Bean Bag Chairs For Kids

When buying bean bag chairs for kids, you must consider the size, style, design, and comfort. We are confident that the Sofa Sack - Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag from is the one for you. A lightweight and super soft chair that has so many uses.

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​Sofa Sack - Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag

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​Comfy Sacks ​5ft. Memory Foam

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​ECR4Kids Relax-N-Read Bean Bag

​Reading Buddy

​Soft armrests. Back support. Includes storage pockets.

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We have been testing up to 20 bean bag chairs for kids for 4 weeks now. We are satisfied to try and determine the best bean bags for the young ones.

Children are generally huge fans of bean bags for kids due to the wealth of soft and squishy fun that they offer. They are suitable for a whole host of playful activities and provide kids with somewhere comfortable to sit when they are relaxing and learning.

Bean bag chairs for kids are normally filled with polystyrene beads and are often used by adults too. There are many different types of bean bag on the market, so read on if you need help identifying the best bean bag chairs for kids. Here is a rundown of the top 10 children’s bean bags.

Choosing the right bean bag chairs for kids

Get the right size

It’s essential that size is considered when you’re purchasing one. If the bean bag is too big for your child, they could become stuck and may be unable to get up again once they sit down.


Some bean bags for kids are shaped like chairs and come complete with armrests and backs, just like traditional chairs. If your child is under three, they may require bean bags for kids with a, particularly solid build.


Think about space

Are bean bag chairs for kids going to be used in a small bedroom? If so, you may wish to opt for a round bag that you can keep next to a dresser or bed. It’s often wise to choose a bean bag that matches the existing décor of the room.


Make sure the bag isn’t too big for the room so that you can move it around with ease. Should you be buying a bag for a more spacious environment such as a lounge, you can probably afford to go bigger as it won’t get stuck. It could be helpful to purchase a double-sized bag that two children can sit on simultaneously.


Consider your child’s style and design choices

As there are so many different styles, patterns, and designs of bean bag chairs for kids to choose from, you shouldn’t face any difficulty with identifying something that appeals to your child, whether they require an action theme, something flowery or anything else.


You may wish to choose bean bag chairs for kids featuring their favorite cartoon character or another popular culture figure, or you may decide that buying a bag featuring a specific culture scheme is appropriate.

Don’t forget about comfort

There are various types of covers to choose from, including cotton and vinyl to give just two examples. If bean bags for kids don't provide the comfort your child requires, your money may be wasted so make sure you know which textures do and don’t appeal to your child.


Some materials can irritate children’s skin, so don’t forget to bear this in mind, and keep a receipt in case you do need to return the item. Make sure that the bean bag is designed for the age group that your child is in.


Flash Furniture small green dot

Bean bags for kids

Flash Furniture Small Green Dot Kids Bean Bag Chair

Thanks to the polystyrene polymeric beads, this bean bag chair for kids is very lightweight and easy to move around.


Bearing in mind that the beads can be dangerous to younger kids, they made it with a lockable zipper so those curious little hands can’t get themselves into trouble.


The cover is a cotton twill material that is very comfortable to sit on and doesn’t end up making kids sweat if they sit on it for a while. The beads inside also do a nice job of wicking away the heat.


A nice bonus about the cover is that it is machine washable (Use cold water and no bleach!). Kids and their juices and snacks mean that you will likely need to be washing it pretty often.

Don’t worry though, taking the cover off and getting it back on is not as difficult as you may think with an unwieldy bean bag chair.


If it’s just a small spill and you don’t want to deal with doing laundry yet again, it is very easy to spot clean, too.


The size is good for any age kid, but maybe a bit too big for kids under three. For older kids, it really is ideal. Even for younger teenagers.


Comfy Sacks 5ft. memory foam
Bean bags for kids

 Comfy Sacks 3ft. Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

These are huge bean bag chairs for kids at 5 feet by 5 feet and is so comfortable they may not ever want to sit anywhere else!


Yes, the price is pretty steep. But, when you consider the chair should last a while as your child grows, it will be a part of their young lives until they reach adulthood.


In fact, since it is pretty big the parents may end up using it more than the kids do!


Not only is it big, but it is very comfortable. Rather than polystyrene polymeric beads, that are typical of bean bag chairs for kids, it is filled with shredded memory foam.


This makes it heavier than a regular bean bag at almost 60 pounds, but it is incredibly comfortable as it conforms to your body and weight.


Even though it is categorized as bean bags for kids, it is more accurately a piece of furniture that just happens to be more movable than a sofa.


If your kid likes to play video games, then this has been rated very highly as a good bean bag chair.


For kids use, it is very safe since the zipper has a safety feature so they can’t open it up and get into trouble with the foam. Which is a choking hazard for toddlers?


The zipper is removable so it locks into place and can’t be opened until it is replaced.


The cover can be washed, but be warned that it can be a bit of a hassle. Luckily it can also be spot cleaned, so just make sure you catch the spills as they happen to save the hassle of putting it in the laundry.


Cozy Sack 4-feet

Cozy Sack 4-Feet Bean Bag Chair

Though not quite as big as the Comfy Sacks, at 4.5 feet by 4.5 feet, this chairs for kids are quite big and will be a delight for your kids to sink into.


Again, it is only roughly a bean bag as it is filled with shredded memory foam. This is just semantics as it is way better than a bean bag anyway since it conforms better to your body and adjusts as you sit as opposed to the beads.


Fluffing it up after you sit on it will have it bounce back to its original shape. This will keep it looking attractive among your other furniture and not like a deflated bag.


Since it is double stitched, it is very solidly made and can stand up to the inevitable abuse that kids will put it through.


Spills are unavoidable, but the outer cover is washable. Because the chair goes back to its original shape it is easy to put the cover back on after it has been washed.


The cover is made with microfiber and is soft and comfortable to the touch.


The zipper is a solid YKK metal zipper that is snag free in addition to being child proof so small kids can’t get into the filling.


ECR4Kids junior classic

Bean bag chairs for kids

ECR4Kids Junior Classic Bean Bag Chair

Traditional chairs for kids filled with polystyrene polymeric beads is the best for bean bags for kids given its size, shape and soft leather polyurethane covering. As it’s ideal for toddlers aged 2 and up, it’s no wonder it is so common in kids libraries, preschools and play areas.


At 22 inches across and top to bottom, the ball shape and size fits any small child perfectly. In fact, it is even big enough for some bigger kids up to teenagers.


It is very solidly made with double stitching for extra strength, plus the stitching has smooth edges.


For safety, it has two child proof zippers instead of a typical single zipper. This is especially important when you have two-year-olds as they seem to find a way into many child proof systems.

The cover repels liquids so it is easy to clean up and maintain stain free. No need to throw it in the laundry, just wipe it down with some warm soapy water and you’re good to go.

It’s GREENGUARD [GOLD] Certified which means that it doesn’t off-gas any harmful fumes and chemicals.


The only drawback is that the chairs for kids don’t come as stuffed as some people may prefer. Luckily, you can order extra filling to top it up if you feel like it is too empty.


Jaxx bean bags cocoon junior kids

Jaxx Bean Bags Cocoon Junior Kids Microsuede Bean Bag

This 4-foot long disc-shaped bean bag for children is one of the most comfortable out there.

The Ecofoam used as its filler is shredded up very finely so it conforms perfectly to the contours of your child’s, or your own body. Then it nicely bounces back into shape when you are done with it.


The Ecofoam is upcycled and can be compressed to 30% of its size allowing for a more shipping friendly delivery so it is very good for the environment. The filler and covers arrive separately so you can fill as much or as little as you like. Simply fill the inner bag and then place the cover over that.


This is an added layer of protection along with a childproof zipper to keep kids from harming themselves with the filling or the cover itself. The disc-like shape makes it ideal for use as a crash pad for SPD kids and others that need to release some energy safely.


These chair for kids can be slept on, too as it lies flat in its original position. Lay it on its side and you can mold it into a seat with a high back. It has a lot of versatility.


The cover is washable and easy to put back over the inner bag. It is microsuede, so spot cleaning needs to be done carefully.


Acanva bean bag chair for adults and kids

Acanva Large Plush Faux Fur Teardrop Slacker Bean Bag Chair

Although this bean bag for kids is marketed towards adults, I find it ideal for sensory kids. The sound and feel of the polystyrene polymeric beads filling, plus the slightly scratchy feel of the plush cover both can keep them happy for hours while they sit, lie or jump on the bean bag.


For everybody else, you get a nice compact, comfortable and stylish chair. It fits in stylistically to most type of décor and the white color won’t look out of place in any color room.


Weighing less than 10 pounds, this is lightweight enough and small enough to be moved about your house with ease.The teardrop shape makes it an ideal seat to sink comfortably into.


The cover is machine washable, but spot cleaning is probably going to be an issue given the fact that it is plush. And white. Make sure your kids are careful with their juice box while sitting on it.


It does have a double zipper for some safety, but it isn’t totally childproof. Keep this in mind if you intended to buy it for a young child. I think it is probably best for older kids up to and into their teens.


ECR4Kids bag back pillow chair with storage pockets

ECR4Kids Relax-N-Read Bean Bag Back Pillow Chair with Storage Pockets, Blue

Like a husband pillow for adults who want to read or watch TV in bed, there is the ECR4Kids pillow chair.


Filled with polystyrene beads, it is very lightweight at only 4.2 pounds. The dimensions are 16” high and 21” wide, with a diameter of 12”. This is a good size for most kids that want a cozy spot to read, watch TV or play video games.


The polyurethane cover washes easily and is a cinch to put back on once it is cleaned. It is double stitched for added strength and has a double zipper system to keep kids from getting into the filling.


The zippers are lockable to be childproof. For added safety, the bottom has a non-slip surface to prevent any accidents like if it were to slide around. Since it takes up so little space, it can be kept just about anywhere. It can be used on the floor or bed.


Even more conveniently, it has some storage pockets. And kids love having places to keep their prized possessions, so those pockets will definitely be a big plus for your kid.


The back support is great for keeping a kids posture in line. Often, kids love to sit on the floor and inevitably hunch over when sitting, and this is where these bean bags become very helpful. This eliminates that bad habit.


Some people find that it doesn’t come filled enough to offer good support. If you find this is the case then you can order more beads from Amazon and fill it up to make it more firm.


Milton Greens Stars small corduroy arm chair

Don’t be fooled on its look and its size, this junior-sized bean bag includes armrests, a strong back support, and a luxurious feel. Also, the corduroy gives off a velvety and soft touch while being durable and easy to maintain unlike other types of fabrics.


The bean bag is ideal for different environments including playrooms, bedrooms, gameroons, and lounges. A plus factor for this bean bag chair is it features polystyrene beads of the highest quality.

The double safety zipper and double-stitched panels are designed to ensure that no matter how curious their children are, the parents should not worry as its durability is secured. What’s more is that the item can easily be spot-cleaned with just a dash of mild soap and a moist cloth. The product is great for activities including reading, watching TV, gaming, or just relaxing.


Big Joe dorm bean bag chair, sapphire

Big Joe 645614 Dorm Bean Bag Chair

For a more traditional shaped chair that still gives you all the comforts of a bean bag chair, then your kids will love this bean bag chair by Big Joe.


Marketed towards college students for use in a dorm room that is short on space, it can be used by any kid, or adult for that matter. At 33 by 32 by 25, it is on the large size. In fact, it could be a seat for 2 kids almost like a loveseat.


But, aside from the large size, it is ideal for kids. The cover is made out of SmartMax Fabric, which is waterproof, stain proof and spills can be easily wiped right off. Every parent’s dream!

Making it even more of an ideal bean bag chair is the fact that it has child proof zippers to keep them from opening it up. 


The quality craftsmanship is apparent with the double stitching and the sturdy pockets on the side. Pockets, which kids will love to put their sippy bottles and art supplies in.

Since these bean bags sit like a regular chair, they are great for watching TV, reading or gaming.


The handle on top makes it easy to move the chair from room to room. Smaller kids may need a hand as it is pretty big.


To make it a guilt-free purchase, consider how eco-friendly it is. The filling is made of 80% recycled material and the cover is 100% recycled. And to make it even better, they donate 10% of every purchase to Children’s Advocacy Center and Sunshine on a Ranney Day, as well as local schools and other charities.


Sofa Sack - bean bag chair, charcoal

Sofa Sack - Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair

Whether it is for a kid or an adult who is a kid at heart, this bean bag for kids is the ideal size and shape for lots of comfortable moments relaxing with a book or watching TV.


The size is a generous 34 inches high and 48 inches by 48 inches around. It may be a bit too big for toddlers under three years old, but for older kids up to teens, it is the ideal size for them to sink into.


The memory foam inside will bounce back when not in use so it won’t end up feeling compacted from sitting on the same side for prolonged periods of time. You can use this bean bag chair in any room, but keep in mind that it’s pretty big. The width is about the same as a twin sized bed.


Made out of a sort of microsuede type of material, it is very soft to the touch and can be easily washed off.


Although the cover is washable, there is no inner bag, so it will be a bit awkward to unfill it, then was it and fill it again. Best to do spot cleaning on it if it gets dirty.


The memory foam fill is a blend of different types for maximum comfort. It is quite heavy at 47 pounds since it is filled with foam and not bean bag beans. Kids will definitely need a hand to move this from room to room.

​FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the most common uses for children’s bean bags?

Your children bean bags for kids for a variety of purposes but are perhaps most commonly related to  activities such as reading, watching TV and playing video games. One of the reasons they are so suitable for such activities is that they can adapt to your body shape and act as a sizeable glove to deliver all the comfort that is required.

Do adults use bean bags too?

Yes. There are many bean bags on the market that will suit older children as well as their parents. Bean bag chairs are particularly popular among pregnant women who often struggle to achieve the contentment they require via other forms of furniture; that’s because they don’t force them to sit in uncomfortable positions. 

Bean bags can even improve posture thanks to the way they provide substantial support to the back area.

Are bean bags easy to maintain?

You can keep most bean bags clean simply by wiping away the mess with a cloth and a dash of cold water. Many bean bags are ideal for use next to pools, and the fact they are so easy to maintain is just one reason why they have remained so popular with parents for so many years.



Bean bag chairs for kids are showing no signs of slowing down in popularity. Although they are heavily associated with children, a large number of adults share bean bags with their children every day. 


No matter what the needs of you and your child are, you shouldn’t struggle to find something that meets your specifications when you’re looking for high-quality bean bag seats for kids online.


Bean bags are ideal for providing kids with the comfort and support that they need while they are watching TV, reading or simply playing with toys. Why not start looking for the perfect bean bag chair for your requirements today?

You can also check: Best Adult Bean Bag Chairs – Ultimate Guide.

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