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Today we are going to be taking a look at the Turismo gaming chair Sovrano series. This is a company that has a track record of putting out a great quality product, year in and year out. So you won’t be surprised that we were excited to get our hands on this Sovrano series.

Like any good gamer knows, you need to have a great chair to use for those extended gaming sessions. Your comfort is key to focus everything on the most important task: gaming. Thankfully Turismo has put out another product that is going to add to your gaming experience and in style.

We were impressed by the initial aesthetics of this Turismo racing chair. You are drawn in by the orange highlights in the otherwise dark synthetic leather. It has a very solid looking construction at first glance, with cushioning and support everywhere. Below we will breakdown the more important aspects of what makes a good gaming chair.

Turismo Sovrano Series features and ratings

Support and Comfort (9/10)

The Turismo gaming chair Sovrano Series offers top of the line support and comfort for its segment, It starts with a dual layer of foam in all the right places. Two inches of memory foam allows you to have firm support, as well as the comfort of something softer with an inch of comfort foam.

We are very impressed by how nice this chair initially feels. And don’t forget about the neck and lumbar pillows that add just the right amount of support. As well, Turismo seems to have gone all out on the arm rests. They are grooved rests support with extra padding near the wrists, which provides great ergonomics.

Along with the foam, this Turismo Gaming Chair has been made with an open cell structure. This means there is more airflow and less heat build-up for those endless gaming sessions. Anyone who has been there knows that this is an underrated feature when it comes to comfort.

Having a frame made from industrial grade steel, you know this Turismo racing chair was built to high standards. It has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds, which is great for our larger friends. They opted for a wider five wheel base, and this adds exceptional maneuverability as well as a stronger center of gravity.

Our favorite thing about this Turismo gaming chair is the back adjustment. You can bring this chair back as far as 180 degrees, to lay completely flat. Laying flat in this chair does not feel awkward in the least. You really feel like you have lots of support underneath and no fears of tipping over.

It takes a near miracle to give any product perfect scores in a support and comfort standpoint. Since every person on the planet has different ideas of what comfortable is, we wouldn’t feel right about saying it is for absolutely everyone. We can say for sure, that this is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs we have experienced lately. In this segment, you will be hard pressed to find anything that feels better.

Design & Style (10/10)

The Turismo Racing chair just looks amazing. When you picture a gaming chair in your head, this is what you see. It screams comfort and style with the high-end synthetic leather. The dark base color is offset with bursts of orange that really draw in your attention. You can’t help but fall in love with it at first glance.

Your eyes will also be drawn to the extremely plush looking pillows strategically placed in just the right spots. These pillows offer extra neck and lumbar support so you don’t get a stiff neck or back during those long play sessions. They look very cool, with the same black and orange synthetic leather as the rest of the chair.

For pure aesthetic appeal, Turismo gaming chair has added racing straps to the inside portion of the chair. These really don’t serve any logical purpose, unless you get really into your racing games and feel the need for the extra safety and support. They just look right on a gaming chair, and we aren’t complaining about them one bit.

Above we had started talking about the back of the chair, and the 180-degree capability. This is pulled off very well in our opinion. It is very ergonomic and stable when in the flat position, thanks in part to the sturdy five point base.

It is important to have these types of options available for consumers who spend an inordinate amount of time in their chairs. To be able to switch positions and pressure points on a whim is a great design feature.

Durability (8/10)

Considering what the Turismo Racing chair is made out of, only the largest of gamers may see some issues with durability. The industrial strength steel and aluminum alloy are rated to support up to 350 pounds. The synthetic leather seems to be high-quality material. Just about anything can be wiped off the surface, and it would take a lot of rough play to do any significant damage.

Weight distribution, especially when it comes to the aluminum sections, is essential when looking at durability. Between the dual-layered foam, adjustable base, and strategic placement of pillows, this chair takes a lot of weight very easily.

We can safely say this particular Turismo gaming chair should take the punishment from daily full-time use. It is built to last and deal with abuse from even the most over the top gamer. You can keep throwing punches at this chair and it will not get knocked down. Yet again, it is impossible to give something a perfect score for durability. We have high confidence that you will get lots of time out of the Sovrano Series chair.

Turismo Racing Sovrano Series gaming chair


  • Style plain and simple. This Turismo gaming Chair looks absolutely amazing at first glance. They have done their best to make this look like the inside of a race car. From the orange highlights to cushioning, and even the straps to like a seatbelt. This game chair feels like the real thing.
  • The adjustable aluminum base scores big in our book. It is lightweight, spreads out for heavier loads, and generally gives you a great feeling of stability and center of gravity.
  • A frame made of reinforced industrial strength steel compliments the already stellar base of this chair. Being surrounded by high-grade steel makes you feel very stable and comfortable.
  • Ergonomic design is apparent. There are strategically placed pillows, grooved and cushioned arm rests, and 180 degrees of rotation to find the most comfortable position for any person
  • 180 degrees of back adjustment is spectacular. It will go into any position you need, depending on what you are using the chair for. It also has the ability to adjust the resistance of the back. This ensures maximum personalization for your comfort level.
  • Assembly could not have been easier. This Turismo gaming chair came to us in a few large pieces that were easily put together. The instructions were clear and concise, and we had no issues getting our chair together.


  • Lack of a foot rest. While this isn’t necessarily an issue for all consumers. With the 180 degrees lay flat option, we would have liked to see some form of foot rest come out. This would help comfort and weight distribution as well.
  • Again, not a huge issue for most consumers, but the weight may be an issue for some people. The chair clocks in at slightly over 50 pounds. This may pose an issue for any of our gamer friends with strength or mobility issues.
  • There aren’t any customization or color options available. We thought it would be a nice touch to be able to add our own unique touch to such an important part of the gaming experience.
  • In the lower back section of the chair, it wraps slightly around you to give your more support on the sides. We would think this may be an issue for some large gamers out there. There does not seem to be any way to adjust this particular area of the chair.

We cannot comment on the weight limit of the Turismo gaming chair, so will not include it in the pros and cons. Unfortunately, we did not have anyone available that was near the stated weight limit. From what we have experienced, this gaming chair is very sturdy and don’t think our larger friends will have any issues with support.


Conclusion (9/10)

Here we are at the end of our review for the Turismo racing chair: Sovrano Series. We have to say we are wholly impressed with what this chair has to offer. It looks absolutely stunning at first glance. This is a big deal for a lot of our gamer friends, as we all like to have our gaming setup looking as fresh as possible.

There is so much positive to say about the Turismo Racing chair, as you can tell from reading our review. It has many ergonomic features that modern gamers are going to be looking for. People need to be comfortable and supported during long gaming sessions. This chair is going to be a great accessory for anyone who is serious about their gaming.

There are so few drawbacks with the Sovrano series that they were hardly worth mentioning. Granted it may not be for 100 percent of the consumer base, most people will find this to be a great purchase for the money. We are giving this chair a big thumbs up and can highly recommend it.

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    Design - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Comfort - 9/10
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