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Kinsal Leather Chair Review: The Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair

Great game time deserves a comfortable gaming chair. With impressive comfort comes excellent gaming experience. This must be what Kinsal Leather chair designers had in mind when they made this gaming chair. 

Not wanting to deny you any moment of great gaming, the company did a fantastic job on the functionality of this chair. Almost everything is adjustable, from the armrests to the sitting height levels. From the lumbar support pillow available to the angle of relaxation, this chair really has you covered.

Its customization capabilities are a plus. You get to choose the color schemes. You get to fine-tune the smaller accessories on the chair. You get to do a lot of things that will ensure that the chair gives you the ultimate gaming experience.

Moreover, when you look at its price range, it’s quite affordable compared to other gaming chairs in the market. These are some of the reasons why doing a review of the Kinsal Gaming Chair is important.

So, how about we dig in and explore?

Design and Style

The Kinsal chair looks like it came straight out of a racing car. Designed as a racing car seat the chair is quite comfortable to sit on. It’s also great for relaxing and taking a nap since because you can adjust it to a 180-degree angle easily and, with its strong base, holds you up comfortably.


The chair can be adjusted height-wise, such that you can move either up and down to get that comfortable gaming height. The height of movement is quite considerable, and the height cylinder is strong enough to hold you up at whatever height you prefer.


The chair has a high rise back that is comfortable for tall people. Two pillows (the headrest and lumbar support pillow) come with the chair to enhance relaxation and comfort. These two pillows play an essential role in keeping your health in check, even after a long day of sitting down. The headrest pillow has your head covered, reducing and eliminating neck strains. The lumbar support pillow, on other hand, provides extra support to your lumbar region to keep your spine aligned in its natural curvature.


Both pillows can be removed from the chair and placed back when needed. Therefore, if you find them uncomfortable, you can remove them. The lumbar pillow comes with straps that allow its movement up and down the high-rise back. Therefore, you can move it to whatever position you find comfortable for your back.


Aside from the lumbar and pillow neck, the other parts of the Kinsal chair are adjustable, too, for that great comfort experience.  The armrests can be moved at considerable heights, up and down and sideways. There is considerable padding on the armrest for arm comfort. The seat can also move up and down to give you the height you want. The backrest can also move to a maximum of 180 degrees for that naptime experience. The chair has your comfort and relaxation as a priority.


The chair has a strong base to support considerable weight without any pressure. With a tubular steel frame and a star-shaped base, the Kinsal leather chair provides great stability. The wheels on the chair look like small vehicle wheels, maybe to compliment the racing seat design of the chair. All in all, this chair is designed for comfort. Coming in black and blue, with black being the most dominant color, the chair looks cool.


Durability of the Kinsal Leather Chair

Nobody likes feeling short-changed when what they buy doesn’t live up to its hype and expectation. Well, with the Kinsal Ergonomic Leather High-Back Swivel Chair you get what you deserve. It is a long-lasting chair that lives up to your expectations.

The chair can comfortably support a maximum capacity of 280 pounds. In case you weigh more, sadly, this chair is not for you. There are bigger chairs for bigger people available in the market. The base of the chair is strong enough to hold you up even when you are sleeping at a 180-degree angle. The chair comes with a warranty, but that doesn’t mean you have to be careless with it. Mind you, the warranty claims have been sketchy, so take care of your chair.

The chair is not that heavy to move around and not that big to occupy most of your space. Its dimensions are 53 x 25 x 9 inches. While it weighs close to 46 pounds. Moving the chair is easy, with its sporty tiny wheels that are kind to your floor, which means they leave no marks. The chair also does not make a lot of noise when being moved around.

An In-Depth Look at the Kinsal Ergonomic Leather Chair

Kinsal Swivel Chair

The Kinsal gaming chair comes with amazing features that make it the best among the rest. While it shares some features with other gaming chairs, other features are unique. Some of the Kinsal Leather chair’s amazing features include:

ID Card  This chair comes with more than just impressive comfort capabilities. It comes with its own ID card that distinguishes it from the rest of the Kinsal gaming chairs. The ID number makes it easy to troubleshoot and replace any parts you might need for your chair. The ID card is also a great way of creating efficiency.

The HubCap Wheels – Moving the Kinsal Leather Chair around couldn’t get any easier than with the hubcap wheels. They are not only less noisy but also floor friendly, leaving no nasty marks on your floor. They are very soft and replaceable. They don’t break easily, making them quite durable.

Health Support  The Kinsal chair comes with the head and lumbar pillows that provide the much-needed health benefits after sitting for a long time. The pillows can be entirely removed from the chair if you don’t find them convenient, and they are also adjustable for ultimate relaxation.

Assembly  This Kinsal Leather chair comes with an easy and clear three-step assembly that anyone will have no trouble following. It will take you a couple of minutes to get the chair set and ready for use.


  • The headrest and lumbar support pillows are a great addition to the Kinsal chair. With your health benefits in check, the chair offers you great gaming experiences for the longest time possible. You no longer have to worry about health complications due to lengthy gaming.
  • The chair has a great support system that allows it to comfortably and safely accommodate weights of up to 280 pounds. Larger gamers don’t have to worry about the chair giving in and breaking due to pressure. The chair suits both large and small gamers.
  • The wheels on the chair are great. They are not only very silent on the ground but also enable a player to reach around for anything he or she would want without having to leave the chair.
  • The ID cards that come with every Kinsal chair ever made are a plus. It becomes easy to track any chair while also making it easier to customize services for each chair. The ID cards also make it convenient to get replacements for specific chairs.


  • More than one-step assembly doesn’t make sense when one can work just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Kinsal Gaming Chair

Q: Are ID cards unique to every single chair? Can I customize them?

A: ID cards are unique to every single chair made by Kinsal, and no, you cannot change the ID cards to something you would prefer. ID cards play an important role in making it easy for Kinsal to execute services. With the ID card, it’s much easier to know which chair needs what and how to get it easily.


Q: Would the Kinsal Chair make noise when I lean back or rock?

A: Sadly, Kinsal gaming chair does make noise when you lean back. The sound is not loud enough to create attention but enough to be noticed in a silent room. The same goes for rocking; the chair does make some noise when rocking, but it’s barely noticeable unless you are in a tranquil environment. In a noisy environment, such sounds can hardly be noticed.


Q: Does the reclining function of the chair hold steady?

A: The Kinsal chair has a highly dependable recline function that holds steady, even at 180-degree tilt. You don’t have to worry about crashing down in the middle of a siesta.


Q: I’m 6’2”, will this Kinsal chair be a good fit for me?

A: The Kinsal leather chair is tall enough to accommodate gamers who are 6’2”, 6’4”, or even taller. The chair is made for almost everyone; tall, short, or fit, this chair has you covered.


A great gaming experience deserves a great gaming chair, especially a chair that not only offers great comfort but also complements your gaming environment. The Kinsal Leather Chair does exactly that, offering you what you have been missing from your gaming experience and at quite an affordable price. The chair is highly ergonomic and with a lot of functionality that you would enjoy.

The black and blue color will give you the attention you deserve if you are into live game streaming. Your viewers will take notice. The leather exterior will give you the cleanliness you want because it’s quite easy to clean. The wheels on the chair will facilitate you changing positions and moving around, all while you remain seated on the chair. The headrest and lumbar support pillows will give you the comfort you deserve. 

What more can we say? This chair has got you covered from head to toe. So, what are you waiting for? The chair is just a click away.

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  1. I know first hand that the most important part of an “ergonomic” desk chair is where the rubber hits the road, in this case, butt hits the seat of the chair. I spend over a half a day sitting at a computer and have developed compressed nerves in the pelvis area that run down your legs to your feet which, over time, slowly were starting to tingle. I noticed there was no mention of the chairs seat in this review. Most ergonomic chairs will be adjustable to till the seat forward 10 to 15 degrees to help alleviate pressure on the upper back of the thighs and transfer the pressure to the feet in which case the chair will need one or more locking wheel /wheels. Check out higher end ergonomic chairs and you will find this feature. While this chair is very nice and I think it’s a bargain, I need a truly ergonomic chair that addresses problems I am experiencing now with my two current chairs.

  2. I got a Kinsal gaming chair for Christmas year before last. The height adjustment started giving way a few months ago. Now, when I have it adjusted up and sit in it, the chair just slowly drops down to its shortest height. The height cylinder didn’t last. Is there a way I can get it replaced or buy a replacement part?


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