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The Best Racing Wheel for Your Setup

In this guide, we present the best racing wheels that are available right now. You will find our recommendations and a comparison table just further down this page to make things easier for you.

Note: All the racing wheels recommended in this guide also work on a PC.

Are you fond of racing games? Did you buy a game console, such as a PS4 or Xbox One, or did you ever build your own gaming PC just to play such games?

If so, you would know that the only way to really enjoy playing racing games is to get the best PC racing wheel kit.

Best Choice

Logitech G29 Steering Wheel

Amazing product

Pretty good and comfortable,

Different mounting options, Pretty good force feedback


Thrustmaster T300RS


Impressive Force Feedback, More professional design

Build quality is solid

Best Value

Thrustmaster T150

Budget friendly

Great wheels for the price, Good force feedback,

1080-degree wheel

Nothing can beat the experience of using racing wheels because of the force feedback they provide. When you’re using them, it feels as if you’re really the one driving the car you use in-game.

Racing wheels come in sets that include racing pedals, a wheelbase, and the PC racing wheel itself. Also, you can get those racing-style gaming chairs while you’re at it.

If you’re on the lookout for great racing wheels, then you’ve come to the right article. In this article, we will talk about some of the best PC racing wheels you can get and give you some recommendations.

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Thrustmaster T150
  • Compatibility: PS4 / PC
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Thrustmaster T300RS
  • Compatibility: PS4 / PC
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Logitech G29
  • Compatibility: PS4 / PC
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Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition
  • Compatibility: XBox / PC
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Fanatec CSL Elite
  • Compatibility: XBox/ PC
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We will separate the racing wheels into categories depending on the game console so it will be easier for you to browse the items on the list.

It is important to note that while we’ll categorize them based on two popular game consoles, all the racing wheels on this list are compatible with the PC.

With that being said, here are some of the best ones you can buy. Let’s start with the PlayStation 4 console.

Best PlayStation 4 Racing PC Wheels


Thrustmaster T150 PS4 Steering wheel Review


  • Great wheels for the price
  • Good force feedback
  • 1080-degree wheel


  • Build quality is sub-par
  • Pedals are not that great

The best PS4 racing wheels can be very expensive. However, what if you only want to simulate the experience of racing a real car, and you don’t want to dole out a lot of money just to get a steering wheel for PS4?


Well, fear not! There is a PS4 racing wheel that caters to people who do not have a huge budget but also want a good experience.


Enter the Thrustmaster T150! This PS4 racing wheel comes from a reputable brand, and it is arguably the best budget-oriented steering wheel for PS4 on the market.


The Thrustmaster T150 PS4 steering wheel features a plastic build, but it is a hard plastic material. From the wheel to its base, everything here is plastic. However, despite its material of choice, the feel of the T150 steering wheel for PS4 is not akin to those low-quality products; in fact, it is far from it.


On the face of the wheel, you will find controls like the D-pad, the PS4’s face buttons, as well as the L2, R2, Option, and Share buttons.


You can see on the left and right-hand portions of the wheel some blue rubber material, which helps you grip the wheel even if your hands get too sweaty from all the action.


There are two versions of the Thrustmaster T150 PS4 racing wheel: the original and the Ferrari edition. The former sports a blue-colored grip while the latter sports a red-colored grip with the iconic Ferrari logo at the center of this steering wheel for PS4.


The Thrustmaster T150 steering wheel for PS4 also comes with a two-pedal set: one pedal for the accelerator and one for the brakes.

Well, there’s nothing particularly great about them. They are just as plain as it can be. The pedals of this steering wheel for PS4 feel low quality in the sense they do not have that much resistance when you step on them.


However, given that this is a budget PS4 racing wheel package, you should expect a few compromises. The good thing is that you can upgrade to a much better pedal set in time, so there are no worries in that regard.


The biggest feature of the T150 PS4 racing wheel is its force feedback. In fact, most users regard it as one of the best, even competing with the high-end best PC racing wheels.


For those of you who do not know, force feedback, in PS4 steering wheels, simulates the real-world driving experience.


For example, if you perform a strong turn, the force feedback of this steering wheel for PS4 will give you the resistance that you would feel while driving a real car.

Other than the great force feedback, the Thrustmaster T150 steering wheel for PS4 is as basic as it gets, but for the price of only $195, you’re getting a solid entry-level PS4 steering wheel.


If you want to start out and enjoy the experience of playing racing games to the fullest without breaking the bank, the Thrustmaster T150 PS4 racing wheel is the best choice.


Top PS4 (Steering) Wheel – Thrustmaster T300RS Review


  • Impressive force feedback

  • More professional design


  • Pedals could be better

  • Expensive

If you want a more robust PS4 racing wheel than the T150, then the company’s T300RS PS4 steering wheel should give you an upgrade to the experience.

The Thrustmaster T300RS is another popular PC racing wheel from the company, and it works for the PlayStation 3, 4, and the PC.


What differentiates the T300RS PS4 racing wheel from the T150? Well, first, it has a much better design with more premium materials.


Build quality is solid, and you will have no problems with the material just chipping off when you’re using this steering wheel for PS4.

Force feedback is also good. In fact, a lot of gamers dial down their force feedback options because of it being too strong for others.


The force feedback is a step higher than that on the T150. Remember that some games offer more force feedback than others. However, I have to say that the T300RS steering wheel for PS4 can handle them pretty well.


Just at the back of the wheel are paddle shifters, which have a nice tactile feel to them. Some gamers even commend the company for putting in such incredible paddle shifters that are easy to operate and do feel cheap at all.


Like the T150, the Thrustmaster T300RS PS4 racing wheel comes with a two-pedal board. This steering wheel for PS4 doesn’t have a clutch, which might disappoint certain players.


Well, while the lack of a pedal board is disappointing, given the PS4 racing wheel’s price tag, it could not have been better. It still feels cheap despite its metal foot pedals, as opposed to the T150’s plastic ones.


Although the durability of this steering wheel for PS4 has improvements, such as steel foot pedals, the resistance and the feel of a nice set of pedals isn’t there. Nevertheless, this is an improvement if you’ve used the T150. What may be disappointing is that it doesn’t have that premium feel given its asking price.


On the front of the wheel comes the same button layout found in the T150; the main difference is that it sports a predominantly black color scheme, with white accents for that sexy and premium look.


The performance of the T300RS is good. This steering wheel for PS4 has a 1080-degree rotation, and whenever you use it, the wheel will calibrate itself so you will have a perfect performance every time.


It uses a standard USB 2.0 cable, which is convenient because, if the cable gets lost, you can just buy one from the computer store for a low price.


Aside from the pedal board not performing up to par with other competitors, the T300RS steering wheel for PS4 doesn’t come with a clutch, which is surprising given its price.

However, other than those two quirks, the Thrustmaster T300RS is one of the best steering wheels for PS4, PS3, and the PC.


Logitech G29 PS4 (Steering) Wheel Review


  • Comfortable

  • Different mounting options

  • Good force feedback


  • Strong wheel turns do not feel smooth

  • Bright-colored buttons may not appeal to many

  • No stick shift

Logitech is a huge gaming peripherals company that has been around for so many years. What this means is that they know how to create amazing gaming peripherals, and they’ve even created the best PC racing wheel.


The Logitech G29 is a neat PS4 steering wheel and is the direct successor to the G27.


The two previous PS4 steering wheels both have plastic rims with some improved grips on the side, but many people say they feel “plasticky.”


This steering wheel for PS4 from Logitech, however, has leather material wrapped around the rim to give that premium feel and look. Not only that, but the leather material also provides not just grip but comfort.


On the front of the PS4 steering wheel comes the usual buttons you can find on a conventional PS4 controller. The side buttons feature a light blue color, and a red circular knob houses various car controls you can tweak in-game.


Logitech does a fine job with the overall design of this PS4 steering wheel, but I don’t think many people would find the brightly colored buttons appealing.


The pedal board of the G29 PS4 steering wheel is also a big improvement over the G27. It has three pedals: one for the accelerator, one for the break, and one for the clutch. Despite having a clutch pedal, the G29 PS4 racing wheel doesn’t come with a stick shift by default, but it is available for an additional $50.


Anyway, one of the biggest improvements regarding is the brake pedal. It has increased tension over its predecessor, and all the pedals have much better feedback when you step on them.


The pedal board has spikes that improve its grip on the floor. It works perfectly well on carpets, so if you’re using one, the G29 PS4 steering wheel will never budge.


In terms of performance, the Logitech G29 PS4 racing wheel performs admirably well. There is also a nifty feature that is not present in the Thrustmaster best PS4 steering wheels I’ve highlighted above.


What is that feature? Well, it is the LED lights you can see at the top of the rim. These LED lights are rev indicators that help you see if you need to shift to another gear for maximum performance.


This is a superb feature because it allows you to time your gear shifts perfectly. Use this, coupled with the good performance from the paddle shifts, and you’re in for a nice treat.


The Logitech G29 PS4 steering wheel only has a 900-degree turn as opposed to the 1080 turn from the Thrustmaster rims. However, you would rarely need to turn the wheel fully anyway, so this isn’t too big of an issue.


Force feedback, a feature that a lot of PS4 steering wheel buyers look into, is good in the Logitech G29. However, if you’ve owned its predecessor, the Logitech G27 PS4 racing wheel, you will be surprised as there are no improvements in terms of the force feedback on the newer one.


That is true; the Logitech G29 PS4 steering wheel is only a slight improvement over the G27. They released the G29 so it can support the newer game consoles.

The G27 PS4 racing wheel, at the time of writing this article, is over seven years old. So, given that time, Logitech needed to release a version that could handle the newer platforms.


So, what are the cons for the G29 steering wheel for PS4? Well, first is its price. Second, its lack of a stick shift will probably dissuade potential buyers. This is a bummer considering that the previous G27 comes with it by default. If you want the stick shift, again, you need to dish out an additional $50 premium to get it.


The Logitech G29 is a premium PS4 racing wheel and one that people should consider if they own a PlayStation 4 game console.

Best Steering Wheels for Xbox One


Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition Review


  • Smooth steering performance

  • Strong force feedback


  • Rim feels toy-like

  • Brake pedals are stiff

As you may have noticed, this list features a good number of products from Thrustmaster. What can I say? Well, they make fantastic PC racing wheels for various gaming platforms, so it is hard to ignore them.


Now, if you want to simulate the authentic experience of driving a real Formula One racing car, then you might like this next product.


The Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, a handful of a name, has a good performance, and it also has the aesthetics.


As you can derive from the product’s name, the rim garners its inspiration from the Ferrari 48 Italia. The actual PC racing wheel has the real car’s design, which will entice every Ferrari fan out there.


It has the Ferrari logo at the center, the start engine button (which in this case is the D-pad), and some additional buttons mapped to the different functions of a conventional Xbox One controller.


Aside from its design, the Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition has another great feature, and that is its force feedback.


I’ve mentioned many times in the article that the Thrustmaster wheels has fantastic force feedback performance, and the Ferrari 458 Italia edition is no different.


To further complement that impressive force feedback, the Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition has a smooth steering wheel able to turn at a maximum of 900 degrees.


Whether you’re making a tight turn or those minute changes in your car’s direction, the best PC racing wheel provides you with a smooth performance, which you will struggle to find in other steering wheels.


It comes with the usual two-pedal board with accelerator and brakes mapped on them. It still has that same plastic base, but it now comes with metallic plates for the actual pedals, providing improved aesthetics and performance.

There is something to be said about the brake pedal, however, because it is stiffer than the accelerator, just like other pedals, but the one that comes with the 458 Italia edition is just too stiff for my taste.


If you dislike the 900-degree limitation of the wheel, the cool thing about the Ferrari 458 Italia edition wheel is that you can swap it with another one from the company that has the ability to turn to a maximum of 1080-degrees. Note that you will have to spend more money if you want to change it, though.


One last thing to note here is that the actual steering wheel feels toy-like. They still make it using sturdy plastic, but I guess you know what I mean.


The Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition not only fulfills the desires of Ferrari fans, but it also provides a nice peripheral for people who are looking for a steering wheel for the Xbox One game console.


PC steering wheel with clutch and shifter - Fanatec CSL Elite Review


  • Great pedal board

  • Customizable 

  • Really good force feedback


  • Expensive

  • Wheel doesn’t feel premium

  • Upgrades are highly expensive

Now, most of the steering wheels on this list cost below $300, but the Fanatec CSL Elite costs more than that. In fact, it costs nearly twice as much as the previous recommendations.


If this is the case, why did I recommend it, given its much higher price point? Well, it is because it has the performance to back up its asking price.


Fanatec has a reputation for creating lots of best PC racing wheels that are not cheap, but they provide limitless customization options, and the basic kits are good.


Anyway, the Fanatec CSL Elite has premium aesthetics. I have to point out though, that its wheelbase is smaller, at least when compared with the other best PC racing wheels. This is actually a good thing because you won’t need a larger desk just to mount the wheel.


The wheelbase is “busy” in terms of its design. On the front of the wheelbase, you can find the “digital” aesthetic. On the sides, you will find the glossy finish, and at the top, you will find a matte black and gray finish.


Now, on to the rim itself. The Fanatec CSL Elite’s wheel comes with an LED screen at the top to show certain settings you can tweak on the fly. This is a unique thing because you can set the parameters on the wheel itself without going to the actual menu settings of the game. The feature is a hit or miss, however, because it is cumbersome to cycle through the different settings on such a small LED screen. In addition, the front of the wheelbase provides a set of LED lights that act as the gear-shift indicator.


Fanatec also provides a nice trio of pedals in the Fanatec CSL Elite kit. The three pedals, as you probably know by now, comprise the accelerator, the brake, and the clutch.


It important to note though, that the stick shift is not part of the basic package. Again, you need to spend another price premium if you want to get it.


Back to the pedals. The resistance and the force required to activate them are actually customizable. This is a feature you won’t find in any other best PC racing wheel on this list.


At the back of the pedals are buffers you can replace depending on the stiffness you want the pedals to have. There are three buffers offering different levels of stiffness in the kit, and replacing them can be easy, but only if you follow the instructions to the tee.


I love the fact you can tailor the pedals according to your liking. However, I’ve expected such a feature considering the product’s high price.


Now on to the performance. The force feedback of the Fanatec CSL Elite is nothing short of amazing. It has one of the best force feedback implementations in the market. It is so good, in fact, that setting it at a constant 100% will leave a lasting unpleasant feeling after playing.

As for the wheel’s performance, it is on a par with some of the Thrustmaster best PC racing wheels in this article. It is smooth, and it provides a maximum of 1080-degree turn, which is nice.


The Fanatec CSL Elite is silent as the fans will not kick in until you’re about 20 to 30 minutes in. Also, even if the fans spin, their noise is akin to that of a light desktop fan spinning at around 50%, which is still whispering quietly.


In terms of aesthetics, performance, and feature set, the Fanatec CSL Elite is definitely one of the best out there, but given its price tag and the fact that the upgrades would require you to reach for your wallet again, this steering wheel might not be for many.


However, if you have the money to spend, then definitely consider getting the Fanatec CSL Elite best PC racing wheel kit.

Important Terms Related to Racing PC Wheels

Now, when shopping for a gaming peripheral, such as best PC Racing wheels, you might come across some terms you might not know about.
Below are the most commonly used terms in this industry.

Force Feedback

Probably the most marketed term with steering wheels, force feedback refers to the wheel’s ability to give you a range of data about the condition of the car, just like you would in a real-world scenario. For example, force feedback allows you to feel the resistance and the rumble when you’re driving on, say, a rough road. 

Stick Shift

Stick shift is the same as that of a real car, and it allows you to change the gear. In all the steering wheels on this list, the stick shift is not part of the bundle and is only available via separate purchase. 

Belt Drive

This kind of system is where a servo and a belt attach to a motor to provide the wheel’s shake and rumble feature. The downside to this is that it doesn’t provide the strong feedback that people love in a steering wheel. 

Direct Drive

This kind of system is where the wheel connects directly to a motor. This translates to better force feedback and is more “realistic.” Direct drive systems cost more because of this. 

What to look for when buying a Steering Wheel

To get the best PC racing (steering) wheel for you, you need to know a few key things.

Force Feedback

Manufacturers market certain steering wheels as “force feedback wheels” and for good reason; it is probably one thing you need to truly consider when buying one. Most budget-friendly wheels come with the belt drive system that, despite giving you a force feedback response, is not that robust or realistic. If you have the cash to spare, get some high-end wheels that have the direct drive system built-in.


Now, steering wheels are compatible with the PC platform, and that is a given, but if you’re looking to use it for a specific game console, you need to look at the fine print. There are wheels that are only for a particular game console. That’s mostly because of licensing and the fact that manufacturers tailor the product for a particular console. Again, make sure that the one you will buy is for the game console you’re using.

Wheel Rotation

Next is wheel rotation. Most of the best PC racing wheels on this list sport a 900-degree wheel rotation, which, in most cases, is good enough for most people. However, if you play racing games or racing simulators wherein you will drive a huge vehicle, then having a 1080-degree rotation on the steering wheel should be a priority.

Pedals/Pedal board

The Steering wheel is just half of the total racing experience; the other half is the pedal board that comes with it. Most of the affordable wheel sets come with a pedal board that is predominantly plastic. Even though that is usually the case, some plastic pedal boards offer good resistance, which really simulates the real experience. Read up on reviews online about the pedal boards that come with the wheel. In most cases, the more expensive the wheel, the better the pedal board. If you stick with a budget steering wheel, there are third-party pedal boards you can purchase the next time you have money to spend on your racing kit.


Also referred to as the “stick shift,” the clutch really improves your racing experience. In today’s steering wheels, manufacturers do not include the clutch in the kit but rather sell it separately. This is where you should think about whether you should get it or not. If you ask me, I would get a clutch system as it makes racing games even more realistic, but it can also prove to be challenging in some titles. Also, a good clutch system is slightly expensive, so that is a point to ponder on.

Racing (Steering) Wheel Tips

Racing PC wheels vastly improve your experience when playing racing games and simulators, but not many people know how to maximize their full potential.

In this part of the article, I will talk about the different racing PC wheels tips in order to truly improve your overall experience when using the peripheral. 

Update the Firmware

The first thing you need to do to maximize the use of the PS4 steering wheel is to update its firmware. Most steering wheels for PS4 are several months or even years old, and they may have already had several firmware updates during that time span. Firmware updates not only have bug fixes and improvement but may also come with new features. 


The second thing you need to do is to practice. Most people think that, by getting a racing PC wheel, their gameplay experience will improve immediately. This is really not the case. You still need to practice, and practice a lot. That is because you might be too accustomed to a controller, and your muscles will require time to acclimate to the new gaming peripheral. So, in order to get better in using a racing PC wheel, always practice. 


Some racing PC wheels already have superb compatibility with a lot of games, so the racing PC wheels work right off the bat. However, for some games, you will still need to tinker with the settings to make them work just fine. Before starting a race, head on over to the controls page, and make sure that the buttons are mapped correctly. 

Get a racing seat

To further improve your racing experience, get a racing-style car seat. Most gaming chairs have a racing-style format, but there are also some chairs that are built for racing car simulators. If you have more money, get one of the said racing car seats. Set things up properly, and by this, I mean that you should adjust the hardware to be perfect for your needs. This includes the proper placement of the pedals and the correct spacing of the racing PC wheels from your position. 

Talk to the community

There are plenty of forums on the internet that are dedicated to people who own racing PC wheels. You can learn from their experiences, and you can also get pro tips from a lot of racing PC wheel enthusiasts. If you have the time, talk to the community to gain insight. 


The last tip is to upgrade your racing PC wheel setup over time. There are plenty of upgrades you can get, such as a clutch system, a better pedal board, and a better rim, among others. Be sure to upgrade your setup if you have the money to do so, as this will further improve your racing experience.


Racing PC wheels vastly improve your racing game experience by providing a simulation of real-world driving. All racing PC wheels nowadays come with “force feedback,” a response that can give you that feeling of driving a real car when playing your games.


Getting the right racing PC wheel will require you to tick items on a checklist. What is your budget? What platform are you using the racing PC wheel for? What are the specific racing games you are playing? These are just some questions that would-be buyers need to answer before getting a racing PC wheel.


As mentioned in this article, a steering wheel truly gives you the experience of riding an actual car and racing it through the tracks. The more expensive the racing PC wheel, the better the experience because of its better construction, better force feedback, and more abundant features.


Hopefully, this article helped you decide on the best racing wheel for your setup. Remember to get one that is suited to the game console you’re using.

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