KILLABEE Gaming Chair Big and Tall 400lb Review

One of the hardships of being a big and tall gamer, is finding a gaming chair that fits you properly. If you’re big and tall, then you know the struggle all too well. Most modern gaming chairs are made for the average and exceptionally skinny gamers in mind. We fully sympathize and understand how hard it is to find a proper fitting gaming chair for the big and tall market, which sent us on a man-hunt for the ultimate big and tall gaming chair. We wanted to make sure that not only could the chair support an ample amount of weight for overweight gamers but it allowed us to remain comfortable for the entirety of the gaming session as well.

Thankfully, after searching through hundreds and hundreds of different gaming chairs, we found the ideal gaming chair.

The KILLABEE Racing Style Gaming Chair with Footrest - Big and Tall

KILLABEE Big and Tall Massage Gaming Chair

The KILLABEE big and tall gaming chair is a chair exclusively made for the market of overweight and tall people. The chair was designed by a company called LCH, which we don’t have a lot of experience with but they seem to be well reviewed throughout real customer reviews. The KILLABEE 400lb capable chair was designed as a highly-functional chair with strong security. On first glance, this chair offers an array of different resting positions and pillows to help put us at ease while we’re trying to relax after a hard day’s work.

​Features of the ​KILLABEE Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Highly adjustable and multi-functional. Both the height and the reclining angle of the back can be adjusted at the touch of a button. The backrest can lean back to an impressive 180 degrees while making virtually no sound at all.

  • Padding everywhere. Whether it’s on the footrests to help comfort your feet and improve blood flow or it’s on the back padding of the chair, there are padding cushions and pillows everywhere. The chair includes a lumbar pillow, a headrest pillow, extra cushion seated padding and even padding on the footrest.

  • Extremely resilient and thick foam. The foam material used in this gaming chair is made with high permeability material that springs back to its former self after you leave the chair, so no lasting impressions are left behind. The coated PU leather on the outside of the chair is great to protect your chair against stains and mishaps, keeping it shiny and clean.

  • Metallic high-grade frame. The security of the chair is backed with an integrated metallic frame that helps the chair hold up to 400 lbs. in weight. The gas spring cylinder is explosion proof, so you won’t have to worry about that nightmare. Reinforced rolling castors on the wheels of the chair help to provide a super structurally safe chair.

  • An excellent warranty is also provided by LCH. LCH allows you to return this product in 30 days with absolutely no questions asked and no run-around shady sales techniques. There’s also a 1-year warranty on replacement parts for the chair.

​Why This Gaming Chair Was Made

For the longest time, a lot of gamers who were overweight felt left out. Most of the chairs we often review have weight limits of around 200 to 250 pounds. Which is more than accessible for a good number of gamers but what about the big and tall crowd? This chair was created to let big and tall gamers enjoy their gaming experience without the soreness and discomfort of lesser quality chairs. Every fine point of the chair from the pressure adjustor and even down to the rolling castors on the wheels was made with durability and precision for the big and tall gaming market.

​The Benefits : KILLABEE Gaming Chair

  • A 180-degree reclining backrest gives people the ease of using this chair as a multi-functional toolkit in their everyday lives from gaming, to reading to sleeping.

  • You’ll get the added benefit of giving your arms a rest as you can adjust the armrests into three different locking positions.

  • The smooth coated castors on the wheels will protect your floor against dangerous and permanent marks you can leave while rolling around.

  • Other gaming chairs on the market have limited weight support and a limited seating area which may be too small for the big and tall gamer.

  • The lumbar pillow in this chair is close to 7 inches thick, which is larger than a lot of other competing gaming chairs on the market and allows for more comfort.

​Testimonial we found 

Just listen to what real customers have to say about this gaming chair.

This is one of my best purchases so far. I would definitely recommend it to those who are looking for a gaming chair at half the price of mainstream ones

The height of the backrest is excellent. I am a taller guy, and the top of the backrest is just slightly higher than the top of my head. The "wings" at the top of the chair wrap around my shoulders slightly, so that’s perfect.

I browsed at other chairs and some had bad ratings for lower prices and some had similar ratings to this chair, but about LOW/MID $$$. If you are looking for a comfortable chair to study, watch videos, sleep, and/or game, I would definitely recommend this chair and am grateful to have this chair in my possession now.

These three REAL buyers bought the chair and were more than happy with their purchase after leaving a review. There’s plenty more reviews just like these and one thing we’ve consistently seen among reviewers is that people who are really tall or overweight enjoy the chair. Tall people also consistently seem to compliment the height of the chair and how the sides of the chair meet with their shoulders at the top. These people saved hundreds of dollars on competing gaming chairs.

 Essential Tips on Buying and What to Watch Out For

One of the big things you need to watch out for when selecting a gaming chair is the material used in the chair. PU leather is high-quality and chairs without it should be avoided in general. Also, take note of any complaints made about the customer service of the chair to get a nice feel for the company’s reputation as a whole. If you’re a big and tall gamer, look for adjustable armrests because moveable armrests are essential for taller gamers. Beware that some companies hire people to leave fake positive reviews, something easily detectable and we never review any company’s products who engage in such a dishonorable practice.

Buying Advice

When you’re ready to make your purchase, the best place to get this chair is Amazon. The shipping is handled by LCH, it’s fast and highly cost-effective. When the chair arrives, it’ll weigh about 50 pounds total, with all of the parts included for assembly. Set aside 30 minutes for yourself to build this chair when it arrives. Don’t worry about a faulty purchase, because this chair comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year replacement warranty.


Our verdict on the KILLABEE Racing Style Gaming Chair with Footrest - Big and Tall is that it’s a stellar product that goes out of their way to support overweight and abnormally tall gamers. This is a great chair with a lot of functionality aimed at helping big and tall customers feel relaxed while they watch TV, work, game or even sleep. If you’re a big and tall gamer, your search is over. We highly recommend this gaming chair for you.

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