Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review

When you’re looking for the ultimate gaming seat, you’ll run into a lot of issues such as cost, effectiveness and a million different companies out there trying to sell gaming chair products that are nearly identical. 

Which companies should you trust and what do you do if you’re on a tight budget? Most consumers want to find a chair that delivers the best bang for the buck. Thankfully, RESPAWN is on the scene with the RESPAWN gaming chair that’s perfect for the budget gamer and has a lot to offer. Let’s look under the hood and see what this chair has to offer.

The RESPAWN gaming chair is a budget-friendly gaming chair that would be a good option for any home or office as it comes equipped with many of the features we find in more expensive gaming chairs. At just under $150 on Amazon, it comes in several color patterns and even includes a footrest.

Unlike a lot of other gaming chairs littering the market these days, the RESPAWN 110 gaming chair has some sought after features in it (check out this video material on YouTube) First, you’ll notice that the shoulders are a bit wider than most, and the backrest is extra tall.


Even the headrest pillow has its own unique shape and is removable, unlike a lot of its competitor’s pillows that are square and permanently fixed to the chair. It’s also nice to see that this chair comes with a lumbar pillow. We also can’t help but notice the footrest option on this chair.

This is considered a premium option when looking at gaming chairs and is a wonderful addition. All in all, our first once over of the RESPAWN 110 gaming chair is trending in a positive direction. Its sleek look is impressive, but let’s dig a little deeper to see if the features answer the mail in terms of utility and functionality.

RESPAWN-110 racing style gaming chair

RESPAWN-110  (RSP-110-BLU)


  • Has an overall weight capacity of up to 275 pounds, although some people weighing as much as 300 pounds report that the chair has held up for them and they are thoroughly enjoying it.

  • Completely adjustable backrest, seating position, and armrests that move as the chair reclines so you can find the perfect position.

  • Has a limited lifetime warranty which is guaranteed for life and RESPAWN offers around the clock customer service to help resolve any issues that might arise.

  • Made from some of the highest-grade materials in the industry, the bonded leather can survive just about anything you have to throw at it.


  • The armrests can’t be adjusted, but they do move as the chair reclines.

  • The whole seat can’t be tilted back. Only the seatback reclines.


Synthetic leather surfaces:  The chair is adorned with black PU leather that is smooth to the touch and resists stains and dirt. The chair’s leather surfaces come with white, red, green, gray or blue accent colors. This supple bonded leather material surrounds a very supportive foam that is soft and responsive when seated. This industry proven gaming chair combination should provide hours of extended gaming without tiring.

Ergonomic design: This chair has an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillows to provide the ultimate back and neck support so your spine is perfectly aligned. It also has an extendable footrest to help relieve leg stress, which is something only a few chairs in the gaming market can boast of having.

Fully customizable: The RESPAWN gaming chair can be customized to fit many body types and position requirements. The seat bottom can be raised and lowered, and the seat back can be tilted back from 90 to 130 degrees and locked into place. It also has dynamic armrests that automatically slide back when the seat back is tilted in order to keep them positioned where you need the most forearm support.


The armrests can’t be moved in any direction manually, but at least they move some and are nicely padded to provide a comfortable resting surface.

Quality build construction: This solidly built RESPAWN 110 gaming chair, which sits on a five-leg base with lockable wheel casters, has a 275-pound weight capacity. This number is on the high side when compared to a lot of chairs, so it should hold up to heavy repeated use and is generally a sign of better build quality.

Fantastic warranty: It’s nice to know when you buy a product that the manufacturer stands by its craftsmanship. The RESPAWN 110 offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects and has a dedicated representative to help resolve any issues you might have. This isn’t really a feature, but any chair with a “limited lifetime” warranty deserves repeated praise.


This is easily the best purchasing decision that I’ve ever made, period. I’m so happy that I got this chair and I really couldn’t urge people enough to get this chair. When I sit down, it’s like I’m in heaven and I can’t believe how soft and comfortable this chair is for the low price that I got it for. I’d spent thousands on chairs in the past, and I think I’ve finally found the one.

Holy moly, I can’t believe I got this chair for such a great value, and I was genuinely surprised by the comfort level of this RESPAWN gaming chair. I try to take online reviews with a grain of salt, but when I read through them, I thought, this has to be too good to be true. There’s no way a chair is this comfortable and costs only this much. I was so surprised that I’ve recommended this chair to my friends and family and most of them don’t even play video games. I hope they take my advice so they can experience the same level of comfort that I do.

​What to Watch Out For

When you’re looking at the RESPAWN 110 gaming chair, it’s hard to describe, but they try to be really descriptive with their features, but without going into too much detail, if that makes any sense. On Amazon, RESPAWN offers a very nice video to demonstrate the chair’s many features, but while doing so, they don’t go into any great detail about them. However, we believe a picture is worth a thousand words though, so the video is helpful.

Be careful of copycat chair sellers. They are everywhere pumping out racing style gaming chairs. With this chair, you know you are getting an authentic RESPAWN gaming chair because the real ones come with the RESPAWN logo stitched somewhere. Typically, like this chair, the logo is stitched on the headrest pillow.

Buying Advice

The RESPAWN 110 gaming chair has a good number of reviews that cover the spectrum from good to bad and everything in between. Some users swear by this chair, while others complain about the comfort and quality. Like anything you buy, take the reviews with a grain of salt and make your own informed decision.

Also, as previously stated in this review, RESPAWN believes in their product so much that they actually offer a lifetime warranty (which is limited), but you need to be careful that your purchase is covered by the warranty. The terms seem to change frequently, and we’re not 100% sure what it actually covers. That said, we do know that not many gaming chair companies today offer a lifetime warranty on any of their products. RESPAWN must really have a lot of faith in the quality of the RESPAWN gaming chair though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the armrests height from the floor?

A: The height of the armrest in the chair’s lowest position is 25.75 inches, and in the full raised position it is 28.75 inches.

Q: What is the seat height?

A: The seat height ranges from 19.25 inches  - 22.50 inches.


Q: What is the weight capacity for this chair?

A: The chair’s weight capacity is rated up to 275 pounds.


Q: Are the wheels rubber or plastic?

A: The wheels of the chair are made of PVC, and they do lock in place. 



The RESPAWN 110 gaming chair is an excellent gaming chair for people of all ages and all sizes. It has a nice and sturdy maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds, so it will support the needs of most gamers easily, and the good news is that it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg to buy in the process. There aren’t a lot of other gaming chair companies today that can deliver a chair with a footrest for under $150. 

While many reviewers seem disappointed with the quality of the chair, there are many others who were ecstatic about its comfort and utility and have even told their friends and family members to buy the RESPAWN 110. We suspect the truth lies in the middle somewhere, but a chair at this price is definitely worth taking a chance on.


With all its color options and adjustable features, we are certain you will find one to fit your home’s décor that will provide the needed gaming comfort you are looking for. There aren’t usually too many RESPAWN 110 gaming chairs available for purchase, so we recommend that you keep a close eye on the stock levels and plan accordingly so you don’t miss a golden opportunity.

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