Posture Series Armless Mid Back: OFM Gaming Chair Review

When you first see the OFM Posture Series Armless Mid Back Task Chair, you probably won’t notice anything major that stands out, as it looks like the typical office chair you might find in any home or office work environment. However, there is quite a bit more to this chair than meets the eye.

First of all, it’s one of the most comfortable and budget-friendly task chairs on the market right now because of its soft cushioning. This OFM gaming chair is also designed to help promote correct posture and spine alignment while minimizing those unhealthy seating positions we find ourselves in with lesser quality or dinner table chairs.

Overall, it appears to be a fairly solid and durable chair. Since the OFM Posture Series task chair is armless, we’re not sure how it would hold up for people who are interested in using it as a personal gaming chair. With no place to rest the arms, gamers would likely find it to be uncomfortable. But the chair would be a great compliment at work, in a home office or behind a student’s desk.


The only thing that really seems different about the design of this chair when compared to other similar chairs is that it has more handles on the side than your standard office chair, which usually only has one. The seat back of the chair is a bit different though, as it has a very nice curved feature that helps promote healthy posture and spine alignment when seated. While there are a lot of these types of chairs on the market today, there aren’t too many manufacturers that go out of their way to add a just a little extra in their design. The chair’s base is pretty standard as well, and there’s nothing overly special about it except for the solid material used which makes it a 5-star base in terms of durability.


Having a strong and supportive base should be the foundation of any good chair, followed closely by its comfort level, which we will get to shortly. But first, let’s address the OFM Posture Series’ durability to see if it impresses. This chair, with its solid construction materials, feels extremely durable and is obviously built to last. The chair’s durability is also backed by OFM gaming chair, which is one of the more reliable chair manufacturers out there today. You shouldn’t have to worry about exceeding any weight limits in this chair as the maximum weight limit sits at an impressive 250 pounds. 


Our biggest concern with this task chair is how comfortable it will be for even short periods of work. With no armrests available, you will pretty much need to be all business in this chair. It doesn’t offer the comfort features necessary for prolonged gaming or relaxing to watch a movie. You could definitely try to improvise with something -- like putting a pillow in your lap – but, this chair isn’t really meant for anything but working behind a desk or table. If gaming is your purpose, you should look elsewhere for other chair options that are specifically designed with gaming in mind. The OFM gaming chair does, however, feel great on the back when seated performing any type of office task, or while reclining for a short break. 

OFM Posture Series Armless Mid Back Task Chair

OFM Posture Series Armless Mid Back Task Chair


  • This task chair is fully upholstered with quality fabric material that is very easy to clean if you spill something on it.
  • The chair is completely ergonomic and comes equipped with a supportive lumbar seat back to relieve pressure from the spine and back muscles.
  • The chair is solid in construction and is durable enough to withstand a lot of stress and weight, with a maximum seating capacity of 250 pounds.
  • The chair comes backed by OFM’s quality guarantee and warranty, so if anything breaks and you need a replacement, or if you aren’t completely satisfied with the chair for any reason, contact OFM gaming chair’s  fantastic customer service department.
  • In some respects, not having armrests is a con, but without armrests, it is easier to move the chair around, it weighs much less, and it is compact, so it can be easily slid under any table or desk or stored in an inconspicuous location in the home or office.
  • The chair has a large number of reviews online by verified purchasers that can help you form an opinion and it’s sold at a moderate price point.
  • Six color fabric options to choose from: black; red; green; taupe; and gray.


  • There’s no locking mechanism when you lean the chair back, so it won’t be as versatile as some of the heavy-duty gaming chairs that let you lock the position of the chair in place when it’s leaned back.
  • No armrests on the chair, so gamers beware.

Features of the OFM Posture Series Armless Mid Back Task Chair

Positive Posture Mid-Back – The back of this OFM gaming chair has a relatively large surface to cradle a good portion of the back and to promote correct posture. What this means is that when you’re using the chair for a long period, the back of the chair will fully support your back and reduce the stress on the back and eliminate those annoying pressure points. Your nerves, blood flow, and circulation will be improved in this chair with its firm cushioning that’s designed to help support your back and spine.

Heavy Duty – The base of the chair is constructed with heavy duty weight- bearing material and is rated 5-star for its quality. This solid construction means it’s extremely reliable, more so than most office chairs which aren’t as durable, aren’t as comfortable, and don’t support nearly the amount of weight that this chair does for such a simple yet functionally designed chair. It also has five supporting legs and wheeled casters that glide easily and won’t damage any type of floor surface.

Compact & Small – While some may not like the fact that the chair doesn’t come with armrests, there are some upsides to that. First, it makes assembly of the chair a lot quicker so you can get it up and running faster than a chair with armrests. Then, you have the overall weight to consider. Most chairs with armrests are heavy because the armrests add an additional 10 pounds or so. Without the armrests, this OFM gaming chair has a smaller overall footprint, so it is very mobile and easy to store or put away until the next task.

Ergonomic – OFM gaming chairs designed a wonderfully ergonomic mid-back task chair with its posture supporting lumbar feature built in. As such, the chair is not only comfortable but promotes good spine alignment and circulation. This chair is all about convenience and comfort for performing office related tasks and isn’t so much about being fancy or flashy with a wild design or extra accessories that aren’t really necessary; it’s all about necessity.

Adjustable/Mobile – This OFM gaming chair rotates 360 degrees around, which is a nice feature have when performing different tasks as you don’t have to get out of your seat. It also has a gas piston height adjuster for the seat. With a simple control of the under-seat lever, the seat bottom cushion can be raised or lowered by approximately four inches to accommodate people of various heights. Although the seat does rock back, this position can’t be locked into place, but it does provide just enough relief for those times when you want to kick your feet up. An additional feature is that the seat back height can be adjusted with just a turn of a knob.  Find the optimal position and lock it in.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How high does this task chair sit from the floor?

A: The seat height of this OFM gaming chair is approximately 18.25 inches from the floor to the bottom of the seat cushion. The thickness of the cushion is about 4 inches, so when seated, you will be approximately 22 .25 inches off the ground.

Q: Does this chair recline?

A: Yes, this chair does allow you to recline, but it’s mostly used in an upright position, and it doesn’t feature any kind of locking mechanism to help you stay in your desired reclining position. This shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a huge drawback because that’s not the main purpose or appeal of the chair.

Q: What are the OFM Posture Series task chair measurements?

A: We assure you that this chair can fit a wide variety of body types and customers. The seat cushion of the chair measures 18 and a half inches by 18 and a half inches. The seat back measures 18 and a half inches wide by 15 and a quarter inches tall. The width of the legs at their farthest point is 24 inches. So, the chair is not too large or too small.

Q: Does the seat back cushion raise or lower or is it fixed in one position?

A: The height of the seat back is adjustable. There is a knob on the back of the chair that can be tightened or loosened to adjust the height of the seat back.



The OFM Posture Series Mid Back task chair is moderately sized but yet it’s still quite a comfortable chair for extended periods of casual use or for any work behind the desk or table or in front of a computer. Remember, that as its name suggests, it’s a task chair. Sure, anyone could game in it, but it isn’t designed for that purpose, and we wouldn’t recommend it simply because you can’t lock in a reclining position and it doesn’t have armrests. But as a task chair, it checks all the boxes for sturdiness, adjustability, comfort, and mobility. The back support is amazing and adjustable, and the seat rotates 360 degrees and is very comfortable. What more could you ask for in a chair of this quality at such an affordable price? The OFM Posture Series Mid Back task chair is definitely a keeper.

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