Bean Bag Chair for Kids

Children are generally huge fans of bean bags due to the wealth of soft and squishy fun that they offer. They are suitable for a whole host of playful activities and provide kids with somewhere comfortable to sit when they are relaxing and learning. Bean bags are normally filled with polystyrene beads and are often used by adults too. There are many different types of bean bag on the market, so read on if you need help identifying the right product for your child’s needs. Here is a rundown of the top 10 children’s bean bags.

Choosing the right bean bag

Get the right size

It’s essential that size is considered when you’re purchasing a bean bag. If the bean bag is too big for your child, they could become stuck and may be unable to get up again once they sit down. Some bean bags are shaped liked chairs and come complete with armrests and backs, just like traditional chairs. If your child is under three, they may require a bean bag with a particularly solid build.

Think about space

Is the bean bag going to be used in a small bedroom? If so, you may wish to opt for a round bag that you can keep next to a dresser or bed. It’s often wise to choose a bean bag that matches the existing décor of the room. Make sure the bag isn’t too big for the room so it can be moved around with ease. Should you be buying a bag for a more spacious environment such as a lounge, you can probably afford to go bigger as it won’t get stuck. It could be helpful to purchase a double-sized bag that two children can sit on simultaneously.

Consider your child’s style and design choices

As there are so many different styles, patterns and designs to choose from, you shouldn’t face any difficulty with identifying something that appeals to your child, whether they require an action theme, something flowery or anything else. You may wish to choose a bean bag featuring their favourite cartoon character or another popular culture figure, or you may decide that buying a bag featuring a specific culture scheme is appropriate.

Don’t forget about comfort

There are various types of covers to choose from, including cotton and vinyl to give just two examples. If the bean bag doesn’t provide the comfort your child requires, your money may be wasted so make sure you know which textures do and don’t appeal to your child. Some materials can irritate children’s skin, so don’t forget to bear this in mind, and keep a receipt in case you do need to return the item. Make sure that the bean bag is designed for the age group that your child is in.

Flash Furniture Small Green Dot Kids Bean Bag Chair

Flash Furniture Small Green Dot Kids Bean Bag Chair

This ultra-comfortable cotton-twill bean bag chair is as lightweight as it is portable. It can be cleaned with ease with a damp cloth when spillages occur and comes complete with a removable slip cover that can be cleaned in your washing machine. Beads are secured by a safety metal zipper. Make sure you use cold water when spot cleaning the bean bag. The item can be transported around the house with ease. Although the bean bag is not suitable for toddlers, it has been purchased for children aged around three and over.

Comfy Sacks 3ft. Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair, Charcoal Micro Suede

Comfy Sacks 3ft. Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair, Charcoal Micro Suede

Comfy Sacks is one of the most trusted brands on the bean bag market and this item has won a substantial number of positive reviews across various sites. The product has a super-soft machine-washable cover which is fully removable and features a memory foam blend filling. Manufactured in the USA, various colors are available, and the item also has a tough inner liner and child safety zipper. The product is designed for children over toddler age up to teenagers, and the safety break-away zippers prevent children from accidentally consuming the foam.

Cozy Sack 4-Feet Bean Bag Chair, Large, Grey

Cozy Sack 4-Feet Bean Bag Chair,

This ever-popular bean bag comes with a microfiber cover that you can remove and wash in your machine and is ideal for floor spaces of 4.5' x 4.5'. It has a child safety zipper as well as a protective liner and is filled with shape and size-changing virgin urethane foam designed to accommodate a vast range of weights and sitting positions. By fluffing the product after use, you can return it back to its original shape. Unlike various other bean bag chairs on the market, the item won’t go flat. The 100% polyester has a suede-like feel, with all seams being double-stitched and the No 5. YKK zipper providing valuable peace of mind for parents.

ECR4Kids Junior Classic Bean Bag Chair, Blue (26")

ECR4Kids Junior Classic Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag chair is suitable for use in a host of environments including homes, classrooms, libraries and more. You can easily clean the strong leather polyurethane covering with mild soap and warm water. The product is filled with polystyrene beads that can you can replace with ease if you need to, and extra peace of mind is delivered by the double-stitched seams and the double zippers which keep beads safely in their place. The chair is ideal for kids aged two and over and is Greenguard (Gold) certified, which means it is a pleasingly eco-friendly option. There are three other colours available; assorted, green and red.

Jaxx Bean Bags Cocoon Junior Kids Microsuede Bean Bag, 4-Feet, Grape

Jaxx Bean Bags Cocoon Junior Kids Microsuede Bean Bag, 4-Feet

This four-foot round bean bag is great for children and adults, which means it’s the ideal solution for parents wishing to sit with their children. It comes with a machine-friendly premium microsuede cover and features high-grade polyurethane foam. The product is designed in the USA and is also available in several other colours. Jaxx’s innovative ECOFOAM makes the product easy to store and means that the product is perfect for those wishing to make a valuable contribution to the environment.

Acanva Large Plush Faux Fur Teardrop Slacker Bean Bag Chair for Adult and kid, White

Acanva Large Plush Faux Fur Teardrop Slacker Bean Bag Chair

This product is designed with kids and adults in mind and features a luxurious furry cover which compliments various decorative styles. Its high-quality polystyrene beans mean you can expect to enjoy the bean bag for many years to come, whilst transportation is made easy thanks to the product’s lightweight design. The cover is both removable and machine-washable, and the product comes with a double-zipper closure. The bag is over 40” in diameter and 15” in height, yet weighs less than 10 lb, making moving the item from room to room is a breeze.

ECR4Kids Relax-N-Read Bean Bag Back Pillow Chair with Storage Pockets, Blue

ECR4Kids Relax-N-Read Bean Bag Back Pillow Chair with Storage Pockets, Blue

The Relax-N-Read pillow seat comes with useful storage pockets as well as a handle, and its long-lasting, soft polyurethane covering can be cleaned easily with mild soap and warm water. The under lining is designed to prevent slipping, with extra strength being provided by special double-stitched seams. The features don’t stop there – the item also has double zipper to keep beads safely inside. Should you ever need to replace the beads, ordering more is easy. The product has Greenguard (Gold) certification and weighs 4.2lbs. This product is ideal for small children and is 16” high and 21” wide, with a diameter of 12”. If you’re eager to provide your child with a comfortable and soft place to read, this product may well be ideal. The chair also has a pair of soft arm rests and strong back support. It is also available in green, red and assorted. ECR4Kids is one of the most trusted brands in the children’s furniture field.

Milton Greens Stars Dog Bean Bag Buddy

Milton Greens Stars Dog Bean Bag Buddy

If you’re seeking a delightful bean bag that will bring a real smile to your child’s face, try toe Dog Bean Bag Buddy. The bean bag is ideal for various environments including playrooms, bedrooms and lounges and features polystyrene beads of the highest quality. The double safety zipper and double-stitched panels are designed to soothe the minds of parents everywhere no matter how curious their children are. What’s more is that the item can easily be spot-cleaned with just a dash of mild soap and a moist cloth. The product is great for activities including reading, watching TV or just relaxing. When it’s not being sat on, the item can act as a cosy friend for your child to cuddle up with. Bear and elephant versions are also available.

Turbo BeanBags Tennis Ball Style Bean Bag Chair, Large

Turbo BeanBags Tennis Ball Style Bean Bag Chair, Large

If you have a sporty child to cater for, this tennis-themed offering may well be ideal. This premium-quality, ultra-comfortable and safe product is made in Europe and is the work of Turbo Beanbags. Suitable for boy and girl bedrooms, living rooms and play areas, the product can also be enjoyed by adults and comes with Virgin EPS beads for enhanced comfort and flexibility. The bean bag supports the whole frame, aligning with the structure of the body to provide outstanding comfort. When the bag is not in use, it reverts to its full form to become an impressive visual centrepiece. If you require a bag that offers fun and comfort in equal measure, this bean bag chair could be the perfect solution.

10) Sofa Sack - Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair, 5-Feet, Charcoal

Sofa Sack - Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair, 5-Feet, Charcoal

Perfect for older children and adults alike, this Sofa Sack bean bag chair boasts super soft, highly-durable fabric as well as ultra-comfortable foam designed to last a lifetime. The product is perfect for living rooms, home theaters and basements and is available in a diverse range of colours and styles. This particular variant is 34” high, 60” wide and 60” in diameter and great for playing video games, reading or watching TV. It can accommodate up to two small adults and is often used to support one child and a parent. Sofa Sack bean bag chairs are free of conventional beans and Styrofoam pellets, instead featuring shredded foam of the highest quality to deliver chairs that provide optimal levels of comfort to you and your child. This item weighs 55 lbs and is one of the most highly-rated items of its type across various review sites.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the most common uses for children’s bean bags?

Kids’ bean bags are used for a variety of purposes but are perhaps most commonly used for activities such as reading, watching TV and playing video games. One of the reasons they are so suitable for such activities is that they can normally adapt to your body shape and act as a sizeable glove to deliver all the comfort that is required.

Do adults use bean bags too?

Yes. There are many bean bags on the market that will suit older children as well as their parents. Bean bag chairs are particularly popular amongst pregnant women who often struggle to achieve the contentment they require via other forms of furniture. This is because they don’t force them to sit in uncomfortable positions. Bean bags can even improve posture thanks to the way they provide substantial support to the back area.

Are bean bags easy to maintain?

You can keep most bean bags clean simply by wiping away mess with a cloth and a dash of cold water. Many bean bags are ideal for use next to pools, and the fact they are so easy to maintain is just one reasons why they have remained so popular with parents for so many years.


Bean bags are showing no signs of slowing down in popularity. Although they are heavily associated with children, a large number of adults share bean bags with their children every day. No matter what the needs of you and your child are, you shouldn’t struggle to find something that meets your specifications when you’re looking for high-quality bean bags online. Bean bags are ideal for providing kids with the comfort and support that they need whilst they are watching TV, reading or simply playing with toys. Why not start looking for the perfect bean bag chair for your requirements today?

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