Clutch Chair Throttle Series Review

Clutch Chairz are a chair company inspired by sports, cars and gaming. They have offices in the UK, Canada and the USA. Their chairs are built to perform at high levels of intense gaming and they back this usage with a lifetime guarantee on the steel frame and 3-year guarantee on warranty and upholstery. Their chairs are built with an ergonomic design and are “built for everyone,” and the chair we are looking at today is certainly a great option for the “bigger” gamer.

Chairs In The Series

Clutch have the Crank, Gear, Shift and Clutch Throttle series as well as a limited-edition WWE series which are endorsed by major WWE stars like “The Rock.” Each series boasts different attributes and today we are going to take a look at the Throttle Series Alpha, which is the largest chair in the line-up…

Enter the Red Throttle Series from clutch……..

Clutch Gaming chair red


We have put together many chairs at Ultimate Game Chair, but never have we put together one as easily as this! The last review I personally did took me about 45 minutes to assemble the chair, this one was about 20 minutes. Everything went very seamlessly thanks to sensible and efficient design and the stylish and easy to read manual that accompanies it.

Luckily everything was lightweight, so I had no trouble assembling this by myself. It didn't require any special tools and the instructions were very clear.

clutch chair wheels
clutch chair parts
assembly cluth chair

Everything about the chair oozes America in my opinion, big, sturdy and full of color. The weight of the chair parts was really noticeable, this is a BIG and well built chair. Lifting the chair onto the stand was almost a 2 person job but this just shows that the parts used are built to last.

When I had built the chair, I stood back and my wife said “ was that it?” (Not the first time she has said that ?) but she was impressed at how fast I put it together and the end result.
Clutch throttle chair

The Style

The things that strike me about the Clutch chair are:-

  • Bold, brash and larger than life, this chair really is the focal point of the room
  • The Red color is striking, the design patterns are very angular and it just looks comfortable
  • Very much for the gamer, built for durability with large cushions and arm rests
  • Just BIG, I am 6ft 4 and I sink into it nicely!

I really like this chair, it looks like a chair that is ready for action and if I could sum it up in a word I would say “dynamic.” If I had two words I might add “robust.” Give me three and I could add “striking.”


As stated above, I am a large guy and so I find some chairs do not support me fully. This one however really makes me feel a normal size! It is exceptionally comfortable and you sink into it just enough to be rooted yet soft.

The arm rests are in perfect position and I feel like I could do long gaming sessions in it with ease. They are 4 directional, up>down>left>right and they rotate 10 degrees.

It has a tilt/rock functionality that can be set to rock back up to 12 degrees or to be stationery, depending on your use for it and mood.

The 4D armrests can be set to just about any comfort level. If you are a larger gamer with a wide girth, you can set the armrests away from your body. They go up and down depending on your height and where you like to lay your arms. The only downside is the padding is a bit thin on them.

The very heavy duty frame means it is not going anywhere and you have the feeling of sturdiness and support when you sit in this chair. I certainly give this a 10/10 for comfort and that is having sat on some of the most comfortable chairs on the planet.

After the breaking in period of the cushions, the high density foam will become softer and comfortable while still giving a lot of support. 

If you are under 5' 9", you may not get the most out of this chair as at its lowest setting, your feet may not touch the ground. The Clutch gaming chair is definitely geared more towards bigger gamers.


As already mentioned it has the following features

  • 4 directional arm rests that cater for every arm position you could wish for
  • Tilt/rock mechanism up to 12 degrees
  • Steel metal base and frame which support very large weights and heavier people
  • Class 4 gas lift which supports 150kg, (bifta tested)
  • Headrest and lumbar support, branded cushions
  • Back rest recline mechanism
  • Non marking castors, suitable and safe for almost any surface
  • Wide base keeps you stable in case you are moving around a lot
  • Able to carry up to 330lb of weight, certainly for the bigger gamer
  • The chair itself weighs in at 60lb itself
  • Don't worry about stiff cushions when you first sit on it, as it will break in comfortably over time

It really is the Rolls Royce of gaming chairs and no expense has been spared in the design and components. I would say it is for the serious gamer who wants to battle, rocking side to side and who puts in endless hours at his desk.


This chair surprised me. It is much better than the pictures can show. Pictures do not get across the weight and sturdiness of the chair, as well as how rooted you feel when gaming in it. The long guarantee and lifetime guarantee of the base are a testament to the build quality. It could certainly be used as an office chair too, it’s ergonomic design lends itself to long days in the chair.

If you are a big and tall gamer, I would highly recommend this Throttle model. Smaller gamers might want to look at other Clutch models such as it’s Crank series. The Clutch chair is on the large side so takes up a bit more space and also it is weighty. That all said, I am personally going to replace my old Dxracer chair and use this one as it is a perfect fit for my build and I find it more comfortable to sit on.

It is not a low priced gaming chair so not for someone on a budget, on Amazon this will set you back a pretty penny around mid $xxx but for the avid gamer it is well worth the extra investment for the Clutch gaming chair. All in all, a great chair and brand with a lot going for it, you won’t be disappointed and backed by the Clutch support, I don’t think you can go wrong buying one.

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