WENSIX Chair Review: The Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The WENSIX gaming chair with an ultra-high back resting area is a sophisticated chair for a non-sophisticated price. With a lavish black and white design that leaves no area of the chair bland, it looks great with any kind of décor. The cushion on the base of the WENSIX chair looks rather thick, and everything looks highly customizable, so there was no reason not to give this WENSIX gaming chair a proper and in-depth review. 

In this review, we would take a thorough look into one of the rising stars in the gaming chair battle, especially in a market where options come by the thousands. This is such a challenging milestone to achieve, and we will find out how they did it.

WENSIX Gamer Chair Aesthetics

The WENSIX chair has a pretty solid design language that follows the fundamentals of modern and timeless looks. It’s got a little bit of both worlds, being on trend and classic at the same time. Its design is not as polarizing as that of most chairs, but it works pretty well to capture anyone’s attention. The WENSIX chair boasts of a great combination of colors and curves, which remind us of high-powered sports cars with all the aesthetics being on point without being too risqué. The frame and base construction is excellent, cushioning looks good and sufficient, and as a package, everything works.

The WENSIX chair comes in various colors. While the color combinations are not revolutionary, they work well with the overall construction of the WENSIX gaming chair. You have various color palette options, such as black, blue, red, and white. While the base color is black, the lines and contrast vary depending on which color you choose. There are three very prominent WENSIX logos, which are each found on the headrest, the headrest cushion, and the lumbar cushion. We love how they complement the overall color scheme and how the logo stands out with pride.


This WENSIX Gaming Chair has a pretty wide base so we weren’t overly concerned about the durability of the chair. The WENSIX chair supports a maximum of 300 pounds and has pretty firm but wide armrests as well. The overall durability of the chair looks like it’s made to last. It includes a really high sitting backrest to help even out the pressure on your entire body when you’re leaning back in the chair. The extra cushioning on the base of the chair where your rear area will be positioned is extra thick and soft to the touch. The construction and ergonomics of the WENSIX gaming chair works really well, as the wide base ensures stability and significantly better support compared to other gaming chairs.


On a side note, this is perhaps one of the most durable gaming chairs we have reviewed. The construction very solid, whenever someone sits on the WENSIX chair, there will be no alarming sounds of squeaks or cracks. The sitting experience is well-balanced, and you will know in your gut that the seat is very stable once you settle on it. WENSIX really threw everyone under the bus and win this segment but combining a high-quality, industrial grade frame and very durable lining and cushion material, all packaged in one fantastic chair.


The comfort level of the WENSIX chair, if we can rate it, is 11 out of 10. It is so comfortable that it can double as a leisure chair when you’re not playing. How WENSIX managed to provide this level of comfort to a gaming chair is borderline magic. Although we really have to give it to their engineering and research team because every aspect and every part of the body that requires support and cushioning was properly taken care of.


There’s no area left to the imagination when it comes to comfort with the WENSIX chair. We felt pretty good seated on it, and it felt as if all of the weight was being well distributed to every area of the chair, so we didn’t feel sore anywhere or feel like there was too much pressure on one area, even after hours of gaming. In this area, we give this WENSIX chair an excellent rating. Even the wheel base is comfortable to rest your feet on with the nice padding of the base. In its price range, this is probably the most comfortable gaming chair you can get if you will only base it on comfortability. It is that comfortable, and the seat is generously padded without being too soft. It is within the spectrum of comfort that gives you enough support without being too mattress-like.

Another thing that we rave about is how ample the armrest paddings are. A lot of gaming chairs in the market provide padding for their armrests, but they are too narrow to be considered as enough. The WENSIX chair has wide armrests that are well-padded to support your forearms during those brief moments of rest. The positioning is also well thought of, as the adjustable height and angle can mimic the natural position of your arms.


A padded headrest, adjustable lumbar pillow, and a high backrest all add up to comfort that will keep you in the WENSIX gaming chair longer to keep your gaming session going. Nobody likes to have to cut their game short because they just can't sit in the WENSIX chair anymore.

But Isn’t the WENSIX gamer chair too comfortable?

This is a little bit too subjective, and you will find various reviews online stating that the WENSIX chair is too comfortable for their liking. Or is it? For us, nothing can be considered too comfortable. Is being too comfortable a possible distraction during gaming? Not necessarily. In fact, having a comfortable gaming chair will allow your body to thrive with reduced repetitive strain. There are some gamers who prefer a firm seat to help them be in control, but this is not what your body needs. We are pretty certain that WENSIX managed to take the cushioning into serious consideration and applied their findings thoroughly to this particular chair.

Features of the WENSIX ergonomic gaming chair


Hugging High Design – The company designed the WENSIX chair specifically for hugging the back and the higher end portion of the customer. This means, that your problem areas, such as your mid-back and your high-back, won’t have any issues whatsoever when you’re sitting on this chair. It’s meant to provide the maximum comfort and relief when you’re leaning back into the chair, and this design allows it to do just that. The good thing about this design is that you are firmly planted to your seat without the tendency that feeling of getting sucked in. Think about it as a firm teddy bear hug where the cushioning is all in the right places.

There are some skeptics about the design being too snug, but that’s exactly the point. The hugging design provides a stable and secured seating position, a very important aspect of gaming chairs that is often overlooked, especially by casual gamers who just “sit.” This hugging principle has been inspired by professional racing cars, where tension and movement whenever steering or cornering often displace the body. While gaming is not as violent as the real thing, having a hugging design will keep you in a secure spot during the entire game.

Resting Areas – This WENSIX chair includes a lot of resting areas that other chairs won’t include, such as the headrest and the lumbar area and elbows as well. Every inch of your body will be fully supported and rested as you lay back on this chair. Also, the footrest is another nice touch, and while not a lot of people rest their feet on their gaming chair, you might just start once you try this chair out. The footrests feel firm and comfortable to rest your feet on.

This is perhaps one of the strongest features that throttled the WENSIX chair so far forward and caused its competitors to choke on dust. Resting areas are very important, especially for gaming marathons where the arms and wrists will require periodic periods of rest to release tension and strain. Sure, there are a lot of gaming chairs in the market with good armrests and lumbar padding, but it does not provide the support that your body needs. This is why we really think WENSIX did a phenomenal job thinking about this and implementing it in the production unit.

Backwards Movement – If you think we’re done with the praises about how much comfort the WENSIX chair can give you, well you ain’t seen nothing yet. With a 180-degree recline feature, paired with very capable cushioning system, the WENSIX chair can be reclined to a comfortable angle where you can even have a power nap. Thanks to the hugging design and comfortable angle, you are secured to have a good rest without worrying about falling or straining. Moreover, there are various reports about other chairs releasing that worrisome “buckling or cracking sound,” which means that the chair might break down anytime. You will never have that experience with this chair, and the recline feature is stable and relatively quiet.


Warranty – Thankfully, if you have any kind of problem whatsoever, the WENSIX chair and the company that produces it offer a 30-day warranty with absolutely no questions asked. Why? This is because no one ever has to use the warranty because the WENSIX chair is made with premium build quality. If you need to send the chair back or want a refund, WENSIX will give you that for free without any hassle. If you are in a market that offers good aftersales service, WENSIX is one of the better options when it comes to customer care because you will really feel their desire to serve even after purchase. The 30-day warranty and the hassle-free refund guarantee add a very nice touch.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I rock and tilt in this chair?

Not only can you recline the WENSIX chair, but you can also easily rock in this chair as well. The tilting mechanism is strong and allows people to tilt, lean, or rock however they want without worrying about breaking the chair or wearing down the base.

One funny thing about other gaming chairs is the precaution not to tilt and rock the chair frequently, perhaps due to the fact that frequent non-linear movements can cause the chair to buckle or break. WENSIX is not afraid of this particular movement. In fact, the company ensured that the chair provides a durable industrial-grade reclining and rocking feature. This means you can have the confidence that you are safe whenever in the resting or reclining position.

How high up are the armrests?

On this particular chair, the armrests can go up to 29 and a half inches, so you might have to do a little adjustment if you need them to go below or above 29 inches from the floor.

What is the weight limit?

The official weight capacity is 300 pounds. This makes it a good option for bigger gamers, but keep in mind that the seat might be narrow for those pushing the upper limits of weight. The dimensions of the seat are 20.8 inches wide and 18.7 inches deep.

The WENSIX Gaming Chair is one of the few gaming chairs that come highly recommended by both ends of the gamer size spectrum – the cute and petite players and the big gamers. Thanks to its revolutionary design and highly configurable platform, it firmly positioned itself as one of the most flexible gaming chair options in the market. Now that is a very big checkmark for everyone from families to individuals with varying proportions because you don’t have to worry about dimensions or whether or not you’ll fit in the chair. WENSIX already thought about that problem and provided some amazing solutions and results you’ll surely love.

How hard is it to assemble?

Thanks to the very detailed assembly guide that comes with the package, you should not find the assembly to be a challenge. No special tools are required, but we just want to warn you that the backrest has some weight to it, and that might be a challenge when you’re assembling the WENSIX gaming chair by yourself. Assembly will take more or less half an hour.

The overall packing weight is approximately 45 pounds, so be a little bit careful not to strain yourself when moving the package to another room or floor. Remember that the package should include the racing chair, a headrest and lumbar cushions, and the installation guide.

Is the WENSIX THAT Perfect?

The short answer would be yes. You are looking at one of the best gaming chair products in the market, and we don’t have anything negative to say based on our experience with this product. However, from a consumer point of view, we only have two things to mention about the WENSIX gaming chair that might hinder you from getting one – the price and the material. The latter is a pretty generic disadvantage for most gaming chairs when used in a poorly ventilated room on a hot day. The former, however, will completely depend on your budget.

WENSIX is a China-based company and that being considered and if you’re mindful about where your product is coming from, then this is something you might want to look ore into. However, let us just say that WENSIX surpassed all expectations and came up with an international-quality gaming chair. So there’s nothing to worry about in terms of its origin.



A lot of buyers and gaming chair reviewers rave about this chair. Feedback shows that it is a very competitive and functional chair that provides a sitting experience close to the comfort of an actual bed or luxurious sofa. For a gaming chair, that says a lot because most chairs just go for sturdy and firm support, but WENSIX tweaked that a bit and gave us this chair that helps prevent the strain caused by repetitive stress to our arms, neck, and back.

The WENSIX chair is a solid investment and a great chair for anyone who’s looking for something that isn’t going to break the bank but will last for a long time to come. This chair is a great chair, and we really loved the comfort level that it provided us while testing it out. It was really smooth, the motion was fluid, it was easy to customize, and it’s one of those easy chairs that we recommend to everyone to try out.

Just like many buying considerations, the cost will always be in the main thing to think about, especially when you are running on a tight budget. However, if you can squeeze a little bit more to be able to get one of these babies that will stay for a very long time, then we’d say go for it because you’re worth it, just like how this chair is a worthy investment.


If you are in the market for a mid to top-tier gaming chair, you can never go wrong with the WENSIX chair. Whether you are a connoisseur of comfort, or a very competitive gamer who is willing to invest on great and durable equipment, then we highly-recommend the WENSIX chair considering every aspect of what it can give to consumers. Definitely one of the best options in the market worth considering.

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