Best Gaming Couch – Finding The Perfect Gaming Couch in 2020

Design, features, and price - these are the things most people consider when buying a gaming couch. We believe that Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 2-Seat Reclining Couch from will be the one for you.

Its soft cushions are very cozy and it has two cup holders for your favorite drinks.

Best Choice

​Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 2-Seat Reclining

Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 2-Seat Reclining Black Leather Theater Seating Unit with Cup Holders

​Soft. Plush.

​Trendy Theater Seating. Can push back the 2 recliners.

Includes 2 cup holders.


​Seatcraft Omega Leather Home Theater

Lane Omega Leather Gel Home Theater Power Recline Multimedia Sofa with Fold-Down Table

​Sleek. Modern.

​Level up your comfort with one push of a button.

Leather is elegant & durable.

Best Value

​Best Choice Products Modern Entertainment

Best Choice Products Modern Entertainment Futon Sofa Bed Fold Up & Down Recliner Couch

​Versatile. Durable.

​Crafted faux leather is durable.

Recliner couch is convertible to a sleeping bed

​Two months ago, we tested more than 10 gaming couch and have tried the best and the worst.

ImageProductPrice GuideMaterialRatingPrice

Best Gaming Couch 2020

Best Choice Products Modern Entertainment Futon Sofa Bed Fold Up & Down Recliner Couch Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed Fold Up & Down Recliner Couch with Cup Holders – Black Low $$$ Faux Leather
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Lane Omega Leather Gel Home Theater Power Recline Multimedia Sofa with Fold-Down Table Seatcraft Omega Leather Gel Home Theater Seating Power Recline Multimedia Sofa with Adjustable Powered Headrests and Fold-Down Table, Brown High $$$ Faux Leather
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Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 2-Seat Reclining Black Leather Theater Seating Unit with Cup Holders Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 2-Seat Reclining Black Leather Theater Seating Unit with Cup Holders High $$$ Real Leather
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Merax Pu Leather Foldable gaming couch Merax Pu Leather Foldable Modern Leisure Sofa Bed Video Gaming Sofa with Two Pillows, Black Low $$$ Real Leather
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Merax Folding Lazy Sofa Floor Chair Merax Folding Lazy Sofa Floor Chair Sofa Lounger Bed with Armrests and a Pillow Low $$$ Fabric
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The popularity of gaming seems to have grown and grown over the decades, and the activity now has a vast cross-generational appeal. Games consoles first started to appear in homes around the world in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and it’s now even possible for older gamers to share their memories with their grandchildren now that gaming has been around for so long. Many people choose to partake in gaming for hours on end, with gamers often spending hour after hour playing their favorite titles.

One problem with extended gaming sessions is that they can cause us to experience significant pain and discomfort, which is why so many manufacturers have developed ergonomic games furniture to help us combat this problem. 

If you do enjoy your long gaming sessions but find your performance is being compromised by aches and pains due to the furniture that you are using, you may well wish to invest in a special couch or sofa. Whilst chairs specifically designed for gaming can be incredibly supportive, many gamers across the world find themselves seeking the comfort offered by sofas. If you are considering purchasing a sofa or gaming couch for your gaming endeavors, read on.

Another great reason for purchasing gaming couches and sofas is that they mean everyone can enjoy the comfort they are seeking when you are playing with friends and family. Sofa chairs to accommodate one person are also popular with gamers worldwide and allow you easily switch between snoozing and gaming. Find out more about some most sought-after gaming couches on the market below.


Best Choice Products Modern Entertainment Futon Sofa Bed Fold Up & Down Recliner Couch

Best Choice Products Modern Entertainment Futon Sofa Bed Fold Up & Down Recliner Couch

This Best Choice convertible futon sofa is made from PU leather and has 4 chrome-metal legs. It can be simply converted to a sleeping bed where you can rest between intense gaming sessions – just remove the armrests and recline the backrest to transform it.

The couch sofa features a tufted upholstered leather alongside a fold down middle armrest as well as 2 cup holders for those wishing to remain hydrated during epic gaming activities. There is also a handy zip compartment for legs and hardware in the futon base. The black couch has a weight capacity of 500lbs and a floor to seat heat of 13”.


Seatcraft Omega Leather Gel Home Theater 

Lane Omega Leather Gel Home Theater Power Recline Multimedia Sofa with Fold-Down Table

Offering the feel and look of top grain leather, this gaming couch features durable and exquisite leather gel as well as powered headrests and recline features which can be deployed with a simple push of a button. The sofa also has a fold-down table that offers a pair of USB charging slots as well as two 110V outlets. The features don’t stop there; with buyers also being able to take advantage of lighted cup holders, a tray table for each seat and hidden in-arm storage.

The couch is suited for a host of gaming and non-gaming activities, including sleeping, binge-watching your favorite shows and socializing. The leather gel itself is an innovative leather-polyurethane hybrid that delivers exceptional softness and texture, with the adjustable headrests helping you to reduce strains in the neck and shoulders. The USB ports enable you to charge phones, tablets and other devices with ease, whilst the tray tables and in-arm storage offer easy access to snacks and drinks. The lighted cup holders allow you to locate drinks in the dark and can be switched on and off with ease.


Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 2-Seat Reclining back leather GAMING COUCH

Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 2-Seat Reclining Black Leather Theater Seating Unit with Cup Holders

This swish black theater seating unit is perfect for your gaming endeavors and also complete with a host of gamer-pleasing features. Ideal for movie marathons and epic games adventures, it has a pair of leather push-back recliners as well as CA117 fire retardant foam padding and integrated headrests. 2-cup holders are included to give you easy access to your drinks, whilst your floor is protected by plastic glides when movement occurs. The unit is ideal for social gaming. 


Merax PU Leather Foldable Modern Leisure GAMING COUCH 

Merax Pu Leather Foldable Sofa Bed

This super-comfortable gaming couch sofa bed is great for day and night gaming sessions and offers a range of features and benefits, adding valuable style to your space and easily being transformed from a full bed from a floor sofa. It has a breathable PU leather cover to deliver extra comfort and can easily be folded back into a sofa when you have finished sleeping. The manufacturers say the sofa can meet all your posture needs, coming with a 5-position adjustable backrest. The couch sofa has won glowing reviews from a host of buyers on Amazon and elsewhere and weighs 38.6 pounds. It is also available at a highly affordable price, making it perfect for those on a budget but seeking incredibly comfortable and versatile solutions. 


​Merax Folding Lazy Sofa Floor Chair Sofa Lounger Bed with Armrests and a Pillow

Merax Folding Lazy Sofa Floor Chair

Also available in Orange, Coffee, Black, Beige and Coffee, this product is ideal for lounge, dorm room or bedroom gaming. The chair is manufactured from linen fabric and is constructed with a steel frame for extra longevity. Comfort levels are enhanced by the chair’s polyester fiber and a soft sponge. The chair has an armrest height of 12” and a backrest height of 27.5” and can easily be folded down to provide a pleasing leg rest which can also be removed for use as a cushion. The backrest can be adjusted in five degrees and is ideal for watching TV, reading and sleeping as well gaming. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who are the most trusted manufacturers of couches and sofas?
There are many reputable and reliable maker of gaming couches on the market who can provide the solution that you require whether you are on a tight budget or have more to spend. Leading manufacturers include Merax, Flash Furniture, Best Choice Products, and Lane.

What kind of features should I look for in a gaming chair and sofa?
Many people opt for gaming couches that can quickly be folded down into sofa beds where they can gain valuable rest between lengthy games sessions. Not all leading couches offer this functionality, but those that don’t may include other notable features like cup holders, USB ports, adjustable backrests, chrome-metal legs, leg rests, leather gel and leather covers.

What size should I opt for?
There are many different sizes to choose from, and the size you require can depend on various factors such as whether you also wish to sleep on your couch, how many fellow players you need to cater for and how much existing space you have. No matter what your requirements are, you shouldn’t struggle to find a couch in a size that suits you.

How much should I spend on a gaming sofa?
As you may expect, the gaming couches and sofas with the best features tend to be on sale for around Low $1000 or just over, but this doesn’t mean you have to spend more than you can afford to get a good level of comfort. 

Many popular gaming couches and sofas are available for around Low $300, and you can save a great deal of cash by taking advantage of the various special offers and deals regularly available online. However, if you do have the cash to spare, you can purchase a gaming sofa or couch that will last you for several years of frequent use before it needs to be replaced.

What are some of the best materials for gaming sofas?
It is incredibly important to think about materials when you are shopping for gaming couches as you will need something capable of keeping you comfortable for hours on end. Once you start to feel uncomfortable, your performance is likely to suffer and the aches and pains you feel may seriously compromise your gaming enjoyment. Most gaming chairs are made of leather, leather-like materials or fabric. One of the main advantages of opting for leather is that is easy to clean, so if spillages do occur, you can wipe them within a moment or two. A small disadvantage of leather is that it can cause you to sweat a great deal, so it’s a good idea to opt for breathable leather if possible.

Fabric won’t make you sweat but it can be harder to clean, which means you may need to take more care when using a fabric sofa or couch. However, both leather, authentic-looking synthetic leather, and fabric can all provide the comfort that you are seeking in a leather couch or sofa.



​There are many great options on the market when it comes to gaming chairs and couches, whether you only have limited funds or are prepared to invest more.

It’s always wise to read reviews before you hand over your cash to reduce the chances of making a purchase you later come to regret. Once you have the right gaming chair of a sofa for your needs, your enjoyment levels can soar into the stratosphere.

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