X Rocker Pulse Gaming Chair Review

X Rocker is one of the most well-known names in gaming chair technology and the X Rocker Pulse 2.1 51498 Gaming Chair delivers on the good name of the company that manufactures it. 

Much like its sister models, X Rocker Pulse gaming chair boasts an excellent sound system, an ergonomic design that provides hours of comfort and the versatility to go from a high-tech gaming chair to one that can be utilized for listening to music, reading or watching television.

  • Top 3 Features of XRocker Pulse 2.1 51498

  • When it comes to comfort and style, the X Rocker Pulse chair is at the head of the class. It’s padded backrest, ergonomic design and flip-up armrests make it one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. Couple that with its slick, black leather look and you’ve got comfort and style all rolled up into one product. The upholstery material is a very soft vinyl like PU leather that is durable, easy to clean and feels very luxurious to the touch.
  • Much like other X Rocker Chairs, the Pulse 2.1 is loaded with one of the best audio systems of any gaming chair. The system is built on AFM Technology and provides a total 2.1 sound immersion experience. The completely capable subwoofer delivers chest thumping bass and the two speakers integrated into the chair itself round out an amazing sound experience – whether you are listening to music, catching a movie or utilizing a gaming console
  • You can totally feel the sound. They don’t call this chair the “Pulse” for no reason. The way that the sound system is integrated into the chair itself makes the gamer able to “feel” the sound. What it does is basically round out the audio experience to make it a full sensory chair that is sure to please even the most die-hard gamers. The way the speakers are designed into the chair makes the actual chair part of the speakers. the subwoofers fill all the available space within the chair to allow the sounds to magnify that you can feel all over.

X Rocker Pulse 2.1 51498 Sound Gaming Chair


  • We love versatility in gaming chairs and the X Rocker Surge is one versatile piece of equipment. Even without wireless capabilities, the product still is able to deliver a supreme gaming experience as well as a perfect place to enjoy your favorite tunes, television shows, and movies.
    • The X Rocker series of chairs is renowned for its excellent sound systems and the Pulse 2.1 is no exception. Prepare to be immersed in an amazing sound experience that you can not only hear but also feel.
    • It’s just plain comfortable. Not only is it constructed entirely of quality materials, but it’s scientifically developed design is meant to provide maximum comfort for consecutive hours of use. The shape is made to provide support and special features like the padded mesh headrest and flip-up handles make this easily one of the best-designed chairs on the market.
    • You can pretty much connect the sound system to any device. This chair utilizes RCA outputs, so connecting it to your favorite console or device is fairly painless. Users are free to hook up this chair anywhere at any time without the worry of compatibility issues.
    • The price point is extremely reasonable for the features of this chair. You can find this product on many websites for around $xxx. Considering it’s sturdy construction and top of the line sound system, you’d be hard pressed to find a similar product at the price point that the X Rocker Surge is being offered.
    • Assembly is very easy to do. It can easily be done by one person and can be put together in less than 30 minutes. It is foldable and lightweight.


  • While we did mention that it’s wired setup makes for extreme versatility in connecting the chair to various devices, we did find that the length of cords provided left a little to be desired in their actual length. While short cords can be a pain, the sound quality surely makes up for it.
  • There is absolutely no style options for this chair other than black. While comfort is a priority, color and style options should be considered. For those that aren’t sold on the color black, this chair may not be the perfect fit for you.

​Buying Advice

By and large, the most unique feature that sets this chair apart from its competitors is its awesome sound system and sound quality. There is simply no other chair on the market, at the price point that the X Rocker Pulse is offered at that is going to deliver such excellent audio for all your applications. It makes communicating during online play that much easier and when listening to music or watching your favorite film, this chair will never disappoint.



At the end of the day, X Rocker Pulse gaming chair is a quality chair that provides a very good amount of comfort. It’s capable of supporting a gamer through many hours of play and is equipped with a top of the line sound system. We really like the price point and the features it delivers on. While we are partial to the wireless model, if that isn’t important to your experience than this X Rocker Pulse chair is certainly worth consideration.

Editor Rating ( Mark Thompson)
  • 9.1/10
    Design - 9.1/10
  • 8.5/10
    Comfort - 8.5/10
  • 8.6/10
    Durability - 8.6/10
  • 9.6/10
    Strength - 9.6/10

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