E-Blue USA Cobra R Chair for Gaming Review (2019)

Die-hard gamers understand that a comfortable chair and a great gaming experience go hand in hand. This is why it comes as no surprise that they would invest in chairs specifically designed for gaming no matter the price. Gaming chairs offer gamers the kind of comfort that enables them to spend long hours gaming without any discomfort or health complications. One such gaming chair is the Cobra R chair.

So, why should you choose a Cobra R chair over your regular coach? The advantages are many; ranging from eliminating health problems, which sometimes can be long term in nature to offering an impressive gaming experience. With a gaming chair, you don’t have to worry about neck, shoulder or back pain after long hours of sitting.

For the past few years, the demand for Cobra R chairs has skyrocketed. In particular, the E-Blue USA Cobra R chair has proved to be quite popular and reliable. As you will see in the subsequent sections, it’s laden with unique features that guarantee a fantastic gaming experience for any user.

First, here is a snapshot of what to expect in this review.

Why choose E-Blue USA EEC307REAA-IA Cobra-R chair for your gaming PC

The Cobra R chair is a high-quality adjustable chair that offers more than just comfort. With it, you don’t have to worry about health issues like neck and backache. The chair is adjustable to help you achieve any height you prefer for a great gaming experience.

It has wheels that enable you to move around a room to retrieve whatever you need without having to leave your chair. Its wide base eliminates the possibility of you tipping over when leaning or bending over while sitting.

Besides health benefits, the Cobra chair’s level of comfort provides a welcoming gaming experience. It gives you value for your money.  That said, sacrificing a gaming chair for a non-gaming chair because of price might not be such a great idea.

Yes, you might save some cash, but the experience won’t be the same. Standard computer chairs have a questionable life span; their durability is never a guarantee. The comfort they provide is also short-lived as they later breakdown due to their substandard frames and foams. Even if they feel comfortable at the beginning along the way, things tend to take a turn for the worse.

The Cobra R chair offers you both comfort and support, thanks to the cushion used. The cushion is soft enough to sit on comfortably and firm enough to give you some support.

There is also a durable 4 gas class piston system to support the chair. With such support, the chair can withstand a weight of up to 360 pounds. The tall and big gamers don’t have to worry about the chair not being suitable for them.

Perhaps you may ask: which brand is behind this chair?

E-Blue USA has been around for quite some time and keeps growing fast. The company has proudly made a name for itself in the design and manufacturing of gaming chairs, furniture, and peripherals. The company has won 16 awards since its inception.


It has won acclaim from PC and Gamer Magazine and Disney, just to name a few. It has been a leading player in the Asian market for many years; this considering its founding team is from Asia.  Now they have their eyes set on the European and North American market as they quickly gain ground.

E-Blue USA EEC307REAA-IA  cobra R gaming chair

E-Blue USA EEC307REAA-IA Cobra-R Gaming Chair

The E-Blue USA Cobra-R gaming chair comes equipped with excellent features to give you the comfort you deserve while gaming. The chair provides excellent support for your lower back eliminating the possibility of intrusive fatigue and backaches. Such discomfort tends to ruin the whole gaming experience. There is also a breathable mesh backrest for extra support.

The chair is constructed with advanced PU leather, which is soft and sweat resistant. There is also a TUV certified CUV class-4 gas spring piston for support of up to 360lbs. This chair does more than just offer comfort; it ensures you have uninterrupted gaming sessions that can go on for hours.

The armrests can rotate a complete 360 degrees. Besides the height, the seat can be adjusted for backrest angle. There is a one-year warranty in case you notice any defect within the first year. There is a one-piece backrest, an extended armrest that is injected with PP+30% Glass Fibre to deliver amazing arm comfort. There is a highly durable base injected with Nylon PA66 & 30% Glass Fibre for excellent durability.


There are also nylon and PU casters that minimize noise when the chair is being moved. This ergonomic Cobra R chair is built for comfort. Through its specs, it’s evident that it was designed to provide the highest level of comfort for your body.

This gaming chair stands out with its mesh backrest. Talk about an amazing cooling system. While still retaining its cool racing chair design, the chair has an open mesh that cools you off as you play. With the mesh overheating is a thing of the past. Yes, there are sections of the chair that use PU leather, but they are at points of your body that are rarely sweaty.

The Cobra R chair armrests can be adjusted to your liking. While the armrests look permanently fixed, they are not; they are adjustable. They can rotate a complete 360 degrees, which means you can leave them at 90 degrees when you don’t want to use them. The choice is yours to place the armrests at whatever position of your liking.

Next, let’s explore the pros and cons of this gaming chair—and eliminate any doubts whether it’s worth it.

Pros of Cobra chair

  • You can use it both in the office and while gaming.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Impressive built quality.
  • Silent castors to minimize noise when moving the chair.
  • Can support a maximum of 360 pounds in weight.
  • Amazing cooling system thanks to the mesh backrest.
  • The cool air that runs through the chair keeps gamers cool.


  • Time-consuming when assembling.
  • Some users opt to replace the wheels.

​FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q: Is E-Blue USA a reputable company?

A: E-Blue has been around for close to two decades designing and manufacturing gaming furniture and peripherals. While it has dominated the Asian market for the longest time, it is now successfully expanding into the US and European markets.  There is no reason why you should not shop with confidence when you finally opt for the E-Blue USA Cobra-R gaming chair.

Q: Is the chair noisy when moved?

A: The Cobra chair is equipped with silent nylon and PU castors that minimize noise when the chair is being used.

Q: Is the chair ergonomic?

A: The Cobra R chair has an ergonomic design for all body types. To top up, it also has a breathable fabric net acting as a cooling system. No more sweating or overheating no matter how long the gaming sessions are.

The chair’s backrest design helps improve your blood and oxygen circulation by supporting your lumbar region and keeping your spine aligned. This way you remain focused, no matter how long you are in the gaming zone.

Q: Can the chair deform easily?

A: The E-Blue USA Cobra R gaming chair is built for longevity. It will maintain its shape year after year, no matter how long your gaming sessions are. The extended seat cushion is made from highly resilient foam sponge material that is hard to deform.

Q: Does the chair come with a warranty?

A: The Cobra R gaming chair comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. So, within one year of purchase, you can replace the chair in case of any defects.

Similar chairs

The other chair that might interest you is the Ficmax ergonomic high-back large size office desk. It has a Lumbar massage support and retractable footrest.

Where there is an E-Blue product, the Ficmax is not far behind. This chair boasts what the manufacturer calls “double comfort.” The chair comes with an USB electric massager, a large seat cushion and wide and thick armrests. It also has an adjustable footrest, headrest pillow, lumbar cushion and a wide chair back.

There is more; the chair is made from quality PU leather making it easy to clean and resistant to fading. It gets even better with its high-density thick sponge that is known for its remarkable resilience and permeability.



If you spend a couple of hours every day gaming, you need the E-Blue USA Cobra chair. Its design makes it suitable for both office and gaming environment, so it’s not limited to a specific environment.  Not to mention that it’s easy to maintain and clean.

Moreover, the E-Blue USA Cobra chair is not only affordable but also reliable. Its longevity assures you of a quality product for the longest time possible. If gaming is your forte, then this is the chair to have.

Have a great gaming session!

Editor’s Rating

Design - 8.9/10

Comfort - 8.7/10

Durability - 8.8/10

Strength - 9/10


Editor's Rating
  • 8.9/10
    Design - 8.9/10
  • 8.7/10
    Comfort - 8.7/10
  • 8.8/10
    Durability - 8.8/10
  • 9/10
    Strength - 9/10

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