GTOmega Evo XL Review

Born out of the United Kingdom and with the desire to provide top class gaming accessories within the budget segment of the market. GTOmega Racing is a name that is well known and respected when it comes to the best gaming chairs.

The GTOmega Evo XL is a chair that is built from the ground up to cater to the larger individuals amongst us. Most regular office chairs weren’t designed to keep larger folk comfortable, simply due to the stress limits on the materials used to build them. The GTOmega Evo XL, on the other hand, uses a specially designed frame that’s built out of industrial grade components, making it capable of withstanding large amounts of stress without warping or compromising any of the joints.

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Given that the most important aspect of a gamer chair is support, closely followed by comfortability, we can say this early into the review that the GT Omega Evo XL is one of the most capable gaming chairs in its price range.

There is a significant air of confidence established among customers when a product comes from a reputable country, such as the United Kingdom. Thanks to their commitment to deliver not just amazing product aesthetics, but also proven build quality, the products coming from them gained an established platform of excellence.

GT Omega Evo XL

The GTOmega Evo XL is priced in the range of most regular best gaming chairs. To keep it within this budget range, the Evo XL doesn’t sport leather upholstery or padded armrests, but still retains feature lists from the most expensive models available. The class 4 gas piston that controls elevation is rated to handle 150kg of weight, making this chair ideal for bigger folk who want a chair that lasts.

Now, if you are the type of consumer who is a bit skeptical about what regular or mid-tier gamer chairs can offer,  then the Evo XL will not disappoint, and we will proceed with the characteristics of this chair worth mentioning, bells and whistles and all.


  • Adjustability: The Evo XL has got a recliner that leans back up to -190 degrees, which is quite comfortable for lounging. The seat also provides a tilt control knob as well as a tilt lock. The armrests are 4D adjustable with easy to reach paddles.
  • Comfort: The comfort of this chair is rather exceptional. The synthetic leather is surprisingly breathable and the backrest padding is firm but still comfortable enough to have a little bounce. The big wraparound-like hold of the chair makes it very roomy and comfortable, even for larger people. The recliner chair is wonderfully comfortable and goes rather well with the pillows. The levers and tilt controls are easy to reach from both sides when reclined, and the gently flared wings on the seat make for very comfortable elbow rests.
  • Build: The materials used in the construction of the chair are high grade with a few compromises. The base is entirely aluminum, and the frame is a high-grade steel. The gas piston is a grade 4 piston rated to maneuver up to 150kg of weight.
  • Accessories: The Evo XL comes with two plush pillows, one for lumbar support and a strapped pillow for neck support. The Evo XL also comes with optional lockable wheel casters, for when you choose to have the chair stay in place and not roll.


  • Build: The Evo XL does make the occasional squeak here and there when shifting weight around the chair which tells of an area of the chair where the upholstery is brushing against metal. The leather upholstery is synthetic, which while not being as maintenance heavy as real leather, lacks the premium feel of real leather.



As you can see from our GT Omega Evo XL review, the mid-tier price range of today’s gamer chairs is a very tough competition ground, with every product promising a lot of things. The Evo XL is a no non-sense chair that pushes the right buttons for all the basic considerations. There are some concerns about build quality, but if you can live with it, then this should be a very solid buy.

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