OPSEAT Gaming Chair Master Series Review

When it comes to manufacturing gaming chairs, OPSEAT gaming chairs has been one of the industry leaders for a good number of reasons. For those individuals looking for an affordable but high-quality gaming chair, OPSEAT gaming chairs have always been there to provide a unique and comfortable seating experience for you.

Revered for their money back guarantee and craftsmanship, this OPSEAT Master Series PC gaming chair is no different.

 However, because of the company’s reputation and the high-quality of this particular Master Series PC gaming chair, it isn’t a chair that is easy to get your hands on. From our experience, they do run out of stock rather quickly and quite frequently because of how popular they are. 

So, what’s the big deal with these chairs, why do they fly off the shelves, and what do they offer you if you are lucky enough to find one?

The OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair was made directly by OPSEAT and is one of the finest quality products they’ve released most recently. We’ve dealt with a lot of OPSEAT gaming chair products in the past, and we can assure you that this is one of their best and outshines most others.

Quick Background

  • Comes with free lumbar support and headrest pillows to increase your relaxation and help you feel more at ease.

  • The premium leather padding provided in this chair surrounds a soft foam cushion that is responsive and doesn’t have a weird odor that some chairs seem to have after unpackaging.

  • Has a 2-year manufacturer warranty included, which is generally unheard of in the gaming chair business. So, if you have any issues, any concerns, or any problems with your chair whatsoever, OPSEAT gaming chairs will help you free of charge.

  • The chair has premium plating which is why it is able to support people weighing up to 300 pounds. Most of OPSEAT’s competitors only boast a weight limit of 250 pounds.

  • Strong steel-based frame and wheel casters ensure that the chair stays stable and glides effortlessly and safely across any floor.

OPSEAT Master Series PC gaming chair


    • Free lumbar and headrest pillows are included in the packaging to provide extra support where it is needed most.

    • Comes with an OPSEAT gaming chairs guarantee and 2-year manufacturer warranty so you can get your money back if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase or experience any problems or have any concerns with the chair.

    • The armrests and seating position can be adjusted based upon your personal preferences for usability and comfort level, whether that be to recline or seated upright.

    • The frame construction is made entirely of solid steel material which ensures the overall stability and longevity of the chair under even the heaviest of weight.


  • You have to make sure the screws are secured really tight during assembly because if you don’t, the chair may wobble a little bit.


This chair is more than likely the best bang for your buck if you’re looking for a top-notch quality gaming chair in today’s market. I had a hard time finding one of these chairs when it was available, but because of the recommendation of a friend, I kept at it, and I kept trying to get my hands on one. This is easily one of the best chairs I’ve ever gotten my hands on, and I hope it lasts for the rest of my gaming days.

All I wanted was a chair that could accommodate myself and everyone else in the house that uses the computer. We have one computer, and it’s basically being used 24/7, so we needed a 24/7 chair that would last for a while. Now I have trouble getting other people off the computer because of how comfortable this chair is. I guess that’s not a complaint, but this chair is wonderful, and I recommend it to anyone who needs an affordable computer gaming chair.

What You’ll get with this OPSEAT Master Series Chair

This chair provides a top-notch ergonomic seating experience that provides hours of comfort that will leave you well-rested after a heavy gaming session or a long day at the desk. It’s incredibly easy to assemble as long as you have a few minutes of spare time, and once it’s assembled, you can just lean back and bask in the relaxation of your new chair. 

From the fantastic, and what appears to be well-earned reviews, this chair has been given, you can gather just how much people like it for its comfort, adjustability, affordability, and overall utility. For a moderately priced chair in the gaming niche market, this chair really hits a home run. The Master Series PC gaming chair has so many strengths and very few weaknesses.

The ergonomic and brilliant design of this wonderful chair will have you gaming or working in absolute comfort while maintaining the proper posture and spine alignment. This isn't important solely for good manners. On the contrary, it is absolutely essential to maintaining proper back health and your overall well-being, especially if you intend to spend many hours each day in a chair.

The key to any good chair comes from a supportive base, and this chair is no exception. The 100% solid metal frame of this chair provides the skeleton for a chair that boasts an impressive 300-pound weight limit. Under the base, the chair is supported by the standard 5-star leg pattern with is easy rolling wheel casters to make moving around a breeze.

Unlike most gaming chairs on the market today with their cheap fabrics or synthetic seating surfaces, this chair is wrapped in extremely breathable perforated leather with color accented stitching that covers a cold-molded foam interior. What this means is that you won’t sweat like a lot of chairs with synthetic seating surfaces and no perforations and you will feel as though you are sitting in a luxury car seat. Also, the foam is thick and dense and won’t break down, and it easily returns to its normal resting position when you get out of the chair.

This chair has a lot of customizable seating features. The seat cushion height can be adjusted up or down. It comes with a built-in 12 degrees of tilt and can be further reclined so the seat back is parallel to the floor. What really separates this chair from other though is the 4D adjustable armrests that move up/down, front/back, in/out and can be angled. This enables you to rest your forearms in just the right position to optimum gaming comfort and circulation.

The chair’s adjustable lumbar support pillow will relieve any lower back pressure and is situated in just the right position to keep the circulation flowing and ultimately reduce body fatigue throughout the day. If you sometimes feel like you've been working out all day even though you were actually sitting, then this is a sure sign that you need to be using a gaming chair like OPSEAT’s Master Series chair, as it will keep you fresh and ready for any game or task at hand.

​Buying Advice

This is not an easy chair to get your hands on. This chair is constantly out of stock due to a high-demand, which is quite normal from our experience when it comes to OPSEAT gaming chairs.

These chairs usually come and go pretty quickly, so when you see availability, order fast and don’t delay.  You will know you are getting the real deal when you see its signature tilted vice upright design. Also, pay close attention to the logo placement, which should be on the top of the headrest and on the lumbar pillow. Finally, make sure that where you’re ordering from offers OPSEAT gaming chairs trademark 2-year manufacturer warranty on the chair.

As we’ve stated above, the 2-year warranty on this chair is key because that is how you will know it isn’t a copycat chair manufacturer. This chair is one of only a handful in the gaming chair market that supports a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

The best place to buy this chair is on Amazon, but it’s not an easy chair to get because it does run out of stock quite frequently. The nice thing about OPSEAT gaming chairs is that they offer 11 different color options with black.  Just about any accent color you want is available with this chair, so anyone should be able to find a chair to fit their specific room décor.

Make sure you take the time when it arrives to customize the settings specifically according to your body. It has a good number of adjustments that can be tailored to fit your body’s specific needs. Over time you may need to tweak the adjustments slightly to make sure your body is in the proper position and to really take advantage of all the benefits this chair has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the actual width and depth of the seat bottom?

A:  The cushion measures 19.5” deep by 20.5” wide. 

Q:  If the chair is all the way down, how high is it off the floor at its lowest setting?

A:  At its lowest height setting, the top of the seat cushion will be 18" off the floor, and the bottom of the seat cushion will be nearly 15" off the floor. 

Q: Does the chair have locking wheel casters, or do they always roll?

A: Yes. All five wheels have locking casters on them.



OPSEAT gaming chairs is one of those companies where you’ll never have to worry about the overall quality of the chair, and you’ll never have to worry about being sold short on the parts. OPSEAT gaming chairs has been a world-recognized leader in the gaming industry for years, especially when it comes to putting out solid gaming chairs. 

We can’t recommend this OPSEAT Master Series PC gaming chair enough because of its price, substantial feature set, and comfort, and we are completely sure you’ll fall in love with it just as many others before you. However, it’s so important not to delay your purchase when you see the chair available on Amazon. Don’t’ hesitate, and just go ahead and pull the trigger. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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