TOPSKY Chair Review

For those who like gaming chairs with an extra wide seating cushion, then you’ll be in love with this chair since the TOPSKY gaming chair comes with extra padding.

One of our main concerns with it is that shorter people wouldn’t be able to enjoy this chair, but once we initially reviewed the TOPSKY chair and had some of our shortest employees try it out, we were wrong.

This chair is comfortable and fits anyone of any height or any weight; it’s just an impressively thick, strong chair! Leaving that aside, the TOPSKY gaming chair is adjustable and it can lean back up to 175 degrees. You can detach parts like the cushions for the headrest and backrest. There’s also a cool footrest! This actually made me very happy since most companies in the gaming chair market don’t put them on their products. So kick your feet up and chill with those new gaming headphones, this baby can handle it.

Unboxing a TOPSKY gamer chair

Once you’ve received this item, keep in mind that it weighs about 50 pounds. It’s not super heavy, but it could be a challenge if you don’t have a friend around to help you out. If you’re flying solo then you’re looking at least 30 to 40 minutes to install the TOPSKY chair; perhaps a bit more if it’s your first time putting together a gaming chair. Thankfully the manual is very thorough and provides easy to follow instructions every step of the way.

Once you’ve put the TOPSKY gaming chair together you’ll see how well-made and durable this chair is. We love the design and the fact that you can choose from four different color options was well appreciated by our crew. The main sections remain black and white but the color of the seat, footrest, headrest cushion, and trim can be blue, gray, orange, or red.

The upholstery is made of PU leather, a type of faux leather. We think it’s decent enough for this style of chair and you should make it for a few hours playing video games. Just note that it could get warm if you sit for longer.

In a nutshell, receiving the TOPSKY gaming chair and assembling it is a piece of cake. There are good instructions and you won’t need to buy any additional tools.


Standing out from the crowd, TOPSKY likes to make sure their brand of chairs don’t look like every other one on the market and significant detail goes into the design that might go unnoticed to the untrained eye. For example, did you notice that the lumbar pillow was a flat rectangle and larger than most of the lumbar pillows included with gaming chairs today? This allows for a greater range of motion and comfort coverage when you’re laying back.

The headrest area of this TOPSKY also shares this in common since the company designed it to be extra large as well, eliminating the need for a headrest pillow.


The TOPSKY chair itself is built with solid steel and while the base wheels of the chair may not be comfortable to rest your feet on, they’re extremely durable. The manufacturer states that this chair can support up to 300 pounds and people over 6” tall have reported no trouble with the TOPSKY chair. It’s not a super high back rise but it’s large enough for most people.

The chair is made with highly durable materials and it’s actually part of the C4C series which stands for “chair 4 comfy”. You won’t have to worry about the lifespan of this TOPSKY gaming chair because they’re well-known for durability.


One thing we’ve noticed with these larger or extra thick chairs is sometimes they sacrifice comfort just so they can look bigger, which is why we’re always hesitant going into reviewing these types of chairs. Fortunately, TOPSKY doesn’t seem to be one of those companies and it’s very relaxing to sit on. We’re also pleased with the armrest customization and how you can set their height to however low or high that you want them.

This TOPSKY chair is great in every area of comfort and extra soft when you lean back, thanks to the extra wide lumbar pillow included for free.



  • Allows you to lean back to a comfortable 175 degrees and even to sleep in the chair if you so desire.
  • The C4C model of the chair means the company made it thinking of comfort first; that’s the mission of the manufacturer as well.
  • Free cushions to support not only your head, but also the lumbar region; this is great for comfort. They help support healthy blood circulation and did we mention they’re free of charge?


  • The chair is a bit wide and some people have trouble having their arms rest down on top of the armrests.

Features of the TOPSKY gamer chair

Made with C4C technology – C4C stands for the “chair for comfy” series. It has many implications and so many special features used in the chairs that other gaming chairs don’t have.

Don’t be fooled by the low price of the TOPSKY chair lineup. This chair is made with comfort in mind. It’s great for not only home office use but also for your gaming setup.

One year warranty – This is something we don’t see every day and not something we’re accustomed to seeing in general. It offers a rare one year warranty if there’s anything wrong with the chair or if you have to send it back for whatever reason. You can just send the TOPSKY chair back and they’ll take care of the rest.

Armrest adjustment – If you want to adjust the height or where your armrest is, then the good news is you can do it with the simple touch of a button. You don’t need to mess around with screws or tools to get it done. All you have to do is to push a button and this TOPSKY chair will guide you to the appropriate position you’re comfortable in.

Thick seat – We love the thick seating and padding of this chair because it allows us to sit comfortably, not only for the initial seating but for hours upon hours. We can sit in these chairs for an entire work week and never feel any of the strain that we’d normally feel with other gaming chairs. For the hardcore gamer, you won’t feel the strain or sore after using the TOPSKY chair for an entire day, even though we recommend taking breaks in-between gaming sessions.

FAQ ​( Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Does the TOPSKY chair swivel 360 degrees without issue?

Yes. The TOPSKY chair swivels up to 360 degrees without any difficulties and we’ve never encountered anything so far that would turn us off to this chair. Also, the movement is fluid and smooth, meaning you won’t hear any noise when doing so.

How much does the item weigh?

When you get this TOPSKY gaming chair the weight should come to 50 pounds even with the packaging, so that means the chair itself should be a pound or two lighter. It’s a lightweight and easy to move chair for the most part and most adults shouldn‘t be hard-pressed to even pick it up if needed.

What’s the maximum weight capacity?

The company designed the TOPSKY chair to be heavy-duty so it can support up to 300 pounds. We suspect it could hold more than this but we can’t say 100% so be careful if you’re over 300 pounds and attempting to sit in this chair.



The TOPSKY chair is a killer chair, even if you take the price out of the equation. When you consider that this is actually a budget model the appreciation skyrockets. We loved it and we’re sure you’ll love it, too. It’s a tiny investment considering how solid the product is. Most gaming chairs hit your wallet hard and we liked the fact that this one had a softer impact. Yeah, so it’s not the best chair in the 2019 market, but you’ll definitely get tons of fun from this chair in the years to come.

Don‘t forget that footrest! It’s amazing that a budget chair like this boasts a footrest. Not many chairs have one, so it’s good to know that you can fully recline and have a place to position your legs comfortably. The installation process can take a bit of time, but after that you’ll be happy to know that you can sit on a chair that’s worth your precious time and energy.

Although a mid-range product for its value ($165), some of the features are closer to the high end $400-$600 chairs we have reviewed in the past. We especially love how it can recline without any mechanical issues or noise! For the price, we couldn’t recommend it more. So take this guy for a spin and let us know in the comments below what you think about it if you’ve already got one at home. 

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