TOPSKY Chair Review

For those who like gaming chairs with an extra wide seating cushion, well you’ll be in love with this chair because the TOPSKY High Back PU Leather Gaming Chair comes with an EXTRA wide cushion for the seating area. 

One of our main concerns with that being said is that shorter people or people who aren’t large wouldn’t be able to enjoy this chair but once we initially reviewed the TOPSKY chair and had some of our shortest employees try it out, we were wrong. This chair’s comfortable and fits anyone of any height or any weight. It’s just a very thick and strong chair.


Standing out from the majority of the crowd, TOPSKY likes to make sure their chairs don’t look like every other chair and a lot of detail goes into the design that might go unnoticed to the trained eye. For example, did you notice that the lumbar pillow was a flat rectangle and larger than most lumbar pillows included with gaming chairs today? This allows for a greater range of motion and comfort coverage when you’re laying back. The headrest area of this TOPSKY chair was also designed to be extra large as well which eliminates the need for a headrest pillow.


The TOPSKY chair itself is built with solid steel and while the base wheels of the chair may not be comfortable to rest your feet on, they’re extremely durable. The manufacturer states that this chair can support up to 300 pounds and people over 6’ tall have reported no trouble with this chair. It’s not a super high back rise but it’s large enough to comfort most people. The chair is made with highly durable material and is actually part of the CRC series which stands for Chair for Comfy. You won’t have to worry about the durability or the longevity of this TOPSKY gaming chair.


Now, one thing we’ve tended to notice with these larger or extra thick chairs is that sometimes they sacrifice comfort just so they can look bigger, which is why we’re always hesitant going into reviewing these types of chairs. TOPSKY however doesn’t appear to be one of those companies and is very comforting to sit in. We’re also pleased with the armrest customization and how you can set their height to however low or high that you want them. This
TOPSKY chair is great in every area of comfort and extra soft when you lean back, thanks to the extra wide lumbar pillow included for free. 


Topsky gaming chair


    • Allows you to lean back to a comfortable 175 degrees and allows you to even go to sleep in the chair if you so desire
  • The C4C model of the chair means that it was made for comfort and the manufacturer TOPSKY has simply designed this chair to be comfortable
    • Free cushions to support not only your head but the lumbar region which are great for comfort, they help support healthy blood circulation and did we mention they’re free?


  • The chair is a bit wide and some people have trouble having their arms rest down on top of the armrests

Features of the TOPSKY Gaming Chair

Made With C4C Technology – C4C simply stands for the Chair for Comfy series but it has a lot of implications and a lot of special features used in the chairs that other gaming chairs don’t have. Don’t be fooled by the low price of the TOPSKY chair lineup, this chair is made with comfort in mind and isn’t designed around anything else. It’s great for not only home office use but for your gaming setup as well.

One Year Warranty – This is something we don’t see every day and not something we’re accustomed to seeing in general. This chair offers a rare one year warranty if there’s anything wrong with the chair or if you have to send it back for any reason what so ever. You can simply send the chair back and they’ll take care of the rest, which is something that’s very rare to us, even with how long we’ve been doing this.

Armrest Adjustment – If you want to adjust the height or where your armrest is, well the good news is that this can be done with the simple touch of a button and you don’t have to mess around with screws or tools to get this done. All you have to do is simply push a button and this TOPSKY chair will simply guide you to the appropriate position that you’re comfortable in.

Thick Seat – We love the thick seating and padding of this chair because it allows us to sit comfortably, not only for the initial seating but for hours upon hours. We can sit in these chairs for an entire work week and never feel any of the strain that we’d normally feel with other gaming chairs. For the hardcore gamer, you won’t feel the strain or sore after using this chair for an entire day, even though we recommend taking breaks in-between gaming sessions. 

FAQ ​( Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Does the TOPSKY chair swivel 360 degrees without issue?

Yes, this chair does swivel up to 360 degrees without any problems and we’ve never encountered anything so far that would turn us off to this chair. Also, the movement is fluid and smooth, meaning you won’t hear any noise when doing so.

What’s the overall weight of the items?

When you get this TOPSKY gaming chair, the overall weight should come to 44 pounds, even with the packaging, so that means the chair should be a pound or two lighter. It’s a really lightweight and easy to move chair.



The TOPSKY High Back Racing Style PU Leather Computer Gaming Office Chair (Blue) Ergonomic Reclining Design with Lumbar Cushion Footrest and Headrest is a really easy to use and easy to enjoy chair. We loved it, we’re sure you’ll love it and it’s a really solid chair for a small investment. TOPSKY chair doesn’t hit the wallet too hard and that’s why we loved it. Surely, it’s not the best chair in the world but you’ll definitely get a lot of enjoyment out of this chair. 

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Editor's Review
  • 9.3/10
    Design - 9.3/10
  • 9.7/10
    Comfort - 9.7/10
  • 7.8/10
    Durability - 7.8/10
  • 8.6/10
    Strength - 8.6/10

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