DXRacer Formula Series DOHFD101NW Gaming Chair Review

Another great DXRacer formula series product is the DOH/FD101/NW Newedge edition. One of the main problems we ran into with obtaining this chair was constantly running out of stock like some of the other DXRacer chairs that are quite popular right now. They ran out of stock constantly and they were refilled but we had to be on our toes to get one as soon as possible.

The design is straight forward and kind of in your face with the white design. If you don’t like white, then don’t worry because this chair can be ordered in four different color schemes. The price won’t change regardless of the color scheme that you choose. It’s a bit in your face and kind of shiny, especially with the footrests on the bottom of the chair that are also white.

DOH/FD101/NW Gaming Chair


The material used on the chair is patented race car seat material, which also means it’s breathable and allows the chair to recover from a seated position back to idle in no time. You won’t notice any difference from sitting to coming right out of the box, even after 8 hours of use in a single day. The overall strong mesh comfort quality of the chair speaks for itself.

The material is also made with a strong PU cover and is very soft to the touch. When we tried resting our feet on the base of the chair, we could immediately tell that the base was made with nylon material and it was pretty comfortable. Not a lot of people like to rest their feet on the base wheels but for people who do, this was a nice relief.

Design & Style

There’s not too much to say about the design but it’s very plainly white and black. The chair has a low dipping white design that dips below the holes behind where the neck will be laying down. The chair is primarily black in color with the padded base being almost completely black but the outer corner edges of the chair having small hints of white.

The armrests are really nothing special and don’t have any redeeming features other than their comfort, so they get no points for any design or ingenuity there. This chair wasn’t meant to strike you with style but it was more built for comfort as an official eSports chair.


If you’re worried about your overall weight and the chair’s capability, there’s no need to worry because this chair handles up to 200 pounds or more. It’s made for the average gamer and probably won’t be ideal for people who are heavier as the chair’s frame is a bit smaller than you’re looking for anyways. The recommended BMI of this chair is under 25.

There’s 2 casters on the chair for extended durability and it’s labeled as a medium sized chair. If you need a chair for an average sized gamer and you need something that was built to withstand heavy usage, this is a pretty solid chair from our experience.

Features of DOH/FD101/NW Gaming Chair

Sleek & Plain Design – Not everyone likes bright colors or has to have something fanciful when it comes to the overall design. This chair comes with a relatively simple design and a lot of people like that. The nice white dip design compliments the rest of the black chair along with the white padded footrests.

Race Car Material – The material used in this chair is patented and breathable PU foam. The foam is highly durable and no matter what your purpose is, you’ll feel at ease sitting in this chair. The mesh of the chair is relatively strong and it won’t let you down. It’s a very durable material that can withstand stains.

Footrest Covers – The nylon base footrest covers are durable and they’re comfortable to relax your feet on. They’re a plain white but it’s much better than resting your feet on the traditional standard base.

Back/Neck Rest – The extra high and wide neck rest area is great for head support and also helps to promote positive neck reinforcement. Safety is a big issue in the gaming community and not a lot of people realize how important that is.

Things We Liked

  • The footrest covers like on other DXRacer chairs was pretty comfortable and for compulsive foot tappers, you’ll be pleased to know that your chair won’t shake and rattle with your obsessive tapping

  • The overall mesh material of the chair was smooth and strong, which allowed for a comfortable seating position

  • For tall people out there, it was great to see how high and tall the headrest of the chair was, as it allowed for not only proper head placement but it was very comfortable as well

  • The base seating curve has a race car feel to it and is very comforting to sit in as time goes on, it doesn’t leave you with a sore behind

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For short or tall people, what can they expect from this chair?
A: For short people, they’ll do just fine, even if they’re only 5’4 but their feet might not be able to enjoy the padded footrests as much as intended. For people who are 6’ and over, they’ll relax in the chair just fine thanks to the extended headrest.

Q: What exactly is “newedge” and why do some DXRacer chairs have that title?

A: They’re the newest edition of chairs out on the market from DXRacer. They come with better features in comparison to their counterparts and older models.


This is a great chair overall and it’s for a fairly cheap price for people on a budget. We also found that it’s highly reviewed online and when we got a hold of it, we can confirm why it’s so highly reviewed. The chair is comfortable overall and it’s not something you’ll want to get up from anytime soon. The base is solid, the back is comfortable and this chair overall is something that every gaming setup should have.

Editor's Review ( Mark Thomspon)
  • 8/10
    Design - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Comfort - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Durability - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Strength - 9/10