OpenWheeler Racing Seat Review: The Real Thing

A Definitive Review of OW’s Racing Seat Offering

If you’ve ever wanted a DIY frame and seat for your race focused gaming set up, OpenWheeler has you covered. The base of this seat isn’t the seat itself, rather the frame that holds the entire setup together. Unlike most other gaming chairs that are designed after race seats, this one features an actual race seat of an open-wheel car. This means that trying to use it with a conventional gaming desk might not be one of the easiest things to try.

Whether you are a console racer or an actual driver, you know that having a great seat places you on the edge of winning or losing, especially when handling tough racing competitions. Racing seats, as their name implies, are not your conventional office or home chair as they were specifically made for races. They offer the support required by the racer or gamer’s body and sustain the force and tension brought by the adrenaline-pumping racing experience.

Gaming experience has drastically progressed over the past decade. In console gaming, during earlier years, you just needed a chair. Now, having a racing seat to pair up with your console eventually has become essential. The good news is that there are a lot of gaming companies that rose to the occasion to meet the demands of today’s gamers, giving them an awesome holistic experience rather than just visual delight or plain comfort, with realistic tactile sensation for the adrenaline-pumping ride. Look no further, as we focus on one of the most reliable racing seat manufacturers of today – OpenWheeler (make sure to check out their website too!).

Meet the Ultimate Racing Seat

We are very excited to present to you the OpenWheeler racing seat. Taking direct inspiration from open wheeler racing seats of actual formula cars or single-seater racing cars, OpenWheeler provides all the dynamics and ergonomics of racing seats to give you the best racing experience right at the comfort of your own gaming room. The OpenWheeler is compatible with all gaming consoles and desktop computers, which is a massive plus if you own multiple consoles. It is even compatible with older generation consoles, including Sega, Nintendo 64, and Nintendo GameCube. Talk about major console throwback to be paired with the latest racing technology! The backwards console compatibility enables nostalgic gamers to still enjoy other games released years ago that are still exciting to play with other gamer friends.

Because OpenWheeler really preserves the core purpose of racing seat development, sitting on this product gives you the authentic feel of being in the middle of a high-speed race. The company went beyond just giving the consumer a comfortable gaming chair. Instead, they really went for the complete inspiration and created a practical and functional product from that inspiration, condensing style and technology into one very useful racing chair. The Open Wheeler racing chair raked in a lot of great reviews because of its functionality and the genuine racing experience that it offers both casual and serious players, even while they are just sitting in the comfort of their very own room. There is nothing in the market that can offer this much other than OpenWheeler, a fact that both casual and hardcore racing gamers mutually agree on.



The OpenWheeler seat gives you the freedom to adjust every part of their frame, but the seat itself is limited by the usual adjustability of a car seat. It offers a moderate recline as well as a rail under the seat to slide it closer forward or further back. The Frame on the Open Wheeler racing seat is mostly symmetrical and offers you the ability to move the gear-shifter mount to either side, based on your preference. You can also adjust the OpenWheeler's footboard for the pedals.


Thanks to the OpenWheeler's high-quality upholstery to ensure ample support and comfortability, you are sure to have a great gaming experience for long sessions and racing marathons without developing fatigue or discomfort. This is because the great ergonomics of the Open Wheeler racing chair reduce the potential for tension and fatigue that is usually caused by stiff cushioning, even for currently available products above the price range of OpenWheeler.


In terms of upholstery work, the fabric is breathable enough to enhance the comfort factor and keep you cool during hot pursuits and long gaming marathons in the OpenWheeler. While some gamers prefer a leather touch to their racing chairs, this is not always an advantage, especially for action-packed gaming sessions where you will sweat a lot.



The OpenWheeler is made with industrial-grade, lightweight aluminum, so you are guaranteed with confidence that this chair can support the weight of the user and support gamer movement without any risk of breaking down. The knobs, sleeves, and mounts are covered with durable plastic. It is also worth noting that because of its light weight, you can easily move the OpenWheeler racing chair anywhere in the room without exerting too much effort. Ambidextrous players will surely love the gear shifter, which can be mounted either on the left hand side or right hand side of the racing simulator.

There are six color options currently available for this OpenWheeler product. The color options are black, blue, green, orange, red, and yellow. These color varieties will surely add a pop of vibrance to your room, or, if you want a more subtle look, you can go for the modern and sleek style of the classic black color. The paintwork is also crafted in polyester, which means it is durable enough to resist some nicks and scratches.

You see, OpenWheeler managed to understand what gamers wanted and needed, and they took that idea and condensed it into one effective and extremely useful racing seat for everyone to use. This racing seat is the sexy and able driving partner that will help you win a lot of races while elevating your energy and pumping up your holistic experience.

Any Downsides or Disadvantages?

With all the things this racing seat can offer, from design language to durability and functionality, the OpenWheeler Racing Seat is a gaming accessory that we can absolutely rank 10 out of 10. Some may consider the price point of $450 a bit steep, but let us assure you that considering all the features, this is literally a steal! 

Seriously, there are a lot of racing chairs in the market that are priced a couple of hundred dollars more than the Open Wheeler, but they fall awfully short in terms of features and comfort. This is also the case with lower tier racing seats because, to maintain their low price, some parts need to be compromised. The OpenWheeler is in the middle ground, yet it manages to fit everything perfectly together. Going back to identified disadvantages, clear as day, there is slim to none.



We have yet to find a more balanced and reasonably priced racing seat as compared to what the OpenWheeler Racing Seat can offer. It literally smoked its current competition in every aspect, from construction to function and value, and we are sure that will take a very long while before a comparable product arrives at this price point. So, look no further, and purchase your very own OpenWheeler today!

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