so cheap and making sure all of the parts work or if it’s even comfortable to sit in. We’ve done all of that hard work for you as we’ll go over all the nitty and gritty details of this Best Choice Products gaming chair, so you don’t have to rely on others to do it for you.

An In-Depth Look at the Features of Best Choice video game chair

​These chairs are often overlooked in terms of functionality and what kind of features they offer. Most people see these low level floor seated chairs and just think that they’re meant to be small recliners or rockers for young gamers. They actually have a lot to offer if you take a look at some of the features included and almost all of these types of chairs are cheap.


While this chair does require batteries, 6 AA batteries are included and they’re mandatory for the speakers to work. There are two speakers near the headrest that are pretty close to your ears and the sound is pretty impressive for their size.

Easy Storage

Not everyone likes to have a chair sitting in the middle of the floor when they’re not using it, so Best Choice included a foldable option for these chairs for easy storage. The chair is only 15 pounds as well, so anyone can carry it around from one location to the next. The design makes it very easy and intuitive to break the chair down and then set it back up. It only takes a few seconds.

Being so lightweight and portable means it is easy to bring this along to your next invitation to a LAN party!

Control Panel

There’s a nice set of audio controls right next to your right arm when sitting on the chair. All it takes is one second away from the console controller and you can adjust your audio settings or you can plug in a headphone to the outlet on the side of your chair. The control panel is stitched on pretty tight and won’t fall off on you.

What We Liked & What We Didn’t Like

With Best Choice Products, our likes and dislikes generally vary because all of their products are made pretty different. Their products usually include a very minimalistic design for a budget-friendly price, so all of these products have to be evaluated on a case by case basis. There doesn’t seem to be anyone or set of patterns when it comes to Best Choice’s products like this chair.

What We Liked

  • We like that this Best Choice gaming chair can be folded up and stored at any time after usage, making it a highly versatile chair that can be taken anywhere, including vacations.
  • The audio quality of the chair is another huge plus because it’s uncommon to have sound at that level of quality in a small chair like this with speakers that small.
  • A wooden frame is very durable and we can see this Best Choice gaming chair lasting a long time to come. We feel like the polyester padding will keep its shape, as well.
  • ​The fact that it uses batteries rather than needing to be plugged into an outlet, it has a lot more versatility and can be used anywhere you need it to go.

What We Didn’t Like

  • ​​​​​The one thing we really didn’t care for is the fact that the chair requires batteries but the batteries are relatively common as they’re AA (1.5v) batteries and only requires 6 of them
  • We wish the chair had wireless audio or at least came with the audio jack that plugs into the TV rather than being sold separately.
  • A carrying handle would have been a nice addition since it is so portable otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Choice game chair

I’m confused about syncing up my consoles to the chair, how does that work?

​You’ll be provided with cables that easily hook up to the TV and from there, it should flawlessly turn on and work fine.Keep in mind that the TV you are using has to come equipped RCA cables.

​Is this compatible with my iPod or phone?

​Yes, almost every single modern device, as long as the correct cables are provided will work just fine with this chair.

​I’m thinking about getting this chair for an adult, will it fit them?

​More than likely the answer is no. This chair was designed very narrow and small and was meant for children primarily but smaller young adults can also use and enjoy the chair. So if you have someone in mind as a gift recipient of this chair, make sure they’re under 6’2 at the maximum and have a very narrow build.

​Can I add a stand under the chair?

​No, this chair comes as is. What you see on the imagery is what you get but it’s easily folded up and we’d recommend an actual gaming computer chair and not an overall gaming chair if you’re looking for something that will accommodate the computer.



​​This chair is simple, to the point and doesn’t offer a lot of room for discussion. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly chair that will fit children, young adults, and smaller gamers, then this is the perfect affordable chair for you. It comes with just enough functionality to pass as an official gaming chair and the sound quality is reasonably high.

For under mid $XX to low $xxx at every outlet online, it’s hard to complain about any of the small things such as the material used for the control panel. This is also a great traveling chair as it’s easy to fold up. This is a chair we highly recommend, as long as they meet the guidelines for fitting the chair.

As this is designed with kids in mind, serious gamers may not be satisfied with the basic features. For everybody else looking for a budget-friendly option, this Best Choice gaming chair will really fit the bill. it is cheap, comfortable and durable making it a great gift idea for the young gamer in your life.

Editor's Review ( Mark Thompson)
  • 7/10
    Design - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Comfort - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Durability - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Strength - 7/10

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