X Rocker 51491 Chair Review

Finding a nice and affordable gaming chair is hard to do in today’s market. You have so many top level name brand chairs that may be comfortable and have a lot of cool functionality but the cost is just so high. Enter the X Rocker 51491 Chair. This is a chair that was designed with comfort and gaming in mind. If you’ve been on a relentless search for an affordable chair for your teen, then this is one of the best gaming chairs available on the market at this time.

What makes X Rocker 51491 Gaming Chair so great? There’s a wide array of functionality and features that set this and every X Rocker gaming chair apart from other chairs on the market today. This particular chair has a very unique design, comes with a lot of different easy to use functions and comes priced with the budget friendly consumer’s wallet in mind.

About the X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Audio Gaming Chair

This X Rocker 51491 Gaming Chair comes with a design that isn’t very particularly popular among other gaming chairs but is designed with comfort in mind. First of all, the chair is very affordable. X Rocker gaming series chairs are usually pretty affordable in general but this particular chair is cheaper than a good majority of the other chairs by X Rocker. Some would argue that the features offered for the price are on the same level as other high class expensive gaming chairs.

Next we have a control panel on the side of the chair that has easy to use functions and controls. It’s very simple to access and doesn’t require you to move from the chair. It can be done in arms range and offers a wide variety of functions like power controls, volume controls and different ports for input and output. That’s not all, if you have friends over or want to play multi-player, all you have to do is connect the RCA cables designed for multi-player games and connect multiple RCA connectors or headsets.

Made with teens and kids in mind, X Rocker 51491 Chair fits the bill for much of what they are looking for.  The level of comfort featured on this chair is top notch as well. If you have a teen or know someone who’s a gamer, then you know they can spend hours in a chair without getting bored. Gamers that can spend hours a day for several days a week need a chair that supports positive health and posture. This gaming chair does just that and is designed for people who can spend hours a day at a chair without wanting to leave it. The backrest included in the chair is heavy duty and there’s a comfortable headrest with a slight bump for maximum comfort.

Bigger gamers may not find this exactly comfortable for longer sessions. The height and ergonomics are ideal for smaller gamers and teens, so longer legs may not find the right position to stay comfortable. With that in mind, this makes an ideal gift for kids and teens.

It isn't necessarily just for gaming, either. This chair is very comfortable for watching movies, listening to some tunes or reading a book. Using a rocker chair makes everything an immersive experience. Instead of setting up an expensive surround sound system, you can get the same effect with the speakers in the headrest.

The chair like other X Rocker gaming chairs also has built in high quality audio. If you want to completely immerse yourself with surround sound of the game you’re playing or whatever you’re watching, this chair has built in audio ports right near the headrest. Or, if you’d rather, there’s ports for your headset built into the chair as well for people who prefer more personalized sound. The best part is, you won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for the chair, or even $XXX. On Amazon right now (10/15/16), the chair is only $XX. It’s almost like a steal for the consumer and just take a look at the amazing reviews of praise the chair has been getting.

X Rocker 51491

X Rocker 51491


  • The chair is very comfortable and relaxing, regardless of the task you’re performing. It can be used for a wide variety of things such as studying, homework, gaming or lounging.
    • The sound quality is excellent and comes through clearly.
    • There’s a nice control panel that’s easy user friendly that allows you to change all the settings of the chair.
    • The connectivity of the chair with all of your gaming systems is user friendly as well.
    • The chair comes in a great package and is easy to get going straight out of the box. It’s a very new owner friendly chair.
    • The chair plugs into the wall for a continuous power supply rather than batteries which may not last long.
    • Well made and very solid, it can take some light abuse that a teen or kid is likely to put it through when gaming for hours on end.


  • While this isn’t a drawback for some, there’s a bump on the headrest that isn’t removable or detached. It can be a little uncomfortable for some but most customers haven’t complained about it.
  • It’s not ideal for tall people as this chair was built with teenagers and average height users in mind. However, most people haven’t complained about the height requirement and fit the chair just fine.

  • The chair doesn't fold up making it tough to carry around.

Features of the X Rocker 51491 Chair

  • Equipped with side facing speakers near the headrest that delivers a completely immersive and surround sound for your pleasure

  • The design is approved to support back posture with its unique ergonomic design

  • For those who want to play music, you can play music from any source as long as you have a headset or a RCA output

  • The stereo speakers come equipped with 2.0 technology to deliver top notch and high quality sound

  • Is cross compatible with multiple consoles and is great for playing video games, watching TV, listening to your favorite music, simply relaxing, studying or reading a book



The X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Chair isn’t just about comfort and isn’t only for kids. If you’ve been searching for a relaxing chair that’ll give you the competitive edge as you’ll be completely immersed with the top quality level sound, you’ve found the right chair. Not only that but it’s also economical friendly for those on a budget as well. Gaming hardware is expensive which is why it’s so nice to have X Rocker gaming chairs introduce high quality products into the gaming world with a low cost that everyone can afford.

Whether you need a chair for gaming, studying or any reason, you can safely rely on the X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Chair for any of your needs. The sound quality is amazing, the comfort level is solid and it’s very user friendly on top of being affordable. We recommend you take advantage of this deal now before it’s gone.

Editor Rating ( Mark Thompson)
  • 9/10
    Design - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Comfort - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Durability - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Strength - 8/10

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