DXRacer vs Maxnomic

If you’ve been around in the field of gaming long enough, then you are most likely familiar with both of the above names. For those of you who are not, DX Racer vs Maxnomic are fighting to be the top brand in the gaming chair market today.

You often see such names being sponsored by famous Twitch streamers like Ninja, Summit1G, and Shroud. If you are looking for a gamer chair and you happen to have the budget to buy any of these big brand names, look no further as this guide shall surely help you with your DXRacer vs Maxnomic decision.

Before we venture down this rabbit hole, a word of caution. What you are about to read is not for the faint of heart. The following chairs are top of the line and will provide excellent support for your spine and neck.

As someone who sits down a whole day, both professionally and to play, I do understand how important it is to take care of my health. If we invest properly into the chair, it will save us a considerable frustration down the line, not to mention it will look cool in our gaming coves.

Having said that,  DXRacer vs Maxnomic? And how do we decide which chair to pick? There are many brands out there and some deserve the attention they get, while others should be quickly forgotten.

Among all the companies 2 fierce rivals stand on top, battling for the title of the ultimate gaming chair. The DXracer vs Maxnomic is the battle we will explore today and hopefully bring you a step closer towards deciding on one or another.

This DXRacer vs Maxnomic article is written in order to point out the merits and demerits of each brand and should hopefully help you make a good decision. Once again as mentioned in the previous review, selecting the best gamer chair according to your needs is absolutely crucial in order to get the full gaming experience.

The article features a DXRacer review followed by a Maxnomic chair review and then a comparison of both  DXRacer vs Maxnomic to help you choose: DXRacer or Maxnomic gaming chair.

DX Racer Chair Review

DXRacer, on the other hand, is also a US-based company, headquartered in Michigan but operating in California as well. They are arguably the more popular company of the two and are definitely the more versatile one.Their products range from gaming desks to regular office chairs, backpacks, accessories and more.

Their chairs are divided into five categories, the formula series, the racing series, the king series, the Sentinel series, and the tank series. This brand also allows their users to have their chairs custom made and crafted to their needs.

The companies creed is quality and design. DXRacer strives to put out nothing but the best products, and to achieve that they use only the highest possible quality of materials, and set forth rigorous requirements in order for their products to go out to the public. Pride in their high quality management and strive to go the extra mile to deliver only the best for the gamers, is what put them on this list.


  • Their chairs have an amazing professional look.
  • The high-density foam gives the chair more like home furniture than a car seat. This means that the chair’s foam will adjust to your body and expand just right.
  • Their chairs have a hybrid of gas and spring mechanics, giving you its long-time endurance and reliability.
  • You can choose from different chairs fitting, a variety of builds, heights, styles, fabric types and colors.
  • They have chairs to suit small and large budgets.


  • Some chairs are quite expensive and don’t have many upgrade options.
  • Although they have a large collection, most options feel the same.
  • Some chairs are limited to just 220lbs.
  • Not all models have the adjustable armrests.
  • Chairs tend to be quite overpowering and large even with the XS size chairs.

Ultimately, this brand carries a huge variety that can accommodate to just about every body type. DXRacer is sponsors to several sports leagues such as MLG, LCK, and WCA. They are also affiliated with major professional teams such as Natus Vincere (Na’vi), Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), Fnatic (FNC), and SK Telecom (SKT).

DXRacer gaming chairs boast full spine support with a high backrest, and we all know that after our long gaming sessions spine is one of unfortunate places that get neglected.

DXRacer actually started as a luxury car seat company and later started exploring the world of gaming and sports. As they do have experience with high-end products, they are in a very good position to proclaim themselves as the leading company in this space.

You are decided, bought this bad boy and an awaiting package, what will arrive? First of all, you will notice that the package is quite heavy, and that it is very well packaged. All parts come with high quality bolts, which makes it easy to assemble. When you complete it and get to sit on it for the first time, you will be able to feel the quality and stability that is not found in most chairs.

Now to be frank, we all also know that there is quite a bit of hype coming with these chairs, and ultimately you need to decide if this chair is worthy of being your companion. You will be spending hours upon hours on the chair and need a reliable partner.

DXRacer lives up to its name, and will improve your gaming experience, but comes at a price. If you are still undecided, maybe our next contestant for the top spot in the gaming chair space will have something to offer.

Maxnomic Chair Review

Time for a short Maxnomic chair review. These chairs are a range created by a company called NEEDforSEAT which is based in Ohio, USA.

They don’t just sell chairs; they also have other chair ranges as well as gaming accessories, such as clothes. The company offers different categories of chairs depending on your requirements.

These categories are the Casual Sports category, the Pro Gaming, and Office category, the Office-Comfort category and the XL Series. The company also allows users to have their chair customized as per their needs. Apart from that, they have their own unique seat quake system, and also offer special edition and OSU edition chairs.

However, before we proceed any further with this Maxnomic chair review have you ever wondered what does it stand for? It is a combination of two words, “maximum” and “ergonomic”. NEEDforSEAT  takes pride in their customer support, even after a two-year warranty period. On top of that they boast quite a feat when it comes to spare parts, claiming that all the spare parts of Maxnomic gaming chairs are in stock at all times and are ready to be shipped to you as a replacement in case anything happens.


  • The whole chair can be customized as per your needs.
  • The innards of the chairs have thick layers of sponge, making this an ideal chair that does not strain your body during long hours of gaming.
  • Both the left and the right armrests are totally modifiable.
  • The top-quality leather used on the outer layer makes a seamless and smooth mesh that you can only find in professional car racing seats.
  • Their chairs have elastic bands which support the backrest.


  • Not easy to assemble.
  • Armrests are made of plastic. Although some might not mind, those of you looking for a padded armrest may have to sacrifice that thought.
  • Cushioning tends to wear fast on the dominator models.
  • Mechanisms feel a bit too jaggy in certain parts of their chairs such as the height mechanism and wheels.

Similarly to its opponent, you are looking at the Maxnomic gaming chair as you spent virtually the whole day sitting, all week round. They are a bit pricier compared to the DXRacer chairs, but only by a notch.

At first these chairs may feel firm, some would say too firm to be comfortable, but this is by design. NEEDforSEAT confirmed that they find firmer chairs to last longer and to be healthier for the user, and after a break-in period all will be good and in the comfort zone. Usually what they suggest is a 2 week trial sorts this issue out.

Many including us (while doing this Maxnomic chair review) can testify that these Maxnomic gaming chairs are durable and are in near perfect condition after a couple of years. Between us, for their price tag they better do perform. Usually the lumbar support is the weakest aspect in these chairs due to pillow size, but it is not critical. It is still there and serves its purpose, but we did expect a bit more.

They also come with a rocking feature! Come on, tell me you never wanted to rock back and forth seamlessly. It looks cool and is putting you right in that thinking mode. The chair's tilt feature is way superior compared to DXRacer chairs and is actually providing you with the resistance free tilting, which is a feature that DX lacks overall.

To summarise the Maxnomic chair review, overall the chairs are a relatively good brand for if you are looking for the best in what gaming accessories have to offer without spending too much money.

Which one should I buy?

So, DXRacer or Maxnomic gaming chair? In order to help you choose the right chair, we’ve decided to go over the key points and differences between each of the brands based from the previous Maxnomic chair review and DXRacer chair review done above . The first important decision you need to make is how much money you are willing to spend on a chair.

Bear in mind that you will be sitting on these chairs for extended periods of time and skimping on the cash now could cause trouble later. Speaking about pricing DXRacer gaming chairs go from $250 and up, while the other brand’s chairs start a bit higher at $329 and go as high as $589.

As you can see, the differences in pricing are mostly negligible, unless you’re looking for the cheapest possible solution. Should that be the case, DXRacer or Maxnomic? DXRacer is the obvious choice.

Both brands offer customers a wide selection of gamer chairs to choose from. However, DXRacer has the lead in this regard, seeing as they not only offer a greater number of models but also allow customers to pick between many more color schemes for said models. They also offer more Special Edition models than the other chair brand does.

As for accessories, the first brand has the upper hand once again. Whereas the other brand’s accessories come down merely to additional cushioning and replacement parts, DXRacer offers a footrest as well as several mouse pads, one of which can be mounted on the armrest of certain chairs.

In terms of comfort, DXRacer vs Maxnomic is a tie, both brands offer many models with ergonomic design, comfortable cushioning and lumbar support. And as far as warrant goes DXRacer offers two years warranty with all their models.

If we speak about the quality,  DXRacer vs Maxnomic, both companies invest in highly durable and high end components, making the chairs befitting true gamers. As mentioned in the accessories part, they would play a bigger role as both brands score a tie in overall material quality.

Similar to quality both chairs offer superb looks, separating them from the rest of “normal” chairs. They ooze confidence and speed, the raw natural power that will give you an extra edge before the game. Also they will fit nicely in your room design, if you ever take pictures of that.

DXRacer however, with their history and experience does have a slight edge in design. Being an ex-luxury car chair manufacturer they did transfer their skills into the gaming world with a high degree of success.

Upgrades, this is a big one. When looking at DXracer chairs, after some time you will probably feel that most of the options look similar. Of course there are slight differences here and there, but with their quite limited customization options and very similar base it seems that only the chair size is what is different.

That is something you won’t experience with Maxnomic chairs. Their customization options are superb and can request almost any modification or addition to the base. Besides that, the chairs come in many forms allowing you to have a better selection options. In this regard, DXRacer vs Maxnomic gaming chair, DX doesn’t even come close.



Most of you might still be wondering about the  DXRacer vs Maxnomic comparison and which gamer chair brand is the better one? DXRacer or Maxnomic gaming chair? Well honestly, it’s hard to say.

Both brands have roughly the same number of total chair models, similar pricing, and all their products are of the highest quality possible. However, DXRacer has a slightly better advantage in two key categories: their prices start lower, and their special edition chairs are more numerous.

Overall people who are on a tighter budget and those who have a taste for any of the products/companies/events marketed by special edition DXRacer gaming chairs will definitely find DXRacer to be the more appealing between the DXRacer or Maxnomic rivalry.

We consider Maxnomic as a bit pricier. Especially if you start considering all the possibilities in front of you with the customization, but having a higher budget doesn’t always mean stand for quality, after all some chairs from DXRacer at the low end have scored better and their more expensive Maxnomic counterparts.

Chairs from DXRacer at the low end have scored better and their more expensive Maxnomic counterparts. In the end, DXRacer or Maxnomic? The chair that best suits your needs is the actual answer to the DXRacer or Maxnomic gaming chair question.

In my opinion, take an inventory of your needs. Take into account all the little things that your body needs. Do you have any back pain and how much do you care about the color scheme? With quite a similar price tag, the chair which minimizes the potential body damage, is what will get you an extra mile. So, DXRacer or Maxnomic? Be the judge!

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