Homall Gaming Chair Review – What You See is What You Get

The market for gaming chairs nowadays is so diverse yet steep. This is because of the research and development that goes into each product. This, along with advertisements and other promotional interventions to ensure that the product will be well-known in the market, makes it a very tough challenge to keep the product within a reasonable price range.

Then there goes the biggest manufacturing country on the planet – China. Most consumer goods are manufactured here, and there is a good chance that you have at least two to three items in your home that are made in China. The Homall gaming chair, from the company Newegg, is inexpensive in every sense, but it gets the job done and can be picked up for some really low prices.

Like many consumer goods, there are three distinct price points in the market – low-tier, mid-tier, and crazy expensive. While most consumers lean towards mid-tier, the market for low-tier items cannot be disregarded. When you need to buy something, and budget is part of the consideration, you definitely have to look for the cheapest options first and then gradually go up the price range. For gaming chairs, there are a lot of options in the mid-tier and the most expensive levels. Yet, there’s still room for entry-level and affordable Homall chairs, and that’s what we have today.

Welcome to our Homall gaming chair review. Homall chairs retail at $100. If you’ve been window shopping lately, you know that this price is a steal considering that a lot of its competitors are priced about two or three times higher. That’s already a lot of savings to begin with. The Homall gamer chair gives an awesome option forr anyone who’s looking for a cheap gaming chair. It comes with a recliner, tilt rocker and lock, and height control. In this Homall gaming chair review, we will identify the great, the not-so-great, and the buying considerations you must look out for when buying this Homall chairs.

The Homall Gamer Chair 


Price: We think this is the strongest advantage of the Homall gaming chair, hands down. At $100, we have yet to find a greater deal considering what this chair can offer. You get  decent Homall chairs with some tricks up its sleeve that you will not find from other options in that price.

Adjustability: The full basic suite of adjustability options is available on the Homall gamer chair, a feature that is surprising considering its price. There are a lot of office chairs in the market that are within the $100 bracket, but most of them don’t offer the flexibility and adjustability of Homall chairs. The tilt rocker and 180-degree recliners are great, and these features usually only come with the more expensive gaming and office chairs. Moreover, Homall chairs also come with a height-adjusting gas piston that’s rated to handle up to 300 lbs.

Comfort: The Homall gaming chair is quite comfortable for its price. This is probably the most significant part of this Homall gaming chair review that justifies spending any amount of money on this chair. The soft foam and shape of this chair make it a great option for reclining and using a joystick, but if you’d prefer an upfront keyboard and mouse position, you’d not be disappointed. The support is firm and generally adequate, but the support threshold will vary depending on the usage and weight bearing.

Accessories: A pair of pillows that come with the Homall chairs offer extra support for your neck and lower back. They seem adequate, but they aren’t very special. A lot of buyers expect a basic package whenever they go for the cheap gaming chairs, but Homall chairs are generous enough, as they gave us a pair of pillows included in the package. That’s a really nice touch, as freebies are always welcome.


There are numerous disadvantages that must be mentioned about the Homall gaming chair and here are the most commonly mentioned points in customer reviews. While we have mentioned plus points for adjustability, comfort, and accessories, the disadvantages of this product are also related to the same set of features.

Adjustability: The armrests are not adjustable. While this is not a problem on default chair configuration, the issue arises when you recline the seat and the armrests cannot be moved around and taken out of the way. We are not sure why this feature has been missed because we have a completely functional tilt rocker and recliner, but no adjustable armrests.

Comfortability: The comfort value of this chair is okay. However, the material used for the seats is barely breathable, which means this will become an uncomfortable sitting experience on a hot day. This chair could really benefit from a much more breathable fabric. The lack of breathability also makes it prone to stale odor because the odor will just stick to the material.

Build quality: Alright, take a deep breath. We all rave about the price tag of this chair. Now, we have to go to the fine print behind that price tag. The catch to that price tag is that the Homall executive leather has some terrible quality control. They have been many reports of the bases all out breaking after a few months, along with Homall chairs being shipped with torn and broken seats. Of course, there are just as many chairs that were shipped fine and hold up well, but that’s not a good ratio by any means. While the overall frame appears sturdy and quite reliable, a great deal of consumer reviews exclaimed that the chair “gives up” after several months. That is either because of the padding or the frame itself. In fact, even after a few hours in one, we’ve noticed some unhealthy squeaking from the swivel, and that is not a very good indicator of build quality. It’s safe to say that the “executive leather” featured on the Homall simply isn’t leather at all. It is even a bit of a stretch to call it synthetic leather.

We all know that synthetic leather is several notches lower than genuine leather in terms of quality. Synthetic leather can crack, chip, or flake at an accelerated rate compared to genuine leather. However, a lot of companies use it because it is significantly cheaper than genuine leather. Maintenance is also similar to real leather as it does not absorb spills as quickly. The major downside of this move is the compromise on the durability and longevity of the material, which can only last for several months of average use.

Design language: This is one of the few chairs that we have reviewed where the design language is one of the disadvantages. The bottom line is that it looks decent, but it also looks like a second-rate copy of the DXRacer series. While imitation is a form of flattery, we can get some eye rolls from brand purists, especially those who know the brand very well. Perhaps the reason behind it is to lower the production cost by just copying the ergonomics and aesthetics of other chairs without spending some capital on developing a unique design. However, if you’ve had a DXRacer gaming chair before, you will know the difference the moment you sit on the Homall gamer chair. This is where the importance of high-quality material comes up. For buyers who don’t want to be labeled as second rate, or essentially a buyer of knockoffs, then this may not be the right product for you.

Customer after sales service: Now this is a very important buying consideration. Not to pop your bubble, but the customer service of Homall is poor. They take a very long time to respond, or they don’t respond at all. In fact, there were numerous reports that the customer service goes far and wide to force customers to pull out their honest (and terrible) reviews in exchange for substandard customer support. Everything we have mentioned above might be tolerable for many people, but if the product is backed with poor customer service, then that’s the last straw.

Accessories: While there is a case that fits the pillows, they tend to become quite loose after a couple of uses. We think this is due to the inadequate amount of foam being fitted in the case. The inadequacy can also be a problem as the foam tends to flatten pretty quickly, which leads to the noticeable lack of cushioning ability after a while.

Wait, is the Homall gamer chair really that bad?

Let us get this straight. Is the Homall  chair that bad? If we will answer this question solely based on the price, then no. When considering the features of this chair and its retail price, this is actually a great deal. However, if you are the type of consumer who is very critical and will fuss about chair replacements every several months, then we might have a problem here. The Homall gaming chair can break easily with very frequent use, and even if it doesn’t, the casing and the synthetic leather will eventually chip and flake, which can be quite unsightly.

Despite these considerations, the Homall gamer chair can be sort of band-aid solution if you just need a chair right there and then. This is a temporary fix and one that you won’t necessarily consider as a worthy investment. Someone will buy this chair because they just need one immediately and have a willingness to forego other factors.

While not completely blaming the quality based on where it is being manufactured, we just want to express that this product can benefit from improved quality control standards. It’s got so much potential because it hit the right buttons in the functionality and price department, but it failed miserably in durability and that glaring customer service performance. It is just disappointing how a product with so much potential can be ruined by surrounding factors that can be immediately corrected. We really hope these concerns will be addressed in the future because the customers who can only afford this price segment deserve a lot more.

The product itself, in this particular price point, is reasonable. However, balancing on a tightrope between the advantages and disadvantages will be quite a challenge. It would be difficult to promote this product because there are an equal number of advantages and disadvantages; in fact, the pros and cons also uncannily fall within the same aspects. As there is basically a tie between the two sides, the underwhelming performance of their customer service takes a great toll on the buying decision, especially when you will be purchasing this online.


Customer service is not that important upon initial purchase (unless you are unfortunate enough to receive a defective unit or a unit with some missing pieces). However, its importance slowly gains momentum a few weeks or months after the purchase when you need to clarify something about warranty or malfunctioning parts that will require repair or replacement.



To conclude this Homall gaming chair review, the Homall gaming chair is crazy affordable. This is perhaps the strongest selling point of this product because you can purchase a complete unit at only the cost of its competition’s neck pillow, probably. It is that cheap, but we also want to let you know that this product observes the principle of “you get what you pay for.” If you can live with that, then this Homall  chair should work pretty well for you.

Going back to the saying “you get what you pay for,” the Homall gaming chair is quite honest about it and with this price, expectations should be realistic. The only deal breaker for us is the customer service because if you have a cheap product, you need to at least have the balls to man up and address consumer concerns. That can be a good avenue to hear customers out and improve the product. Remember, a lot of buyers nowadays check for consumer reviews before buying the item. This means that when the overall feedback is bad, no matter how good the promotion is, a lot of buyers will be turned off right from the very beginning.

A crazy mix of bells and whistles is prominent with the Homall gaming chair, which we really have to present in the most objective way possible. Now, if you’re looking for more value for money or more features, among other things, then you can also start to consider other gaming chairs in the market.

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