10 Gaming Chairs For Streamers For Top Twitch Streamers

The gaming chairs for streamers design, style, and feature always attract the eyes of gamers. We believe the DXRacer D Series from Amazon.com is the Top Choice of our top 10 gaming chairs for streamers. Its unique design and comfort allow gamers to play for hours and hours.

The DXRacer D Series might not cater to everyone, but worry not, as we’ve got a solution for that. We’ve considered some of the best and the most unique chairs that the market has to offer, from the most prominent race-style seats to the far more obscure and comfortable rockers. Gaming and streaming can sometimes entail you having to spend an incredible amount of hours in a chair. Being a budding game streaming personality might mean that you’ve got to make a pretty memorable visual impression, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve got to put up with an uncomfortable seat. Not only have we made our choices based on which seats would make the best impression with their visuals, but also by which seats would be the most accommodating over those long and intense hours of gaming.

Best Choice

​DXRacer D Series

​Ultimate Support

​Ergonomic design: more comfortable & efficient

​With extra padding for extended use!


​Herman Miller Embody

Herman Miller Embody

​Dynamic Seat

​Designed to help stimulate blood & oxygen flow.

6 ergonomic functions that encourages healthier postures

Best Value

​E-Win Gaming Chair

EWIN Gaming Chair

​Superb Comfort

​Multi-functional ​chair with adjustable backrest & armrest.

Using high-density foam & durable PU leather.

We've been researching gaming chairs for streamers for the past six months. We are positive with this top 10 gaming chairs list that are of top quality.

Through our extensive testing, we’ve discovered that some chairs offer greater levels of refinement. This – while compared with other chairs that are aimed at gamers and streamers in particular, doesn’t set them an entire class apart, by itself. We’ve also kept our eyes open for chairs that have been tested and are proven to possess the best reliability ratings. The features on a chair tend to lose their charm if the chair itself doesn’t last very long and falls apart after a little rough use. These chairs are designed to be exposed to the kinds of use that they’d see at the hands of a professional game streamer. They’re big on comfort and on keeping fatigue levels low, while also being rugged enough to deal with the occasional rage-quit.

Twitch has become the YouTube of gaming. Who would have thought playing computer games and streaming them online can bring you millions of dollars? Well, it’s happening today and it’s very real.

You can watch the gameplay of the best players in the world, learn some of their moves. Some players also show their gaming setup on YouTube which can help you level up your own game.

Today, you will learn about the gaming chairs for streamers and the reasons the Twitch streamers choose them. You will find gaming chairs for streamers of all kinds—racing style, office style, budget chairs, and expensive top 10 gaming chairs.

According to Ergonomics expert Alan Hedge, finding the right chair is like finding a good pair of shoes. You should know the design principles, and then you consider materials, quality, and aesthetics.

With the level of refinement offered by these chairs, your decision will be an important one. Any one of these chairs will last you a long time, well into your game streaming career and maybe even beyond that – much like those shoes that Alan Hedge had mentioned. Investing your time and putting a good deal of thought in to your choice will pay off exponentially in the long run. A poorly matched product might, however highly rated, give you plenty to worry about once you’ve got everything else setup. The best way to avoid problems with posture is to ensure that the chair you choose suits your seating style or offers adjustments that cater to your specific posture habits.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about top 10 gaming chairs for streamers. You can compare them based on ergonomics, durability, design, and price to make a buying decision.


​DXRacer ​​​​Chairs

DX Racer FD01/NE Chair

Top twitch players like imaqtpie and ninja have millions of followers on twitch and use DXRacer gaming chairs. Ninja is one of the top Twitch players who has even played with the popular rapper, Drake. Now, you may wonder whether they are sponsored by DXRacer, but remember that no racer will compromise their performance over a meager sponsorship. Still, you can read our DXRacer chair reviews which have a detailed list of pros and cons of top DXRacer chairs to decide whether they are really worth it: see our top 10 gaming chairs.

The original proponent of racing style chairs, DX Racer is one of the most commonly used gaming chairs by Twitch streamers. DX Racing chairs have a tall backrest and support your entire back from your pelvis to your neck. Another reason to buy DX Racers is the armrests. Some gaming chairs for streamers have armrests with insufficient padding and feel the poor quality. But DXRacers provide you sufficiently padded, adjustable armrests, so your gaming isn’t affected by physical pain.

DXRacer give special attention to their customers’ different heights when making their chairs. That is why they make the DX Racer tank series, which is made for people of all heights. Whether you’re big and tall or skinny and small, DXRacer has got your back, literally. If you like leaning back while playing, (you want it when you’re a badass player ;)), you can recline the chair back up to 130 degrees. You can lock the chair at any reclining angle. So you can keep it straight while working, slightly tilted while reading, and completely tilted when you want to take a nap. Another advantage of DXRacer chairs is that they are highly durable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your gaming chair every couple of years.

DXRacers not just have stylish racing style looks, they are also comfortable during long gaming sessions.

To know which is the right DXRacer for you, read the in-depth review of the best DXRacer chairs.


​DXRacer D Se​​​​ries

Kristen, with her alias Kittyplays as a Twitch player, has about twitch 800,000 followers and a large following on YouTube as well. In a video, she showed her gaming setup which consisted of the DXRacer D series that falls among our top 10 gaming chairs. According to her, the D series (D stands for Drifting) is better than the F series (F stands for Formula).

Here is what you should know about the DXRacer D series:

It comes with neck and lumbar cushions. The lumbar pillow can be slid vertically along the strap on the backrest. The chair is well made and the stitching is absolutely magnificent. The five-legged aluminum base feels very strong. Each leg has an additional four holes for footrests that can fit in each leg. The chair is very stylish with attractive DXRacer and Drifting logos embroidered at the right places. While unboxing, you will feel that the parts are heavy and built with quality in mind. The leather on the chair is good and doesn’t store heat, like many gaming chairs for streamers in the market. So you can sit for hours on and still feel cool.

When it comes to adjustment, you will be very impressed with this DXRacer. The seat height, backrest (up to 170 degrees), arm height, chair tilt allow a range of adjustments on the chair, making it very comfortable for any gamer. The armrest seems simplistic at first but is comfortable and scratch resistant. Arm height adjustment allows you to slide the chair under your desk. A slight glitch is that the armrest wobbles on left and right, this isn’t a huge drawback though.

The most notable thing about the chair is the ergonomic back design. The shoulder wings are wide and keep you from slouching and keep your shoulders straight. The lower back wings keep your form straight and keep your back pain-free even after long hours of gaming. If you’re looking for a chair that’s ergonomic but doesn’t compromise on design and style, the DXRacer Drifting series will be a good fit for you.


​E-Win Gaming​​​​ Chair

EWIN Gaming Chair

Trump is a twitch streamer who streams Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and used to stream Starcraft II in the past. He has a huge fan base of over 800,000 followers. If you watch his live stream, you can see that he uses the Ewin Gaming Chair that falls in our top 10 gaming chairs list.

The EWin gaming chair looks good and is quite comfortable. It has synthetic PU leather, 15 mm thick steel frame and a class-4 gas lift which can accommodate up to 150 kg of weight, including the chair weight. However, you may not like the plastic parts it has, although they can be cleaned properly. The chair base is shockingly light. You can adjust the lumbar support and the overall adjustability of the chair is also commendable. The chair’s lowest height (of the base) from the floor is 45 centimeters and the highest height is 60 centimeters. The reclining motion can be made hard or easy using the cylindrical knob underneath at the center of the chair.

The armrests on this chair can be adjusted in four different directions. It can be adjusted sideways, which is left or right, and forwards or backward. You can also swivel the arm left and right. There is a lever with which you can adjust the armrest up and down. As you can see, the adjustments on this chair are really good. The recline goes back up to 155 degrees in their champion gaming chair.

If you are a fan of aesthetics and comfort, the Ewin Gaming chair will win your heart. If you don’t want to compromise on style while going for comfort, this chair is a great fit for you.


Aeron Task Chair by Herman​​​​ Miller

Aeron Task Chair

Soren Bjerg, known by his twitch name Bjergsen, is a Danish player who is known for his mastery of League of the Legends game. His twitch streams show that he loves the Herman Miller Aeron and his large following, of more than 1.4 million, prove that this chair has been doing wonders for him.

Herman Miller Aeron task chair is one of a kind. It is radically different from most gaming chairs for streamers because of its special features like pivot technology, breathing material, dip in the front edge and an unparalleled warranty. Each part of your body - neck, shoulders, back, hips - feels supported and don’t get tired from long periods of use. It is because of its ‘PostureFit’ design which hugs the natural curves of your body.

The seat material is built with pellicle suspension technology which ensures that your body doesn’t get heated up after sitting for long hours. The back is made of breathable mesh material. Its material is breathable and will help you enjoy long gaming sessions in hot summers without any annoying sweat.

There is a dip in the front edge of the aeron task chair. It is a unique and remarkable feature because it helps blood circulation in your legs and prevents blood clotting. With improved blood circulation, you feel more alert and get more wins in each game!

Perhaps the best thing about Herman Miller Aeron is its unbeatable warranty. On purchasing the chair, you get a 12-year long warranty from your date of purchase. Most people don’t need to use the warranty because of the high build quality of the chair.

Overall, Herman Miller Aeron is a stylish, classy, comfortable, and reliable option. Keep in mind that it is one of the most expensive gaming chairs for streamers, but worth it in the long-term. If you are looking for gaming chairs for streamers meticulously designed for comfort and health, Aeron Task chair is for you.

To learn more, read this in-depth review of the Herman Miller Aeron Task chair.


​Secretlab Omega 2018 Gaming ​​​​Chair

Secretlab Omega 2018

Lee Sang-Hyeok, known by his Twitch name Faker, is a South Korean League of Legends player with 1.2 million Twitch followers. Many people regard him as the best League of Legends player of all time. If there’s one thing you should know about the champ, it is that he uses the Secretlab Omega 2018 gaming chair that's one of the best in top 10 gaming chairs. So why not learn the best features of Secretlab Omega chair and make your gaming setup unbeatable?

The secretlab omega 2018 has a great design, long-term durability, and optimum levels of comfort. The design is so sleek that even the base of the chair is nicely made. And it makes it easier to assemble the chair. Secretlab designers are so proud of this design, they have put the logos at multiple places - on the armrest, on the backrest, etc.

The armrests have four axis of rotation for maximum comfort. The padded foam on the seat is very comfortable but doesn’t sink in. This is good because if it would sink in, you would feel discomfort after sitting for long hours in the chair. The cushion has to be a little hard for comfort. The recline on the chair goes very far back, but it never feels like the chair will topple. So if you like to take power naps, the Omega 2018 will be a perfect fit for you.

It also has lumbar and head pillows for added comfort. The nice thing is that they’re made of memory foam which helps in relieving pain, body aches, and soreness. Memory foam contours to the shape of your body, so that your head, neck, and back feel supported always. The chair is built from high-quality material and will last a long time. Because of its high quality, the Omega 2018 has received a lot of praise from gamers around the world.

Before you decide to buy it, read this in-depth review of the Omega 2018 gaming chair with all the pros and cons.


​Herman Miller Em​​​​body

Herman Miller Embody

Twitch players use Herman Miller chairs to amp up their competitiveness in the game. And rightly so. The Herman Miller Embody is a work of art when it comes to providing comfort and support. Herman Miller has really aimed for your health with the Embody. This is evident from the fact that the chair was designed by a team of doctors. So rest assured you won’t suffer from back pain or neck pain from sitting on this chair for long hours.

This kind of gaming chairs for streamers is very adjustable in terms of height and incline. And the interesting thing is that the Embody chair comes at your home fully assembled - yes, no screwdrivers and no screw-ups. It’s really expensive, but just like the Aeron Task Chair, it comes with a 12-year warranty.

Herman Miller Embody is a heavy duty chair and can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight. Like the shiny DXRacers, the Embody doesn’t have a headrest. Wait. This isn’t bad. It is intentional. The doctors have invested a lot of effort in providing the best ergonomics with the Embody. So rest assured that you will never be disappointed with it. In fact, some gamers prefer high-quality task or office chairs instead of racing style gaming chairs.

Before you buy it, read this in-depth review of Herman Miller Embody with all pros and cons.


​GT Omega Racing C​​​​hair

gt omega racing gaming chair

Sniper Wolf is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer with over 200,000 twitch followers and 8.7 million YouTube subscribers. In a YouTube video, she revealed her gaming setup which had a GT Omega Racing chair.

GT Omega Racing chairs are made for those on a budget. But this doesn’t mean they’re any less comfortable or durable than any other gaming chairs for streamers. Since the brand name itself includes “racing chairs”, you can guess that the design of this chair is inspired by racing cars. It has both lumbar pillow and headrest pillow for maximum comfort.

Reviews indicate that this chair is good for long gaming sessions and doesn’t cause back pain. Some people don’t like head cushions and that’s why it is removable in this chair. Non-adjustable chairs can cause pain and make you feel stiff while playing. The GT Omega racing chair takes care of this with its recline that goes up to 160 degrees, adjustable height, and soft, well-padded armrests. This ensures you feel no pain in your back, neck, or wrists.

When building this chair, the company took the help of orthopedic doctors to ensure that the end product would promote a healthy posture and align your back while being really comfortable.

Before you buy this chair, read this in-depth review of the GT Omega Racing chair so that you don’t miss any pros or cons.


​PewDiePie Clutch Throttle ​​​​Series

PewDiePie Clutch Throttle Series

ClutchChairz makes gaming chairs for streamers for passionate gamers who want long-term durability, high levels of comfort along with a great design. The backrest is quite large and makes a statement in itself. The Pewdiepie version is a special edition of the Clutch Throttle Series, with a fist pump embroidered on the backrest and the design a little more interesting.

Before you buy this, make sure you read the in-depth review of Clutch Throttle Series and know all the pros and cons.

The 4D armrests on this chair will charm you right away. You can adjust them up/down, forward/rear, side to side, and rotate them 10 degrees on either side. It is a heavy duty chair built for everyone, from small weight to large weight of up to 330 lbs. But the best thing about this chair is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Yes, you read that right. With lifetime warranty coverage, you can be assured that it is built to last. A peculiar thing on the chair is its lumbar support. It is extra large in size, which helps you feel more comforted than most gaming chairs for streamers in the market.

ClutchChairz claims that they have used the highest quality foam available in the chair. And that’s why perhaps they guarantee a lifetime warranty. Its strength is unparalleled. The aluminum base has been tested to bear over 2000 lbs. of weight. Yes, even the Rock can’t break this chair just by sitting on it.

The adjustment angle on the recliner is from 85 degrees to 135 degrees which is good whether you want to play games, read a book, sleep, or just relax while laying back. Overall, it is a chair for the hardcore gamer, who wants nothing but the best. And on top of that, a dash of PewDiePie’s funky design.


MAXNOMIC Team Liquid 2.0 Pro Gamin​​​​g & Esports Chair

MAXNOMIC Team Liquid 2.0

Top twitch gamers such as DrDisRespectLive with 1.7 million twitch followers and Summit1g with over 2.7 million twitch followers have the Maxnomic Team Liquid 2.0 Pro in their gaming setup. So how good is this chair really?

The Maxnomic Team Liquid 2.0 Pro has a thick firm high-density foam which feels comfortable for sitting for long periods of time. If you think a softer cushion will be better, think again. Softer cushions in which you can sink into look good, but aren’t practicing well for sitting into for long hours. Your back gets hurt and your posture is distorted, which can cause back problems in the long run.

The armrests on this chair are a bit fiddly and don’t have good enough padding. But they offer enough height, fore and aft adjustment. Unfortunately, they don’t rotate, so you can’t use them in unusual sitting positions. You can easily reach the height adjustment and get a lot of range. But the recliner on this thing is a treat. It goes so far back that you can easily sleep after an exhausting gaming session.

The chair comes with a free pillow for the headrest, which isn’t adjustable (strapped to the seat) but is still very comfortable. The pillow may not add style to the chair, but it does its job very well. But the lumbar support is an even trickier part of the chair. There is no strap to tie it to the chair. You have to wedge it between your body and the chair every time you sit. This is disappointing as if you move in your seat, it will keep falling down every time.

If you are looking for gaming chairs for streamers that is perfect for long gaming sessions and is also stylish, Maxnomic Team Liquid 2.0 Pro is your chair.


MAXNOMIC Dominator Premium Gaming Office & Esports Chair​​​​

MAXNOMIC Dominator Premium

Shroud is a top Twitch player with over 2.3 million followers. He plays PUBG and CS: Go. His gaming setup is worth taking a look. But most importantly you must look at the gaming chair which makes him so great. It is none other than the MAXNOMIC Dominator. Yeah, it seems that Maxnomic gaming chairs for streamers have the secret ingredient that catches the interest of top twitch streamers.

The chair is super comfortable, with an attractive design. It is also washable, which is not usually seen with gaming chairs for streamers. It has a tubular steel frame which feels strong and durable. The armrests are well padded and can be adjusted in 4-D directions. The backrest tilts up to 67 degrees and is totally adjustable. The foam padding feels thick and if you’re tired of hard paddings, this one will work out for you.

However, twitch player Freakazoid trying taking a nap in the chair, he fell back. He tested it again and again, but the chair didn’t stop toppling. It seems that the company really wants to take you into the clouds, by making you unconscious. To ensure that the company has fixed this glitch before you buy this chair.



It is important to consider various things such as comfort, customizability, build quality, durability, cost, and purpose while buying a gaming chair. The DXRacers are commonly seen in streams of Twitch players, but some gamers believe that office chairs like Herman Miller Aeron are much better, although much more expensive.

With enough dedication, you’ll soon reclaim your initial investment on your streaming seat. While it isn’t that bold a statement, the seat you choose will heavily influence your online persona. Do you want to play the brash and volatile competitive gamer? Or maybe a more calm, less energetic, roleplaying guru is more your speed? The chair you choose to stream in will need to reflect that persona! It helps to keep track of those little nuances to further the depth of the persona you wear. A good streaming chair choice will likely influence your viewers’ perception of you, but in the end, it really boils down to how well you utilize the tools you’ve got at your disposal.

You need to decide your gaming chairs for streamers budget and your priorities. For those on a budget, the GT Omega Racing chair is a good option used by the Twitch player Sniper Wolf. If you still can’t decide which one is the best chair for you, check out the top gaming chair for adults and what to look in a gaming chair.

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