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If you happen to be reading this article chances are you are either confused about which chair company is worth your money or you are in the market looking to buy a new gaming chair. Either way, this review should help you select your new chair with ease. This article is focused on better DXRacer alternatives to the chairs that DXRacer company has to offer.

For those of you who don’t already know, DXRacer is a company (see their website) that makes some of the best gaming chairs in the market. They also sponsor many gaming teams, and they play a major role in the eSports community. For those of you who already know about DXRacer, you are probably already aware of their models and their prices. Of course, DXRacer chairs are great, but there are so many options that it’s often confusing deciding which one to get. Most of us are often left wondering about what color and size or model we should get without emptying your wallet.

Keeping all that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the best DXRacer alternatives to the DXRacer brand. While most of these DXRacer alternative chairs have a similar style and vibe, their differences come in their price, design, and functionality. So whether you can’t afford a DXRacer right now, or even if you just want to try something a little different, this guide about DXRacer alternative or chairs like DXRacer should hopefully help you with your new purchase.


Deerhunter Gaming Chair with High Back Ergonomic Racing Chair

When looking at DXRacer, we always can check the recommended height and weight on their official website. But when it comes to a cheaper DXRacer alternative, it’s not that simple. Less popular manufacturers in most cases don’t give us this information and when they do it’s often not too accurate. According to customer reviews, this DXRacer knockoff is the best choice for tall people. Most reviews of this best DXRacer chair alternative are from customers who are 6’1” and 6’4” height. And according to them, it fits perfectly. But don’t let that put the thought of owning this cheap DXRacer chair look alike away. There might be shorter people out there who still have these chairs like DXRacer but haven’t found time to speak about them.

Build & Design

This best DXRacer chair alternative has a great design and is built with good quality materials. It is padded with PU leather which is very soft, waterproof and durable. Deerhunter also gives you nine designs to choose from. You can find almost every color you want (which is great if you are looking for something to match your room). People think that the quality of this DXRacer knockoff is perfect and it looks even better than the price would suggest. The Deerhunter cheap DXRacer like chair is well cushioned with cold-cure foam which makes sitting on it really comfortable. One of the most important things every good DXRacer alternative should have is pillows to support your lumbar and head. It’s not different in the case of Deerhunter. The pillows included are soft and well-made and are very helpful especially when you suffer from lower back pains.

The chairs durability is definitely one of the most important things, even in a budget gaming chair. Deerhunter has a 5-star aluminum base which ensures that chair is very sturdy and solid. The wheels of this best DXRacer chair alternative are equipped with 6 cm silent brake caster so you can be sure that they are safe for your floor. Speaking about adjustability, if you want cheaper DXRacer alternatives with the same possibility of adjustment, you will like this. This DXRacer knockoff has even deeper backrest recline (90-170 degrees compared to DXRacer chairs which max out at 135 degrees). It is perfect when you want to take a quick nap in between sessions. The armrests are also adjustable. Other standard features like the 360 swivel and adjustable seat height remain the same.

Pros and Cons

Adjustable Armrests.
Best suits tall people.
Backrest has even deeper recline than DXRacer.
Has wobbly Armrests.
Great for people with lower back pain.
Awesome design and nine colors to choose from.
Very comfortable.


In the end, the Deerhunter is a perfect cheap DXRacer alternative for most of you. Based on customer reviews, this chair is perfect for those who suffer from back pains, mainly in the lower section. Apart from that this DXRacer alternative is really comfortable and durable and is worth all the money you spend on it.


GTracing Gaming Racing Chair

The second cheap DXRacer alternative to DXRacing is GTRacing. When you compare their chairs to DXRacer, you’ll not find a lot of difference with many models. The company has a similar looking logo as well. This best DXRacer chair alternative from GTRacing is built with a racing theme in mind and is made with a perfectly balanced budget in mind. Looking at the outside, it doesn’t look any different than some of the chairs like DXRacer that cost hundreds of dollars, from DXRacing.So most of you might be wondering where the catch is, Did they cheap out on the inside? Well no, GTRacing is pretty well known in the gaming chair industry for creating chairs like DXRacer that deliver quality and durability on a low budget. This DXRacer knockoff also supports up to 330 pounds and has a highly adjustable backrest to help you find the best and most comfortable resting position.

Build and design

Well, to start off some people say that this chair is exactly like DXRacer but for one third the price. To be honest, it’s hard to disagree. When you look at it you see, even logo looks very similar. Some reviewers had an opportunity to compare it to DXRacer, and they claimed there weren’t many differences! The build of the chair is solid and sturdy. Its maximum weight capacity is 330 lbs, so it’s much more than other cheap DXRacer alternatives. This fact was also confirmed by people in reviews who were quite heavy, and they claimed they didn’t have any problems with construction and durability of this DXRacer knockoff.

The cushions used on this best DXRacer chair alternative are very comfortable and sometimes better than what DXRacer has to offer. The pillows included are very comforting, and the lumbar pillow supports the lower back very well. The design of the cushions is almost identical to the ones used on DXRacer chairs.

Pros and Cons

Probably it’s the most similar DXRacer knock-off on the market.
Can be uncomfortable for lightweight people.
Very comfortable.
Very sturdy and solid.
Not many differences between DXRacer and this GTracing chair.


If you are a DXRacer fan and you don’t want to spend so much money on a chair from them, then look no further. This best DXRacer chair alternative is possibly the closest you can get to a perfect DXRacer knockoff. When you look at how much you are getting without making a hole in your pocket, you will realize that this cheap DXRacer chair look alike is a real steal deal.


Homall Speed Series Gaming Chair Ergonomic High-Back with Footrest

When you are in the market for a gaming chair budget, you can find many options out there both expensive and inexpensive. For those of you who have been looking for the best computer gaming chair to suit your budget, you might already know that these days you can find a lot of cheap DXRacer alternatives and rip-offs to many costly brands (DXRacer for example). But a lot of these chairs like DXRacer have really poor ratings and reviews from people who already bought it. If you are looking for something well-tested and top-rated, you will probably like this DXRacer equivalent – Homall Speed Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair with High Back & Footrest.

Build and Design

The Homall Gaming Chair High Back is very good DXRacer knockoff in terms of appearance. The colors and shape are also very similar to the original brand. The only different thing on these chairs like DXRacer is the presence of a footrest(selected models). Unfortunately, you only have two colors to choose from(red and blue). They also offer a black version, but it’s a little bit different chair, without a footrest. The footrest is really appreciated by many people who own the chair. This is an interesting add-on because DXRacer’s competitor has something that they can’t offer. Apart from that Homall also offers adjustable armrests.

Similar to every good DXRacer knockoff, you can find two pillows to support your neck and lumbar which are quite comfortable. Overall for this price, it’s really great deal. The Chair is comfortable and sturdy and is actually good for most people. (Some reviews complain about a little bit hard bottom cushion, but the overall review about the comfort of Homall chair is positive.)

Pros and Cons

Good value for this price.
For lightest people bottom cushion could be a little bit hard.
A lot of good reviews.
Not the easiest assembling.
Successfully tested by many customers.
Nice and similar to DXRacer design.


This chair is a perfect option for most of you out there. 99% of reviews based on this chair are positive. Many people claimed to love the comfort of the chair, and it’s affordable price. Most users expressed that it’s a better product than they expected. Some customers wrote that it’s so comfy that you can even easily fall asleep in it. So If you are in the market looking for DXRacer alternatives, this is surely worth taking home.


This article is mainly for those of you who are in the market for good cheap DXRacer alternatives. THree of the best DXRacer alternatives are mentioned above, and each one of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. Well, end of the day you are the only one who can decide what’s best for you. This review shall help you make that decision with ease. While these may not be authentic DXRacing chairs, they are still as good as the original brand and will provide the durability and comfort you deserve.


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