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X Rocker 51396 Gaming Chair Pro Series Review

The X Rocker 51396 gaming chair is an excellent gaming chair on a medium budget.

It provides both comfort and quality. In this review you’ll learn if it is the right fit for you.

We also want to let you know a few drawbacks for this item that you should keep an eye on.

This gaming chair is well made with arms for the consumer to sit comfortably with swivel and tilt in different directions. This new design has an appealing look that adds to the overall impression.

The control panel of the X Rocker 51396 gaming chair has volume and bass controllers. Also, input and output jacks so you can link to your audio source.

The process of receiving the X Rocker chair

Congratulations on purchasing a brand new X Rocker chair!

We want you to know that even though the package might seem heavy at 54 pounds, the assembly is a piece of cake.

Will it be time-consuming? Not at all. What you need to know is that this gaming chair is foldable. By default, it’ll come as this shy hedgehog of a chair all rolled up in the box. It’ll just take a few seconds to see what you’re dealing with by pulling it upward.

Typically that would be the hardest part for any other gaming chair: putting together the seat and backrest. Now that you have this part completed by default, you need two more things: the pedestal and the armrest. But if you don’t want to install those parts then don’t do it.

We recommend putting those parts together and attaching them to the chair, they’re an extra and you can ignore them. If you don’t have any intention to use the pedestal and armrest then you might as well get a X Rocker chair without those like this X Rocker chair or this other one.

All in all, we estimate about 10 minutes to assemble the whole gaming chair. If for whatever reason you run into problems just remember that you have your handy dandy step-by-step manual in the box.

If your chair doesn’t go together properly, you don‘t receive enough parts, or there’s another issue then you have options. Although chances are low, sometimes the product can malfunction or come without all the parts.

In this case you can contact the X Rocker customer service support team, which is said to be efficient and understanding but we have never had cause to contact them so we’ll have to go by other user’s feedback here.

What to expect from the X Rocker pro gaming chair

Now that you have the chair set up, we would like to give you further details so you know what to expect.

Let’s separate it in two parts: what’s good and what’s not so good. This way you can quickly get the full picture of this product.

What’s good:

X Rocker has turned into a prominent company among others since most of the latest gaming chairs they sell are made so you can fold them. That’s also the case for the X Rocker 51396 gaming chair.

Apart from that, you can find that the gaming chair has generous padding in the seat and headrest area which helps for those long gaming sessions.

X Rocker added on a third speaker behind the backrest that increases the sensation of sound. With it you can feel more vibrations and thus more immersion while playing your favorite game at home.

One last thing to mention (for the sake of keeping it brief), we give very high praise for the panel controller that allows all volume/bass/wireless options!

What’s not so good

The first thing to mention would be the color of the upholstery. It’s unfortunate that we’re reduced to just one color option, which is black. That’s okay if you like black, but many gamers would prefer a more dynamic and attractive color combination. Still, it could be worse. Puce or something maybe. :shrug:

As for the material, it’s about average. Although it isn’t uncomfortable, we believe that vinyl makes it difficult for those looking to play long gaming sessions since this material tends to accumulate more heat. More heat=more sweat=yuck. It’s okay for about two hours but if you’re going to be using it for longer then you might want to throw a towel over the seat or some type of thin blanket or cover to wick away excess moisture.

Make sure to watch the armrests. They don’t seem to be able to withstand much pressure so bear that in mind before resting your full weight on them.


  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches
  • Weight: 54.2
  • Maximum weight: 54.2 lbs
  • Origin: China
  • Item model number: 5139601

Regular add-ons to the X Rocker Chair

X Rocker designs most of its gaming chairs so that they can provide full comfort while listening to multiple audio devices.

The purpose of using the chair is not only to play games but also to relax with good music. Hence, the chair can be connected to the LCD and plasma flat screen TVs, stereo systems such as the VHS, CD or DVD players.

Furthermore, it supports all kinds of gaming consoles of different companies like Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and 3DS.

X Rocker Pro Series 51396 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless


There are numerous benefits for the X Rocker chair.

The chair has amazing sound effects that make you feel the music or game you’re playing as the real thing. The incorporated AFM technology adds vibrations with different intensities according to the volume level emitted through the speakers that are in the headrest.

Customers do not need to connect to any kind of external headphones which can have poor sound quality.

Let’s take a better look at the pros:

  • Ergonomics and comfort: The X Rocker lets you relax like a king since it has good support in both the back and headrest. Unlike other X Rocker chairs, this one has a pedestal that makes it much more comfortable for tall adults.
  • Easy to set up: it’s quite simple and the manual has a very good step-by-step description on how to assemble the chair. Within no time, you will be able to use it after bringing it to your place.
  • Affordable price: for all the things the chair can give. The price is inexpensive. For about $100 we don’t think there is another good competitor around.
  • Compatibility: It’s compatible with other devices and gaming consoles such as the Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, GameBoy, Wii, iPods, and other audio as well as video devices.
  • Might look big, but it is lightweight: You can move the gaming chair with ease from one place to another. Remember, it’s foldable!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does the  X Rocker Pro gaming chair work with LAN parties or other chairs for co-op gaming?

A: Yes. this chair allows other chairs to connect directly to it in the near vicinity, so you can please with your friends.

Q: Where are the speakers located?

A: There are two different subwoofers that you can locate near the headrest. If you’re not wearing headphones, you’ll hear the sound on both sides through immersive 2.1 AFM technology.

Q: What powers this chair? What is the power source?

A: To power the chair, you have to plug an A/C adapter into the wall. Once there’s power, there’s a small wireless adapter that can plug into your TV to begin receiving power.


We must say that this product will hit the spot if you are searching for an affordable yet comfortable gaming chair.

In the mid-$100 range, you probably won’t have many other options to compare this product with. There are a few cheap office chairs that are pretty good at doing their job, but they don’t have wireless options such as the X Rocker 51396 gaming chair.

Remember that this gaming chair serves a purpose and you should consider buying it if you think what it offers meets your expectations. In short, it makes sense to have this gaming chair in a gaming room and not in your workstation.

This gaming chair is comfortable if your intention is to play in a low position, relaxing your back as much as you can on the chair. However, if you were to work, we wouldn’t recommend this chair and would advise you to get a gaming or office chair.

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  1. Hello. I just purchased this exact gaming chair however I’m having a problem setting it up. The gaming chair works great sound wise and vibration wise. The issue I’m having is that when I’m hooked up into a Xbox one live game I can’t talk to my friends thru the seat plug. Maybe I hooked it up wrong.
    It’s use chair as chair w/out ability to play multiplayer (only single player) no sound/vib working or ability to talk to friends. Or unplug my headphones from seat and put into controller where I CAN talk to friends and play multiplayer.
    Is this defective?

  2. Just bought the xrocker nemesis for my son, hooked it up multiple ways, aux from controller to chair, red n white cords from tv to chair, and bluetooth from phone to chair. Regardless of how i hook it up speaker in back does not play sound. The 2 speakers by the headrest work perfect dnt understand. I hear static out of that back speaker so i knw it has power? Any advice? Did i get a faulty chair? Thanks for your time.


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