Nitro Concepts S300 Review: The Star of the Show

Nowadays, gaming chair design is one of the hardest and most competitive battles being fought by many different gaming chair companies, and for obvious reasons. You see, just like any piece of furniture or gaming equipment, the first aspect that needs to be addressed is the appearance, and everything else is secondary. Think about it like food, where the presentation must be gotten right the first time you see it for it to be appetizing. Luckily for us, despite the cutthroat gaming chair industry and market, as well as evolving consumer demands, a company like Nitro Concepts is here to rise up to the challenge. Read more in this Nitro Concepts S300 review.

If you’d rather have high-grade fabric upholstering on your gaming chairs instead of faux leather, you’ll find S300 to be one of the finest creators of gaming chairs. The S300 or Nitro S300 gaming chair is a chair that sets itself apart from other gaming chairs in its league by foregoing the usual faux leather upholstery in favor of high-grade textiles. Founded by folks with an extensive background in the textile industry, Nitro chair have been made with heavily researched seating ergonomics to create their impressive line of gaming chairs.

By combining great design concept, engineering, and real-life comfortability requirements, Nitro has created a fantastic gaming chair that seems to have covered everything from head to toe. For consumers who are looking for colors, build quality, and a desirable seating experience, enter the Nitro chair.

Nitro S300 Gaming Chair Review

Design aesthetics and features

In general, the design and aesthetic touch of the Nitro Concepts gaming chair is vibrant and sporty, as it derives its inspiration from the racing chairs used in e-sports and even the actual cars used for real-life gaming events. Featuring a great selection of color combinations, such as Astral Yellow, Galactic Blue, and Atomic Green, this chair will surely pop and stand out in any room.

Nitro really brought everything to the table for the Nitro chair. Following strict German engineering and manufacturing quality in terms of the use of durable construction fundamentals, coupled with high-class design standards in a package that comes reasonably priced for most consumer segments, the S300 is built to last and is tough enough to join you in your fiercest battles.

The chair is covered with a thick layer of durable yet breathable fabric that feels nice to the touch. When the game you’re playing is action intensive, even during those crazy summer days, the breathability of the material will help you pull through on your way to victory.

Nitro Concepts Chair Pros

The comfortability of this Nitro Concepts gaming chair is absolutely unquestionable. The ample amount of open-pored cold foam that is wrapped in breathable fabric ensures a comfortable sitting and gaming experience in any season. Moreover, the sturdy metal frame can handle a maximum load of 300 lbs. Now that’s what we call heavy duty!


Due to the chair’s convenient gas lift mechanism, the height can be easily adjusted up to 5 inches, elevating the overall height from 19 to 24 inches. This further expands the versatility of the gaming chair and gives it the ability to accommodate varying height requirements. The backrest feature can be adjusted with a great angle range of 90 degrees to 135 degrees. This ensures that you get all the comfort you need while being able to look at the screen from the best possible angle.

In addition to all this, the entire chair structure can be tilted, a feature not usually offered by most gaming chairs, and you can adjust it up to 14 degrees. This is made possible by the installed rocker mechanism.


This great engineering and design marvel come to life also features fantastic ergonomics, and because of the mechanism and construction of this chair, moving around should not be a problem. The wrap around structure and side wings should be able to give you a secure feel. The lumbar support feature makes the feel plush enough without being so over padded that it disrupts your natural posture. We really liked the seat experience of this gaming chair so much! This product can give you a first-class onboard experience, right at the comfort of your own game room.

The most common feature of gaming chairs would be the armrests, and the Nitro chair showcases a pair of three-dimensional adjustable armrests that you can configure to your preferred height or you can even adjust it towards the left or right directional angle. They offer firm forearm support so you can easily rest your arms without feeling stiff – a sensation that you will get if the padding system is inadequate.

Build quality

The fabric upholstery on the Nitro S300 gaming chair showcases a fine weave of synthetic cloth that boasts serious durability. You’d still need to watch out for the occasional “car-key in your back pocket” moment, but the fabric on the S300 outlasts many faux leather chairs in its price range. The frame of the S300 is steel throughout and the base is fashioned out of a strong nylon blend, offering rigidity as well as a small degree of flexibility.

Nitro Concepts Chair Cons


While we appreciate the wraparound and plush material used in the Nitro Concepts S300, there is something about the design that is quite restricting to your autonomous movement, which is also something we noticed from other gaming chairs. The position of the fins creates a narrow seat, and if you are engaged in long hours of gameplay, this is something you will definitely notice, as the cramped “look” will eventually become a cramped “feel.”


Another downside worth mentioning is the odd feeling about the rocking mechanism. It tends to have an abrupt bottoming out, which results in a rather uncomfortable or unstable given to it. While this feedback is uncommon, this is something that you should watch out for, especially if you have a big frame or have a habit of slamming onto your seat at the heat of the moment. Although we are confident that the chair is made of tough material, some gamers may feel that the chair does not have enough impact resistance from sudden movements and jolts.

In this case, the quote “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” applies, because the best way to determine how the Nitro will measure up to your standards is having the opportunity to sit on an actual unit. This way, you can get to determine if the seat is wide enough to accommodate your body frame; if you try it out and you fit comfortably, then you should be good to go. Remember that guesstimating the dimensions of the chair against your actual body dimensions might yield a different overall experience.



To wrap up our Nitro Concepts S300 review, the Nitro Concepts gaming chair is a great product, no question about it. The company successfully covered most of the things a potential buyer will look for. While we have pointed out some issues, this does not detract from the fact that this is still a great edition from Nitro Concepts that many gamers would truly appreciate.

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