Levl Alpha Series M Gaming Chair Review

Here at ultimategamechair.com i get asked to review a lot of chairs, it is a perk of running the site and something I look forward to. This time round I was asked to review the Alpha series M gaming chair in Red.

The chair looks striking, as do most gaming chairs and the classic red really makes it look like a real gaming chair. Levl have a price point of only $299 for the chair but also boast some extras that other chair manufacturers do not offer, namely:-

  • A lifetime guarantee on the frame

  • A 3 year guarantee on everything else

  • FREE returns

  • A trial period of 60 days as opposed to the usual 30

  • FREE restocking and no hidden fees

Let’s face it, that kind of confidence is pretty awesome to see. A lot of chair companies charge restocking fees, fees to send your chair back to them, 30 days only and basically make it hard to send your chair back if you do not like them.

I was curious to see if the chair substantiated the confidence this company had in it.

Unpacking The Chair

The chair was boxed perfectly as you would expect and when I opened it, everything was in-tact and compact and looked easy to assemble. The parts were heavy and the steel frame was robust.

The quality of the components was evident immediately as I took everything out and there were no surprises at all. My wife sighed as another chair arrived and asked who we would give this one too but that is another story (watch this space for giveaways)… I digress… I laid out all the components and was ready for assembly.

Putting The Chair Together

If you have read any reviews on the site, I pride myself on a lack of DIY ability so when I give a time for putting together a chair, you can bet it is a real one. Yes I have now had some experience with this so my times are improving but I am still bordering useless.

I put the Levl chair together in 25 minutes, I found it very easy to assemble and where I have had issues in the past lining up the bolts that link the main frame, in this case it was very easy. The chair frame was notably VERY sturdy and heavy, this does mean I would recommend building it where you want it to stay, it also explains why the chair has such a robust guarantee. I really couldn’t see myself breaking this chair at all.

Levl Alpha Gaming Chair

The Look

Levl are not trying to be the best looking chair on the market. The chair looks every bit the same as DXracer and AKracing, in fact it looks very similar to most good gaming chairs I try. This is ever so slightly disappointing for me but bear in mind I try a LOT of chairs. For the avid gamer, it will look just great.

It has a lumbar neck rest which I personally like and a good lower back support. These made the chair look better when added and more high end. There is not much more to say on the look except there is a choice of white, blue and red in this model.


The chair is certainly comfortable and sturdy. I found myself in a good upright position with it and preferred using the lumbar pads to removing them. I suffer from a bad back so I tend to judge a chair by how my back feels in a week and I have had no back issues so far. Again, it doesn’t outdo Dxracer in comfort but it is just as comfortable..

I did like the reclining feature and it works perfectly well as a gaming or office chair. I work from home and as such am always looking for a good multi-purpose chair and this is good for that.

It also passed my two daughters jump all over it and maul it, pull every button and lever and swing around in it for 20 minutes test. A test I come to rely on in my house.


  • Reclining Feature (135 Degree Angle Adjustment)

  • Swivel Tilt Mechanism

  • Oversized Lumbar and Neck Cushions

  • Five 2.5″ Inch Soft PU Casters (Safe for wood)

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame

  • Thick High Density Cold Cured Foam

  • PU Leather (Vinyl) Upholstery

  • Reinforced Nylon Base

  • Adjustable Arms (Height and 360 Degree Rotation)


  • Assembled Size: 26.5″ Width x 52.2″ Height x 28.5″ Depth

  • Assembled Weight: 50 Pounds

  • Headrest Cushion: 10″ Width x 7″ Height x 3.5″ Thick

  • Lumbar Cushion: 12.5″ Width x 6.5″ Height x 3″ Thick

Value And Conclusion

I think the chair is good value, with the guarantees and returns part I think it becomes excellent value. Many chairs offer similar comfort and quality components are as you would expect from a high end gaming chair company, this is no different, the product looks and feels sturdy and it does look good. The price point of $299 makes it a mid-range gaming chair and is very reasonable at that price.

Now why I would recommend buying this chair is the hassle free returns and guarantee. Levl has placed a bet with you that you will like their chair and have backed it up with their guarantee. I have yet to find another chair that you can send back free of charge and get your money back for. Most would have you believe that is the case but really it is not.

Where other chairs give you 30 days trial, Levl give 60. Where others give 2 years on all components, Levl give 3. Now all other things above in comfort, style, ergonomics, durability and price being equal with other brands – this cast iron guarantee should be the difference when making your choice.

I assure you that this chair is every bit as good as the DXRACER RACING SERIES RW106 or the AKRACING AK7018.

They even do a full comparison chart of components here https://www.levlgaming.com/levl-vs-dxracer-akracing/ and they do stand up to scrutiny.

What I also assure you is that if you don’t like it, you will not have any issues sending it back for your money back or a replacement.

Entering the market with a big unique selling point being ease of return and warranty is a risk I think really paid off with what is a very solid and value for money chair.

Here is video on LEVL Gaming ALPHA Series Assembly

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  1. Without knowing how tall you are your review isn’t nearly as useful. I need to know if the chair will work well for people 6′ 2″ to 6′ 3″ in height. A lot of people are probably looking for the same info. Very few chairs work for tall people.

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