Secretlab TITAN NAPA Review – Worth the Price?

Whether you are sitting in an office all day or kicking some butt in video games, ergonomics is important. (Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in a working environment, and gaming is work too, is it not?) You need a chair that offers you comfort, style and solid support.  This chair is a perfect blend of all three.

The TITAN NAPA from Secretlab.

Decked out in NAPA leather, the TITAN NAPA offers a supportive groove that adjusts to your body and makes for comfortable long sessions on the console or at the CPU.  The TITAN NAPA carries over a lot of features from its previous incarnation, the TITAN but with leather so smooth, you’ll swear you’re sitting on silk. The TITAN is known for its size and appropriately named -  It can accommodate the big and tall crowd, a major win. (Up to 6’4 and 286 lbs. Seating width of 21.26 inches)

Secretlab styled their chairs based off racing car seats, another market for people who spend a lot of time in a sitting position.  This chair offers more than just solid back support, it has flaps on the side that support your sides without sacrificing comfortability. Just sink back and let the TITAN NAPA give you a hug from behind with it’s soft leather.  It’s also built on a secure steel frame and supported by rubber coated rolling wheels that can handle the hardwood or the meanest carpet. 

TITAN NAPA from Secretlab

Carrying over from the TITAN, it also offers adjustable lumbar support.  The lumbar is the lower back and a prominent area for back pain. Rather than it being a fluffy pillow base like other chairs, there is a side dial that allows you great movement of the lumbar system.  You find a fit that’s perfect for your body.  The larger armrests also  have a slight dip to make elbows at rest also more comfortable.  The best part about this feature is that these are also adjustable.  They have a 4D adjustment axis, up-down, forward-backward, left to right and angle left and angle right.  Where else can you find this level of adjustment to fit the person the chair will be used for?

The TITAN NAPA is a strong and secure chair.  With the constant turning and shifting you could do in a chair, you need something more than a bucket with a backrest and wheels.  You can easily adjust it to find the most ideal position (or just goof around) while waiting on the loading screen, chatting it up with your viewers (if you’re a streamer) or sitting waiting for your death timer to go away.  Don‘t forget about the pillow on the headrest just in case you feel like taking a mid session nap!

No gaming chair is perfect without a reclining back and the TITAN NAPA does not disappoint.  It can recline back to near-bed position and allows for a relaxing spot to watch films, vines or your favorite meme videos on YouTube.  The tilt is between 85 and 165 degrees and when put together with the wide wheelbase, you feel secure no matter where you are.

Not only is this a great chair, but it’s made by a great company.  The Secretlab team offers fantastic customer support and coupled with a great two year (sans wear and tear) warranty makes this easily one of the best chairs in the market. Secretlab has an excellent response time and goes above and beyond to answer all customer inquiries and resolve issues. It comes in a professional box with easy to assemble instructions.

Some may balk at the price tag but this glorious blend of luxury, sophistication, tech and art is more than worth. The cold-cured foam is support seconded by none and the special cut calf NAPA leather sets up for a smooth finish.  The TITAN NAPA’s leather is found in high end cars and designer bags because of how soft and smooth the texture is. The standard leather found on the TITAN is a great feature, but the TITAN NAPA is on a whole new level with a microfiber lining on the sides to boot!  The foam shapes to your body much like a good mattress and provides support where you need it most.

You may be wondering now - What exactly is NAPA leather and what makes the TITAN NAPA worth the price tag?  NAPA leather is an exclusive cut of calf leather. It’s a definite upgrade from the PU leather used in the TITAN.  While the TITAN is a great model, the finishing touch of the NAPA leather brings the TITAN NAPA from good to GREAT.  The smooth feel of the leather will make you think you just graced your backside in the chair of a Lexus. Of course, if you are not one for superior quality, comfort and support, you can opt for just the TITAN.  The TITAN is the stock version and almost just as good, but TITAN NAPA is the luxury edition and worth every penny.

The NAPA line does have a limited availability, however because Secretlab wants to assure it only passes along the finest in quality to their customers.  They have strict criteria when it comes to material selection and you won’t find yourself disappointed because they have cut no corners on its quality.

This a chair that speaks quality and in the gaming world, quality is king.   Worth Checking the Secretlab Omega Chair review here and Secretlab Titan Chair review here

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