Best Cheap Office Chairs

Being wary of the price doesn't mean that you'll settle for crappy quality. Because of that, we think you'll love the BestOffice Black Modern Fabric Mesh High Back Office Chair from It provides a decent level of comfort and support for a ultra low price.

Best Choice

BestOffice Black Modern Fabric Mesh High Back Office Chair

New Black Modern Fabric Mesh High Back Office Task Chair

Soothes Fatigue

Comfortable and breathable backrest. Cool and 5-star comfort seating experience.

Comes in 3 different colors to choose from!


​Songmics Office Computer Desk Chair

Songmics Office Chair

​Powerhouse Design

​Using excellent nylon star based that features an amazing durability.

Build to last!

Best Value

​AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair

AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair

​​Modern Look

​Includes atmospheric seat-height adjustment and offers an all-around range of motion


​Amazon's Choice!

We've researched more than 25 cheap office chairs for 3 months and tried bad and good ones. Here are our top choices for the best cheap office chairs available online.

​What to look for in a cheap office chair:

The fact is, you're never going to find cheap office chairs that can do everything. Inferior build quality and materials are to be expected, although some manufacturers do take the time to polish their budget range.

They might trim down their feature list to preserve quality and provide warranty service, but some of their budget options are just as good as their main fare when it comes to quality and service. The ones that pack on a plethora of odd “features” and offer a tiny to no warranty period are giant red flags. Sometimes, the feature list looks so impressive that it tends to make those red flags less noticeable, but this is just a marketing ploy to get you to hand over your money for sub-par quality. You will need to do your research, but luckily, we’ve put together this list to help you do exactly that.

It's a cut-throat business near the bottom of the pile, and poor reviews will lead to an eventual burial. And who wants to order a chair that regularly gets one-star reviews? So there are a few cheap office chairs on the market that won't fall apart straight away, but they can be hard to find.

Normally, the best way to find the best chair would be to find and sort them by their average review ratings. Unfortunately, many budget chair companies take over with sheer volume that’s moved and by encouraging customers to review sooner so as to lower the chances of something going wrong before the review. They expect it to be forgotten once it does break down later on, as the chair is cheap and easy to replace. You’d want to look for long term or tagged reviews that will give you a quick look at how well the chair did. All the cheap office chairs that we’ve tried were used over a three-month time frame to assess their worth in the short term and use that to estimate how well they’d perform over time based on how well they hold up.

It's best to get cheap office chairs that do a couple of things well. Support and comfort are better than looking nice, but it's tough to find something that does all three. We’ve tried and tested some of the best cheap office chairs available at a cut-price.

Value for money is important at the lower end, so let's check out the top five cheap office chairs on the market at the moment.


Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair in Black

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair


  • ​This chair offers ergonomic support, at minimal cost compared to the majority of competitors. If you need to work with a tight budget, it's hard to find better at such a low price.
  • ​The mesh backrest will keep you cool and save on your electricity costs if you need to keep the A/C cranking to stay comfortable. The mesh will allow your body heat to escape and leave your back dry and sweat free.
  • ​It's available in a number of colors, and it's a smart and functional chair. You probably won't find one in a lawyer's office, but it would be great for personal use, or if you plan on using it frequently.
  • Cheap office chairs don't always provide decent support. Some lack basic features like armrests or adequate padding, so it's good to see that user maneuverability and comfort are key aspects of the build.
  • Wheels allow for a full range of movement, and it’s designed to put the least amount of strain on the user's body during extended periods.


If you need ergonomic office chairs, it's better than a traditional option. Then again, you could get something a little more comfortable in the long term if you’re worried about back pain, or if you’ve been told to buy one by a medical specialist.

This office chair isn't very heavy on features, but it includes good comfort options where it counts. While it isn’t going to cater to a sensitive back, with good posture, you should be fine. This chair features a flexible lower lumbar support system similar to those found on certain Herman-Miller chairs that available at far more premium price ranges. The bucket style, ergonomic seat, and back are well designed for the average working professional and the basic functionality provided with this chair make it very easy to recommend.

If you want to get an entry level ergonomic chair it's not a bad choice. It’ll keep you supported in the meantime, and that’s the most important thing.


​Songmics Office Computer Desk Chair with Adjustable Armrest

Songmics Office Chair


  • This comfortable looking chair is well-reviewed by the majority of buyers. The padding is plush and noticeable straight away, especially when compared to the cheap office chairs featured both above and below.
  • ​It’s slightly more expensive, but it does offer basic ergonomic support. That's why the adjustable armrests are marketed so strongly, with good reason. Compared to the Amazon chair below, the arms will allow for a whole range of movement, which is good news for anyone with longer limbs.
  • ​It's simple enough to assemble yourself, and it’s not bad on the eye.


  • ​Once again, it'll only offer basic ergonomic support compared to a specialist chair.

​It's a solid effort by Songmics, blending comfort and support at a cheap price. A jack of all trades, but maybe not a master of any of the above.

This office chair is designed for those who’d rather have something a little more exotic, yet comfortable, in the office. This chair is also perfect for a home office if it suits your tastes. The seat itself is a racing style bucket seat that’s been modified to provide more support and comfort at a stationary position. While it isn’t as ergonomic as most mid-tier chairs, it does fit snuggly around your body. This chair offers a lot in terms of adjustability. It features armrests that can be retracted to give you more room to work if you need it. This is particularly useful for someone working in a sound studio as you can pull the armrests out of the way when you need to pick up a guitar, play another instrument or reach for a wider range of controls. We also really like the premium level stitching on the upholstery on this chair. 

The chair looks great, and it's tough to find a more comfortable seat within the same price range. It's definitely worth taking a look at.

Built-in lumbar support will keep your back pain free even after a long day at the office. The ergonomic shape, in general, will keep your productivity high as you're able to accomplish more when you are comfortable.


​AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair

AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair


  • ​When in doubt, you can generally trust Amazon to provide a decent product. Their basic range of chairs are just that, but they're near unbeatable for the price.
  • ​If you just need a cheap chair to fill a space, it'll do the job. A modicum of back support is provided by padding and adjustable height. It's available in a range of colors, and it'll suit a smaller home office setup. It's one of the best-reviewed chairs on their website, because of the easy setup and general value for money.
  • ​The mesh back affords good breathability in addition to the lower back section being open. Stay cool in the office or home while you work for better productivity.
  • Even though there isn't any lumbar support at the base of the back, the shape of the upper back section will keep your back aligned for comfort and back health.


  • ​The lack of arm support is noticeable, and it's likely to prove uncomfortable in the long run. The 225lb maximum weight capacity is also on the lighter side of the scale.


​BestOffice New Black Modern Fabric Mesh High Back Office Task Chair

New Black Modern Fabric Mesh High Back Office Task Chair


  • For very little moola, you get a decent chair, that's larger than many of the others on this list. It's an incredible price, and you won't be able to find much cheaper online.
  • ​The high back makes it a little sturdier, while it actually has armrests, unlike the Amazon chair above. It has a spring tilt mechanism to allow for some movement, and it comes with a mesh design.
  • ​Assembly is very easy thanks to the lightweight seat and backrest. It can be done alone and doesn't require any special tools.
  • It doesn't have any bells and whistles, it's just comfortable, can swivel and the position locks. A wide base gives you a lot of stability when you do lean back or rock in it. For the price, it can't be beaten.


  • ​It's hard to find many problems considering the price, but there's a distinct lack of lumbar support. It might look nicer than the ergonomic options, but you're bound to feel it in the long run if you plan on using the chair frequently.

​You can't go wrong with the BestOffice chair, but it might be better to look for a cheap ergonomic alternative for regular use. If you just want a chair for browsing the internet from time to time, it's well worth taking a look at. Especially considering the size.

That might not seem like the most positive feedback, but for the price, it's more than respectable.


​AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

5. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair


  • Another product from Amazon, this mid-back cheap office chairs offer a little more than the alternative above, and that's reflected by the higher price point.
  • ​It's still incredibly cheap, considering the quality look and feel. It's more solid, with enough padding on the seat and the back to keep you comfortable for a couple of hours. For a modest price, it's a great starter chair, and wouldn't look out of place in any office.
  • ​When you want that soft, luxurious leather feel, but don't want the price tag, then you should give this some serious consideration. The padding is just right, the feel of the PU leather is pleasing and it is lightweight and maneuverable.
  • Like all the other recommended cheap office chairs in this list, there aren't a lot of high-end features. It is just a solid chair, that is comfortable and durable that is easy on the wallet.
  • It has four out of five stars with over 2000 reviews on Amazon, showing that the vast majority of buyers are impressed when they've tried it out. There's typical height adjustment, but that's your lot in terms of extras.


  • The padding is only going to do so much and it's not enough to last for extended periods without having to take a break. The maximum weight capacity of 225lb is a little light, so it's probably not best for heavier buyers.

Once again, for the price, you can't really go wrong, but it will better suit smaller users.

​How cheap is too cheap?

​When I first began writing, I used an old office chair that began to take its toll on my lower back. As an embodiment of the starving writer trope, pricing was important for me, but I had to get something new as soon as possible.

​With a limited budget, I found a decent seat with good padding and posture support. It kept me going until I eventually upgraded, and I did miss it until I got used to my latest purchase.

​If you just want the chair to use now and again, it's fine to get something cheap and cheerful, or even borrow from a friend or relative in the meantime.

​Second-hand chairs might seem great for the price, but much firmness and quality that made it unaffordable in the first place is likely to have worn away. It’s best to get a solid, new, decent chair for now, and replace it as soon as you have the financial stability to do so. Especially if you’re planning on using it a lot.

​It’s like a crappy mattress in many ways. You get used to the lumpiness, and it’s only when you finally replace it do you look back and think, “wait, I really slept on that?”

Some people have reported getting rashes from inferior chairs in addition to other issues like dye transfer. So it's going to cost more when you continually replace cheap office chairs each year after they've given up the ghost and go to chair heaven.

No matter what the product, the old adage "you get what you pay for" always rings true. Always get the best your budget allows for and you will know that you did your part to keep your back in good shape.



No matter your budget, there are decent cheap office chairs out there. The ones above should be enough to keep you going in the meantime, although we do advise to get one with better protection if you plan on using the chair regularly.

We'd all like the best chair money can buy, but it's also important to stay within your means. More expensive chairs do tend to last longer and work better, but there are a few decent cheap office chairs at an affordable price.

Then again, people don't usually scrimp by choice, so don't feel bad about opting for an entry-level model. I managed to find a decent chair at a good price for me when I was first starting out, but it took a few hours of research to see which was best. Consider the options above and make the best decision for you.