Best Gaming Mouse 2018 : A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

PC gaming is an experience. Not only do you get the luxury of having endless options for upgrades and the best graphics, you also have your custom pick for your gaming accessories.

Major companies like Asus, Corsair, Razer, and Logitech have spent millions of dollars developing the absolute best gaming mouse. Today we will be discussing some of the very best options in PC gaming today.

Like the conventional mouse, a gaming mouse is similar. It generally consists of three basic buttons; left click, right click, and scroll/middle mouse button. These serve a basic function that we’ve seen in traditional mouse technology for literally decades.

However, the gaming mouse is a little different. It will still have the same basic three buttons but gaming mice offer a little more, flair. Custom mapping profiles, DPI settings, weight/balance, as well as additional programmable buttons, are all great features of a proper gaming mouse. These features built into gaming mice offer superior control, customization, and overall total aesthetic to your set up. This does not mean the traditional mouse is inferior to the gaming mouse. But, it tends to leave something to be desired.

Precise control, perfect weight distribution, RGB, and quality build; what makes the ultimate gaming mouse? In this list, we have put the best mice head to head in a battle where winner takes all. This was no easy feat as each mouse featured, has merits that may be important to some. To others, these are merely gimmicks that distract from the overall gaming experience.

In my honest opinion, a simplistic mouse does get the job done. There is no real substitute for pure skill. However, there is something that is satisfying about incredible and creative design. These liberties taken with such a traditional design can work wonders for innovation and ergonomics. I prefer a mouse that is fully featured, with seemingly limitless options, durability, and strong software integration. These features work well together when picking that perfect mouse. Luckily, for you, I was there to test each and every one of them.

With that said, which mouse should you buy? Which ones to avoid? Well, that all depends on your preference. Do you like RGB? How about the perfect weight to body ratio? Are you a claw gripper or a palm gripper? These things matter. We will touch on these in our list and even provide honorable mentions to keep it interesting. We're here to give you the break down on the list of what's what when it comes to picking the perfect mouse for your gaming style.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse for 2017 - Ultimate Recommendation

Make & Model
Special Features
Steelseries Rival 700 mouse

Steel Series Rival 700


16000 CPI Pixart 3360

15 Programmable

OLED Screen, Semi-Modular Design

Semi-Modular Design

ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Wireless/Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

Asus ROG Spatha


8200 DPI Optical Laser

12 Programmable

6 Thumb location Buttons

Quality Build, Great Performance

Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Razer Ouroboros


8200 DPI

11 Programmable

Ambidextrous design, Dedicated Clutch Trigger

Great for left-handed use

Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse

Corsair M65 Pro RGB


12000 DPI PMW3360 optical sensor

8 Programmable

Dedicated Sniper Button

Simplistic Design

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum


12000 DPI PMW3366 Optical Gaming Sensor

11 Programmable

Built For Wireless (30hr battery)

Ambidextrous Design, Wired or Wireless

Corsair Gaming GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse

Corsair Glaive RGB


16000 DPI Pixart PMW3367

6 total macro buttons

Interchangeable thumb grips

Onboard storage works wonders

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer DeathAdder Chroma


10000 DPI Optical

5 Programmable

Works on Glass surfaces

Great feel in hand, Simplistic design

Logitech G502 mouse

Logitech G502


12000 DPI PMW3366 Gaming Sensor

11 Programmable

Tunable weight distribution

Built for FPS gameplay, Ultra-fast Scroll Whee

Sound BlasterX Siege M04 Optical Professional Gaming Mouse

Sound BlasterX Siege M04


12,000 DPI PMW3360 gaming grade sensor

7 Programmable

RGB Integrated Design. Ergonomic Button Placement

Beautiful "Gaming Centric Design

Razer Taipan

Razer Taipan


8,200 DPI 4G laser sensor

9 Programmable

Simplistic Ambidextrous

Comes in multiple colors.

#1: SteelSeries Rival 700 – The Ultimate Gaming Mouse 2017

Steelseries Rival 700 mouse

The SteelSeries Rival 700 is a tactile gaming marvel. It has long been a favorite among individual professional eSport gamers, and a cornerstone for a gaming tailored mouse. The Rival 700 features a semi-modular design and a whole plethora of gaming features. The mouse features 7 fully programmable buttons, RGB lighting, Tactile feedback, and an OLED screen.

This is a true gaming mouse. The tactile feedback is a built in vibration function that is completely customizable. Depending on the game, you can program its tactile feedback for any occasion. For example, you can set it to vibrate when an ability has reached cooldown in a MOBA.

On the topic of its semi-modular capabilities; the Rival 700 has a swappable Pixart 9800 laser sensor, Rival 700 top cover plate, and even a 3-D nameplate. Its 2 RGB zones can also be customized in profiles on a per game basis. This superior level of customization is brought to you by its Software House: SteelSeries Engine 3. This software is where all your customization options come to live. With one easy to use program, profiles are made and can be tuned to the utmost perfection.

The OLED screen is a feature of pure and fun innovation. SteelSeries has changed up the monotony with a completely unique feature. The Screen allows display for in-game features from scoreboards to individual stats, it is a welcome addition. For those looking for a superior level of control, innovation, and features, the Rival 700 has you covered for only low $XX


  • Industry Leading Design

  • Semi-Modular Design

  • Tactile vibration feedback

  • Under $100


  • Right Handed use only

  • OLED Screen is hard to see.

#2: Corsair M65 Pro RGB – Traditional FPS God

The Corsair M65 and M65 Pro mice are a FPS player’s dream mouse. If you don’t need the versatility of 12 programmable buttons crowding your mouse this one is a obvious pick. The mouse itself is an aluminum alloy build with an angular and aerodynamic design. This design is easy to use one-size-fits-most solution that is solid and boast quality throughout. The mouse also features an interchangeable weight feature to either rebalance or lighten the mouse’s overall weight, allowing for extra customization to be achieved for those who need it. The M65 Pro differs from the original M65, with a upgraded 1,200 dpi laser. This allows those hardcore FPS players to achieve maximum sensitivity and pull off the most difficult and daring of shots. Both the M65 and M65 Pro feature fully programmable button configuration and RGB customization.

Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse

However, The mouse is lacking in the flash department in the area of buttons. While many of the new and exciting "Gaming" branded mice boast 10, 12, or 13 programmable buttons, the M65 Pro was built with CS Go players in mind. The mouse only contains an extra 3 buttons. These are located on the left side of the mouse. And has a dedicated Sniping button that slows DPI settings to a more manageable crawl. This is sure to come in handy when stalking some long distant prey in the upcoming Escape From Tarkov by Battlestate Games. By doing away with the often unnecessary mass of buttons available on other mouse models, the M65 Pro was able to go back to basics and design a mouse that has the overall feeling and usefulness of mouse in mind first. With that said, many old school and veteran players may very well prefer this particular mouse. Because of its simplistic design, gamers can enjoy the ergonomic design of the mouse first. Having the ability to create custom gaming profiles and macros are only a bonus feature.

For those who love RGB and all it stands for, Corsair has you covered. The M65 and M65 Pro both feature 3 RGB zones. The Logo, underbody, and scroll wheel can all be individually tuned and perfected to suit your RGB desires. Also, each zone has lighting effect settings such as breathe, blink, rainbow and pulse to show off your true gamer spirit.

The M65 Pro is a tribute to just how far mice have evolved. By adjusting the industry standard button layout, redesigning the ergonomics of the overall mouse, and adding in some RGB, a timeless design has met some of the most modern innovation. It is a cheap buy in as well. For those who have been gaming on a pack in mouse by Dell or HP, you can pick up this gaming icon for only $50.00! That’s a steal!


  • Simplistic Design

  • 12000dpi sensor

  • DPI (Sniping button)


  • Few Buttons for MMO Play

  • Right-handed design only

#3: Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum – Wireless, Taken Seriously

The Wireless Mouse has finally reached its apex. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum, referred henceforth as the G900 Chaos, is the wireless mouse, that doesn't seem, to compete with other wireless mice. Long gone are the days of laggy connections and poor battery life. Say hello to the quick and surprisingly lightweight G900 Chaos. It is a full featured ambidextrous mouse designed from the ground up with wireless in mind. It was created as a direct competitor to the SteelSeries Rival 700 and has a lot to prove in the minds of gamers everywhere.

Everyone knows that wireless mice cannot compete with the latency of wired mice. Well, Logitech as proven that fact as false. The myth has finally been busted and we can see from its hard work and dedication, that The G900 Chaos should be considered as a contender in your next mouse purchase.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

The mouse features 2 RGB zones, a PMW3366 optical sensor, 12000 dpi range, 11 programmable buttons, and a swappable ambidextrous design. The PMW5566 sensor is worth mentioning here as it is a industry leader in gaming mice worldwide. It is predominately featured on wired mice of the same caliber and yet, Logitech re-engineered the technology to work best wirelessly.

The 11 Programmable buttons are also innovative and easy to use. They are fully programmable in Logitech’s gaming software suite and features can be extensively customized. Similarly to Asus’ the Logitech Gaming suite offers customizable gaming profiles that can be saved in the mouse itself and allow for profiles to be retrieved even when away from your home PC. The features don’t end here either, the 2 zoned RGB can be accessed and customized with countless colors, and dpi and surface settings can be adjusted here as well allowing for the gamer to get the most out of its features.

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a fully featured wireless dedicated mouse. It has changed the game for wireless mice everywhere. It has been seen in use in eSports, and the casual scene alike. Its iconic design is noticeable and refreshing. Now there is no excuse for a wired mouse to outperform a wireless mouse and you, the consumer no longer have to settle for excuses. The G900 is a little on the high-end of the gaming mice offerings. It can be bout on Amazon for $115.00. The real question here is, what would you do with a virtually limitless mouse from Logitech?


  • Iconic Claw Design

  • Semi-Modular Design (Swappable forward and back buttons)

  • Great for lefties!

  • Wireless by design, Wired for convenience


  • A little on the expensive side

  • RGB LEDs have to be disabled to reach full potential of DPI and battery life

  • The design is not good for “Palm-Grippers” as left and Right Click buttons can get in the way.

#4: Razer Ouroboros Elite – Multi-handed control, Symmetrical Innovation

Lefties, we have you covered! While over 85% of the world’s population are right-handed, an amazing amount of people settle and use their mouse in a similar fashion, right-handed. Well, today you have a choice! Introducing the Razer Ouroboros Elite. It is a fascinating gaming mouse that is completely ambidextrous. What this means is that the mouse was designed with lefties in mind. This amounts to a mouse that features a fully 100% symmetrical design. With that said, the mouse is a great choice for those who don't really have any full featured options in gaming. The Ouroboros Elite contains all the traditional mouse features with a little more in store. 11 programmable buttons, 8200DPI, adjustable length, a dedicated DPI clutch trigger, dual DPI sensors, and wired/wireless options.

Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

The mouse has a slim, but firm profile. Allowing the perfect fit for the majority of gamers. Its weight is of little concern because it is just a hair over 130g. This is impressive for a wireless mouse. Razer is boasting a 12hr battery on continuous gaming. If you forget to recharge it on the included charging dock, the mouse allows for the gaming to never stop with swappable plug n’ play style.

The design here was the first priority, and you can see that with every ergonomic curve of the mouse. Its features feel dedicated and focused. Buttons feel tactile and are the perfect size and distance apart. This is particularly great for FPS, as the buttons are just within reach for a melee attack or a push-to-talk function.

The Ouroboros offers industry leader in precision, the dedicated DPI clutch trigger allows for its user to slow the DPI with the press and hold of a button. This paired with its dual DPI sensors has an accuracy effect that is unrivaled. If you're posting as a sniper in game, this feature is a necessary evil. It is sure to spawn rage quitters on the opposing team and countless hours of debate over the "legality" of such an amazing feature. What could be better than superior control at your fingertips?

Razer wants you to conquer the competition with this FPS dedicated mouse. However, it does not offer RGB. It has green LEDs. Hopefully in the V2 version of this mouse RGB will be an added option for this price range. You can get both your left or right hands on this mouse for $150. But, please look for a sale first, ok?


  • Ambidextrous Design

  • 8200dpi sensor

  • Wired or Wireless

  • DPI Clutch trigger


  • Expensive

  • Only one LED Color Option

#5: Asus ROG: Spatha – The Rolls Royce of Mice

Asus is among the top 5 computer component manufacturers in the western market. They are known for their quirky innovation and quality products. The ROC: Spatha is a mouse that is no different. The Spatha is a wired/wireless gaming mouse targeted at its already loyal Republic of Gamers followers. If you are already a ROG customer you will find seamless harmony with your other Asus products. Because they all use Asus Armoury, Asus’ proprietary customization software. This calls for each individual component to speak to each other, allowing a synchronization of custom profiles to be transferred to each ROG component in your setup. Functionality like RGB breathe can then be added to your keyboard, mouse, motherboard, and graphics card.

ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Wireless/Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

The mouse itself screams quality. Asus boasts one of the longest life spans for any of its products. The mouse itself has been tested for over 20million button clicks with its exclusive switchable socket design. No feature was cut short on the design and execution of this mouse. 12 Programmable buttons (6 of which are thumb buttons), fully customizable 3 zone RGB with breathe programming, and a wireless or wired option, are just a few of its amazing features.

The mouse feels great in the hand. Although it is a little on the heavier side, the wide footprint of the mouse itself is ideal for both palm and claw-grippers. The instant DPI adjustment allows for slow and precise movement and speeds with up to 8200DPI adjustment on the fly. This is also complemented with its 2000Hz response time. Allowing comfort, customization, and speed all at once.

I know that if you are already a ROG customer the choice is a no-brainer. But, perhaps this amazing mouse can convince those who haven’t used Asus in the past to become new loyal customers. The mouse is a staggering $160 but is a great addition if you want a mouse that will last a lifetime.


  • Aggressive ROG Design

  • 8200dpi sensor

  • 2000 Hz Response time


  • Very Expensive

  • Right-Handed Use only

#6: Corsair Glaive RGB - Best RGB Mouse

Corsair Gaming GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse

How do you know outside thinking when you see it? How about a mouse that allows you to change the thumb grip to suit your needs? Corsair knows that we all have different preferences and size hands and the Glaive RGB is the king of size customization. The Glaive RGB also features dynamic RGB backlighting as well as on board storage to take your gaming profile wherever you go. This design has allowed for the mouse to fit your preferences as well as give you a competitive edge over the competition.

When using the Corsair Utility Engine or CUE, we can see just how custom this mouse is. From saving preferences in general or on a per game title basis, the Glaive RGB has it all. Not to mention that this customization also extends to the RGB. What I loved about this feature was to tune the color of my mouse to the current game playing. Blue was for Overwatch, Yellow for COD, and Red for PUB.

If you’re looking for a professional quality mouse with a little flair then this mouse is for you. Featuring an industry leading 16000 DPI optical gaming sensor, the Glaive can be as sensitive as you like. With the dedicated DPI button, you can toggle the sensitivity on the fly allowing for sniping to feel seamless and controlled.


  • Beautiful beefy design

  • Amazing RGB

  • Precision of the gods

  • Perfect footprint

  • Semi-modular design


  • No lefty models

  • CUE” software can be overwhelming to newcomers

  • The interchangeable thumb grips can wear out if you are a claw gripper.

#7: Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Best/ Most Popular eSport Mouse

If there is something to be learned about technology is that you don't need to reinvent the wheel. The Razer DeathAdder Chroma has been around for over 10 years and its latest iteration is still an instant classic. Known for its performance in gaming, the DeathAdder features top of the line DPI specs and a classic design that we all know and love. The forked wheel design became standard because of this mouse and because of it the left and right clicking buttons have a better footprint than a traditional mouse.

The DeathAdder Chroma also features new RGB zones. Say what you will about RGB, but I am absolutely loving the look this mouse has with its integrated RGB settings. The mouse feels quality and fits the hand perfectly. It's not a lefty mouse, but it can work well for lefty players. This is because the symmetrical design allows for the button programming to work well on in either hand. This is probably why it's a fan favorite. It's universally acclaimed design is quite comfortable. And the weight of the mouse doesn't feel overbearing.

On the other end of the spectrum, the mouse does feel a little skinny. Its narrow design may feel a little too slim for large-handed gamers. The button placement does make up for this, but if you are a claw gripper, you may find this mouse a little too uncomfortable. If you are a palm gripper, you will feel right at home. The design has been refined enough so that you always press the button you want.


  • Familiar design

  • Simple customizable software

  • Buttons feel quality

  • Mouse wheel glides but has a distinct weight.


  • Slim profile is not great for claw grippers

  • Rubberized bottom may need to be broken in

  • True lefty version needs to be released.

#8: Logitech G502 – Best Overall Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 mouse

Before you think that the G502 and the G900 are the same, let me explain how this mouse is different. The G900 was built as a quality wireless option, whereas the G502 is a gaming mouse to its core. The G502 features 11 fully programmable buttons as well as an ultra-light scroll wheel for better FPS maneuverability. I felt that this mouse had a great ergonomic feel although that can be debated due to its size. On the other hand, the mouse features fully modular weight tuning. Having this functionality can change the feel of the mouse by removing a few weights.

The G502 has long been used by gamers who are looking for an incredible mouse at an incredible price. It is great for right-handed use and works well for palm-gripping. This is because the location of the many programmable buttons fall just in line while your hand in in a resting position. The buttons are tactile and easy to press with an overall satisfying “click” feeling. The buttons are large and easy to locate. This is because Logitech went with a non-symmetrical design with the mouse.

I find that the overall shape of the G502 is comfortable to me, but this could be because I have larger hands. Many have complained before that the ergonomics of the overall design feel flawed at its core. I disagree. The shape is a nice change of pace, curing inward and toward the left, the mouse seems to move with your hand. This allows for your wrist to relax in a more traditional way. You no longer feel taxed by holding your aim straight ahead. This position would normally put strain on your wrist and lead to complications in the future. Luckily, Logitech has had a different approach.

If you want my advice, move your hand closer to the center of your body while using this mouse. Stager your left hand on your keyboard and move your mouse hand beneath the position of your keyboard. By taking this formation, your hand faces a more horizonal aiming position. This is where the G502 shines. It has a different shape than most mouse, but don’t let that scare you. You may even be surprised how much more aim you now have that your wrist feels better supported.


  • Large Programmable Side Buttons

  • Mouse has tunable weight

  • Mouse feels quick and quality

  • Build Construction is solid. Adding Weights feels natural.


  • Few Customization options

  • No ambidextrous option

  • Shape design isn’t for everyone

#9: Sound BlasterX Siege M04 – Best New Entry (RGB OVERKILL)

Sound BlasterX Siege M04 Optical Professional Gaming Mouse

A little-added RGB to anything gaming related can definitely boost aesthetics and street cred. When using this mouse, I often wondered, is there such thing as too much RGB? The answer is NO! Not unless you have light triggering seizures, otherwise have at it! The Siege M04 features more than a long name. It's a professional quality mouse, with 12,000 DPI as well as programmable buttons. What I love about this mouse specifically are the non-symmetrical buttons featured on the left side of the mouse. This ensures that the buttons aren't mistaken for other keys like some of the other MOBA or MMO mice I've used in the past.

Added to the mouse are these textured grips, that give extra traction when needed most. You can find these “fingerprint resistant” grips along both the left and right sides of the mouse. This is great if you use lift off methods to move your camera quickly in game. It also features a simplistic design overall that fits comfortably in almost any hand. Unfortunately, there are no modular adjustments available for this mouse, but the size isn’t overbearing or too small. This makes the mouse feel nimble when needed.

What I didn't like about the mouse is a different story, I found that after extended use, the padding on the bottom wore easily. Which means one or two things. Either I need to lighten up on my heavy handedness or Sound BlasterX needs to look more into its quality assurance. Physical defects like this have never happened to me before, so I'm going to conclude that this time around it's the fault of the mouse's build quality, not me. With that said, it's not a bad mouse. The RGB is tasteful and can be calmed to levels that you find more suitable. And the precision and tracking feel on point. Noted that you may have to turn down the sensitivity a little. But that's really easy, and included DPI scaling button is included in the center of the mouse. Allowing you to change the feel and speed with a few presses of a button.


  • Great RGB Zones

  • Precision is great

  • Grip around the mouse feels quality

  • Mouse is nimble and light


  • Grips on the bottom need QA testing

  • RGB Displays need to be turned down upon installation

#10: Razer Taipan - The Best Ambidextrous Mouse of 2017

Razer Taipan

In a traditional top 10 list, it is hard to pick the very best of the best without sounding repetitive. The Razer Taipan is far from a repeat of the last options. Enter arguably the best ambidextrous mouse ever. It features a completely symmetrical Ambidextrous design, top line Razer build quality, and simplistic button placement. It's easy to see why Razer included it on its long list of mice available on the market today. Sure, it’s a little plain looking, but how else would the symmetrical design be achieved?

The overall design of the Taipan features a prominent "hump" where your palm would rest. This gives the more a little more girth in while seated comfortably in the hand. The figure 8 style design Razer is known for also makes a return here. This gives the hand a natural resting position when palm gripping. This also works wonders for the balance of the mouse. The Razer Taipan tends to easily glide over your desktop, providing clean and effortless strokes with the flick of the wrist. Featured as well is the fork style scroll wheel. This borrowed design from the Razer DeathAdder is a mainstay of Razer design and is a must in my opinion. This makes the wheel feel free and easy to move.

Lastly is the use in the left hand, Razer makes it easy to program for lefty usage. Just download the drivers and the mouse software from Razer's website and boom you're a few clicks away from using the mouse in all your southpaw glory. This makes the Taipan an easy alternative for users looking to map their controls in reverse. I must say that the Taipan is a very well thought out mouse. On the surface, it may seem bland, but beyond that, it's a fully featured mouse.


  • Ambidextrous/ Lefty inclusive design

  • Quality Razer build

  • Nimble weight


  • Shoulder buttons on the opposite side may not be ideal for larger hands.

Finding & Verdict for the Best Gaming Mouse

So, we’ve looked at some of the best mice on the market to date. After countless hours reviewing, and testing mice, we wanted to be thorough and make sure that the crown of the Ultimate Gaming Mouse was given out properly. Although there were many great mice, only one can hold true as the “Ultimate” gaming mouse. Read here about the Ultimate PC Gaming Chair

With that said, the SteelSeries Rival 700 has been given the keys to the kingdom and dominates the competition. This is because it is the mouse that currently gives the best performance for the price and has just enough features to satisfy a mass majority of gamers. Sure, it may not be symmetrical or built with left-handed gamers in mind, but from my many years in the gaming industry, I have seen left-handed players adapt a right-handed play style.

Top notch build quality, a solid foundation, and precise controls are only the beginning of what this mouse can do. I cannot stress enough how useful the tactile feedback function is. Allowing this function to be customized on a per-game basis just makes it all the better. If you're looking for the mouse to take your gaming to the next level, this is it.

After serious consideration, The SteelSeries Rival 700 is hands down the best overall mouse, and the most feature packed mouse we’ve seen yet. It has dual-zoned RGB, a swappable Pixart 9800 laser sensor, a semi-modular design, tactile force feedback, and an OLED screen. With all this going your way, you should be more than capable and willing to dominate your competition.

This does not mean that the SteelSeries 700 is perfect. It is pretty close but, I think having a wireless option would be a great improvement. Also implementing a better solution for the OLED screen is needed. I’m not sure what the future holds for the SteelSeries 700 in V2. But, what I can say is that I’m excited to see how else it can improve this Ultimate Gaming Mouse.

Also, the Rival 700 is available now on Amazon. If you act quickly you can pick this Ultimate Gaming Mouse up for an incredible value. ​

Now that's noteworthy!
(Don’t have the money for a flagship mouse? The incredible Rival 300 is also available. It has some great features as well for much cheaper).

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