E-Blue USA Cobra Gaming Chair Review

There are many great reasons for investing in ultra-comfortable chairs for gaming and computing activities such as the E-Blue USA Cobra Gaming Chair. When you invest in a quality gaming chair, you can indulge in lengthy playing sessions without experiencing discomfort that may not only result in long-term health problems but can even suck the enjoyment out of the gaming experience. When you are able to achieve the comfort and contentment offered by solutions such as the E-Blue USA Cobra Gaming Chair, you can fully immerse yourself in your gaming adventures whilst taking advantage of several features designed to boost comfort levels such as adjustable heights and armrests. If a chair has a padded back, it can vastly reduce the chances of tiredness setting in prematurely.

Even if the asking price for a professional gaming chair seems hefty at first, it is likely to last much longer than a more standard chair that may need to be replaced several times over during a relatively short period. Some studies have shown that more than 40% of gamers refuse to invest in a quality chair because they don’t understand the advantages offered by them. Ergonomic gaming chairs are great for maintaining good posture whilst providing the neck with vast support. There are also significant benefits to look forward to when it comes to protection for the spine and hips and avoiding back pain.

E-Blue Gaming is one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers and designers of furniture and peripherals for gaming. The company was first founded way back in 1999 by a team of avid Chinese and Japanese gamers and has gone from strength-to-strength since its launch. E-Blue Gaming chairs have won glowing praise from a string of well-known brands, including PC and Gamer Magazine and Disney, and the company is now expanding into more markets across the world. They aim to provide gamers with a comprehensive solution including peripherals, furniture and much more. 

E-Blue Cobra Gaming Chair

​Features of the E-Blue Cobra Gaming Chair

Features of the RapidX Ferrino Line Gaming Chair  ​.

The E-Blue USA Cobra Gaming Chair is noted for its ergonomic design and has been designed with the highest levels of comfort in mind. The chair offers high-quality support for the lower back, enabling gamers to continue their endeavours into the small hours without experiencing aches, pains or fatigue. It is also manufactured with a range of first-class materials including soft, sweat-resistant and breathable advanced PU leather. Weights of up to 200lbs are easily supported thanks to the certified CUV class-4 piston, and the armrest can be rotated 360 degrees. The seat can also be adjusted so you can achieve the perfect backrest angle and height for your specific requirements. The Cobra also has a pleasing 1-year warranty, enabling you to obtain a stress-free replacement should you identify any defects within your first year of purchase.

The chair is an impressive fusion of form and efficiency and is crafted to the highest standards. The advanced polyurethane leather is also easy to clean and maintain, with the contoured and seat and high-back offering excellent ergonomic support. Another reason why so many gamers are opting for this particular chair is its high-resilience foam filling, which has 50%+ density and prevents the chair from becoming deformed. The benefits of the chair don’t end there – the noise reduction wills have been injected with 30% glass fiber, nylon and PU to not only diminish noise but provide excellent longevity. The product also features elegant 3D embroidery logos.

The E-Blue USA Cobra Gaming Chair also boasts a durable steel base to safely support up to 1500kg of loading weight as well as an adjustable seat tilt with a lockable rocking angle. Whilst many chairs on the market offer class 2 or 3 gas lift cylinders, E-Blue gaming chairs go one better by incorporating class 4 cylinders for further durability. The chair is available in black and blue. Meanwhile, the reclining lock facility means you can keep the chair in the perfect position once you have found a sweet spot. 


  • ​The various features of the chair ensure it is ideal for gamers seeking a long-term solution

    The various features of the chair ensure it is ideal for gamers seeking a long-term solution
  • The chair is a market-leader when it comes to ergonomics.
    The chair has a wide base and a steel frame that supports up to 265 pounds, so it’s very durable
  • Various adjustable features ensure comfort and efficiency can be achieved by all.
    A tilt leaning mechanic that will lock in place up to 165 degrees once you’ve found the perfect resting position
  • Perfect for lengthy gaming sessions.
    Budget friendly and won’t cost you nearly as much as one of the premiere gaming chairs such as DxRacer or other top brand name chairs while you get the same level of quality
  • check
    Easy to set-up, maintain and clean.
    Easy to set-up, maintain and clean.
  • check
    Built to resist deformation.

    Built to resist deformation.


  • Users over 6ft or 200lbs may find the chair uncomfortable, though arm rests can be adjusted to obtain extra comfort.
    The back of the chair may feel a bit stiff when you first get it, as it takes a few sessions to sit in to really break it in and get maximum comfort out of it
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    A headrest pillow would be a welcome addition.
    A headrest pillow would be a welcome addition.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question

Is the Blue gaming chair adjustable?

Why does one of the pictures of this product show it inside of a skate park?

​The chair comes with several features that can easily be adjusted to provide the comfort you require. These include height and backrest angle Adjustability.

The chair comes with several features that can easily be adjusted to provide the comfort you require. These include height and backrest angle adjustability.
It’s a highly versatile gaming chair that can be used in a wide variety of locations. Why the manufacturers took a picture of the chair inside of a skate park, we don’t know. We however don’t recommend you try doing any kind of activity other than sitting in this chair as it could be dangerous.

How much weight can the Blue Gaming chair support?

The chair has no problem supporting loads up to 200lbs and can accommodate weights up to a maximum of 360lbs due to its CUV class-4 gas spring piston. 

With most gaming chairs, a high-quality steel is used in the production of the base of the chair. The frame of this chair is just the same, made with pure high-quality steel.

Is the chair made from quality materials?

How long can I sit in this chair and remain seated comfortably?

Yes. The product is constructed from some of the finest materials on the market, including breathable advanced PU leather. 

Can I use the chair for several hours without experiencing discomfort?

Is there a weight limit on the chair?

The product has been designed with those lengthy all-night gaming sessions in mind. One reason why it can be used for such long periods is that is offers some of the best back support around. 

Similar chairs
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Is there a weight limit on the chair?

This chair has also received countless positive reviews across the major retail sites and offers a host of welcome features including Reinforced DuPont TPEE Mesh, designed to prolong the life of the chair as well as adjustable seat and backrest height. Customers can also expect ample support for the lower back from the cushion, with other big draws including the robust aluminium alloy frame and calfskin leather. Users may be able to heighten comfort levels by using a footrest with the chair. Vertagear is a trusted brand with a focus on offering “inspired design and innovative features” to its customers, aiming to “enrich” their lifestyles. 


The E-Blue USA Cobra Gaming Chair has become one of the most popular chairs in its market over recent times and has proved particularly popular amongst those that would normally experience back pain whilst gaming. Though some have suggest that a swivel lock would be a great addition, overall the feedback from customers has been extremely positive. The chair enables you to recline back quite some distance, and can be locked all the way down. Ideal for those seeking a solution that will provide hours of non-stop comfort, the chair has been described as the finest various users have ever purchased. A substantial number of users have been able to put their days of pain behind them after investing in the chair. If you are looking for a multi-faceted gaming chair designed to cater for a wide range of needs, the E-Blue USA Cobra Gaming Chair may well be the solution that you require. 

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