Best Kids Gaming Chairs: Age & Style Kept In Mind

We admit our shock – too many websites seem to think just about any gaming chair can be comfortable for kids too.That’s simply not right! Some of these models are way too big and would be non-ergonomic for, say, a 8 year old. Even for a younger teenager, actually.As some of us have kids rocking a well-fitting chair, here are our recommendations:For smaller kids (up to 6 years old): Big Joe Classic, the best bean bag … Read more

The 7 Best X Rocker Gaming Chairs: Handpicked List

There’s a reason why we have a whole section of UGC devoted to X Rocker chairs. They feature unique audio design paired with good ergonomics and impressive durability.The brand has only one drawback: an overwhelming amount of models! What’s an X Rocker 2000 series? What about Vibe 2.1, or Pedestal, or Gamma?We’ll cover them now!In case you were wondering about our favorite: it’s the X Rocker Pro H3 chair. Next-gen 4.1 audio system, additional vibration … Read more

Best Pillows For Gaming: 4 Handpicked Choices

When seeking the best pillows for gaming, you might notice there are quite a few rather low-quality looking products.Why settle for something subpar though? You want to pamper yourself during all those hours of playing. We’ve handpicked 4 gaming backrests for bed of proven excellence. The UGC team believes the LinenSpa Pillow to be the top choice based on ergonomics, price and a fantastic 3-year warranty.This pillow’s ultra-soft and multi-purpose design might not be enough … Read more

Best Gaming Mice 2022 : A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Perfect weight distribution, RGB, precise control, and quality build – these are the ones to consider to top your gaming play. We believe that for budgeting gamers, the CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB-FPS is the top choice. The highly durable and accurate sensors of this model allow you to have the best gaming experience for an affordable price.There are other, more premium and flashy options, though. Keep reading to choose the gaming mouse which fits your preferences the … Read more

Best Massage Chairs In 2022 – Ultimate List

A massage chair is the perfect way to wind down after a hard day at work – or enjoy some personal time over the weekend.It can also make sense from a financial perspective, considering how expensive massage services have become. Practically speaking, you’ll get your initial investment back in a few months’ time.The best massage chair is a mix between ergonomic design, quality (and diverse) features and a decent price.The UGC team believes Flash Furniture’s … Read more

The Best Gaming Headset 2022

What is the best gaming headset? In this guide, we will present to you the list of best gaming headsets. When it comes to gaming audio, many PC enthusiasts will often tell you that the best option on the market is to purchase a good pair of headphones for gaming, and pair it with a dedicated mic. More often than not, you’ll end up with hardware that sounds better both coming in and going out. … Read more

Adult Console Gaming Chair – Best of 2022

What’s in a dedicated gaming chair for adults?Ergonomics? Sure. But the chair also needs to cover a list of essentials, including design, durability and proper adjustability. Adult gaming chairs need to be even more flexible than those for kids.If you’re on a budget, the UGC team recommends you to take a look at the Homall gaming chair. Despite it being inexpensive, it has all the essential features – and even a footrest. There’s a reason … Read more

Handpicked: 6 Best Racing Chairs & Sim Cockpits (2022)

Racing simulator cockpits are easily the most entertaining and engaging type of gaming chairs.As products they can be painfully hit or miss, though. Some are meh. Others are that secret ingredient to reaching game immersion levels you never even imagined to experience.Cutting to the chase: At UGC we believe that Openwheeler’s GEN3 Cockpit is one of the best gaming seats for racing available right now.Comfortable, sturdy, flexible…and of course, compatible with all platforms and most … Read more

Best Gaming Couch – Finding The Perfect Setup in 2022

Design, features, and price – these are the things most people consider when buying a gaming couch. The big question is: Are you looking for a comfy way to experience your single player gaming sessions? Or are you rather looking for a whole multiplayer raid?If it’s all about having a whole party of gamers at your place, the UGC team recommends Seatcraft’s Omega Home Theater. A luxurious take on what a true gaming couch can offer … Read more

The Best UPS: 5 options for gaming & home use

When I was a student, I had power outages happen all the time due to the area I lived in. Nevermind an abrupt end to my gaming sessions – there were a few times where I lost important progress on my reports.Blackouts happen in surprisingly many places, especially over the past few years with the weather becoming worse and worse.In this sense, you’d do well to pick a UPS as a backup plan for your … Read more