Best Folding Chairs – The Ultimate Guide

We based our results for these chairs on the following criteria: design, comfort, and price. We are proud to say that the Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair from is our top favorite best folding chairs. This foldable desk chair is versatile in any situation and perfect in any kind of weather.

These best folding chairs aren’t just perfect for a day at the beach or an outdoor camping trip, but many of them can also be given a permanent spot on any lawn or porch without having them detract from the overall aesthetic. Portable chairs such as these have a long-standing reputation with travelers and outdoorsmen around the world, but in recent years, we’ve been seeing more of these chairs in rather interesting designs. Many of the newer chairs are visually designed to leave behind their practical look for something that’s far more appealing to someone who isn’t a perennial camper.

Best Choice

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

Hi-Tech Design

​​​Amazon's Choice

Has a stylish, high-quality fabric and stitching performs great, looks great


4 Pk. HERCULES™ Folding Chair

4 Pk. HERCULES™ 1000 lb. Capacity White Resin Folding Chair with White Vinyl Padded Seat

Elegance with Comfort

These glowing best folding chairs has a lightweight design and White Frame Finish.

​It also has an ​Aluminum ​Frame and Anti-Static

Best Value

Cosco 2-Pack Wood Folding Chair

Cosco 2-Pack Wood Folding Chair with Vinyl Seat and Ladder Back

Hi-Tech Design

​​Can be folded flat for easy storage

Best folding chairs with a sleek and stylish design. Very easy to clean.

In our recent research, we've researched over 20 best folding chairs over the course of a month to determine which are the best and worst ones. 

​Buying Guide

  • Usage
    If you’re looking for the best folding chairs for personal use or for your own home, there are several things to look at. Does the foldable desk chair match the décor and surroundings of your personal space? If you don’t care about the design then what about the quality? Is it comfortable to sit in?
  • Storage
    How much space does a folding chair take up? If you only have one of these best folding chairs, then this question probably doesn’t pertain to you very much as they’re generally tiny and easy to store. However, if you have enough chairs to surround a dining room table, then figure out your storage space situation before getting these best folding chairs.
  • Quantity
    Are you looking at the best folding chairs because you’re hosting a large event? How many people will there be and do you have the budget to account for extra chairs? It’s not uncommon to have damaged chairs show up when you purchase them in bulk. Always take that into account and order extra just in case that happens.
  • Reviews
    What kind of reviews do these best folding chairs have? I know a foldable desk chair only serves one purpose but people will always be sure to leave their personal reviews, especially if they’re buying more than one of these best folding chairs where the cost adds up.

We’ve given plenty of thought and consideration to things like comfort, quality and interesting features on these best folding chairs while reviewing them. Many of the chairs on this list score incredibly well in, at least, two of the three properties mentioned. Some even manage to impress us with the amount of effort put in by their manufacturers to create a chair that ticks all of our boxes and makes for a very unique piece of portable furniture. While many folk agree with us as far as our quality reviews, the visual aspect of choosing your own foldable desk chair will really boil down to your personal tastes.

Top 8 Foldable Desk Chairs


Best Choice Products Black Lounge Patio Chairs Outdoor Yard Beach

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs

These best folding chairs are the perfect addition to any outdoor patio or poolside setting. These are Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs and this particular package we’ve chosen comes with two chairs instead of one. These best folding chairs were chosen because of how durable they are, their weight capacity and their comfort.

We also love the additional tray attached to the right-hand side of every chair which provides a nice space for different utilities or your drinks. It’s also great to see an outdoor foldable desk chair that allow you to lean your head back onto a padded surface rather than some hard nylon surface.

What we particularly enjoy about the comfort of this chair is the amount of flexibility that it provides. There’s plenty of room for motion through the back of the chair, but it still feels firm enough to provide adequate support for those long hours spent lounging by the pool or during the slower moments of an outdoor picnic. Another feature that we love is the way the armrests reposition themselves when you switch to the lounge position on the chair to distribute, as this allows for your weight based on which seating position you’re in.


  • Comes with a tray that includes cup holders next to the chair that will hold two drinks per chair
  • The chair has elastic cords on them that will adjust to your body weight and your size when you sit in them
  • The chair can individually support up to 250 pounds of weight and the overall dimensions of the chair aren’t too large


  • The seating area of these best folding chairs are made from UV resistant materials and water resistant as well
  • You can remove or adjust the padded headrests to conform to your own level of comfort
  • These best folding chairs fold up in a jiffy, so you can easily transport and store them when they’re not in use


  • The chairs aren’t too tall so people over 6 feet tall be warned that you might run into comfort issues

These best folding chairs are ideally made for the poolside or for the patio but we suppose they could be used in an inside setting as well. They’re highly durable and pretty well priced for the package of two of them.


Cosco Resin 4-Pack Best Folding Chair with Molded Seat and Back

Cosco Resin 4-Pack Foldable Chair with Molded Seat and Back

While this mimics the design you’d see at a professional wrestling event ring side, don’t let the looks fool you. The Cosco Resin 4-Pack Folding Chair is a best seller and is nationally praised as one of the best values for chairs that you can get, period. It’s extremely durable and well worth the price.

How about the comfort though? You wouldn’t expect much comfort out of chairs like this, would you? Well, that’s what we thought but we were wrong. These best folding chairs are extremely durable and they were very comfortable as well, even if they were made of plastic. The seats are molded with soft plastic.

In the most surprising of ways, the simplicity of this chair adds to its comfort. While it doesn’t offer much in the way of lounging or any extra features, this chair is a very comfortable chair that can be folded up and carried around. While it is very useful when you need a portable chair to spend a short amount of time in when you’re fishing or camping, we wouldn’t recommend making any plans with it if you plan to spend an excessive amount of time in it. It will leave your shoulders and neck feeling a little sore if you don’t actively correct your posture.


  • The flat fold mechanic is easy to use and quick to use as well
  • The frame is made with double steel material with a high durability finish
  • There’s leg tips on the bottom of the legs to ensure you won’t scratch your floor


  • Has high support for larger customers over 200 pounds
  • The material is a molded plastic which is great for quality of life and comfort
  • They’re small enough to set up for a mass gathering and a lot of guests


  • Early reports when the chair first came out had reports of people receiving damaged products none similar as of recent 

These best folding chairs are pretty straight and to the point and if you have them in bulk, they fold up and stack easily. They’re very comfortable despite the plastic molded material and they’re one of the most durable lightweight best folding chairs out there.


​​Kelsyus Original Canopy Best Folding Chair 

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

If you’re out camping or you’re trying to lounge out in the sun without catching too much sun, then the best folding chair would be the Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair is the perfect foldable chair for you. This thing folds up into a size you wouldn’t believe because it’s so tiny and it also makes a great sun protector.

The canopy extends to a decent amount and you can rest your drink in the cup holder. The chair has a nice sinking feeling that almost feels like zero gravity when you’re sitting in the chair. So if you have a tailgate to attend to, you’re watching a kid’s game or going camping, this chair is perfect.


  • Has a nice soft mesh material to the touch and feels good unlike other flaky camping chairs that attract bugs
  • The mesh seating is breathable and won’t stretch out due to being overused unlike a lot of other camping chairs
  • The support of this chair is up to 250 pounds, even though some customers who report being heavier resting in the chair just fine with no issues


  • Is versatile in any kind of situation from tailgates, to campgrounds to live games
  • Is great in any kind of weather and the mesh material sustains against rain and snow
  • You can detach the canopy when the chair is folded and the canopy turns into a bag


The canopy can’t be adjusted too much so some slight adjustment might be necessary to block out the sun depending on your position

This is an excellent foldable desk chair and having a canopy is great to keep your face from being sunburnt. The mesh material is excellent quality and you’ll be hard pressed finding another chair like it for the price.


Cosco Vinyl 4-Pack Best Folding Chair

Cosco Vinyl 4-Pack Folding Chair

Putting a more traditional spin on the original looking chairs, the Cosco Vinyl 4-Pack Folding Chair offers more than just a traditional seat. These chairs are meant to be bought in bulk but most event organizers make the mistake of buying the cheapest chairs they can, just because they’re in bulk.

The padding on these make it comfortable enough to use as a foldable desk chair, too. These chairs while they don’t look like much are very comfortable to the touch. They come with a soft and relaxing vinyl cushion that feels kind of like a cloud when you sit on them. The steel frame also allows people to sit for a long period of time without damaging the floor under the leg tips.


  • Padded legging tips will ensure that you never scratch the floor or damage anything under the chair
  • The steel frame of the chair is highly durable and is coated with a special type of powder
  • There’s cross-braces in the frame work underneath the seating to add extra durability to the chair


  • The reinforced tubes work excellent with the folding mechanism and don’t add any complications
  • The flat fold is actually flat, even with the extra padded vinyl seating
  • The chairs are lightweight and the vinyl padding covers the ridges of the top of the chair for extra added comfort


  • The chairs while durable don’t seem to hold up well with prolonged use on people who are over 250 pounds, so you might want keep that in mind

These are quality bulk chairs that can be bought for your dinner table, for large events with a lot of guests or where ever else you plan on putting these chairs. They’re very comfortable and highly recommended.


​Cosco 2-Pack Wood Folding Chair with Vinyl Seat and Ladder Back

Cosco 2-Pack Wood Folding Chair with Vinyl Seat and Ladder Back

It’s not too often that you see chairs that are wooden but that’s what Cosco has done with their Cosco 2-Pack Wood Folding Chair with Vinyl Seat and Ladder Back. These chairs give a more contemporary dining room table look and are perfect for hardwood flooring areas.

If you have a dining room table that you can match these kinds of chairs with, then you won’t be disappointed with the overall quality of these chairs. They fold completely flat and are super easy to store just about anywhere you have the space to allow them to be stored.


  • The high quality glossy design allows these chairs to coordinate well with wooden folding tables
  • The folding structure of this foldable desk chair is very flat and easy to put into storage
  • The wood construction was made with high materials and high quality wood


  • The seating vinyl padding is extremely comfortable to sit in and it’s durable to the touch
  • Lightweight and easy to store in bulk, even in tight or confined spaces
  • The ladder back is surprisingly comfortable to lean back in as well


  • The only real con is that they don’t stack well on top of each other when stored

Wooden seats aren’t for everyone and some people like the overall design of wooden seats. We loved them and they go great with any kind of wooden dining room table. They’re high quality and will last forever.


KingCamp Folding Quad Folding Chair Lumbar Back Support Light Weight

KingCamp Folding Quad Folding Chair Lumbar Back Support Light Weight

One of the more premiere outdoor camping chairs, this KingCamp Folding Quad Folding Chair Lumbar Back Support Light Weight Portable Deluxe Padded Oversize with Cooler and Armrest for Beach Camp is a great addition to your camping supplies. Not only is the chair durable and King sized, but it also provides nice back support.

It’s great for people with a bad back, a bad neck or a bad tailbone that gets sore after being seated for a long period of time. The seating area is relatively large and the fabric used is pretty impressive in terms of quality. It’s soft to the touch but tough as nails, so you shouldn’t expect this to rip anytime soon.


  • Strong back support with padding made for lumbar support which promotes positive health
  • Has a very wide seating area for larger customers who want a comfortable seating position
  • The entire folding chair only weighs up to 11 pounds, despite being so durable


  • Easily folds up and setups in a second, there’s no tools or installation needed
  • Has a mesh cup holder that’s water resistant so constantly cool beverages won’t deteriorate the mesh over time
  • The armrests are made with highly durable and comfortable mesh materials


  • This is not an ideal chair for a computer desk because when you lean back, you lean back too far to reach most desks unless you have a slide out keyboard at appropriate height

Overall, this is a pretty nice chair made for a King. It’s durable, comfortable, good for your back and it’s not an easy chair to get out of it. It’s also nice that folds down a nice 11 pound easily carry chair.


4 Pk. HERCULES™ 1000 lb. Capacity White Resin Folding Chair with White Vinyl Padded Seat

4 Pk. HERCULES™ 1000 lb. Capacity White Resin Folding Chair with White Vinyl Padded Seat

These glowing white chairs come in an assortment of colors and are perfect for an outdoor wedding scenario or even the porch. These chairs are cost effective for classy foldable chairs and they come with a massive 1,000 pound weight capacity, which is almost unrivaled for any foldable chair on the market.

The resin white is a color that stands out, so if you’re not a fan, they have other options as well. Also, you don’t have to buy these particular chairs in packs of four, you can get them one at a time but they’re very cost effective. You won’t have any trouble pleasing your guests with these seats.


  • Has a nice glowing resin white effect which stands out and gives the place a glow
  • The seating area of the chair is detachable and it’s also waterproof
  • The chairs are extremely lightweight, which is surprising given the weight capacity of the chair


  • Can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of pressure before breaking
  • The seats are all padded and upholstered with some of the highest quality of vinyl
  • The chair folds in a nice quick snapping motion completely flat and is easy to store away


  • People who order the mahogany have complained that it looks more red than mahogany

For mass seating events or even for use in your own home, you’ll love these chairs. They’re very durable (and probably overkill at that) and stylish. They’re comfortable to sit in and highly recommended.


Meco 4-Pack Deluxe Fabric Padded Folding Desk Chair 

Meco 4-Pack Deluxe Fabric Padded Foldable Chair

When you need to get some work done and you don’t have much space, then a foldable desk chair is your best option. Keep it folded up and stored in a closet or spare room and then take it out and use it when you need it.

If you prefer the simplicity of classic portable chairs but require just a little more in the comfort provided, then this chair is perfect for you. It doesn’t offer much in extra features but possesses soft and comfortable cushioning on the seat and backrest. While we wouldn’t recommend it for incredibly long hours due to its upright posture profile, it is wonderfully suited to the casual use it would see at a campfire or on a fishing trip. 


  • 16 by 16-inch padded seat is comfortable to sit on for prolonged periods
  • Padded contoured backrest is easy on your back
  • Cinnabar powder paint finish resists scratches and abrasions
  • The frame is very easy to clean by just wiping with a damp cloth


  • Can handle weight up to 250 pounds
  • Stylish design on the upholstery
  • Y style frame design is very sturdy


  • ​Upholstery is hard to clean and can stain

​If you need a temporary solution for working at home, but don’t want a big office chair, then this foldable desk chair is the way to go. Foldable chairs can be stored away and used for other things like when you have guests coming over. Your friends and family will love the comfort of these chairs that you don’t normally get from a folding chair.



When making your ultimate buying decision for a folding chair, you need to make sure that it’s a significant upgrade to your current chair and also make sure that you have a backup chair ready in case the new one breaks. Don’t just kick your old one to the curb simply because you have something new, or you’re going to be right back on the ordering page but without a chair.

We’ve gone through a lot of chairs on the market today to bring you the best out there and we’ve done the painstaking work of making sure every chair reviewed is of the highest quality. Whether it’s for an event or for your own personal use, we strive to make sure every chair was comfortable, high quality and held its worth in weight capacity.

We didn’t put too many points into the style of the chairs because while some are stylish, comfort and durability was far more important to us than anything else. We want you to be comfortable with your seating position and make sure you got the best deal possible.

Not the chair you're looking for? Give our chair finder a try and we'll find your chair-match.

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